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0:00 Teaser
0:33 A real retractable lightsaber
3:28 New hilt design
4:17 Support our channel!
5:22 Building new hilt
9:07 How does it work?
12:00 Different blade colors?
13:22 Electronics
15:00 Powerpack
16:27 World's First Retractable Lightsaber
17:05 TEST!
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Battle Of The Heroes X Duel Of Fates
By Samuel Kim
Worlds Apart by G. Scott Russell
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Scorpion by Zac Nelson
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Kenobi Theme by Samuel Kim
Jungle by Pink Shark
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  • the Hacksmith
    the Hacksmith15 dager siden

    Download and play AFK Arena for free ► bit.ly/3cvZ7dB Use these bonus codes: BestRPG4BusyU and uf4shqjngq to get awesome rewards. WATCH THE TEST VIDEO RIGHT NOW ►►► nolocal.info/have/video/mquTec6M34N9u4g plus did I mention there's a giveaway???

  • Otara Kramer

    Otara Kramer

    5 dager siden

    I just also thought that

  • Infidel Apostate

    Infidel Apostate

    12 dager siden

    420! 😁 Seems appropo for a Mirage based light saber



    12 dager siden


  • The Noble

    The Noble

    13 dager siden

    Hyper- Link Umm... how is light supposed to clash after hitting another beam of light anyway lol, and I don’t think flamethrowers get to be 4000 degrees.

  • The Noble

    The Noble

    13 dager siden

    John Whitehouse dude, this is made of literal plasma lol. That’s kinda a lot cooler than a retractable blade. A long length plasma cutter is almost the definition of a light saber, and its 4000 degrees. It’s not hacksmith’s fault that Star Wars lets light clash with other light, he’s made it the only possible that it could be made lol.

  • speedydraw
    speedydraw2 timer siden

    No purple lightsaber??? Does Mace Windu look like a bitch?

  • Zeiiikaa
    Zeiiikaa2 timer siden

    This IS a Real light saber !!!

  • DjtheKlowns
    DjtheKlowns2 timer siden

    I cant belive he did this

  • Karson C
    Karson C2 timer siden

    So its a big ass plasma flame...

  • D.I.Y Desin
    D.I.Y Desin2 timer siden

    AMAZING. I feel like he has a world record some where

  • Patrick Esping
    Patrick Esping2 timer siden

    and where do i buy this magnificent piece of elegant technology

  • Ukitsu2
    Ukitsu22 timer siden

    You look like me if I don't shave for about four years, and if I don't get a haircut in six months. Sort of.

  • Simon H
    Simon H2 timer siden

    1. Please fit a chuck guard around that manual lathe. 2. Love the look of the light saber.

  • Nero
    Nero2 timer siden

    Yep, you've done it this time. That is a real deadass lightsaber.

  • TheNaruto789
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  • Jarjar binks
    Jarjar binks2 timer siden

    This made me giggle like a little kid

  • Matías Hermosilla
    Matías Hermosilla3 timer siden

    looks like ghostbusters

  • Quinten 730
    Quinten 7303 timer siden

    There’s burn saber I reckon

  • Tedious Maximus
    Tedious Maximus3 timer siden

    Yeah I can see parents giving this to their five year old kids to play with!

  • Zarfa- de
    Zarfa- de3 timer siden

    Its official. You guys are the coolest

  • Bella Ozard
    Bella Ozard3 timer siden

    Marvel intro

  • Александр Шеталин
    Александр Шеталин3 timer siden

    Эммм.... кроме технологии автоматического включения и чуть более разнесенного сопла чем обычно, это разве чем-то отличается от обычного газового резака?

  • Zee See
    Zee See3 timer siden

    But will it deflect a laser...

  • Jalen Liam
    Jalen Liam3 timer siden

    ReAl light saber

  • Jalen Liam
    Jalen Liam3 timer siden

    Real light saber

  • Jether Kigas
    Jether Kigas3 timer siden

    Wow One day you're grandson will be the first super hero

  • I0 OI
    I0 OI3 timer siden

    Incels of the world rejoice!

  • Joe Yacketori
    Joe Yacketori3 timer siden

    Those are sound effects, right? It doesn't actually sound like in the movies, right?

