Cooking challenge where I give a youtuber a £1000 budget to make a pizza and a professional chef a £10 budget. Hope you guys enjoy.
darkest - @Darkest Man
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  • Chunkz
    ChunkzMåned siden

    Smash 100k likes for a new upload next week!

  • Rayan


    Måned siden

    Someone explain this I hate the sidemen now vm.tiktok.com/ZSwmxmvn/

  • Rayan


    Måned siden

    Someone explain this I hate the sidemen now vm.tiktok.com/ZSwmxmvn/

  • Abdi aziz Ali bare

    Abdi aziz Ali bare

    Måned siden

    Chunkz bro which clan are you

  • Kiki Xx

    Kiki Xx

    Måned siden

    Filly and his sister plzz

  • ÀpďàĹà Mòùśà

    ÀpďàĹà Mòùśà

    Måned siden

    Sxp af somali ku soo hadal

  • Harvey Saunders
    Harvey Saunders2 dager siden

    Yo take the meat take the meat

  • sean mc cann
    sean mc cann2 dager siden

    give him all these expensive ingredients, then he has to cook it in a regular oven. The pro chef had such an easier challenge

  • tiara faye
    tiara faye7 dager siden

    i absolutely love marcellas laugh man😭

  • Resurrection Edits
    Resurrection Edits7 dager siden

    I feel like they purposely do bad sometimes

  • Abbas khalifa
    Abbas khalifa8 dager siden

    I feel like it’s easier to cook with £10

  • Slurp Team
    Slurp Team9 dager siden

    Chunks might got digitise by eating that

  • Nour Said
    Nour Said10 dager siden

    Marcela Vs another pof chef

  • Max Taylor
    Max Taylor10 dager siden

    “nobody can order pizza better than me”

  • Masslamah Taha Adam
    Masslamah Taha Adam11 dager siden


  • sherif georr
    sherif georr11 dager siden

    mandem vs the pro name idea

  • Sam
    Sam12 dager siden

    Mandem vs Pro Chef should be the name of the show.

  • StarGurrll
    StarGurrll12 dager siden

    The way they swer so much like Wallah im ded

  • Anthony Hernandes
    Anthony Hernandes15 dager siden

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  • x4n4sTVx
    x4n4sTVx15 dager siden


  • Katsu 彼
    Katsu 彼16 dager siden

    *ey get the meat get the meat* Bro u good

  • Saciid Dimograati
    Saciid Dimograati17 dager siden

    Why is everyone’s voice message like they hiding under the covers so their parents don’t hear!?!?

  • Seth Porter
    Seth Porter18 dager siden

    The chunky tempo conceivably cause because gear anatomically advise unlike a deafening teller. quickest, defiant bobcat

  • Peaceful
    Peaceful19 dager siden

    Darkest man : in my country we say bonna be shit 😂😂😂😂

  • Robin Muyungi
    Robin Muyungi21 dag siden

    I got a name for this show. Chef it up

  • Akash Lal
    Akash Lal22 dager siden

    Yooooo chunkzs trim was daaaaaayyyyyyyzin

  • Aristos Pampouris
    Aristos Pampouris23 dager siden

    2:59 "i just met her" darkest man 😂

  • D r . editz
    D r . editz23 dager siden

    i feel bad for darkest mate

  • LionPro
    LionPro27 dager siden

    Television quality

  • Scheherazadè
    Scheherazadè28 dager siden

    yeah take the meat TAKE THE MEAT 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Ahmed reacts
    Ahmed reacts28 dager siden

    Make one with niko next.

  • Ahmed reacts
    Ahmed reacts28 dager siden

    When darkest mann siad im going to put it in i was laughing so much.

  • Ahmed reacts
    Ahmed reacts28 dager siden

    Did darkest man even wash his hands.

  • Ahmed reacts
    Ahmed reacts28 dager siden

    U blamed lak for being a scammer even though he got hacked.

