10 of the Tiniest Weapons We Found on Wish!


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omg today we have such a teeny tiny episode of dope or nope for you all. in this episode, we go to wish.com and see if we can find the coolest tiny weapons possible. i mean, one of them is as big as the tip of your finger. isn't that the coolest? i think so. make sure to hit that tiny like button if you enjoyed today's episode, and then leave a tiny comment of what you enjoyed most. stay tiny.
00:00​ - Intro
01:53​ - Toothpick Shotgun
05:33​ - the mini baton
07:45​ - TINY KNIFE
09:20 - lil circle knife ft. multi tool
11:00 - mini throwing star knife
12:19 - tiny butterfly knife (not cute tho)
13:25 - mini dial calipers (they could be dangerous if thrown hard enough)
14:49 - surprise mini knife!!!!!!
16:54 - its a long sword *but mini*
18:06 - the smallest weapon of the whole video
19:41 - mini crossbow (it definitely works)
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  • DOPE or NOPE
    DOPE or NOPE24 dager siden

    sorry guys no big mystery box today, too risky to send weapons in the mail. Hope you understand! Enjoy!

  • Trashy isapigeon

    Trashy isapigeon

    16 timer siden

    It’s fine matt

  • Trashy isapigeon

    Trashy isapigeon

    16 timer siden

    It’s fine

  • Hisoka Jah

    Hisoka Jah

    5 dager siden


  • NeFaRiOuS


    9 dager siden

    @Amanda Estes-Burnette me too

  • Amanda Estes-Burnette

    Amanda Estes-Burnette

    9 dager siden

    I love guns

  • Truckboi 99
    Truckboi 995 timer siden

    Tanner is this is so wierd is it just me or no

  • Rekognize CG
    Rekognize CG8 timer siden

    Woods seems hella stoned, don't he?

  • Kiwi Fruit
    Kiwi Fruit10 timer siden

    It's wood's hands for me *chefs kiss *

  • Elite James
    Elite James13 timer siden

    i was laughing the howl time

    DEPRESSIONcatDag siden

    10:07 Tanners Brain "mayday mayday fall back"

  • Horizon FallsFaraway
    Horizon FallsFaraway2 dager siden

    Is anyone else irritated tanner dry shot the crossbow? That’s how they break ;-;

  • Digi
    Digi2 dager siden

    Why are they not in order? It makes no sense to me, there's clearly continuity errors with the table being cut and such... why scramble them like this?

  • gabby ellery
    gabby ellery2 dager siden

    am i the only one who is in love with woods

  • Joseph Lugo
    Joseph Lugo2 dager siden

    There are 666 dislikes...

  • Kylar Milligan
    Kylar Milligan2 dager siden

    Imagine collecting so many tiny knives that you have the largest tiny knife collection and one day you take it to the worlds largest knife. The most smallest meets the only largest.

  • Hairy Otter
    Hairy Otter3 dager siden

    Get a deejo knife for a video

  • MikaXRinka Lee
    MikaXRinka Lee3 dager siden

    Matt: do you want this woods ?? Woods: yeah thank you Matt Nd tanner: ~destroys item~ Woods: 🥲🥲

  • Emperor Palprotein
    Emperor Palprotein3 dager siden

    straight up that suprise mini knife thing would be so dangerous in the hands of the wrong person

  • Wolf 7410
    Wolf 74103 dager siden

    If im matthias me: amanda would not love this JK

  • Black Yoshi
    Black Yoshi4 dager siden

    Matt: You know how to do that when Your a good unboxer Me: You know how to do that when you have four Knives

  • BlackGlad
    BlackGlad4 dager siden


  • Falvey Family
    Falvey Family4 dager siden

    mattias or how u speel his anme is the only reason i watch this

  • heyitkason
    heyitkason4 dager siden

    Tanner with those color goldfish😎

  • P T
    P T4 dager siden


  • Rakel Mist Viđarsdóttir
    Rakel Mist Viđarsdóttir5 dager siden

    Why does Tanner kinda sound like Goofy here 😂 5:00

  • Kol Cen
    Kol Cen5 dager siden

    where is michael

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous5 dager siden

    Anyone else getting Tony Stark and Peter Parker vibes 😂

  • Caleb Bindrich
    Caleb Bindrich5 dager siden

    that mhmmm noise tanner made is actually something i did in kindergarden garden, id be sitting being quite and apparently id make that same noise! and the teacher would stop me and be like KALEB! stop it! and i was like im not doing anything lol i totally understand bro

