$1,000 Treasure Hunt At The FaZe House

$1,000 TREASURE HUNT IN FAZE HOUSE W@FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Nikan
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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe Adapt2 måneder siden

    Let me know if you guys are enjoying the videos again! And let me know what other challenges or faze house vids you guys wanna see!

  • Youssef D

    Youssef D

    Måned siden

    Love you bro fr

  • mimi didi

    mimi didi

    Måned siden

    Bring your sister to the house

  • 2K MERC

    2K MERC

    Måned siden

    Gaming bro gaming please........

  • Err Alejandro

    Err Alejandro

    Måned siden

    You should mock FaZe Banks

  • Andy nguyen

    Andy nguyen

    Måned siden

    Maybe in the vent That will be sick maybe or no $$

  • davinson
    davinson16 dager siden

    when you're a kid if you find my watch you get 5 bucks-everyone looks. When you get famous if you find my tesla you get 1 million dollar- no one looks

    RAPID DRIVER19 dager siden

    i might do one with 10$ cos i cant afford shit but no one will play, ill prob play with homeless people but then people will think im an asswhole. oh well subscribe bitches

  • Batboy7061
    Batboy706120 dager siden

    It would be even harder to find if it was in his shoe

  • Hoodie Queen
    Hoodie QueenMåned siden

    Kay is literally the definition of “work smarter, not harder”

  • Trevor Curtis
    Trevor CurtisMåned siden

    EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS SONG! m.nolocal.info/have/video/aGOuiaal17GDtGs

  • Tyler Frederickson
    Tyler FredericksonMåned siden

    You should of hid the 1000 dollars in the tree house and say its in the house... 🤣

  • boomplace
    boomplaceMåned siden

    why wouldn’t you clean your cam I got so triggered by the stains hahahah

  • manny omo
    manny omoMåned siden

    Frazier with the IQ 🔥🤑

  • Vizonz Fear
    Vizonz FearMåned siden

    Adapt sounds like Eddie brook from venom

  • roasty_ f1ames
    roasty_ f1amesMåned siden

    Teeqo at the end🤣

  • Thomas Anstey
    Thomas AnsteyMåned siden

    Hi. I liked the stream! You have to totally film with the lit crew Bad Friends. Their videos sorta are like Yes Theory and a lil bit of PewDiePie. You should definitely see their channel out and give the crew a subscribe! 👉 #BadFriendsOnYT

  • Tapu Baggins
    Tapu BagginsMåned siden

    i remember watching his stuff YEARS ago. weird to see that he's just Great Value mr beast now

  • Tenzako
    TenzakoMåned siden

    Teeqo never wins money lol

  • ysl jerm
    ysl jermMåned siden

    man, remember when rain would do fan mail vids ?miss it 💔

  • Jesse Gutierrez
    Jesse GutierrezMåned siden

    1000 is like loose change Pussies couldnt put more money on the line?

    BLEACH GUYMåned siden

    These are the videos that Faze Rain was talking about.

  • _ Swaunki _
    _ Swaunki _Måned siden

    you dont need to lie about th money bruv just stay lit

  • g tamburino
    g tamburinoMåned siden

    Do mocking faze Jarvis or banks

  • moe lester
    moe lesterMåned siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy not to use use a electric toothbrush cause he think it will schock him lol

  • Caleb AM
    Caleb AMMåned siden

    Adapt the type of guy to put ice cubes in his noodles because they’re too hot

  • John Smith
    John SmithMåned siden

    I’m actually curious if any of these guys really care that much about 1k or if they were just helping adapt make a vid

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose JimenezMåned siden

    Bro How has Romvn Been I havent seen him in a min...

  • Jackson Eustice
    Jackson EusticeMåned siden

    I smell pennies in here

  • Marcus Weller
    Marcus WellerMåned siden

    ayyo where’s roman been

  • Colby Shultz230
    Colby Shultz230Måned siden

    the little kid kinda killed the vibe. smh make the boy go home it’s past his bedtime

  • zappylol
    zappylolMåned siden

    Adapt/alex is the type of guy to throw rocks at the ground and miss. IDIOT!

  • Cole Cooke
    Cole CookeMåned siden

    Why doesnt we see banks anymore

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma RivasMåned siden

    Keep up the videos alex!!!

