24 HOURS OVERNIGHT with SNAKES w/ Sommer Ray

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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe AdaptÅr siden

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  • Mason_ Baseball 11

    Mason_ Baseball 11

    9 måneder siden

    Recruit me to faze

  • Henrik Duncan

    Henrik Duncan

    9 måneder siden

    I broke my arm

  • PedropedroLA Medina

    PedropedroLA Medina

    10 måneder siden

    Pedro LA

  • ميرال


    År siden


  • ميرال


    År siden


  • Necmiye Daglioglu
    Necmiye Daglioglu5 dager siden

    Sommer ray born in nature

  • kobe winston
    kobe winstonMåned siden

    not gonna cap but I think that's adorable

  • Anthony Lubke
    Anthony LubkeMåned siden

    6:50 it looks like the snake is taking privacy on u adapt

  • VL Clutch
    VL ClutchMåned siden

    Jarvis has left the chat.

  • chase godshall
    chase godshallMåned siden

    jarvis get all the tings

  • ANG JOVAN Student
    ANG JOVAN StudentMåned siden

    Shouldn't the title just be overnight with snakes and another snake

  • Zicco Cook
    Zicco Cook2 måneder siden

    Sub to me

  • Tayyab’s legit Lit times
    Tayyab’s legit Lit times2 måneder siden

    More like sleeping with sommer ray you mean

  • Lydia Cavazos
    Lydia Cavazos2 måneder siden

    No way

  • Melissa Bolden
    Melissa Bolden3 måneder siden

    Adapt: "Will this thing f*** me up if I touch it?" Miguel: "No" Adapt: *Dies* Miguel: o - o

  • Hector Granados
    Hector Granados3 måneder siden

    I want it because like the Style of it

  • Vision
    Vision3 måneder siden


  • Mason Maurice Harley
    Mason Maurice Harley3 måneder siden

    How much ya wanna be he olny did that challenge just to sleep wit sommer

  • Boujee
    Boujee3 måneder siden

    i got recommended this a year later on the same date...

  • Alex Makdissi
    Alex Makdissi3 måneder siden

    0:50 I think sommer is on drugs

  • will stephens
    will stephens3 måneder siden

    bro i deserve bcuz im almost a year late 1 more day

  • Div_HotBistro
    Div_HotBistro3 måneder siden

    Bro I’m getting scared through the screen.

  • Amarii Gaming
    Amarii Gaming3 måneder siden

    And I held a tarantula

  • Amarii Gaming
    Amarii Gaming3 måneder siden

    I’m 8 and I had a snake bigger than the one you called a python around my neck

  • Bro Rockets
    Bro Rockets3 måneder siden

    I really want a snake because of this video

  • food fight folksy
    food fight folksy3 måneder siden

    Dont do this with hisky

  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson3 måneder siden

    why is barie there??

  • Crazy FC
    Crazy FC3 måneder siden

    So this is the guy that said a basketball bit him

  • Cody’s Games
    Cody’s Games3 måneder siden

    Somebody has a crush

  • Obby Scape
    Obby Scape3 måneder siden

    The camera man bruhhh

  • Youssef Abdraboh
    Youssef Abdraboh3 måneder siden

    Sommer fat ass

  • Paulina Zemaityte
    Paulina Zemaityte4 måneder siden


  • Lil Shay Saavedra
    Lil Shay Saavedra4 måneder siden

    This can’t be safe. Idk how she is so chill with snakes. Omg !!!!!!

  • Annalie Eloff
    Annalie Eloff4 måneder siden

    The first person that loves snakes😀

  • HgKing 23
    HgKing 234 måneder siden

    No jarvis😔

    WHAEYD4 måneder siden

    I can’t believe he got to collaborate with Kevin Durant and Sommer Ray

  • Cemo Rajjoub
    Cemo Rajjoub4 måneder siden

    I’m not scared of snakes cause a big one bit me it feels a a little pinch

  • aiden perricone
    aiden perricone4 måneder siden


  • Re-spawn Gaming
    Re-spawn Gaming4 måneder siden

    People have more likes and reply’s on there comments then adapt lol!

    LUCID SWIRLY4 måneder siden

    who else is watching this and thinking that a snake is just going to come out from behind them

  • simply jay
    simply jay4 måneder siden

    That’s the best way to spend 24hrs

  • Logan Windebank
    Logan Windebank4 måneder siden


  • Rayn Najeeb
    Rayn Najeeb4 måneder siden

    That’s not the only snake sommer played with that night

  • Juss Art
    Juss Art4 måneder siden

    You trying to steel Jarvis's girl

  • Snowz ø
    Snowz ø4 måneder siden

    The true savages r the camera men bc they have to do all this shit wit and not leave at all

  • the great axe
    the great axe5 måneder siden

    no hate on adapt he is the true homie but.. whathup guyths im withs thummer ray

  • Jeff Calvin
    Jeff Calvin5 måneder siden

    His friend are saying the blood thing isn't so modern.

  • Jeff Calvin
    Jeff Calvin5 måneder siden

    Just let me know what day am I gonna get strapped.

  • Jeff Calvin
    Jeff Calvin5 måneder siden

    I think he's getting offended by his friends. What do you think, let's release the hounds?

  • JuiceBOX
    JuiceBOX5 måneder siden


  • logan O'Sullivan

    logan O'Sullivan

    5 måneder siden

    He's nearly at 6m

  • Darcie Matzer
    Darcie Matzer5 måneder siden

    Sommor is hot

  • Eundis Tundis
    Eundis Tundis5 måneder siden

    Why are you so scared of snakes alex

  • Manoj Ghimire
    Manoj Ghimire5 måneder siden

    15:35 I freaked out! Its 2 am rn and i am home alone! I thought someone is knocking on my windows. Fuck! my heartbeat went crazy!