  • bababooye oofington
    bababooye oofington6 dager siden

    tanner: trying to make sense of things Matt: i didnt miss

  • Vanessa Hernandez
    Vanessa Hernandez6 dager siden

    When woods said “Yes thank you for asking” was so cute

  • naper247
    naper2476 dager siden


  • Derrick Roberts
    Derrick Roberts6 dager siden

    6:30 best song of the year

  • Darklaider
    Darklaider7 dager siden

    7:38 😂 if you know you know

  • Nik3 g0d
    Nik3 g0d7 dager siden

    Woods is 1000000000% stoned lmao

  • lizardcon
    lizardcon7 dager siden

    sus moments

  • josiah Johnston
    josiah Johnston7 dager siden

    why is he always playing with a pillow

  • Ryan Kats
    Ryan Kats7 dager siden

    Where is Michael I want Michael

  • alex Jaimes
    alex Jaimes8 dager siden

    Tanner kind of sus

  • Galex
    Galex8 dager siden

    flaming toothpicks of evil

  • Jake Eves
    Jake Eves8 dager siden

    hmm i think i should test these for my weapon collection (for hobby only though) i think these might make cool little devices to show and test in a weapon video for fun

  • NCM
    NCM8 dager siden

    I'm glad you guys popped back into my recommended. NOlocal has not let me down. Glad to see you guys are doing great. Back to watching dope or nope.

  • Kenzie Taylor
    Kenzie Taylor8 dager siden

    That knife s literally made for killing, with a straight knife if you twist it , it will kill them pretty much instantly. However, with the knife already twisted it kills them and hounding need to twist yourself. They are so lethal they are banned in war

  • Jennifer Teal
    Jennifer Teal8 dager siden

    It's not the same without Micheal

  • IamSinee Gaming
    IamSinee Gaming8 dager siden

    Tanners Mic tho....

  • Ruinzpro
    Ruinzpro9 dager siden

    I like woods on dope or nope

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy9 dager siden

    may i have the keyboard clickers ?????

  • Emily Kaylor
    Emily Kaylor9 dager siden

    9:25 Woods: That's Really Nifty! 12:21 Mat: Yo that's illegal ( 5 seconds later) add it to cart.

  • Rob Armistead
    Rob Armistead9 dager siden

    Arc angle blade looks like the twisted knife

  • New Choppa
    New Choppa9 dager siden

    The tool is good for a skateboarder in case they get in a fight

  • Peter Fielding
    Peter Fielding9 dager siden

    i envy you woods,, i have to get high to feel how you look

  • happy McMeals
    happy McMeals10 dager siden

    Shake your phone at 1:25 for a Matthias corruption

  • Romi Pandher
    Romi Pandher10 dager siden


  • Harleen gaming
    Harleen gaming10 dager siden

    His face tho at 9:16

  • Tim Lawson
    Tim Lawson10 dager siden

    Tanner is so ADHA it’s not even funny.

  • Dim
    Dim10 dager siden

    Am I crazy or did they edit out the kitty ring for self defense?

  • Kaitlyn Gregory
    Kaitlyn Gregory10 dager siden

    The rectangle made my day😂 woods was so in awe

  • Tanyth Ford
    Tanyth Ford10 dager siden

    How could you not pick the francie says relax t - shirt I have to say I am disappointed 😔

  • Naruto -kun
    Naruto -kun10 dager siden

    That's literally what happened to the other tiny crossbow they got..

  • Hanshika
    Hanshika10 dager siden

    10:09 I laughed really REALLY REALLY loudly on that one

  • Hanshika
    Hanshika10 dager siden

    7:12 "you're gonna front spank me?" 😂😂😂

  • Hanshika
    Hanshika10 dager siden

    3:23 I literally had to spit the water I was drinking 😂😂

  • Sebastian Deleon
    Sebastian Deleon10 dager siden

    He said skateboarder 😂 nahhh my dude that’s too tiny for any use 😂

  • Melon bee
    Melon bee10 dager siden

    this show is same as how it was years ago

  • Potion seller Sammy
    Potion seller Sammy11 dager siden

    I have a butterfly knife I cut my hands many times until I found out they make practice butterfly knifes

  • Daniel Garner
    Daniel Garner11 dager siden

    Honestly... I kinda like woods as a third person for now or another person on dope or nope, he still kinda keeps a similar unique type of micheal vibe

  • Dustin Panopio
    Dustin Panopio11 dager siden

    7:47 i love knives

  • *_JustAnimations_*
    *_JustAnimations_*11 dager siden


  • Denise Pendergrass
    Denise Pendergrass11 dager siden

    I think you found the magic with you three at it together! I have not laughed this hard in so long while watching Dope or Nope.