  • Ishak Zulic
    Ishak Zulic3 timer siden

    What omg techonology is s ary now

  • Law Of 1
    Law Of 13 timer siden

    It needs a name

  • Red Hour
    Red Hour3 timer siden

    neat lighter

  • the humble idiots
    the humble idiots3 timer siden

    The USA government is probably watching this right now and thinking, we need to get this right now

  • SpadesOfPaint Studios
    SpadesOfPaint Studios3 timer siden

    To be honest I enjoy the stuff you guys make especially with the resources you use I’m happy to have been here at least a year if anything it’s natural evolution and I’m the comic books Vader adjust his light saber that’s why you see it extend in episode 5

  • Jacobus Booyse
    Jacobus Booyse3 timer siden

    its basic a large cutting touch awsome

  • Israel Matthews
    Israel Matthews3 timer siden

    I have found space jesus.

  • mikegamingplayz
    mikegamingplayz3 timer siden

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  • Emir
    Emir3 timer siden

    We need Elon Musk to build a lightsaber lol

  • norman jackson
    norman jackson3 timer siden

    That is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life

  • Bangdogs
    Bangdogs3 timer siden


  • James Bennett
    James Bennett3 timer siden

    I think since it's October they should make a real life proton pack (and an added bonus of a ghost trap) from ghostbusters.

  • Вячеслав 13
    Вячеслав 133 timer siden

    Thats how u can upload porn on youtube

  • Gamingcheeata 919
    Gamingcheeata 9193 timer siden

    ItS NOt STeam Punk

  • Israel Matthews
    Israel Matthews3 timer siden

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  • Henrik Jensen
    Henrik Jensen3 timer siden

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  • REXTDA Games
    REXTDA Games3 timer siden

    Ive always wanted to meet these guys and I was sad cause I thought they were somewere far then I find out there in my area i legit almost cried

  • ᄎᄎ ᄂ ᅭ ᄌ ᄅ
    ᄎᄎ ᄂ ᅭ ᄌ ᄅ3 timer siden

    Na real não é feito de feixe de luz então não é um sabre de luz,é apenas aparentemente semelhante.

  • Nolan Faught
    Nolan Faught3 timer siden

    Next step "To power the protosaber, we needed something with more energy density, so we attached a reactor core with 50g weapon-grade plutonium to the hilt"

  • dave wheels
    dave wheels3 timer siden

    Available for purchase this holiday season

  • KCJbomberFTW
    KCJbomberFTW4 timer siden

    I didn’t fail I just found out 9000 ways not to make a lightsaber

  • atc 052
    atc 0524 timer siden

    To me looking at the pack you have to wear it looks like steampunk ghost buster equipment, but the finished product looks awesome

  • dave wheels
    dave wheels4 timer siden

    20 million views. god youuu

  • Duarte Dias Cattoni
    Duarte Dias Cattoni4 timer siden

    Is there any way we can get that lightsaber CAD file in 3:46 ? It's just beautiful and a 3D printed version of it would also look fabulous!

  • rgk6u
    rgk6u4 timer siden

    Problem is, at 4000° you are merely describing an angle. Degrees temperature in SI units, like any units re spaced out with spaces. Unless they are angles

  • EvilCheetoz
    EvilCheetoz4 timer siden

    Scientists before: That's not true That's Impossible!!!

  • Michael Odibo
    Michael Odibo4 timer siden


  • pinche gringo
    pinche gringo4 timer siden

    What is it with grown men being superhero nerds? I hope this fad goes away soon, it’s pretty embarrassing.

  • ceoRestAssured
    ceoRestAssured4 timer siden

    I’d love to be this smart 😂

  • Ian Berenger
    Ian Berenger4 timer siden

    "this actually hurts to look at" "look at that!" no thanks

  • samaurisam 777
    samaurisam 7774 timer siden

    I need to know what happens when you hit two of these together

  • 122,942 Subscribers Challenge

    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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  • TheUnholyToucan
    TheUnholyToucan4 timer siden

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  • 122,942 Subscribers Challenge

    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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  • 122,942 Subscribers Challenge

    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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  • Bloxinater Gang
    Bloxinater Gang4 timer siden

    I love this man

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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  • 500 games
    500 games4 timer siden

    thats freanking incridble

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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    122,942 Subscribers Challenge

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  • Johnny Cortez
    Johnny Cortez4 timer siden

    Now all we need is a controlled electromagnetic field so you can block and deflect objects of all kinds.

