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  • Dimitrispc2
    Dimitrispc25 timer siden

    Imagine saying veron L omg you have to be stupid

  • Luca Tammaro
    Luca Tammaro15 timer siden

    I got prime rio from mine

  • rex342rift
    rex342rift20 timer siden

    Mcjell felt that "ahhh that's an L"

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman23 timer siden

    I got suker mid

  • Mohanavelu Ravikumar
    Mohanavelu RavikumarDag siden

    Got prime Essien W or L?

  • Bus Gaming
    Bus GamingDag siden

    prime luis hernandez W or L?

  • jordan chant
    jordan chantDag siden

    Prime zambrotta for me :(

  • Bradley Hickman
    Bradley HickmanDag siden

    I literally played the guy that bought Ronaldo for 8.8 mill

  • Adiko Sarkovi
    Adiko SarkoviDag siden

    What the music this ?

  • Gad Sofaer
    Gad Sofaer2 dager siden

    got love how I got rid of everything for rjkard

  • Marshall Bish
    Marshall Bish2 dager siden

    How are you gonna say dalglish has good physicals but larssons are alright??

  • Z Khan
    Z Khan2 dager siden

    13:01 Packed henry worth: 8000 Says 8 million fantastic

  • totty face
    totty face2 dager siden

    Thanks for this episode of "why EA bullshits the game" really haven't got used to it on my own account...

  • Alex Oliva
    Alex Oliva2 dager siden

    cantona more like cantoyeahhhh

  • thomas neaves
    thomas neaves2 dager siden

    I got Pele out of mine first one I’ve done this year

  • William Hardie-Cross
    William Hardie-Cross2 dager siden

    I beat salt and pepe in rivals

  • DontDashboard
    DontDashboard2 dager siden

    Lets Go.

  • Trenton Vogel
    Trenton Vogel3 dager siden

    Don’t use the Lord’s name in vein no luck just Blessings

  • Stephen coyne
    Stephen coyne3 dager siden

    8 million is a lot for Henry

  • Fbiiihtujvhg
    Fbiiihtujvhg3 dager siden

    Nobody Nepenthez: aDaMa TrAoRe

  • billy mitchel
    billy mitchel3 dager siden

    Search BLTekkers on youtube, great content

  • Katie Wolfson
    Katie Wolfson3 dager siden

    I got mid Ashley Cole

  • Stephen Mundy
    Stephen Mundy3 dager siden

    First guy had the Swedish badge at the top before the pack opened😂

  • A J
    A J4 dager siden

    Got cruyff 91 easy 5 mil card

  • Andrej Vfjgkl
    Andrej Vfjgkl4 dager siden

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  • j j
    j j4 dager siden

    Cześć kto z polski ???

  • Just Here
    Just Here4 dager siden

    8 million Henry? It was 800.000

  • George Murphy
    George Murphy4 dager siden

    I got Ronaldo out off base icon

  • Breezy HtK Gaming
    Breezy HtK Gaming4 dager siden

    We can’t sell these if we pack them right . Untreatable

  • rvg Ruben
    rvg Ruben4 dager siden


  • konrad martin
    konrad martin4 dager siden

    If I was to grind this sbc could I get away with just doing the 82 X25 pack or should I do the 83 X25 pack ?

  • Calan Graham
    Calan Graham4 dager siden

    I got Prime Figo in mine, don’t know what position would be best for him, thinking RAM in a 4231?

  • TheUltimateLama
    TheUltimateLama4 dager siden

    I got mid scholes from my last one, hope I can get one at least work 400k+, then I'm already happy

  • James Forn
    James Forn4 dager siden

    Man said busquets as the Spanish icon

  • Arhama Abdulla
    Arhama Abdulla4 dager siden

    Cheeky little keylor navas for the Nani sbc

  • MFL Clan
    MFL Clan4 dager siden

    0:01 Donald trump hand

  • SSuper Foxx
    SSuper Foxx4 dager siden

    I got mid vieira in base or mid icon pack what a w!

  • Иван Левчук
    Иван Левчук4 dager siden


  • Wrightyz10
    Wrightyz104 dager siden

    “Your a tramp rivaldo”😂😂😂

  • Adil Astle
    Adil Astle4 dager siden

    I packed Mid R9 - Already had him untradeable...

