20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT! (Beginner/ No Weights)

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20 MIN Pilates Workout! All levels & no equipment needed!
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  • Marvel Girl
    Marvel GirlDag siden

    Thank you so much Claudia, this helped so much! Love your videos♡

  • Claudia Rose
    Claudia Rose3 dager siden

    *not me watching this in bed with a hot chocolate*

  • Lana Levacic
    Lana Levacic3 dager siden

    i wish fabletics could ship to Croatia 😔😔😔

  • lidya
    lidya4 dager siden

    it feels like 5 minutes! thank you Claudia

  • Justine Mariscal
    Justine Mariscal6 dager siden

    I have started doing this at least twice a week, please do more workout videos

  • Ashley Amaya
    Ashley Amaya7 dager siden

    This was incredible 😌💕

  • Prevaricatous
    Prevaricatous7 dager siden

    After doing 20-minute pilates, you are called “loser” 😂😂😂 just kidding

  • Zosia Królik
    Zosia Królik7 dager siden

    I’ve been doing this everyday since you’ve posted it and I really really hated working out before. Thank u Claudia!

  • jill m
    jill m7 dager siden

    i love this! great way to start the day :))

  • J H
    J H8 dager siden

    Loved this!

  • Яна Леонтьева
    Яна Леонтьева12 dager siden

    I feel so good after this workout 🥰thank uu I want more of these videos😋

  • Hanin Nuraini
    Hanin Nuraini13 dager siden

    This is a begginer guide that I can actually finish!! So happyyy!!! Thank you!!

  • Xenia
    Xenia13 dager siden

    I have been doing/watching this for about a month or so almost daily now. And it helps a lot. Makes me feel better about myself and I feel healthier and more relaxed after it. Its great to notice my own progress while doing it. I almost died after I did it for the first time, now I can do it without any problems. So thanks Claudia ❤

  • Ryann Halladay
    Ryann Halladay14 dager siden

    my first time ever doing instructed pilates! I loved it so much!!

  • Dianna Caal-Requena
    Dianna Caal-Requena15 dager siden

    stressed form work and school all day, and was looking for a quick 20 minute HIIT video but saw yours instead! didn't realize how much I needed this, thank you! also, your voice is so calming!!

  • Zaijah Taylor
    Zaijah Taylor15 dager siden

    Can I loose weight doing this

  • Abir Ny
    Abir Ny15 dager siden

    more videos like this!!!!

  • Nat Cunningham
    Nat Cunningham15 dager siden

    this was exactly what I needed after a stressful week. I don’t think I’ve ever allowed myself to hear my own breath and relax like that. It was a breakthrough moment for me to prioritise myself again. Thank you so much!

  • Аделина Петкова
    Аделина Петкова15 dager siden

    This was so nice thank u 💕

  • Kimberly Castillo
    Kimberly Castillo16 dager siden

    after a long day of school work staring at my laptop, this made me feel so good!

  • Holly Goold
    Holly Goold16 dager siden

    Thankyou! This is my first post-covid workout and was the perfect way to gently ease my body back into exercise, makes me want to do more pilates too :)

  • Nat Cunningham
    Nat Cunningham16 dager siden

    This is so helpful! I absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing 🤍

  • claire herman
    claire herman16 dager siden

    This was the first time I have enjoyed a workout! Thank you so much, Claudia.

  • Jya-Mae Loristo
    Jya-Mae Loristo17 dager siden

    Been working out with this! So easy to follow and feels so good afterwards! 🖤

  • Lauren Wagner
    Lauren Wagner17 dager siden

    More please!!!

