2 Weeks to climb this boulder


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- Ship
- Bear Hats
- Would If I could
- Bossa for Baden
- Hip Hop Pro
- Orizon
- The Bayou
- Let Yourself Go
Last chance to do my bouldering projects before gym is closing. Also tried the magic front lever.
- Toyota
- Scarpa


  • Lanny J
    Lanny J7 timer siden

    Does Magnus own or work at this gym? Just wondering. That would be awesome to do

  • its Scandy
    its Scandy4 dager siden

    Elske videoene dine bro inspirerene

  • Michael Due
    Michael Due6 dager siden

    gotta love how Magnus be falling 7:47 gotta be the greatest sound

  • Jakub Hubicka
    Jakub Hubicka10 dager siden

    Can definitely see that spending time with Juji and Tom had an influence on your biceps Magnus 😄

  • Herman Bjerknes
    Herman Bjerknes18 dager siden

    Jeg har set deg på mesternesmester!!!!

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark19 dager siden

    YEAH MAGNUS! Great accomplishments.

  • vG_GameOver
    vG_GameOver21 dag siden

    who else yelled when he finally made the yellow project finally, good stuff my dude!

  • Poo Face
    Poo Face21 dag siden

    When Magnus did the hard part of the yellow Boulder I truly felt that

  • Sanne de muijnk
    Sanne de muijnk22 dager siden

    I really like how you respond to peoples suggestions, like the figure four on the yellow boulder when you showed why it wasn't possible here. Can really learn a lot from stuff like that!

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall23 dager siden

    The foolish pharmacist synthetically lie because siamese selectively owe about a parallel bowling. jobless, cagey jail

  • Blood Ink
    Blood Ink27 dager siden

    If you're looking for a fresh opening to these vids. How about doing a little old schooler info of climbers you looked up to from back in the day. Just maybe a quote from them and a short explanation of what they did and who they were to climbing. Keep the generations coming in informed on their roots. Just an idea.

  • Tracy
    TracyMåned siden

    I definitely would love to see Magnus and Shauna Coxsey do a video together!

  • cPxPryde _
    cPxPryde _Måned siden

    Yo whats your camera setup

  • Петър Захов
    Петър ЗаховMåned siden

    Magnus, out there, low key swearing the First Ideal at 7:06

  • Cyyxc
    CyyxcMåned siden


  • Vincent Cltr
    Vincent CltrMåned siden

    Oh yeah that yellow boulder looks so hard and you did it!

  • Yu Iko
    Yu IkoMåned siden

    I would watch vids of you just climbing for hours. 💪

  • pymzorr
    pymzorrMåned siden

    I really wanna know what the guy who created this boulder thinks of magnus solution

  • This Guy
    This GuyMåned siden

    My 2yr old son and I say "good job Magnus!' we love watching you climb.

  • Jay Tie
    Jay TieMåned siden

    congrats to the sends! I love these kind of videos, espacially in these times. Quite a long time, since I have seen a gym from inside ...

  • thieftakerow
    thieftakerowMåned siden

    Great video, Magnus - love these types of vids, it's cool to see you work on a project. With 16k likes to only 24 dislikes at the moment, I think it's fair to say I'm not alone. Keep up the great content!

  • 클린이 성장기
    클린이 성장기Måned siden

    Wow how can you trust your feet on that tiny holds??

  • Drew Bailey
    Drew BaileyMåned siden

    Do something with Alexey Rubtsov. I would like to see that.

  • yanish00
    yanish00Måned siden

    I tried to get those earbuds but I can't... (Belgium) Totally motivated me to go climbing this weekend again, thx!

  • Ryan McCoy
    Ryan McCoyMåned siden

    Nice send! This was my favorite sequence of videos watching the work you put in on this boulder... He is human! Haha . Can't wait for the next project.

  • iTzRhythm Gaming
    iTzRhythm GamingMåned siden

    Just ordered my Raycon's! International shipping! Cheers Magnus for the discount!

  • Gordon Schafer
    Gordon SchaferMåned siden

    I'm adding a slab to my home gym, what angle is your "slab of the week" wall?

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosaMåned siden

    12:00 I got so excited when you landed that crimp you've been fighting for that I might have woken the neighbors. Congrats on the send!

  • Luke Kelchner
    Luke KelchnerMåned siden

    I feel like I got more excited when magnus finally got the yellow finished than he did..even let out a little scream😂 and idk about everyone else but i absolutely LOVE the long projecting videos!!! As gnarly as it is to watch you flash V8-10’s seeing you actually struggle a little bit makes the final send so much more worth it! BANGER VID AS ALWAYS

  • Drizzt Do'Urden
    Drizzt Do'UrdenMåned siden

    Hi, this question isn't about bouldering, but how do the raycon earbuds compare to other wireless earbuds? You mentioned the good fit and long battery life, but how is he audio quality? For that yellow boulder, looks like pull-up or campus board training may have strengthened your pulling power to reach the high hold this time. Nice job on that one. On to V16!

  • hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa

    Måned siden

    I loved this hard boulder series! Please give me more,,,,

  • KouhaiSempai
    KouhaiSempaiMåned siden

    Yes yes yes!! Was cheering from behind the screen the whole time, and nearly shouted when he finally stuck that campus move! Made my Monday morning. Really happy for Magnus that he was able to get these done before things close.

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka HodanMåned siden

    Magnus finally manages 2 insanely hard boulders he might never get to try again. "Well this was a good day" Good old Norwegian sobriety

  • hemin 247
    hemin 247Måned siden


  • Troy Smith
    Troy SmithMåned siden

    Well done on crushing those 2 project boulders! :D

  • Raphael Farrugia Wismayer
    Raphael Farrugia WismayerMåned siden


  • Victor Rivero
    Victor RiveroMåned siden

    Man the feels I got when I saw you complete those boulders on your last attempt. Damn it really has been a journey❤️

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    Måned siden

    comment whenever I watch something on NOlocal, so that many people get a chance to hear the gospel. I hope you have a wonderful day. God bless!

  • chimyshark
    chimysharkMåned siden

    I love how you kept going back Magnus!!! Don't ever give up, I was so happy when you hit the top hold!!!

  • Mike Devyne
    Mike DevyneMåned siden

    well done Magnus! Commenting for the yt algorithm

  • radMisc
    radMiscMåned siden

    The viral "fun" videos like world records will get you recommended, sure. But the videos of you climbing, progressing and trying hard are the bread and butter which keeps people around. They keep me watching! Don't hesitate to make them!

  • Joel Honeyman
    Joel HoneymanMåned siden

    It would be really interesting to see what additional weight magnus could do in a one arm pull up seeing as he can rep normal ones

  • Cold Brain
    Cold BrainMåned siden

    Ты куда из уральских пельменей сбежал???

  • ImActuallyOnFire
    ImActuallyOnFireMåned siden

    You make me want to start climbing, but my shoulder is too messed up to do it. 😢

  • Dino Tassigiannis
    Dino TassigiannisMåned siden

    Has anyone mentioned you look like the guy on Take Me, the movie on Netflix? Lol.

  • AAAHHH okok
    AAAHHH okokMåned siden

    Hey Magnus , can you review the anime 'Hang on!Climbing Girls' ? It's about climbing and it would be cool to see you explain if the stuff shown is legit or not.

  • Allan Costa
    Allan CostaMåned siden

    9:35 no no NO Magnus, i don't give a f* about copyright, in this kind of moment you put "You say run" from Boku No hero

  • 흠냐냐냐
    흠냐냐냐Måned siden

    I loved this hard boulder series! Please give me more,,,,

  • Sam Yau
    Sam YauMåned siden

    Would love to see you project a hard boulder outdoors!

  • Silver Lining Art
    Silver Lining ArtMåned siden

    oh maggot

  • SomeGuy486
    SomeGuy486Måned siden

    Good Video. Glad to see you finish your projects

  • Eric Bailey
    Eric BaileyMåned siden

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  • Zachary Caron
    Zachary CaronMåned siden

    One of my favorite videos from you yet! Something about seeing you struggle, then overcoming is extremely satisfying.

  • Djchrisman1
    Djchrisman1Måned siden

    Holy crap, on the last video that yellow problem looked damn near impossible! And then he sticks the super hard move first go! WOW!!!

  • Joshua Coles
    Joshua ColesMåned siden

    magnus you should try the hang for 100 second challenge

  • Teagen Barnett
    Teagen BarnettMåned siden

    Really loving these videos, super motivational and now I’m constantly trying to hang on stuff and working out!

  • Jonas Trogen
    Jonas TrogenMåned siden

    Maybe just me, but I like the shorter videos!

  • Stroob
    StroobMåned siden

    Best kind of videos also you made that magic front lever look easy wthhh

  • Tobias Sarnow
    Tobias SarnowMåned siden

    I really like the projects and the feedback - its kind of solve it together

  • Pablo Moga
    Pablo MogaMåned siden

    I was happier than Magnus once he climbed the yellow one. Roflmao.

  • Shinigami Ryuku
    Shinigami RyukuMåned siden

    Magnus climbing to jazz is a work of art

  • babs sodus
    babs sodusMåned siden

    Damn, that was impressive. you floated up the yellow.

  • John Passmore
    John PassmoreMåned siden

    I can't believe you got that fucking yellow boulder after watching you smash your hand into the wall so many times on that 3nd to last hold, holy shit dude

  • Adam.stewart 239
    Adam.stewart 239Måned siden

    Does he actually known how to climb clearly not cause your hands and feet are seposed to stay on the same colour going up the wall

  • Craft Beer Climber
    Craft Beer ClimberMåned siden

    Cheers to sending projects! I sent my significantly less long or hard V7 project lastnight 😅 I'd like to think I channeled my inner Magnus

  • Alexander Davidsoncarroll
    Alexander DavidsoncarrollMåned siden

    when magnus finishes the project early, he has to throw in at least one cool calisthenics move for the vid

  • Pertti Hakala
    Pertti HakalaMåned siden

    perfect! loving these types of videos with just hard climbing!