  • Bryan Molina
    Bryan Molina4 dager siden

    Is prime xavi good to pack?

  • Zuhair Augla
    Zuhair Augla4 dager siden

    8:19 just switch cruyff and vieira

  • WolterBee_
    WolterBee_4 dager siden

    Nep tryin to tell the kid rivaldo is good... come on we all know he isn’t... - he then wants carlos for the kid instead of mendy (clearly best lb in the game) or a box to box midfielder to replace jones (one of the best non-icon midfielders in the game)

  • Jayden Peter
    Jayden Peter4 dager siden

    I got mid zambrotta

  • MetallicaLiveHD
    MetallicaLiveHD4 dager siden

    Can’t wait for the ”IT’S JUUULY”

  • John Abraham

    John Abraham

    2 dager siden

    @TBS- RYAN Nep gets u greatful because he plays too much so he wants everything for free and when ea did that last year all he did was complain that there was no reason to play

  • Kallum Whelan

    Kallum Whelan

    3 dager siden

    @TBS- RYAN EA release overpriced SBCs and Nep always goes give us a 99 Pogba for 100k because ITS JULY



    3 dager siden

    What happens in july

  • Hamed Rezai
    Hamed Rezai4 dager siden

    I got prime Essien but I don’t know why it feels like my 88 Kante is better than him 🤕🤕

  • Lucas Beardsall
    Lucas Beardsall4 dager siden

    I got prime 93 Eric Cantona

  • ethan kirkham
    ethan kirkham4 dager siden

    ‘Your a tramp rivaldo you’ve ruined everything’😂

  • Marco Spinelli
    Marco Spinelli4 dager siden

    I also got prime Petit. Had no idea how to feel but hes worth 1.3 on pc..

  • Evan Wright14
    Evan Wright144 dager siden

    Nep is soooo funny sometimes. Haha. “Busquets”

  • a random mental guy
    a random mental guy4 dager siden

    Nepenthez after packing prime pele “It’s good fodder”

  • Damilola Ogunjimi
    Damilola Ogunjimi4 dager siden

    How do you guys get so much coins

  • Emil von Weissenberg
    Emil von Weissenberg4 dager siden

    Its funny how someone has gullit on the reservs and pope in goal

  • Charlie Hemsley
    Charlie Hemsley4 dager siden

    i done one of these and got prime scholes

  • Andrew Lyons
    Andrew Lyons4 dager siden


  • steven mcguigan
    steven mcguigan4 dager siden

    "even if you get a shocker, it'll still get into your team " .... i cannot stop laughing ...

  • Craig Donnelly
    Craig Donnelly5 dager siden


  • Verkozz HD
    Verkozz HD5 dager siden

    Zola 87 W or L?

  • Mo2
    Mo25 dager siden

    6:05 those are nice couple of seconds

  • Emil Ereur
    Emil Ereur5 dager siden

    I got mid larson

  • Georgi Velkov
    Georgi Velkov5 dager siden

    Is that Ronaldinho? Is that Pele? Nah, Rivaldo. Lmao

  • Lewis Ambrose-Mangold
    Lewis Ambrose-Mangold5 dager siden

    Got mid deco. Fml

  • Alexandru Cazan
    Alexandru Cazan5 dager siden

    I got fucking Schmeichel😭

  • Want to leave this society
    Want to leave this society5 dager siden

    4:25 disgusting

  • AI - 11EA 930134 Jean Augustine SS
    AI - 11EA 930134 Jean Augustine SS5 dager siden

    Nep really said that maldni is not bad smh.

  • Scott Flavell
    Scott Flavell5 dager siden

    I played against salt and Pepe in the weekend league yesterday 😂

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross5 dager siden

    Wait u guys 93 positioning and 94 finishing isn’t enough?

  • Jake Collins
    Jake Collins5 dager siden

    Ur getting it of Harry

  • BrewXter
    BrewXter5 dager siden

    I got mid eusebio

  • Kristeena Turner
    Kristeena Turner5 dager siden

    “8 million coins” lol

  • Leo Walton
    Leo Walton5 dager siden

    8 million coins!!!!