  • Virsala
    VirsalaMåned siden

    ro gasesxe ar mibruneb 2 weli agvida tu lashas mama gardaicvala

  • 7srebels
    7srebelsMåned siden

    What happend To faze rain

  • Icey
    IceyMåned siden


  • moe lester
    moe lesterMåned siden

    9:56.jarvis tripping lol

  • RetroBlixles
    RetroBlixlesMåned siden

    Adapt the type of guy to use his airpods to clean his ears

  • Brayden Gram
    Brayden GramMåned siden

    You know what Alex I thought all you niggas fell off but y’all cool

  • AyoItsLiam
    AyoItsLiamMåned siden

    Adapt The type of guy to set a fire and say fire spreads are off

  • Get Jebaited
    Get JebaitedMåned siden

    What happened to faze clan. There is only a selection of Faze members that post call of duty videos anymore. This dude abandoned the games that made him famous. DISGRACE

  • Void Void
    Void VoidMåned siden

    He got a new chef what happened to faze cheo

  • TV Account SkyCustody
    TV Account SkyCustodyMåned siden

    Does anyone remember adapt the type of guy series😂 pure nostalgia

  • ndehm10
    ndehm10Måned siden

    Keep up the videos alex!!!

  • zaheda haffejee
    zaheda haffejeeMåned siden

    Adapt is the type of guy that gets a slice of pizza from the middle

  • Manny Jhuty
    Manny JhutyMåned siden

    Video idea: Ask the team to do a challenge exept for dont act dumb

  • s6hc
    s6hcMåned siden

    I’ve been watching u for like 6 or 9 years this is crazy how I seen u grow up

  • Yoboiarab Pro
    Yoboiarab ProMåned siden

    Adapt the kind of guy that would be late to his own funeral

  • Andrew McNeish
    Andrew McNeishMåned siden

    Let’s go Kay!

  • Guesty Games
    Guesty GamesMåned siden

    Les Go Busted Heads

  • Hot Dog
    Hot DogMåned siden

    Damn he’s only uploaded 24 videos since 2019

  • EpicGlowingDrag
    EpicGlowingDragMåned siden

    Damn these videos are so scripted it's sad how these people age

  • Reyes_Jayr
    Reyes_JayrMåned siden

    Unless y’all all lost the mojo 😂😂😂

  • Console Beast
    Console BeastMåned siden

    FaZe adopt

  • Yashay Smith
    Yashay SmithMåned siden

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  • Ülkərin Mətbəxi
    Ülkərin MətbəxiMåned siden


  • 7amthugger
    7amthuggerMåned siden

    Miss you alex genuinely do grew up w you miss the duo nordan n alex 🖤

  • imran iqbal
    imran iqbalMåned siden

    Good uploading a lot adapt

  • James Kelso
    James KelsoMåned siden

    Literally the only good faze member left

  • James Kelso

    James Kelso

    Måned siden

    @Jake from State Farm 😂 nah I completely forgot about him thanks for reminding me

  • Jake from State Farm

    Jake from State Farm

    Måned siden

    @James Kelso damn that’s craaaazy

  • James Kelso

    James Kelso

    Måned siden

    @Jake from State Farm yeah you didn't hear?

  • Jake from State Farm

    Jake from State Farm

    Måned siden

    Did faze Jev die?

  • Joseph Calabria
    Joseph CalabriaMåned siden

    Mocking faze banks

  • Natesmokes And gets bitches
    Natesmokes And gets bitchesMåned siden

    I’m giving away a ps5 at 600k SoundCloud followers lil trippzzzz on SoundCloud listen to every song to enter

  • Tony Garcia
    Tony GarciaMåned siden

    What happened to faze rain wasn't he living in the faze house

  • Tom Villarreal
    Tom VillarrealMåned siden

    Where’s the next Mocking Faze Banks

  • MABD Gaming
    MABD GamingMåned siden

    Faze is so fucking dead

  • Idalia carreon
    Idalia carreonMåned siden

    You’re mean you suck you suck

  • Crinkly List
    Crinkly ListMåned siden

    Faza adapt is the type of guy to not know which side to put the peanut butter and jelly on while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  • durgbue
    durgbueMåned siden

    hi welcome to chilies

  • Updated TV
    Updated TVMåned siden

    Why is faze blaze in he thumbnail??

  • Jessica Zito
    Jessica ZitoMåned siden

    Why don’t they play cod anymore

  • A A
    A AMåned siden

    Where’s cheo

  • T2Relevance
    T2RelevanceMåned siden


  • Trevar V
    Trevar VMåned siden

    What happened to Faze Cheo being your chef?

