21 Secrets You NEVER Knew About My Little Brother...


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  • Preston
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    Who should we interrogate next? Subscribe and let me know! 🕵️‍♂️🤣

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    Your parents and your other brothers

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    The 😃😃

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    He Is Like A Girl

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    Eww i Dont Like His Hair Now

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    1:48 .. 0

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    Preston back the Preston now sheeshhh

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    Josh how is your years

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    9:32 josh in the background are you dabbing

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    HB. GAMING3 timer siden

    Josh was cute so little playing Minecraft and now he is an so grown up

  • Marilyn Christie
    Marilyn Christie3 timer siden

    I fell bad for your mom Because she gave birth to four kids and she must be in pain

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    evan lee4 timer siden

    my b day is im 18 of may

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    Xenia Rosas4 timer siden

    How does Preston's make his hair like that I want to make mine like that

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    Sarthak Chauhan5 timer siden

    Josh got some secrets

  • JoJo
    JoJo5 timer siden

    I agree cuz I have two siblings to deal with

  • Emily An
    Emily An5 timer siden

    I like how he immediately just gets right into the video, I lit thought it was like an opening many clickbait ytbers do to make their fans stay until it change to another person😂😂

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    Alonzo Albiter Loyola5 timer siden

    Is it just me or did preston say the fu word ;-;

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    hi Preston

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    preston always has to be last

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    That will be a pain

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    I live in Canada

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    violent is the only WAY!!!!!!!!!

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    Ummm i dont like it........

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    This must be so awkward OML

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    Mary Nguyen14 timer siden

    What the heck Keely!

  • Mary Nguyen
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    Preston, u have better hair dan j j josh

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    You monster!

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    preston always has to be last

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    I love preston hairstyle

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    Den Basa-Garcia16 timer siden

    Keely: have u a crush on my friends Josh: yes Me/luna: what the heck

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    Daniel Filipenko16 timer siden

    Y does Josh have a ring? In 3.25 minets in the vid

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    Mr Baest is the best youtuber

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    Evie WellsDag siden

    Josh wanted to be born in 2013 he i was born there boy you do not wanna be born then

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    CKs BuysDag siden

    I wish I could answer the questions but I don’t want to get shocked because I’m like the age of 6

  • Deb Dempsey
    Deb DempseyDag siden

    Josh from 11-12-13- 14-15 how bruh how

  • Cj Loneoak
    Cj LoneoakDag siden

    Another thing Preston is gonna want to know: His lil brother is afraid of the dark

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    He lied to his mom and dad

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    I hate it when he gets shocked. Aaaarrrhhhh

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    Preston after josh answers a question: :OOOOOOOOOOOO

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    If that. Was me then everyone’s ears would be bleeding

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    D3rpy DrawingsDag siden

    Here’s a sad fact about being the youngest in the family: You’re most likely to be at all the older family members funeral...

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    stacie OngDag siden

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    Moksha ReddyDag siden

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    🦮🦮🦮 do you like dogs

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