  • Average Nick
    Average NickMåned siden

    YES! You did it! I was screaming:"ALLEZ" at my screen just before the campus move on the yellow one, hope I didn't wake up my neighbours...

  • MrSchnauzbart65
    MrSchnauzbart65Måned siden

    Love your Videos !

  • Ismael Diaz Figoli
    Ismael Diaz FigoliMåned siden

    GodJob Magnus

  • stijndeklerk
    stijndeklerkMåned siden

    Great effort!

  • Luchart Prosper
    Luchart ProsperMåned siden

    Amazing video, as usual ! Could be good to climb with Chris Heria ! :)

  • Kai Zühlsdorf
    Kai ZühlsdorfMåned siden

    Finally the yellow one:) I think i just saw a little grin of excitement on your face.. wasn't it?! ;-p Thanks for all your content i love every single vid!!!! You are great!!!

  • Amber van Vliet
    Amber van VlietMåned siden

    Well done, you've worked hard for this!

  • Seth Naber
    Seth NaberMåned siden

    I like every thing you post. Just keep putting out the videos man.

  • Xenorosth XMD
    Xenorosth XMDMåned siden

    They're closing back down again? But it didn't work the first time. Why do it a second? :/

  • Elf leader
    Elf leaderMåned siden

    Why is the gym closing. Ronna?

  • Igson
    IgsonMåned siden

    O yea its here

  • Joshua Court
    Joshua CourtMåned siden

    Not sure what the lockdown means for your domestic travel, but if the gym is closed maybe you could film a few outdoor climbing videos?

  • Niko las
    Niko lasMåned siden

    8:07 "I kind of hethitated a bit on the thloper"

  • Uranium Revex
    Uranium RevexMåned siden

    Wow, impressive!

  • FLAM
    FLAMMåned siden

    Fcking hell you look ripped

  • BrandoJones
    BrandoJonesMåned siden

    Magnus, seeing you finally conquering that yellow boulder was satisfying enough that the video could have been only 5 minutes long and it wouldn't have mattered.

  • Jon Kimochi
    Jon KimochiMåned siden

    I got so hyped watchinh the black one like "AWWWWWWW DAMN cmon magnus" and when he tops out im like LEZZZ GOOOOOOO. And then i was like "WOOOOOO first try" on the yellow one

  • Jamie Devine
    Jamie DevineMåned siden

    My hands were sweating watching you get that final yellow, I will have my boulder bucket at the ready for your next vid. nice work getting your project btw!

  • Yavor Kotsev
    Yavor KotsevMåned siden


  • Taylor Harper
    Taylor HarperMåned siden

    If I claim I didn’t watch the other videos for the yellow project, we can just claim you did it onsight

  • Laurie Olphin
    Laurie OlphinMåned siden

    An absolute beast. Always loved the honest hard fought bouldering videos! Whatever you do it'll be awesome!

  • Sophia Emma.
    Sophia Emma.Måned siden

    magnus: today i feel strong slab: useless skill bro

  • ImInQuiteAPickle
    ImInQuiteAPickleMåned siden

    God imagine climbing this hard of a boulder at 1am

  • S Muir
    S MuirMåned siden

    I really enjoyed watching the series, and watching how you would progress from just one move to another then another. It motivates me on some of mine, that it is step by step sometimes.

  • Peter Teichmuller
    Peter TeichmullerMåned siden

    Congrats!!! Awesome man , always an inspiration

  • Langlykek
    LanglykekMåned siden

    Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

  • P Jay
    P JayMåned siden

    Video idea: how long you can hold on to a rotating bar...on the street you get € $ £ 100 for 100 seconds ;))

  • Mark
    MarkMåned siden

    Makes no sense that you as an owner can't just use your own empty place when there is no active commerce. If it's just you, there's no health issue.

  • Guillaume Claude
    Guillaume ClaudeMåned siden

    Projecting is super interesting. Even when you flash , I love hearing your though process and hearing how you approach the problem.

  • Aaron Corbin
    Aaron CorbinMåned siden

    Congrats on finishing them! And you said you were wondering if it's useful to see your tries and failures. I find it's really interesting and helps me learn.

  • Shelly.
    Shelly.Måned siden

    Maybe travel to Yosemite and do some outside boulders

  • Tea Life
    Tea LifeMåned siden

    Seeing the last couple of videos and how you progressed bit by bit on those tough boulders was awesome! Really cool!

  • Nick
    NickMåned siden

    I felt it when you missed the last move on the black one

  • MrAdamYT
    MrAdamYTMåned siden

    Hey Magnus, did you ever try this type of hanging? nolocal.info/have/video/pH16qrqhp49uyHg BNT is Polish free climber and he recently created his own device which is super hard to hang on. It would be great to see you at BNT

  • Tamar Lambert
    Tamar LambertMåned siden

    Wait, you own the gym. Can't you just come in whenever you want?