$10,000 worth of BMW M5 F90 Parts Have Arrived - Episode 3


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►New Vtuned Merch! ► bit.ly/3asJjbS
►New Vtuned Merch! ► bit.ly/3asJjbS
►Hey Guys , In todays video all the BMW M5 parts that we ordered have arrived! $10,000 worth of parts !
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  • Wedsonley Charles
    Wedsonley CharlesDag siden

    What’s the name of that tool that’s used to pull the frame

  • Jason Swift
    Jason SwiftDag siden

    The other day it was only $6000 of parts, so how did it suddenly jump up to $10k? On another note I thing the lighting in your workshop needs an upgrade it looks a little dim? maybe put in some more LED batten lighting fixtures.

  • Relentless
    Relentless3 dager siden


  • Ben Bazan
    Ben Bazan4 dager siden

    Love that you keep it real. Glad you will go back to working on the mustang at some point. 🔥🔥 content.

  • branden dove
    branden dove4 dager siden

    Tripled the value of the Ford with those BMW parts in it x)

  • Bart Hoefs
    Bart Hoefs5 dager siden

    I really like your content!

  • Joe Rider
    Joe Rider5 dager siden

    You bent the headliner up a little bit right inbetween where the dome light and sunroof meet.. I’m ocd as F so I was going bananas seeing it after it was all installed and I could see the little bit of bentness lol

  • Nicky Grist
    Nicky Grist6 dager siden

    Now I know how to replace curtain airbags on a BMW, looks dead easy. LOL.

  • Smurphenstein
    Smurphenstein6 dager siden

    That ten seconds from 18:23 is something I can never unsee. 🤮 Good idea on taking a break from the Mustang to get a reset on your plan. We were all like that at your age.

  • Racerx
    Racerx6 dager siden

    Don’t you have a big ass Dodge Ram?

  • Kelly H
    Kelly H6 dager siden

    Great show

  • Chris_19_gonzalez CG
    Chris_19_gonzalez CG8 dager siden

    Why is the video quality so poor and blurry I turned up my brightness see if it’ll fix it but didn’t do nothing

  • Leonard Nose
    Leonard Nose8 dager siden

    Vtuned is impressive so much knowledge and so young.

  • In money we trust Dollar bill
    In money we trust Dollar bill8 dager siden

    Working on German cars is nightmare 😂😂

  • claus frennessen
    claus frennessen8 dager siden

    What the f... !! Come on! Ore bay bay! Shape up.

  • Tamrat Assefa
    Tamrat Assefa8 dager siden

    Damn... The video production quality is becoming top notch.

  • Niaz khan Khan
    Niaz khan Khan8 dager siden

    Im.werking khar 💪🏼💪🏼

  • Cloud Ryse
    Cloud Ryse8 dager siden

    Does this car not need the air module reset ?

  • Alan Hauch
    Alan Hauch8 dager siden

    Brother u should have LS swapped the mustang with a LS3 thrown in a cam/springs and not needed to cut the car at all... your mistake was going with the coyote swap....that huge unnecessary engine created 2 many problems

  • Евгений КонецРогозина
    Евгений КонецРогозина8 dager siden


  • Alan Rollo
    Alan Rollo8 dager siden

    Enjoying this build bud keep up the good work 💪

  • Миша Полищук
    Миша Полищук8 dager siden

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  • Jason Swift

    Jason Swift

    Dag siden


  • George L.
    George L.8 dager siden

    The airbag clips are not one time use, I broke one tbh and then I figured out that they have a tiny hole at the center and with a flat screwdriver you put it in the small hole and move the metal safety thingy to the center and you pull it so it comes off

  • onlin321
    onlin3219 dager siden

    What about the E30?

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith9 dager siden

    I had Danger Rangers before it was cool 🤣 great little work trucks !

  • 808IslandWS
    808IslandWS9 dager siden

    Nice project. But what happened to the 1966 Mustang project?

  • Ezzo
    Ezzo9 dager siden

    You are one hard-working man. Thanks for the great content. I wish there was more videos. Also, thanks for not letting any porn stars sponsor your videos like samcrac!

  • ScruffyGit
    ScruffyGit9 dager siden

    Why the f**k don't they make a panel you can easily remove with a couple of screws to replace the side air curtain bags rather than have to remove the whole freakin' rooflining...seems crazy to me.

  • B Gee
    B Gee9 dager siden

    Most people don't spend 12-14 hour days wrenching, filming, getting projects, uploading vids, getting sponsors, etc... So it's easy pass judgement. What's hard is admitting where you stand and starting fresh. Takes a big man and you proved you got it. Mad respect, tbh THIS is why I watch your channel.

  • Joseph Brooke
    Joseph Brooke9 dager siden

    BMW will sell you that plug

  • Jeff Mac
    Jeff Mac9 dager siden

    The BMW dealer yelled "Hey, vTuned is here for the parts, ca ching. Give him some merchandise. BMW merch.