  • here there
    here there17 dager siden

    ahh this would be so good without the random ads it totally breaks momentum

  • Li Ann Phuah
    Li Ann Phuah17 dager siden

    Hi Claudia! I never commented but I really want to here because I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. I NEVER enjoyed any workouts before but idk why this made me feel amazing after finishing. It was not hard at all for someone like me who is not athletic at all but I felt like I really gave my body the stretch and work it needed. Thank you so much for this. I really hope you can do more of this! ❤️

  • Sofia D'Angelo
    Sofia D'Angelo18 dager siden

    ummm this was amazing, please do more!! xx

  • Marah Roque
    Marah Roque20 dager siden

    Please do more of this!

  • ossiferfunk
    ossiferfunk20 dager siden

    An ad in the middle, seriously

  • Hannah Foster
    Hannah Foster21 dag siden

    Loved this video, Please do more like this! this is the best workout video I’ve ever done 💗

  • Maddie Hewson
    Maddie Hewson21 dag siden

    I loved this!!!!!! Thank you! This is just what my body needed!

  • Mariah Walker
    Mariah Walker22 dager siden

    Please make more of these ✨💕

  • Paulina
    Paulina22 dager siden

    I'm gonna be honest - I hate moving my body. Working out absolutely does not give me endorphins and with how bad my relationship with my body is I always treated excercising as a form of punishment. But this was such a calming experience, it truly made me glad I took this time to pull out the mat and open the video (the only video of yours that I haven't watched) and I would absolutley love for you to film more of these in the future

  • mvc v
    mvc v22 dager siden

    Thank you fro this workout! I have been trying to get into fitness again and have been having a hard time. With your workout being so flexible with modification it helped my confidence! Way better than I anticipated!

  • rahafs
    rahafs22 dager siden

    I’m doing this workout for the 5th time this month, it’s really relaxing tho

  • Rachelle Guzman
    Rachelle Guzman23 dager siden

    THANK YOU CLAUDIA!! This was soo nice

  • Kyla
    Kyla23 dager siden

    Please make more omg!!!

  • Moowsir
    Moowsir23 dager siden

    wow that wasn't stressful as the other workouts

  • Paulina Legname
    Paulina Legname23 dager siden

    I really need a hundred of these videos. Your voice is so soothing!

  • cari videos
    cari videos24 dager siden

    just followed along during a pink sunset.

  • Luisa Sophie
    Luisa Sophie24 dager siden

    When I’m not sure I’m motivated to work out, I’ll do this, easy routine that makes me feel great:)

  • Jamey Gannon
    Jamey Gannon24 dager siden

    claudia this was so perfect for me as someone who struggles to get moving! - please do more of these!

  • Maria Fernandes
    Maria Fernandes25 dager siden

    claudia i love you

  • Girl in Bavaria
    Girl in Bavaria25 dager siden

    this was exactly what i needed right now :) thanks claudia!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr26 dager siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr26 dager siden

    CLAUDIA HAS NICE FEET!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr26 dager siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr26 dager siden

    HAPPY NEW YEAR CLAUDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heide S
    heide S26 dager siden

    I loved it. Could have been twice as long

  • lmao
    lmao27 dager siden

    1:53 for everybody ☺️

  • Claire Bates
    Claire Bates27 dager siden

    I loved the soft nature sounds in the background! It complemented your soothing voice!

  • Emily Rehrer
    Emily Rehrer27 dager siden

    I really enjoyed this workout! Thank you for talking us through! ❤️

  • Maddie Oc
    Maddie Oc28 dager siden

    I hope I don’t seem rude while saying this lol but neck rolling I believe can be bad, I don’t know 100% of the facts on it but I guess it can be I don’t know if harmful but I guess it compresses your spine (if that fact is right I did very quick reader has but heard it can be bad before I didn’t know why), if you look up alternatives there’s some ❤️ I hope that that doesn’t come off the wrong way and doesn’t seem rude but I just wanted to let you know! I love you and I love this video it’s amazing, I hope you’re having a great day! 🥰

  • Vale Tresoldi
    Vale Tresoldi28 dager siden

    i loved this! after doing it i felt so relaxed yet strong. you should do workout videos more often, much love💗

  • Mariah Martignago
    Mariah Martignago28 dager siden

    Absolutely loved this! Thank you! ❤️

  • brisley brisley
    brisley brisley28 dager siden

    this was just what i needed

  • Lil Gh
    Lil Gh29 dager siden

    So good Claudia! And just for so many in the comments loving this workout style I would strongly urge you to look into more sources for this type of workout! I found this sort of routine/workout through melissa wood health app at the beginning of quarantine and it has changed my life! In no way affiliated but another great option to look into for those who enjoyed this :)

  • Safa Ahmed
    Safa AhmedMåned siden

    More videos like this Claudia!!