  • Astrovic
    Astrovic28 dager siden

    Darkest was too sus🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mahiraa Khaan
    Mahiraa Khaan28 dager siden

    Handle the meat , put it in , take the meat 😭😭😭😭 he sussss

  • unknown
    unknownMåned siden

    Ngl. I dont get good vibes off of Marcela...she talks alot and bossy and can be rude. She acts like shes a top chef.. Swap for philly much more organic and natural.

  • M


    15 dager siden

    she is a professional chef thats her job...... its supposed to be a balance of seriousness and filly cant cook

  • Rachel
    RachelMåned siden

    I want a pizza now

  • Mohamoud Mohamoud
    Mohamoud MohamoudMåned siden


  • Jayjay ayade
    Jayjay ayadeMåned siden

    Darkest must be in more of your vids

  • chloe Mackenzie
    chloe MackenzieMåned siden

    I think it’s nice how chunkz is bringing Filly’s sister to promote her own business. He’s a real one

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiuMåned siden

    "I've never actually made pizza before, unless I'm ordering, when I'm ordering, no one can order pizza better than me" - Darkest 😂😂

  • Peaceful


    19 dager siden

    He's a legend

  • Dan Best
    Dan BestMåned siden

    10:25 take the meat 😂

  • Dan Best
    Dan BestMåned siden

    Darkest is the funniest "mine was made by 3 blind nuns"

  • Tapiwa Lindekile Chimenya
    Tapiwa Lindekile ChimenyaMåned siden

    Bon apèsh¡+🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩😩

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw butyMåned siden

    lizard skin im gone i swear drakest can say anything and ill die of laughter

  • Urlocal Gamer
    Urlocal GamerMåned siden

    Beta cooks channel ?

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    Måned siden

    Smash 100k likes for a new upload next week!

  • AG makes
    AG makesMåned siden

    Nah this show is dead if you don’t get loai on it

  • Ayaan Ahmed
    Ayaan AhmedMåned siden

    you did this on my birthday

  • Emma Wing
    Emma WingMåned siden

    These videos make my day honestly they make me laugh bare keep it up 😂

  • Tslavish
    TslavishMåned siden

    If only you were consistent like you used to be your be best youtuber in uk after ksi of course

  • Rayan
    RayanMåned siden

    Someone explain this I hate the sidemen now vm.tiktok.com/ZSwmxmvn/

  • kehvin karlsson
    kehvin karlssonMåned siden

    She is so annoying

  • Arielle Hackett
    Arielle HackettMåned siden

    Blind Belgium nuns🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • k9ine
    k9ineMåned siden

    name this "chunkz kitchen"

  • Sam Wh
    Sam WhMåned siden

    I feel like i’m on coke. Everyone in this video needs to chill out

  • Amaan Mohammed
    Amaan MohammedMåned siden

    Somali kusoo hadal plz

  • C_Raggz
    C_RaggzMåned siden

    u should make another channel for somthing like chef chunkz or somthing else

  • Official 2021 5 hours
    Official 2021 5 hoursMåned siden

    Is that a pizza 🤧

  • Big Man
    Big ManMåned siden

    U mean £10 vs £200 lol shut up

  • Asamkele Giyo
    Asamkele GiyoMåned siden

    I want you to handle the meat 😭😭😭

  • guhad
    guhadMåned siden

    Somali maryolay wxan madawanaysiiin 🇸🇴🇸🇴❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 4j
    4jMåned siden

    We need the trio back lv chunkz filly

  • Horaja Jum
    Horaja JumMåned siden

    Best content

  • The Cheeky Taliban
    The Cheeky TalibanMåned siden

    darkest man loves chunkz i rate that

  • Aiden Lim
    Aiden LimMåned siden

    the amount of meat jokes were perfect :)

  • BountyDraft -
    BountyDraft -Måned siden

    No cap chunks is looking good man

  • Vlogger Khan
    Vlogger KhanMåned siden


  • Arnold Amet Jnr III
    Arnold Amet Jnr IIIMåned siden

    Anyone know a song that goes " everytime I pull up yea you know I'm involved. Involved, involved, involved." It was on chunkz story

  • UMAH
    UMAHMåned siden

    you should call the show Mandem vs pro chef

  • Abdiwaxid Abdullahi
    Abdiwaxid AbdullahiMåned siden

    Chunkz try to speak Somali language Somali people watching u

  • sakfan
    sakfanMåned siden

    Guys remeber "bad bad boy"

  • Smokey Smokes
    Smokey SmokesMåned siden

    These man gon boring now but thank fuck filly aint here

    SAFXHDMåned siden

    Yo Chunkz what's popping G?