  • B Gee
    B Gee9 dager siden

    Remember when headliners had only a one wire dome light and two visors attached to them?

  • Dave223
    Dave2239 dager siden

    That is one fast BMW, nolocal.info/have/video/r6hpftCSx22w1ow

  • M S
    M S9 dager siden

    - Å fan!

  • Craig Blackmon
    Craig Blackmon9 dager siden

    I fully support you on the mustang because I have always had a frame or body and structure to go by. So when i went to Navy at times you have no part or frame was destroyed so you have to fab from scratch and that is the toughest for any one so any that have done this should be as I understanding and supportive. That is how you know who to listen to also. Lots of idiots out here think they know and there mouth will show they don't. Some are just pricks and they do know but not nice so those who support and are respectfully helpful I would go to and be thankful for on here. You have a lot of talent and you have a will to learn.

  • Sudheer MS
    Sudheer MS9 dager siden

    happy to see your videos .Stay Blessed.

  • Cassiano de Paulo
    Cassiano de Paulo9 dager siden

    soon we will have video game

  • bigrbig
    bigrbig9 dager siden

    Looking good! 😎

  • Sami Hammad
    Sami Hammad9 dager siden

    dont forget the seat belt bro

  • Rick Allen
    Rick Allen9 dager siden

    The metal on those frame rails have been compromised, not the right way to fix them.

  • Wan Ridzwan
    Wan Ridzwan9 dager siden

    This is awesome build

  • chrismechanic B
    chrismechanic B9 dager siden

    in the UK you can get the new plugs and sockets, im guessing it should be the same for you guys in murica you can check it by using realoem.com, put in the chassis number and search.

  • musclemachines
    musclemachines9 dager siden

    It should be pretty simple

  • ___Savian___
    ___Savian___9 dager siden

    M5 best ever!👌 top +...

  • Jean-Philippe
    Jean-Philippe9 dager siden

    Love that energy, new editing & cameraman interaction

  • Carl J Morgan
    Carl J Morgan9 dager siden

    Thanks for the mustang update! That's the build that brought me here! ✌️

  • Horacio Torres
    Horacio Torres9 dager siden


  • CygnusPrime
    CygnusPrime9 dager siden

    03:40 Lol the parts are worth more than the truck carrying it

  • Michael Hartloff
    Michael Hartloff10 dager siden

    Did you have to replace the air bag module

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith10 dager siden

    Any interest in taking on a Japanese 1996 MR2 smacked all to heck in the rear end? If so, let me know how to reach you, I do not have social media.........

  • Austin Joesting
    Austin Joesting10 dager siden

    Bmw Cincinnati Ohio will sell you a “connector repair kit” for most connectors they still sell kits for my e90

  • 504 Owner official
    504 Owner official10 dager siden

    wow beautiful

  • yu mi be ach
    yu mi be ach10 dager siden

    What happened to the Mclaren?

  • johnny t
    johnny t10 dager siden

    Hi Vtuned, maybe you could use some leftover McClaren parts for the Mustang project, Greetings from México!!!

  • svt32vdohc
    svt32vdohc10 dager siden

    With the McLaren build, I would just scrap that Mustang. Way too much time wasted. Burnout is hard. Prolly gained a lot of channel views and subscribers from it, but onto bigger and better things.

  • Mr.Nogues
    Mr.Nogues10 dager siden

    Upload videos fast....🙏👍

  • DLoad This1
    DLoad This110 dager siden

    🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 VTuned Car Award. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Ian
    Ian10 dager siden

    BMW sells most connectors and terminals separately from the harness

  • Fahd Algamdi
    Fahd Algamdi10 dager siden


  • jerry smith
    jerry smith10 dager siden

    Where are you located?? I live in Soddy - Daisy

  • Kristof DD
    Kristof DD10 dager siden


  • Orest Wolfgang
    Orest Wolfgang10 dager siden

    Is the car made of plastic? used a heatgun

  • SteelBlueBody
    SteelBlueBody10 dager siden

    The M5 is a good buy for sure!

  • SLIMY 03
    SLIMY 0310 dager siden

    Any updates for the ls swapped bmw e36

  • Brian Nelson
    Brian Nelson10 dager siden

    When done the Bimmer will look good

  • andy b
    andy b10 dager siden

    switched off at 3 mins . Cant watch pussys wearing dypers . Eww

  • Igor


    10 dager siden

    Half the comments crying about him not wearing it properly other half being tough guys about not wearing them lol. Can't please the whole internet.

  • hotti08
    hotti0810 dager siden

    Nice to hear about the Mustang

  • jakesta247
    jakesta24710 dager siden

    It’s good to take a break. I’m happy you still have amazing content with the 720 and m5. Keep it up!