  • Mountain Channel
    Mountain Channel4 timer siden

    As a glassblower its very cool to see this. Get yourself some didymium glasses so you don't go blind ahahaha

  • t0nito
    t0nito4 timer siden

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  • ジBlackHeartBlue
    ジBlackHeartBlue4 timer siden

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  • giuseppe ausanio
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  • Connor Teeter
    Connor Teeter5 timer siden

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  • Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller5 timer siden

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  • •Mysteri Hope•
    •Mysteri Hope•5 timer siden

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  • Beto Pille
    Beto Pille5 timer siden

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  • Nico Perchu
    Nico Perchu5 timer siden

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  • Desmond Fitzgeraldlara
    Desmond Fitzgeraldlara5 timer siden

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    Gabriel Fernandez5 timer siden

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    MDestoryerX5 timer siden

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  • Jackson Seyl
    Jackson Seyl5 timer siden

    I won't be impressed until you start swinging that thing around faster, like a real lightsaber.

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack5 timer siden

    The biggest problem with how this is built. One puncture into that gas canister and it goes kabloowy. Looks awesome tho dont get me wrong and congrats on being the first person to make a lightsaber

  • Astle Rebello
    Astle Rebello5 timer siden

    Ohh man wish to work with you guys

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer5 timer siden

    you forgot to pull up a purple light saber, which is my favorite cause of mace windu, cmon man you gotta impress the brother cause hes a bad mother F$#^#$%

  • M E G A G R E E N
    M E G A G R E E N5 timer siden

    Sith: FIGHT ME JEDI! Jedi: just a second, let me turn my propane tank on...

  • Jannis
    Jannis5 timer siden

    This is truly amazing. Yes, it might be not as practical as in the movies, but think about the very first computers. Those were clunky as hell and nobody could have imagined how far the technology goes. It would be awesome to see the same with lightsabers, and yours already looks wonderful!

  • бoogeyman бот
    бoogeyman бот5 timer siden

    I wish I had a £ for every American who cannot pronounce "nuclear"...

  • sweetchaos Fox
    sweetchaos Fox5 timer siden

    if these men dont get paid millions of dollars im gonna boycott the shit out of the government

  • ivan bukna
    ivan bukna5 timer siden

    May the force be with you guys

  • Alexander Shaitanoff
    Alexander Shaitanoff5 timer siden

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  • Life of Friends
    Life of Friends5 timer siden

    2020: Year of the Hacksmith Let’s recap 1. Cybertruck 2. Spider-Man webshooters 3. Iron man gauntlets 4. Power loader updates 5. And now a lightsaber

  • Liam Coulter
    Liam Coulter5 timer siden

    I wanna make sure I get the basic concept. It is a ludicrously hot flamethrower, so hot it is classified as plasma, with a special valve that allows them to control how the flame behaves to get that classic lightsaber-esque look. And the way the valve can control the flame that way is because of laminar flow. A property of fluids, that also affects plasma, because I assume to an extent it can act like a fluid? I'm a marine bio kinda guy and my engineering comprehension is pretty low lmao

  • Andrew LaCosse
    Andrew LaCosse5 timer siden

    If you pay attention closely in Return of the Jedi, at the very beginning, this is the same exact technique Luke uses to make his green Lightsaber. Just a fun fact!

  • Gonzalo Amore
    Gonzalo Amore5 timer siden

    He is the choosen one.

  • Toby Gibson
    Toby Gibson5 timer siden

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  • Lord Lazi
    Lord Lazi5 timer siden

    You are not the first who build a ligjtsaber alex lab did it before you

  • the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith

    5 timer siden

    If you wanna get technical sufficiently advanced did it before him haha. Ours is the most lightsaber like so far!

  • Dick Sapp
    Dick Sapp5 timer siden

    This is a protosaber.

  • Gamin' stuff with MuffinMan
    Gamin' stuff with MuffinMan5 timer siden

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