  • Matt Burleigh
    Matt Burleigh5 dager siden

    “You’re a tramp Rivaldo!” Cracked me up.

  • YoSrY
    YoSrY5 dager siden

    I made 2x base icons sbc and got nakata and pep. And then made 2x mid icons sbc and got nakata and pep again but mid. So i thought to make mid or prime icon sbc but didn't. U know why? I gave up on playing fifa 21 on ps5. Btw i didn't pay a single penny on packs and got the game and ps5 as a gift from my wife

  • Free Fire
    Free Fire5 dager siden

    ❤️❤️❤️The intro is getting op everyday ❤️❤️❤️

  • billy t
    billy t5 dager siden

    who did everyone get from this sbc. I’ll start 87 zambrotta

  • 6ekd Kyyd
    6ekd Kyyd5 dager siden

    What is the song at 0:22

  • Sabih Abdul
    Sabih Abdul5 dager siden

    “Your a tramp rivaldo” 😂😂

  • Bananas Bananas
    Bananas Bananas5 dager siden

    “Your a tramp Rivaldo you ruin everything” 😂

  • OJ TEKZz
    OJ TEKZz5 dager siden

    Is mid kaka w or l

  • Pop David
    Pop David5 dager siden

    Man he is so drunk

  • Mass Lorenzo
    Mass Lorenzo5 dager siden

    I got litmanen prime 😐

  • Dylan Nugent
    Dylan Nugent5 dager siden

    I got mid Giggs in mine I want to kill myself he is terrible

  • Olaf Thedetlef
    Olaf Thedetlef5 dager siden

    I got Lineker.. My first opinion was *Wäääh* but he was amazing in my last Champs games and give Rooney 10 Chem..

  • Anthony Bahr
    Anthony Bahr5 dager siden

    that Henry part was the funniest thing ever

  • Roy Hodgson
    Roy Hodgson5 dager siden

    I've got baby Dalglish and he is unstoppable. 140 games 183 goals 56 assists. cant imagine what prime is like

  • Aden17x
    Aden17x5 dager siden

    Eric cantoyeah, please get out

  • Kyle Askew
    Kyle Askew5 dager siden

    When he packed that 2nd rival do😂

  • Chris PhallHeatLover
    Chris PhallHeatLover5 dager siden

    And this is why I won't be doing it.

  • High Times UTD
    High Times UTD5 dager siden

    The first guy. It’s his fault for having the Sweden flag as his club badge lol. He’s probably very happy with that

  • Eoghan Purcell
    Eoghan Purcell5 dager siden

    Prime Henry in mine💦💦

  • Daniel Leake
    Daniel Leake5 dager siden

    “Your a tramp rivaldo” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Paul Naft
    Paul Naft5 dager siden

    Guys I swear my luck is insane I got 94 r9 from this and from the mid icon I got pele wtf

  • DufflebagSwitch


    2 dager siden


  • FIFA Mansion
    FIFA Mansion5 dager siden

    I got nesta but to be honest he doesn’t look to bad

  • Ethan Coates
    Ethan Coates5 dager siden

    dalglish mid is cf anyway

  • Harry Nye
    Harry Nye5 dager siden

    "HenrEE" 🤣

  • finn west
    finn west5 dager siden

    anyone else notice on the first pack the guys badge was Swedish and he got larson.

  • xJJ6aSuLZx Sullie
    xJJ6aSuLZx Sullie5 dager siden

    Can’t bring myself to do this one really not in the mood for paying 600k+ for 175k icon lol

  • Craig Simpson
    Craig Simpson5 dager siden

    “Your a tramp rivaldo you ruin everything” 😂😂😂

  • Tiarnan Kelly

    Tiarnan Kelly

    3 dager siden

    Hahaha unreal mate

  • michael gudgeon
    michael gudgeon5 dager siden

    78 vision and 90 short pass is brilliant for Petit but Dalglish has 94 positioning and finishing and is just good?

  • Nathan Buckley
    Nathan Buckley5 dager siden

    I put baby Stoichkov into it and got prime Trezeguet back. Instant regret