4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)


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A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...
4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....
Proof - nolocal.info/have/video/bp2iqbih2XmWzaY


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  • Javier Calderon
    Javier Calderon3 timer siden

    Dwamn Matt’s got a throat on him!! Lol

  • Mohammed Dihan
    Mohammed Dihan3 timer siden

    How the hell are you not fat

  • Chihiro
    Chihiro3 timer siden

    i cant believe this guy is still alive

  • Myllz badd
    Myllz badd3 timer siden

    How can he swallow them without chewing 😂 like , how's that possible....his poop gonna look garnished. Excuse me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    BZS BZS3 timer siden

    Change the title, because you didn't come close and should be embarrassed. Its too late to take the video down cause of the views, so this will have to stay in your loop as a big FAIL....OUCH!

  • nicoo300
    nicoo3004 timer siden

    Attempt this world record: Most hot cross buns eaten in three minutes

  • A J
    A J4 timer siden

    He could’ve weighted out the m&m’s to get a really good estimate of 4044. Would’ve been a lot faster

  • lvdia h
    lvdia h4 timer siden

    Took them like pills😭actually you don’t even take pills like that????

  • RuleOfThumb
    RuleOfThumb4 timer siden

    You gotta chew them thangs bruh.

  • Frost PG3D Modz
    Frost PG3D Modz4 timer siden

    @Matt Stonie do a roll of cookie dough challenge

  • Moustafa Legend
    Moustafa Legend4 timer siden

    *Diabetes enters the room

  • Beeth Hoven
    Beeth Hoven4 timer siden


  • Mazlum Tavus
    Mazlum Tavus4 timer siden

    What the fack

  • ChillyNuggets
    ChillyNuggets4 timer siden

    How fast could you eat a dozen costco muffins??

  • Nikhal Joshi
    Nikhal Joshi5 timer siden

    Matt stonie never bites the mnm he just swalos

  • RAvEN_ Yt
    RAvEN_ Yt5 timer siden

    You didn't even chewed it 😨😨

  • Md Jamil
    Md Jamil5 timer siden

    Omg 😱😱

  • Conor Kilty
    Conor Kilty5 timer siden

    Literlly me half way through a horror movie, I just eat the scared away

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo5 timer siden

    This is naturally not save

  • Jason Vazquez
    Jason Vazquez5 timer siden

    Do sour skittles🤢🤢🤢

  • aime tinaya
    aime tinaya5 timer siden


  • Naveen Kamal
    Naveen Kamal5 timer siden

    You coukd have weiged the weight of 1 m&m candy piece and mutilplied it with 4k and use m&m weighing that much

  • Mellow Vibes
    Mellow Vibes5 timer siden

    Girls : “boys don’t have patience” Matt: “hold my headband”

  • Naughty SmileZ
    Naughty SmileZ5 timer siden

    U got to beat the "Eating the most chicken nugget in 3 min," World Record!

  • Carson Fairchild
    Carson Fairchild5 timer siden

    He’s not even tasting the chocolate!!

  • Sumaiya Ansari
    Sumaiya Ansari5 timer siden

    Wtf..homie is literally swallowing m&ms like pills broo🤣🤣🤣

  • Xavier Alarcon
    Xavier Alarcon5 timer siden

    This was cool but I'm kinda mad he didnt even enjoy em

  • Hamza mahbub sabi
    Hamza mahbub sabi5 timer siden

    Is he chewing or swalling it?

    PURE DRIPP5 timer siden

    Need to update your pic on NOlocal 😂

  • Neebs Hi am Neebs
    Neebs Hi am Neebs6 timer siden

    Please try and beat the most eaten mc nuggets in 1 min the record was 750gs in one min

  • Ronel fajardo
    Ronel fajardo6 timer siden

    it's just like a demon who swallowing a soul of every human.