  • DESOUL22
    DESOUL2211 dager siden

    Arming up for march 5 lol

  • TheKrouse’sFamily
    TheKrouse’sFamily11 dager siden

    Butterfly knifes don’t fly tanner

  • Ethan Cavallo
    Ethan Cavallo11 dager siden

    10:10 this is why I love tanner

  • drsfinest72
    drsfinest7211 dager siden

    the guy on the right is kinda anxious and or nervous. he speaks low & he fidgets a lot with his nails fingers and touching his face. guess this is new to him? once he feels more comfortable, he will be a greater asset to the show.

  • Magneta !
    Magneta !11 dager siden

    I love knives as well

  • Johnathan dunhill
    Johnathan dunhill12 dager siden

    I have 15 knives

  • JamesLetsPlayYT
    JamesLetsPlayYT12 dager siden

    It’s a micrometer

  • Radar Tutorials
    Radar Tutorials12 dager siden

    Every time I see them put the item back in the bag, i can't help but think "evidence" 😂

  • Anouluck Syphanthong *9 years ago
    Anouluck Syphanthong *9 years ago12 dager siden

    Color: black sold out changes color. Cool black:not sold out buys. Lol

    TUCKER HESSE12 dager siden

    Poor Woods

  • exploiting haven
    exploiting haven13 dager siden

    What happened to their views? I watched them when I was little but now their channel died off...

  • Hollymusicgirl
    Hollymusicgirl13 dager siden

    unboxing fan mail would be awesome

  • AttackDog 136
    AttackDog 13613 dager siden

    Matt: I have a knife collection Me: *super interested* Also Matt: I have 4 knives what I’m saying is I want a knife collection Me: *has over 30 different types of knives*

  • Jontica Dennis
    Jontica Dennis13 dager siden

    Dope or nope do sports things on wish please

  • sammy wauneka
    sammy wauneka13 dager siden

    3:04 thats what a man says

  • Real_DragonCraft
    Real_DragonCraft13 dager siden

    "What the fridge!!!"

  • Hemyr Ochoa
    Hemyr Ochoa14 dager siden

    I feel like Matt is gonna have a split personality disorder when he’s a grandpa because he does OVERKILL goofy Matt and serious Matt

  • Classical_gamer !
    Classical_gamer !14 dager siden

    Fun fact: you’ve read up to this point. Also you just now realized all of their videos are 24 minutes long exactly

  • jonathan beattie
    jonathan beattie14 dager siden

    matt didn't notice what tanner was doing with the tooth picks until he looked

  • Jocelyn Love
    Jocelyn Love14 dager siden

    Tell tanner I love him for singing pearljam and specifically my ringtone lol

  • The Warringtons
    The Warringtons14 dager siden

    Someone make a song out of this vid

  • Dxddychuyy
    Dxddychuyy14 dager siden

    666k views nice

  • Marla Tierney
    Marla Tierney14 dager siden


  • Hailey Scott
    Hailey Scott14 dager siden

    I don't care what happens just keep woods on the channel lol

  • Vianka Nieves
    Vianka Nieves14 dager siden

    Woods is so adorable, especially when he laughs

  • Kanasha K
    Kanasha K14 dager siden

    pov:... (them fanfic writers will fill it )

  • we just exist
    we just exist14 dager siden

    Me in the corner being pyco. Give knifes plez

  • Jayden Jones
    Jayden Jones14 dager siden

    Feedback: woods audio levels are way too quiet. Also the lighting in the studio cast too many facial shadows 😉

    BINQUE15 dager siden

    at 4:38 please meme it.

  • Cosmic_ KayC
    Cosmic_ KayC15 dager siden

    i mean are we sure tanners not gay

  • robert goreas
    robert goreas15 dager siden

    What is happening the review. It is messed up. Watch the black top on the table.

  • Robert Vankirk
    Robert Vankirk15 dager siden


  • Tawney Lindley
    Tawney Lindley15 dager siden

    Bring Mark back pls

  • RzorBlink Z
    RzorBlink Z15 dager siden

    Old Chair Placement

  • Snickers
    Snickers15 dager siden

    Hear me out. New dope or nope. New intro.

  • onahsty davis
    onahsty davis15 dager siden

    Lmao why do i feel like the boys are fighting over woods