4-Day DETAIL on an F-150 FX2 | Dirty Truck Detail


What a fun project. I love seeing this kind of transformation.
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  • 300hiker
    300hiker18 dager siden

    The whole truck looks incredible but the roof and headlights make the look. Awesome job guys!

  • 300hiker
    300hiker18 dager siden

    That music though!💃🏻🕺🏻😂

  • The Car Detailing Channel
    The Car Detailing Channel29 dager siden

    Windshield tint? Is that legal in Chicago?We can't even do front window tint here in BC

  • Skywalker Gaming
    Skywalker GamingMåned siden

    I just finished paint correcting my 03 IS300 with 250,000 miles, friggin love it and it's still going strong

    RENDELL BARNES2 måneder siden

    They did an awesome job...but in my personal opinion, someone who lets their truck get that bad inside and out....can't and won't fully appreciate the job they did, nor will it last. Hope I'm Wrong!

  • Travis Mcdonald
    Travis Mcdonald2 måneder siden

    how much

  • Kevin Nolan
    Kevin Nolan2 måneder siden

    I'm wondering what polished he used on the head lights.

  • Shaun M
    Shaun M4 måneder siden

    Now he just needs that bumper and grill color to match the rest of that truck lol.

  • Alex O
    Alex O5 måneder siden

    how much is the Justin’s brother treatment. I need that on my truck.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    5 måneder siden

    It would have been about $3k.

  • Lowcountry Adventures
    Lowcountry Adventures6 måneder siden

    What is that at 3:35

  • Bernard Fernandes
    Bernard Fernandes6 måneder siden

    please open a branch in India

  • Detailing ELL
    Detailing ELL6 måneder siden

    $$how much

  • Kevin Leath
    Kevin Leath6 måneder siden

    How much would something like this cost?

  • Byron Allen
    Byron Allen7 måneder siden

    Great results and a new looking truck.......The music associated with this video is so annoying that I had to shut the audio off. That music will cause serous mental illness of you listen to it more than 5 seconds.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    6 måneder siden

    😂so sorry

  • Eddie Coltrane
    Eddie Coltrane7 måneder siden

    what would the cost be to do a f150 like this?

  • Jose Chavarria
    Jose Chavarria9 måneder siden

    Nice finally a working man's truck or car well deserved attention and restore.

  • SMEACRaptor
    SMEACRaptor11 måneder siden

    Do you just use a normal hood bar light for the interior lighting?

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    11 måneder siden

    Yes, got that one off Amazon.

  • Andrey Petrash
    Andrey Petrash11 måneder siden

    Thank you for these videos! Keep up all the hard work

  • JJ's Car Wash
    JJ's Car WashÅr siden

    What are those clamps you use to hold mats to wall?

  • Woz Mac
    Woz MacÅr siden

    Nice work. I am glad CAP team actually gave not just a detail but coatings and protective films also.

  • Bill B
    Bill BÅr siden

    What a cool 4 day project. The F150 never looked better!

  • TR13DGE 716
    TR13DGE 716År siden

    I wish you guys were near where I live lol awesome job!

  • Jenna Manalo
    Jenna ManaloÅr siden

    Last song please!?

  • Francisco Lara
    Francisco LaraÅr siden

    How would u guys remove tree sap from a car

  • Alex Umbra
    Alex UmbraÅr siden

    Love these videos. Been traveling and didn't realize I missed so many vids. I will be binge watching this weekend

  • Artur Sabitov
    Artur SabitovÅr siden

    Quick question that plastic restore product that you used what is the name of it I need it for my car.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Solution Finish. Find it here---carguysupplies.com/products/solution-finish-black-plastic-vinyl-restorer?variant=19697471848517

  • Tim Baker
    Tim BakerÅr siden

    Love the Fukkkk out of your channel. Please focus on the products a little more. I've purchased a lot of them for my shop and have so pleased‼️

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Thanks Tim, please go check out Car Guy Supplies channel, that's where we focus more on products and how-to's. nolocal.info/post/FL9-uXbIKW6VATS3Zx1dcQ.html

  • Everett Clunie
    Everett ClunieÅr siden

    When people whine about why details are so expensive, this is your answer. Quality work takes time, you get what you pay for.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden


  • Ray Mann
    Ray MannÅr siden

    Please do a video of a horribly dirty vehicle (inside and out) and show the before and after...

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    UMMMMM did you not just watch the video?

  • Andy Gundersen
    Andy GundersenÅr siden

    How much does a detail job like this cost?!

