4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)


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A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...
4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....
Proof - nolocal.info/have/video/bp2iqbih2XmWzaY


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  • Yxnnah
    Yxnnah9 sekunder siden

    Imagine eatin all tha and the camera didn’t record nun of it

  • Bizzy
    Bizzy6 timer siden

    Legend says he is still pooping out solid m&m’s on the toilet

  • Mr. Glass House
    Mr. Glass House6 timer siden

    Diabetes City 🌃

  • Rablopx
    Rablopx10 timer siden

    Everybody talking about how he swallows the M&M's like pills while I'm sitting on my seat contemplating for hours on how to swallow my sick pill and not die mid-way ;-;

  • Mr.27 Damage
    Mr.27 Damage11 timer siden

    Don´t worry Matt I got you on this one

    AVENGERS GAMING12 timer siden

    1000 lolipop challenge you try it

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce12 timer siden

    My mom eats 10 times that while watching a movie

  • MrTurtleTail
    MrTurtleTail14 timer siden

    We know Matt's house is the place to go on Halloween for Trick or Treating

  • MrTurtleTail
    MrTurtleTail14 timer siden

    He didn't need to count all those M&M's But he did. For us

  • Tank Hankerous
    Tank Hankerous16 timer siden

    Wow... What a waste of a person.

  • Apex Matrix
    Apex Matrix20 timer siden

    that "ahhhhh" every time he drops an m&m

  • Harry Panchal
    Harry PanchalDag siden

    Isko diabetes kese nhi hua

  • Ala
    AlaDag siden

    Omg is he swallowing them while with the water??

  • Aren Wreck
    Aren WreckDag siden

    Can I take the leftover mnm

  • Cute cats
    Cute catsDag siden

    You could eat the m&m’s by drinking it…

  • Torch Bearer
    Torch BearerDag siden

    Next day : poop of m&ms

  • Akas Kaps
    Akas KapsDag siden


  • roy taylor
    roy taylorDag siden

    One Thing Your Not Eating Them Your Swolling Them Like a Tablet. So you never did the challge eating is chewing them

  • Daniel Seerattan
    Daniel SeerattanDag siden

    He’s gonna shit like a unicorn

  • Joshua Silberman
    Joshua SilbermanDag siden

    seriously matt you get a sweet tooth

  • Nungsangmenla Ao
    Nungsangmenla Ao2 dager siden

    Stonie:4404 m&ms Stomach:tats honna be hard to digest

  • usain bolt
    usain bolt2 dager siden

    his poor teeth :-(

  • Amish Xb
    Amish Xb2 dager siden

    He ate all the Eminem

  • Manduul Manduul
    Manduul Manduul2 dager siden


  • richard seeger
    richard seeger2 dager siden

    Matt honey is malware

  • JewClap
    JewClap2 dager siden

    He...he... didn’t even chew.

  • SelsraCODM
    SelsraCODM2 dager siden

    once again !

  • Mona Loni
    Mona Loni2 dager siden

    5:30 5:41

  • Sticky Nicky
    Sticky Nicky2 dager siden

    Poppin' um like pills!

  • Nicole Thompson
    Nicole Thompson2 dager siden

    that's a lot!

  • Ahrs32 Breen
    Ahrs32 Breen2 dager siden

    Very unsatisfied with the fact he just swallowed them all without chewing

  • Edrees Official
    Edrees Official2 dager siden

    Ate those today super good

  • Tavon Brown
    Tavon Brown2 dager siden

    Diabetics comes to mine

  • Shark boi

    Shark boi

    2 dager siden

    Yeah it's too sweet...

  • Skouweee
    Skouweee3 dager siden

    Какого лешего он их даже не жует

  • Cardboard Guy
    Cardboard Guy3 dager siden

    Fun fact: Windows XP is in the background.

  • Shaista Begum
    Shaista Begum3 dager siden

    If u had counted in per packet how much m & m is there then u can easily find the amount of m&m's which is present in each packet Wright. Instead of counting one by one 😂😇

  • Terinist
    Terinist3 dager siden

    I hope his teeth are alright because he ate too many m&m s

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B3 dager siden

    He's popping those things like a suburban soccer mom pops Xanax

  • You Are A Fart Knocker
    You Are A Fart Knocker3 dager siden

    So he’s just swallowing them. How gross 😆

  • You Are A Fart Knocker

    You Are A Fart Knocker

    3 dager siden

    @Terinist how is that not gross him trying to break the record eating m&m’s? Get it together man

  • Terinist


    3 dager siden

    how is that gross? hes trying to break a record eating m&ms

  • You Are A Fart Knocker
    You Are A Fart Knocker3 dager siden

    AtLeast I ain’t watching this foo eat an onion, I never want to see what again I couldn’t even finish the vid r

  • Justin Natasmai
    Justin Natasmai3 dager siden

    Mr. Stonie, when upon completion of these candy challenges do you by chance poop rainbows?

  • Talan Dove
    Talan Dove3 dager siden


  • Katterchow
    Katterchow3 dager siden

    How does he not have diabetes

  • Rk s
    Rk s3 dager siden

    I didn't know he had a gag reflex🤯 lol!!!! Respect..

  • Indian Gamer Adarsh
    Indian Gamer Adarsh4 dager siden

    Don't think that he is human , he is a monster,hungry monster who eats everything.😂😂. Love from India

  • Roshan Ibrahim
    Roshan Ibrahim4 dager siden

    Candy without chewing, he is struggling!

  • AgentFoxx30
    AgentFoxx304 dager siden


  • Castay
    Castay4 dager siden

    Hello The Diabetes 👋

  • Unboxing Skills
    Unboxing Skills4 dager siden

    Is it good to swallow m&m's directly without chewing?