  • Steve Whyte
    Steve Whyte10 dager siden

    you do it vtuned , and i will watch !!

  • armando patane
    armando patane10 dager siden

    It’s okay 👌 all will come together

  • Beau Mangodt
    Beau Mangodt10 dager siden

    BMW do sell individual plugs. Check websites like RealOEM to find the part no.

  • Alan Cobbin
    Alan Cobbin10 dager siden

    Looking good bro ,got lucky with them frame rails 👍💪

  • Niaz khan Khan
    Niaz khan Khan10 dager siden

    Bro hawer yo good

  • dave wallbank
    dave wallbank10 dager siden

    Stunning work & channel

  • Doc Man99
    Doc Man9910 dager siden

    Who else likes before watching a VTuned vid? 🔥

  • Mohanned albeik
    Mohanned albeik10 dager siden

    Update on the E30

  • zeus 0101
    zeus 010110 dager siden

    Where do you guys get the soundtrack?

  • Caleb Maendel
    Caleb Maendel10 dager siden

    videos like this are so interesting!.. I love watching professionals work on vehicles. I have done numerous builds on vehicles and I'm only 17...

  • Thomas Studio
    Thomas Studio10 dager siden

    Love the trips out and about to see the Vtuned manor. But you need a DJI gimbal! I got sea sick with the shakes.

  • Tony Halik
    Tony Halik10 dager siden

    vTuned - super content / Cars rebuild👏👍👍👍, GoonzS - Boring As hell...install WC 🚬😤

  • ae86edrift
    ae86edrift10 dager siden

    What an intro, getting better and better.

  • Cynthia Browne
    Cynthia Browne10 dager siden

    Where is the Mustang. Will you eventually bring it back? I know it must be your most difficult project, but don't give up. Great channel. I want to see more. No house demos ok! I watch your brothers as well. Very entertaining. You guys are awesome. Tell Goonzqaud to split their channel. house/auto .More car rescues please! Keep up the great work, you are bound to keep growing.

  • Husain Mohamed
    Husain Mohamed10 dager siden

    Waiting for mustang

  • S P
    S P10 dager siden

    I love your honesty. Wish more people are like that.

  • Jonathan Box
    Jonathan Box10 dager siden

    I wouldn't go out and buy a whole new wiring harness just because that one plastic connector plug is busted. Just buy a new connector and re-pin it. (Unless you just have money to burn)

  • G Savoie
    G Savoie10 dager siden

    Awesome job man, keep up the good work, can't wait to see that Mustang back!

  • Jason Hastings
    Jason Hastings10 dager siden

    Man that thing has $20,000 worth of coolers on it!!!!! Wow!

  • Sami Gulec
    Sami Gulec10 dager siden

    18:27 youre not gone believe me but thats what i did last night....

  • vTuned garage

    vTuned garage

    10 dager siden


  • Antanas Pitrenas
    Antanas Pitrenas10 dager siden

    We are waiting for a first start 👌

  • bablon53
    bablon5310 dager siden

    Content is awesome.

  • Sean DeBottis
    Sean DeBottis10 dager siden

    Good move to walk away and get reset on the mustang, it will be worth it. The Stang will most likely be your favorite car when done. She is after all your “Eleanor” nice editing on the videos btw!👍

  • Wholly Mindless
    Wholly Mindless10 dager siden

    "Why's that grille so big?" Glandular problem. BMW designers are trying to out big Lexus.

  • James Bridwell
    James Bridwell10 dager siden

    Thanks for the update on the Mustang. I subscribed to your channel for that build. I love the way you work. You are relatable. I just sold a 1997 dodge ram after I made a lot of mistakes. lol. Keep at it.

  • Bradley Roberts
    Bradley Roberts10 dager siden

    Thanks for the update on the Mustang but I'd rather see these wreck rebuilds. The steel fabrication is kind of boring but I'm sure that your finished project will be really great. Thanks

  • Byronoo Torres
    Byronoo Torres10 dager siden


  • Robert Prout
    Robert Prout10 dager siden

    You're doing good with the subscribers coming onboard for your videos. Keep up the good work 👍 yesireebob

  • Pumpkingilmour
    Pumpkingilmour10 dager siden

    6:45 mark , all strong language deleted as he fights frustration!

  • Robert Prout
    Robert Prout10 dager siden

    Air bags really drive up the cost of doing a build . Also the price of new parts as opposed to the availability of used parts. Sad to say there's not a lot of profit in building wrecks anymore. Nice work and Thanks for sharing 👍 yesireebob

  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith10 dager siden

    Why not have someone 3D print that broken plug for you? Just a thought. I mean, it's just the plug casing not the actual electrical connections, right?

  • Andries Cornelius Nienaber
    Andries Cornelius Nienaber10 dager siden

    You have come along way, I remember when your channel had less than 50K subs, no you are on your way to 1mil subs. Super impressed, well done!