  • elsa is a lesbian
    elsa is a lesbianMåned siden

    i havnt bring myself to do any excersize in 2 months due to depression and i didn't think it possible bit I have done this workout 2 days in a row and i plan on making this my daily workout. thank you so much

  • Lia Gomes
    Lia GomesMåned siden

    I’m so happy I’ve been doing this for the whole of Jan and it’s been such a good way to keep me motivated to move everyday. I don’t even feel like it’s workout time, it just feels like relaxing and me time. Thanks Claudia, would love another one of these videos ✨🦋🎐💗

  • Molly Martin
    Molly MartinMåned siden

    Was looking for a nice sweat, this is the opposite but it was everything I needed. Thank you Claudia for sharing your amazing experience. I felt so calm and loved every bit of it.

  • Shannon Luker
    Shannon LukerMåned siden

    This video was so good!

  • Ela S
    Ela SMåned siden

    Please do more of this it is sooo great

  • Ciara Bella
    Ciara BellaMåned siden

    Thank you Claudia I haven’t been taking care of myself lately and this has been the perfect video I felt stretched and relaxed please do more of these ❤️

  • maren s
    maren sMåned siden

    This has become part of my morning routine ❤️ So calming

  • shira zionce
    shira zionceMåned siden

    Wow! This was my first ever time doing Pilates and I LOVED IT! it was the first time in the longest time I haven’t felt completely awful and dreading every second of a workout. Are there any other people like this on NOlocal with videos I can follow?? Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Colleen Schmid
    Colleen SchmidMåned siden

    For me, as a person that barely does workouts or anything like that, it was a bit hard at first but as I got into it it actually got so much more easier and I felt so good after I did it.

  • Fortis Cuore
    Fortis CuoreMåned siden

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    siwar bcMåned siden

    Thank u so much claudia💙this was uploaded a long time ago but i just now found time to do it!!! I was meaning to go back to it when the exams are almost over. I just did this after a looooooong time of no exercising and i feel great💜 pls do more of these easy but effective workouts! This is so calming

  • sᴇᴇıɴɴᴇᴇ
    sᴇᴇıɴɴᴇᴇMåned siden

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  • Katie Foster
    Katie FosterMåned siden

    Thank you so much for this work out! Ive been doing it every morning and loving it! Gets me ready in the right mind and body space for a good day ahead :)

  • Cheryne Souci
    Cheryne SouciMåned siden

    I usually NEVER comment on a video, but this is necessary. You are one of the best content creators ever ! Your videos are literally perfect. The editing, the quality, your voice, your work out, just you. You are brilliant and talented. I feel sooooo much better after watching your videos i hope (selfish me) you will never stop. (ps: could you do a asmr video ur voice is so relaxing)

  • Veronica S
    Veronica SMåned siden

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    Neva TaylerMåned siden

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    domememememeMåned siden

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    JulietteMåned siden

    Ummm I had this in my " watch later" for a while. Finally got the chance to do it and I feel awesome. I'm going to do this alll the time lol

  • Tess G
    Tess GMåned siden

    Hey! What's the light blue set you have on at 1:08 called? It's so cute and I can't find it on the Fabletics website!

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    Cristel FunesMåned siden

    I honestly thought I was not going to be able to do it but I did and it makes me happy. thank you claudia love you!!!

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    Ayesha DhakalMåned siden

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