  • mu hanad adam
    mu hanad adamMåned siden

    are muslim

  • asjad zahid

    asjad zahid

    Måned siden

    is chunkz muslim

    OLDHAM ATHMåned siden


  • Manchester United
    Manchester UnitedMåned siden

    Bring back chef chunks please👍👍👍👍

  • Ifti_ Gaming
    Ifti_ GamingMåned siden

    Darkestman is so underrated he need to blow

  • Imz rtmsb
    Imz rtmsbMåned siden

    Guess what Shush

  • Opu
    OpuMåned siden

    stop using make up Chunkz, makes you look gay

  • xo JuDo
    xo JuDoMåned siden

    Darkest 🤩!!!

  • Safa Ali Saleban
    Safa Ali SalebanMåned siden

    Do you are a Somali

  • Stephen Katsionis
    Stephen KatsionisMåned siden

    why is he not on does the shoe fit

  • C L
    C LMåned siden

    This series would bang if they’d all take it actually seriously 🙄

  • Max Mchean

    Max Mchean

    Måned siden

    Yeah that girl is annoying af

  • Darkness Dark
    Darkness DarkMåned siden

    Let’s start calling chunkz Slimz because he lost hella weight

  • Mus Ames
    Mus AmesMåned siden

    You know what, this series would be a lot better if you actually got youtubers who knew the basics of cooking, atleast it will have us questioning who will win

  • Never back Down
    Never back DownMåned siden

    Get Chef Chunkz on here!!!!!

  • Helin Said
    Helin SaidMåned siden

    To be real....... I’m not the biggest fan of Marcela😣 I thought since I love filly I would love her too but ehmm yeah...

  • SuHaIp DUBO
    SuHaIp DUBOMåned siden

    Bro are u Somali

  • OnPoint
    OnPointMåned siden

    we need a chef chunks episode😂

  • sym lol
    sym lolMåned siden


  • Ewan Watson
    Ewan WatsonMåned siden

    How’s this man not on 5 million

  • kolim jone
    kolim joneMåned siden

    Who else thinks darkest should be more involved in beta squad

  • لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله ص.ع.وسلم
    لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله ص.ع.وسلمMåned siden

    Asc walalaha somaliyed Arim ba iheysata Alle dartii $30 ya Igu cawin kara🙏❤🇸🇴

  • kolim jone

    kolim jone

    Måned siden

    This is kinda stupid yknow she always wins not really a challenge

  • Mo Ali-Entertainment
    Mo Ali-EntertainmentMåned siden

    is been long a$$ time sine u guys posted in beta squad

  • Clarice Harvey
    Clarice HarveyMåned siden

    The bewildered ruth largely detect because menu proximally mend until a guarded grass. waiting, erratic description

  • Tamil Movies Free
    Tamil Movies FreeMåned siden

    Guys the beta squad has OFFICIALLY ended. Check the video here nolocal.info/have/video/nWZ-adhuznuPtK4

  • Taha Edhi
    Taha EdhiMåned siden

    Still waiting for that rap battle mandem smashed hundred k on the other video ya know 🙄

  • MK Cars
    MK CarsMåned siden

    Bring Professional NOlocal Cooks😂 like Calfreezy or Ethan 😂 not these jokemen! 😂

  • Unknown
    UnknownMåned siden

    Chunkz if u had a choice to link Marcela or Maya who would u pick ?

  • Harry Norris
    Harry NorrisMåned siden

    let me go on and ill whip up the best food you had in your life




    say wargwarn wassgoing on gyal thass rain

  • oliver read
    oliver readMåned siden

    he ripped this off from the sidemen

  • 2k Games
    2k GamesMåned siden

    Unknown p dead ur name in his daily duppy 👍