  • Trevar V
    Trevar VMåned siden

    I wanna see more then one video a week bruh.

  • Saketh Reddy
    Saketh ReddyMåned siden

    Black ops plzzz

  • Flawless swag
    Flawless swagMåned siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to text braille to a blind person

  • Flawless swag
    Flawless swagMåned siden

    Faze adapt the type if guy to text a voicemail to a deaf person

  • Flawless swag
    Flawless swagMåned siden

    Faze adapt the guy to put grammerly on text to speech

  • Ultra
    UltraMåned siden

    Missed nordan..........

  • Luis Limas
    Luis LimasMåned siden

    3:10 theres another guy why dont you shout him out bro

  • VE Sync
    VE Sync2 måneder siden

    The way teeqo was when they told him it was in his pocket lmao

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 722 måneder siden

    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

  • Corona time :D
    Corona time :D2 måneder siden

    What happened to faze banks?

  • Nicholas Lakusta
    Nicholas Lakusta2 måneder siden

    Play some Cold War

  • mckinley george
    mckinley george2 måneder siden

    Bro can u and rain run some bo2 again those where my favorite videos Eva

  • Nati G
    Nati G2 måneder siden

    FazeKay: “I’m trying to think, where would Adapt hide $1,000 bro” Me: on himself lol

  • Will Acker
    Will Acker2 måneder siden

    Patrick always reminds me of Lucas

  • SoaR Dylan
    SoaR Dylan2 måneder siden


  • Royce Davis

    Royce Davis

    Måned siden

    What up fulan

  • Erdi on iPhone

    Erdi on iPhone

    Måned siden

    @Jake from State Farm what

  • Jake from State Farm

    Jake from State Farm

    Måned siden

    @Erdi on iPhone cares

  • Erdi on iPhone

    Erdi on iPhone

    Måned siden

    bro only 1 like in hr comment hahahaha 😭

  • Simon Bodjanac
    Simon Bodjanac2 måneder siden

    Me trying to wipe off my screen in the intro 🤔😠

  • Marcus Guzman
    Marcus Guzman2 måneder siden

    Why was teeko más at the end

  • Sukhveer Malhi
    Sukhveer Malhi2 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to think hes going to dissapear after his parents get a divorce😂😂😂

  • Jake from State Farm

    Jake from State Farm

    Måned siden


  • Sukhveer Malhi

    Sukhveer Malhi

    Måned siden

    this should be top comment

  • Sukhveer Malhi

    Sukhveer Malhi

    Måned siden


  • Sukhveer Malhi

    Sukhveer Malhi

    Måned siden

    I hope he sees this

  • Sukhveer Malhi

    Sukhveer Malhi

    Måned siden


  • Timothy Miller
    Timothy Miller2 måneder siden

    Where is your cat man

  • DrumBoy728
    DrumBoy7282 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to say that he’s the impostor in Among Us

  • Vg king
    Vg king2 måneder siden


  • Jacob Sarraf
    Jacob Sarraf2 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to hold an umbrella next to faze rain so he didn’t get wet.

  • Etika Ribss
    Etika Ribss2 måneder siden

    Love all your videos 🔥😍❤️

  • its clxmsy
    its clxmsy2 måneder siden

    The dirt on the camera 😡😡😡😡

  • ColeTrain Vlogs
    ColeTrain Vlogs2 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to watch and old stream and try to stream snipe them

  • OzMan448
    OzMan4482 måneder siden

    Faze Kay should do another challenge with the money

  • lada shamelashvili
    lada shamelashvili2 måneder siden

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  • Evtheskater
    Evtheskater2 måneder siden

    Rich gives money to the rich

  • 百年幸福
    百年幸福2 måneder siden

    Der prominente Anwalt Linwood stellt klar, dass Biden, Obama und Hillary Kriminelle sind und dass eines der Ziele der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas bei der Freigabe des neuen Coronavirus der Wahlbetrug ist..gnews.org/zh-hans/586161/

  • Moeez Hakik
    Moeez Hakik2 måneder siden

    Fuckn oath Alex love you boys vids keep it up boys faze up ⬆️

  • Sam Le Mottee
    Sam Le Mottee2 måneder siden

    Mocking faze banks part 6

  • Darian LF
    Darian LF2 måneder siden

    I think Teeqo started rage quit