  • Whiskers
    Whiskers4 dager siden


  • RTSB
    RTSB4 dager siden

    He is not even chewing it like what i would just drink them 😂

  • chimi chimi
    chimi chimi4 dager siden


  • Merlina Omg
    Merlina Omg5 dager siden

    Ma man, dont chew, he swallow

  • Rayyan Met
    Rayyan Met5 dager siden

    How do you eat Eminem 🤣

  • Jegan Sriragavan
    Jegan Sriragavan5 dager siden

    Do you check your blood sugar level?

  • lolmasterbroz 0
    lolmasterbroz 05 dager siden


  • Iremide Fashina
    Iremide Fashina5 dager siden

    Is it only me wondering how's he's not fat after all these years???

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli5 dager siden

    John 3:16-21

  • • meltem
    • meltem5 dager siden

    Abi çiğnedene Allah aşkına dknsosnf

  • Caiden Braun
    Caiden Braun6 dager siden

    He’s bout to have a rainbow toilet

  • A2Z Dots Pretty
    A2Z Dots Pretty6 dager siden

    really nice 😍😍

  • Chelsea Stocks
    Chelsea Stocks6 dager siden


  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh6 dager siden

    Nigal gaya 😳😳😳

  • jennifer cox
    jennifer cox6 dager siden

    Ok this look AMA-ZING

  • Carson Kelly
    Carson Kelly6 dager siden

    This is more calories than I consume on a week jesus christ

  • Roblox Fun
    Roblox Fun6 dager siden

    “Your trash kid”

  • Mason Jake
    Mason Jake6 dager siden

    Imagine he dropped every M&M

  • Ace Lingating
    Ace Lingating7 dager siden

    Since he dropped a few of the 'nems when attempting the challenge. Does that mean the title is clickbait?

  • Hudson222


    Dag siden

    He didn’t finish them all anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. He tried 4,044 challenge and failed


    Come on Matt chew them

  • Fatima miranda
    Fatima miranda7 dager siden

    this is literally me when I get my buy my M&M's at the superior

  • Martin Willhelm
    Martin Willhelm7 dager siden


  • Frederico Sousa
    Frederico Sousa7 dager siden

    Uns 3 dias sem dormir com tanto doce

  • Ahmed Mahdee
    Ahmed Mahdee7 dager siden

    Doctor:remember to take your pills Matt:why are the pills so colorful

  • Gülnihal
    Gülnihal7 dager siden

    I'm afraid this man will eat the whole galaxy lol

  • Xxstention xX
    Xxstention xX7 dager siden

    Ma dude ain’t even chewing

  • steven
    steven7 dager siden

    I could beat that. It's just im really busy during the summer.

  • watvid1
    watvid18 dager siden

    You could've counted 100, weighed them then dumped them all in

  • Thisisnotmyrealname8
    Thisisnotmyrealname88 dager siden

    How much toilet paper do you use in one sitting?

  • Harry
    Harry8 dager siden

    Dude chew

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett8 dager siden

    Give me an entire day and I can probably eat all of those M&Ms

  • Coast Caleb

    Coast Caleb

    7 dager siden

    give me 2 days maybe 3

  • Andres Solosa
    Andres Solosa8 dager siden

    POV: u came from TIK TOK

  • 이효빈
    이효빈8 dager siden

    Probably he didn't want to brush his teeth..

  • ツheebba
    ツheebba8 dager siden

    If he’s actually swallowing them...then that’s literally horrible for your body...your body can’t digest THAT much so fast...then again I guess it’s for entertainment so...

  • Gyaltsen Dorjee Bhutia
    Gyaltsen Dorjee Bhutia8 dager siden

    Not chewing hes gonnn shit rainbow

  • Jerushahlove Cleofe
    Jerushahlove Cleofe8 dager siden

    i cant believe u swallowing it i tought ur gonna chew it... wow..what if u get choke😯😯

  • Danone morango
    Danone morango8 dager siden

    I can eat more of this, like really, before my ed i used to eat a hole packed of pasta 🤠

  • Pokémon game room
    Pokémon game room8 dager siden

    When you can't fall asleep in the night,you just have to watch him count the chocolates.

  • Bryant Peoples
    Bryant Peoples8 dager siden

    I swear Matt would use water with a water challenge, He uses water for everything..

  • julie beans
    julie beans8 dager siden

    You can’t outdo the doer.

    CACTUS_SHRIMP8 dager siden

    I want to eat this many m&ms so FREAKING BAD

    MOK BEATZ8 dager siden

    thats one rainbowy shit lol

  • julius
    julius8 dager siden

    oloko o cara engole tudo de uma vez

  • Tivalenharav Chemben
    Tivalenharav Chemben8 dager siden

    I can believe that he just swallow dem m&m🥱

  • Mcjuggernuggets Watcher
    Mcjuggernuggets Watcher9 dager siden

    How did you count all of those M and M's

  • Stxrz Fn
    Stxrz Fn9 dager siden

    If anyone wants to learn abt Jesus hmu

  • Leonardo Invernizzi
    Leonardo Invernizzi9 dager siden

    Se avesse masticato ci sarebbe riuscito

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith9 dager siden

    Microwave them next time and eat with a spoon 🤦‍♂️

  • Trey Chatterton
    Trey Chatterton9 dager siden

    Just gotta ask: you on a sugar high yet?

  • Rahul 3829,10-A
    Rahul 3829,10-A9 dager siden

    6:00 he chewed

  • Wolf Play
    Wolf Play9 dager siden

    Alright M&M beat Matt stonie ggwp