  • Jeremiah Joplin
    Jeremiah JoplinÅr siden

    Beautiful work. I love a good detail. My last serious detail was a 2 day detail of one of our company lifted f150 4x4s. very similar to what y'all did on this truck minus the ceramic and buffing

  • jonathan livers
    jonathan liversÅr siden

    This and the $10,000 detailing video are better than porn.

  • Joey Gallegos
    Joey GallegosÅr siden

    What's the song in the intro?

  • monkey grease
    monkey greaseÅr siden

    so dirty...

  • Pete Davis
    Pete DavisÅr siden

    What a brilliant job, I hope looks after it a it better now!

  • East DallasKick’s
    East DallasKick’sÅr siden

    I want to see a ford lightning done

  • East DallasKick’s

    East DallasKick’s

    År siden

    Chicago Auto Pros nope subway doesn’t pay 20k 💀plus I don’t live in Chicago if that’s where y’all are based but it would be feckn nice to see but I know y’all can’t just make one poof but still

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    You have one? Bring it on in.

  • hackatak
    hackatakÅr siden

    Great job! Didn't see much on the engine bay, what all do you do in there to get it looking new?

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Why? He didn't want the engine done.

  • hackatak


    År siden

    @Chicago Auto Pros c'mon dude, got to detail the engine too! Nice work though

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Didn't clean the engine, just the jambs.

  • Chase Williams
    Chase WilliamsÅr siden

    Id love to see them detail my ratty truck

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Bring her on by!

  • SuperKevinr12
    SuperKevinr12År siden

    What did he think?

  • Hernan Tovar
    Hernan TovarÅr siden

    Does anybody know what kind of headlights those are?

  • sconrady123
    sconrady123År siden

    How much do u charge for something like this

  • Hayden Peckman
    Hayden PeckmanÅr siden

    What year is this truck

  • 1keykneedeep
    1keykneedeepÅr siden

    Should have been 4 hour detail. And the truck was far from horrible.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Quality takes time.

  • Trevor Pennetta
    Trevor PennettaÅr siden

    I would be scared to fart in that truck after getting it that clean. Excellent job!

    BILLY RENKÅr siden

    Wow, AMAZING!!

  • stan giles
    stan gilesÅr siden

    is Dr Beasley a real doctor ?

    xTHE x ADVANTAGExÅr siden

    What should I use to cut tree sap and black mold where the clear coat has faded on my trucks roof?

  • stan giles
    stan gilesÅr siden

    please stop the background music , just annoying , I give up watching

  • Ryan Griffin
    Ryan GriffinÅr siden

    Fx2 are disgusting 2 wheel drive trucks are gross Get a FX4 it’s not HARD

  • TheScottfourty4
    TheScottfourty4År siden

    You guys are amazing at what you do. Let me know if you're ever coming out near Southern California or Las Vegas. I've got an F-150 that needs some love. Would definitely pay for that awesome detailing and restoration service.

  • Jbrash
    JbrashÅr siden

    Bout to drive my 2016 f150 up there from new orleans just for this....JK, one could dream. Great work guys

  • Matt S S
    Matt S SÅr siden

    Theres powder with his glasses looking like an albino fuck just wasting his life washing cars in chicago lol couldn't be me

  • Kamal Porter
    Kamal PorterÅr siden

    That's a beautiful looking truck, y'all did a great job

  • Lane Tullos
    Lane TullosÅr siden

    He says 96,000 miles like it’s a bad thing.... it’s like a 2009 or 2010 truck what do you expect?

  • Bearded Ape Beard Care
    Bearded Ape Beard CareÅr siden

    Nicely Done Brother 🇺🇸 👊🦍 👍#BeardedApe

  • Isaac Beckman
    Isaac BeckmanÅr siden

    Damn how about doing one on my 2010 f150, except it has 400k miles? 🤔

  • NordvestGaming


    År siden

    If you have the money I bet they would do anything

  • Slade Profka
    Slade ProfkaÅr siden

    Absolutely amazing. I’m going to clean my truck now

  • Hahauravirgin
    HahauravirginÅr siden

    Hmmmm bunch of try hards folks. Wash and vacuum it up

  • NorthStar Gamer
    NorthStar GamerÅr siden

    “Neglected” lmao

  • EdTalks
    EdTalksÅr siden

    I’ve got a 2012 Murano that has 180k miles on it and I do at least 3k miles every month. My car needs this same service, but I’m wonder how much does this service cost?