  • idk gaming
    idk gaming5 måneder siden

    Jarvis left the room

  • owen hurley
    owen hurley5 måneder siden

    I wanna do that

  • AJ Allen
    AJ Allen5 måneder siden

    Summer acts like she has a pet dog and is just holding

  • Kingston Rodriguez
    Kingston Rodriguez5 måneder siden

    Lucky I wish I hand that many snakes😔😭

  • Victor Heng
    Victor Heng5 måneder siden

    Ho shit you going to call king Kong

  • Lyma Rodrigues
    Lyma Rodrigues5 måneder siden

    Jarvis should make a vid overnight with milan cuz he did wit sommer

  • Mario Jacobo
    Mario Jacobo5 måneder siden

    I need it

  • Chad Pauldem
    Chad Pauldem5 måneder siden

    Is no one talking about the camera man

  • Maxi Yeet
    Maxi Yeet5 måneder siden

    Snakes are fucking scary mate

  • Mallo
    Mallo5 måneder siden

    I like how Sommer's just walking around and everyone else is a LITTLE scared

  • Gaming With Nickk
    Gaming With Nickk5 måneder siden

    SImP ADAPT IS a SiMp

  • Samantha Young
    Samantha Young5 måneder siden

    Ox how old are you

  • Cassio Everling
    Cassio Everling5 måneder siden

    Did the cameraman stayed there too?

  • Kamdin Odell
    Kamdin Odell5 måneder siden

    Did sommer just say il be eating d###

  • BossCard03
    BossCard035 måneder siden

    Anyone watching this in 2020

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts5 måneder siden

    you suck you fucking nigga jk

  • XxloganXx YT
    XxloganXx YT6 måneder siden


  • Evox
    Evox6 måneder siden

    Think about what would happen if Alex rolled over onto the snakes 😳

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy6 måneder siden

    If you now 🐝 swarm tell me your name

  • Funkxx Arc
    Funkxx Arc6 måneder siden

    Look at the shape of your head 👀👀😂😂 haha

  • Funkxx Arc

    Funkxx Arc

    6 måneder siden

    Hhhyi Yahoo edii specific

  • aaron castro
    aaron castro6 måneder siden

    aww i love snakes 🐍

  • xXAnime GegeXx
    xXAnime GegeXx6 måneder siden

    The tattoo artist face be like 👁️💧 👄💧👁️

  • シramadan
    シramadan6 måneder siden

    7:52 mans simping

  • helena Gorilla
    helena Gorilla6 måneder siden

    I like snakes

  • eclipse. KNR
    eclipse. KNR6 måneder siden

    Adapt: simping Sam 69 / sommer ray : ahaha just like that a huh

  • Juantille Morrison
    Juantille Morrison6 måneder siden


  • Twiggy Twitch
    Twiggy Twitch6 måneder siden

    I click to

  • Twiggy Twitch
    Twiggy Twitch6 måneder siden

    Yo adapt you are rely cool and the best faze member

  • RYze senator
    RYze senator6 måneder siden

    I would poop my pants and I would die

  • golden of the noobs
    golden of the noobs6 måneder siden

    Since my name is Miguel i thought he was calling me for a second

  • Levi Little
    Levi Little6 måneder siden

    bro that was cool

  • Aiden corbett
    Aiden corbett6 måneder siden


  • TheOneChad
    TheOneChad6 måneder siden

    crazy part is thats like 20k worth of snakes right there

  • Banana Mango
    Banana Mango6 måneder siden


  • Banana Mango
    Banana Mango6 måneder siden

    Me highpoint

  • Hamish Leys
    Hamish Leys6 måneder siden

    Lol when Alex said shot me in the head

  • Morgan Feldman
    Morgan Feldman6 måneder siden

    U suck

  • Stacey Kendrick
    Stacey Kendrick6 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt comment

  • Martha Maldonado
    Martha Maldonado6 måneder siden

    Adapt in intro: Miguel I’m getting choked Snakes: Curled around the back side of his neck

  • Patty Gonzalez
    Patty Gonzalez6 måneder siden

    I’m into the giveaway today

  • Deer hayden Wad
    Deer hayden Wad6 måneder siden

    Did u to fuck

  • PLR Zynx
    PLR Zynx6 måneder siden

    U can't show fear when a snake is near because they will feel ur fear and then that shows them ur weak and when that happens they will try choking u but if u show no fear everything will be cool

  • Sal Geraci
    Sal Geraci6 måneder siden

    Summary cheating on nerve is

  • TTV Alex
    TTV Alex6 måneder siden

    Jarvis jalas

  • kaykay lee
    kaykay lee6 måneder siden

    u take Jarvis girl

  • Yeye
    Yeye6 måneder siden

    20:50 does sommer have a boyfriend

  • Daan Made in Holland
    Daan Made in Holland6 måneder siden

    I would spend 24 hours in a room Whit Sommer if there where 50 king cobra's in the room, and 2 salt water crocks lol

  • Mohamed Fares SALLOUM

    Mohamed Fares SALLOUM

    5 måneder siden

    Pretty sure she wont

  • Os Wake
    Os Wake6 måneder siden


  • karim garbaa
    karim garbaa6 måneder siden


  • karim garbaa
    karim garbaa6 måneder siden

    i got non eve dieze

  • Sullivan Hodges
    Sullivan Hodges6 måneder siden

    Did you and sommer watch a movie????