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Signature Interior Detail - $300 Headlight restoration - $125 Headlight PPF -$125 Roof Wrap - $300 Level 2 Paint Correction - $525 Full Exterior Coating package with Crystal Serum Ultra - $1,900 (this includes the wheel, trim, glass and paint coating)

  • Scott Rasmussen
    Scott RasmussenÅr siden

    Looks awesome! Curious to what the cost would be for this work?

  • Scott Rasmussen

    Scott Rasmussen

    År siden

    @Chicago Auto Pros Thanks! You guys are the best!!

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Signature Interior Detail - $300 Headlight restoration - $125 Headlight PPF -$125 Roof Wrap - $300 Level 2 Paint Correction - $525 Full Exterior Coating package with Crystal Serum Ultra - $1,900 (this includes the wheel, trim, glass and paint coating)

  • yama cat
    yama catÅr siden

    2 wheel drive truck with an off road package? Absolutely no thanks.

  • Joe Momma

    Joe Momma

    År siden

    Urban cowboy Haha

  • Chris Maher

    Chris Maher

    År siden

    yama cat It’s got a rear locker and such. Kind of a weird combo but some people don’t need the 4x4

  • Cha Leowin
    Cha LeowinÅr siden

    That truck was dead the day someone decided to make it 2 wheel drive. Dead to a Northerner like me... =) Great job with the renew, looks great.

  • AJ
    AJÅr siden

    Love the F-130

  • Neil Tiwari
    Neil TiwariÅr siden

    I was seriously mind blown when they added the protective film on the windshield. I didn’t even know that was possible. You know how much window chip they could’ve save me?!

  • Jay A Lay
    Jay A LayÅr siden

    Anybody got the beat at 10:40?

  • Classified Info
    Classified InfoÅr siden

    You all really left no stone unturned with this truck.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael LeeÅr siden

    Great video! Thanks!

  • MrAlienware1
    MrAlienware1År siden

    I’m afraid just to ask for the price of that full detail even the wheels came off and got wash 🧼..

  • Guitarcovers


    År siden

    3k probs

  • Jack Kanov Ysac
    Jack Kanov YsacÅr siden

    your intro features supercars and hotrods yet your trying to sell viewers on a f-150 detail. get your life together.

  • Jack Kanov Ysac

    Jack Kanov Ysac

    År siden

    @Chicago Auto Pros damn son, tone that shit down

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Hahaha, I know what a loser right?

  • Tylor Goodwin
    Tylor GoodwinÅr siden

    5:33 water spots from overspray! I mean come on. If you take 4 days to detail a car. And advertise it. Dont miss anything. I do a better job in 8 hours.

  • DJ


    År siden

    Tylor Goodwin I’m going to assume your a white guy by your name.

  • Tim Molch4
    Tim Molch4År siden


  • Toby Alvarez
    Toby AlvarezÅr siden

    How much would that cost on a king ranch same gen

  • itsxjustin1


    År siden

    Toby Alvarez it’s not worth it bruh you can do this all yourself in two days

  • Themachine
    ThemachineÅr siden

    Once again AMAZING RESULTS JASON. When u open your third branch, I’ll make you the table. What’s the ppf inside the windshield for? How long does solution finish last? Most of us would’ve liked to have seen the wet-sanding part.

  • Ron Carver
    Ron CarverÅr siden

    Great job, curious of the cost

  • African Kid
    African KidÅr siden

    That seems like a pretty even trade a nice table for a super nice detail

  • Edgar H252
    Edgar H252År siden

    Why do you wax the windows ? I got my truck detailed and saw they did that but didn’t ask why.

  • Edgar H252

    Edgar H252

    År siden

    Chicago Auto Pros ok thanks for the reply I thought it was to make water fall of when it rained .

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    We did not wax the windows, we polished them to remove hard water spots.

  • Edgar H252
    Edgar H252År siden

    I’m guessing this probably cost over 1k ?

  • HonestFellow
    HonestFellowÅr siden

    You know what what would be just awesome... How much does a 4 day car spa treatment like this, run the average consumer. The truck looks AWESOME, just at what cost.

  • HonestFellow


    År siden

    @Chicago Auto Pros Well done on the response, I was not expecting one! than you for the insight, that is great information.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    Signature Interior Detail - $300 Headlight restoration - $125 Headlight PPF -$125 Roof Wrap - $300 Level 2 Paint Correction - $525 Full Exterior Coating package with Crystal Serum Ultra - $1,900 (this includes the wheel, trim, glass and paint coating)

  • 6foot6 E
    6foot6 EÅr siden

    I didn't know the guy from "dude perfect" details cars too

  • Wrangler Life4Ever
    Wrangler Life4EverÅr siden

    Came out very nice, probably better than new and it has 96k miles on it. Owner has to be thrilled with how it looks

  • Angel Anchondo
    Angel AnchondoÅr siden

    How much would that cost to do everything that u did except for the wrap

  • 7 Logik

    7 Logik

    Måned siden

    @maynardDRIVESfast 80 that's it ???

  • c0nstancy


    År siden

    @maynardDRIVESfast 80 I might consider doing this to my truck soon. Thanks for the info on the price.

  • maynardDRIVESfast 80

    maynardDRIVESfast 80

    År siden

    It depends on your region. I know here in the Midwest a comparable detail would be around a grand with the ceramic coat and paint correction.

  • Your moms HITACHI
    Your moms HITACHIÅr siden

    Th... thats what you call dirty? 🤦‍♂️brand fucken new by my standards

  • Rodrigo Hurtado
    Rodrigo HurtadoÅr siden

    Whats your take about restoring headlights and then ceramic coating ?

  • Magical MrStig
    Magical MrStigÅr siden

    Wonder if they have had a car come in with no clear coat on the paint? Immediately refused lol

  • Phil Andrews
    Phil AndrewsÅr siden

    Did a great job! Love the f-150 :)!

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos RodriguezÅr siden

    Great job guys and hello from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • Eyes On The State
    Eyes On The StateÅr siden

    Oh the love bugs your in FLA for sure :} Great job

  • Veneno Villainwafer
    Veneno VillainwaferÅr siden

    how much would these services cost? Such as the protective films for windshield and lights, paint correction, and ceramic coating? I’ve been looking for a good company to do this for my mustang, and luckily I go to Chicago quite often. Thanks!

  • maynardDRIVESfast 80

    maynardDRIVESfast 80

    År siden

    The ceramic coating and the paint correction make up the bulk of the price.

  • lauderdalechad


    År siden

    around $2500

  • S19 Pajua

    S19 Pajua

    År siden

    Elpacto16 nigga

  • Elpacto16


    År siden

    thousands of dollars

  • Christopher Yost
    Christopher YostÅr siden

    Your shop is my detailing goal. Right now I am mobile as well as working out of my personal garage. Having trouble finding a shop in my area to rent/buy. Nice work

  • Chuck Garcia
    Chuck GarciaÅr siden

    Million dollar question, so how much does a 3 day detail cost, dosen't seem cost effective on a 96k mile truck for the average person.

  • Chuck Garcia

    Chuck Garcia

    År siden

    @Brandon Mumford millionaires with a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc wouldn't spend 3k on a detail, that is beyond stupid on a 96k F150. Even 2k would be ridiculous for that truck.

  • Brandon Mumford

    Brandon Mumford

    År siden

    Chuck Garcia 96k on the f150 isn’t that many miles plus it’s a fully loaded truck and it’s only 7 years old. I would spend 3k for someone to make the truck like new. Its better then spending 40k for a new one. If the truck is in good mechanical shape can go easily 250k+ miles. People get to caught up on miles when it’s how well do you maintain it is the true key to longevity of a vehicle. I usually put 150k on my trucks in 3 years and my trucks look and drive like they are brand new.

  • Clint Curtis
    Clint CurtisÅr siden

    You think the truck looks pretty good until you guys do your magic. Truck looks better than showroom

  • sargvsu
    sargvsuÅr siden

    I'm dying to know how long that roof wrap took

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    It took about 2 hours

  • gorerix
    gorerixÅr siden

    Good content!

  • Ohioguy
    OhioguyÅr siden

    Great work! What do you recommend to use on black trim on a new car? Not faded yet but want to keep it from fading

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    År siden

    This -->carguysupplies.com/products/car-cquartz-dlux?variant=19288487067717

  • David Reyes
    David ReyesÅr siden

    Wonder how much this would cost if they didn’t barter.

  • Your moms HITACHI

    Your moms HITACHI

    År siden

    Wayy to much for what it is

  • Robert Williams
    Robert WilliamsÅr siden

    The Fuck is FX2? I don't think they exist in NY. lol

  • Sergio Inzunza
    Sergio InzunzaÅr siden

    You missed a spot

  • Dave S.
    Dave S.År siden

    As a detailer in Chicago these guys are the best i swear. Much more talented then me! Haha barely got 1.5 years in this game but one day in 15 years 😭😂

  • Carter Horrocks
    Carter HorrocksÅr siden

    I see ya with that limited cyclone mitt