  • Abhishek Chaudhary
    Abhishek Chaudhary6 timer siden

    He is super human 😘😘👊👊

    MUHAMMAD HAKIEM6 timer siden

    Challenge Maggie ghost pepper..... please 🥺🥺

  • F.B.I. person 107
    F.B.I. person 1076 timer siden

    I just call that a Saturday

  • Asha Azman
    Asha Azman6 timer siden

    "4:31" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p a l c a s h . x y z* i'm making over $2380 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

  • andika Pratama official
    andika Pratama official6 timer siden

    Lgi nyari orang indonesia

    AJAYAKUMAR KUTTAN6 timer siden

    he is crazy he didn't bite

  • Ain Khadijah
    Ain Khadijah6 timer siden

    Wow i didnt expect he have a big stomach to fill all the m&m

  • jeremiah hendra
    jeremiah hendra6 timer siden

    his liver:" this is how I die today!"

  • Donna Bahnak
    Donna Bahnak6 timer siden

    The biggest guestion is.....why ain’t he thicc

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke6 timer siden

    Matt: “this is a bad idea” Me: everything you do is a bad idea

  • Alex_HD
    Alex_HD7 timer siden

    man wie geht das das ist ja unmöglich jungeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Tran Duong
    Tran Duong7 timer siden

    Does the food taste as good when you eat fast

  • Sueda Bayam
    Sueda Bayam7 timer siden

    i know this channel for 4 years.. he is so succesful

  • Sueda Bayam
    Sueda Bayam7 timer siden

    I CANT BELIEVE THAT HE DIDNT CHANGE FOR 5 YEARS. HE IS SO SLİMMM.BUT im so happy to he uploades new videos

  • i am trash man
    i am trash man7 timer siden

    bro you swallowed

    JAKE RIDER7 timer siden

    U really need some green tea BRO

  • Bekir Bec
    Bekir Bec7 timer siden

    Hes gonna shit rainbows after the video

  • Jeff Davin
    Jeff Davin7 timer siden

    Try chewing next time

  • Mo Malik
    Mo Malik7 timer siden

    Love you Matt, but I'm disappointed here tbh.....Didn't think you'd resort to click bait. Should've clearly mentioned "FAILED/FAIL" in the description. I've unsubscribed from many channels for this very reason but gonna give you another chance. Please don't follow into this BS and keep it real like you always have. Much respect from Pakistan.

  • Hen Gaming
    Hen Gaming7 timer siden

    What was happening in toilet

  • Red Warrior
    Red Warrior7 timer siden

    it would be funny if he ate 69420

  • Update Bot7777
    Update Bot77777 timer siden

    Did he just swallow that up🥴

  • ratic steam
    ratic steam7 timer siden

    Diabetes xD

  • Baruto Uchizi
    Baruto Uchizi7 timer siden


  • Anime Skittles
    Anime Skittles7 timer siden


  • Luk3worm
    Luk3worm8 timer siden

    Dentist about to check and treat Matt's teeth be like: he he boiiiiiii 😂 And he be also like: ah shit here we go again 🙄

  • Darsh piano covers
    Darsh piano covers8 timer siden

    No longer from now ...... Matt will have a side job as a vending machine

    IAM THE RICKYPRO8 timer siden


  • H KL
    H KL8 timer siden

    this should be a comercial lmao

  • Kasse Boxen
    Kasse Boxen8 timer siden


  • KRR Feri
    KRR Feri8 timer siden

    Everybody: how u count that!? Me: 17,000 CALS!? I HEARED A "FAT" WOMEN EAT'S 8,000 CALS IN A DAY...

  • Danilo Souza
    Danilo Souza8 timer siden

    Eu num contava tudo isso nd kkk, quando chega em cinquenta já dar preguiça, imagina isso tudo kkk la ele

  • Blessy Mess
    Blessy Mess8 timer siden

    Why? 😩

  • MaccIsTheGamer
    MaccIsTheGamer8 timer siden

    can we just appriciate him that he never clickbaited us.

  • Kevser Kemik
    Kevser Kemik8 timer siden


  • Mystic_Glows
    Mystic_Glows8 timer siden

    Why would you drink water with mnms you drink milk

  • MsBaileyLayne
    MsBaileyLayne8 timer siden

    I need those chairs in the living room

  • DaDu Fußball Vlog
    DaDu Fußball Vlog8 timer siden

    What ? Hammer geil

  • fitfast
    fitfast8 timer siden

    idk why he is soo thin even after eating 10 persons food

  • Ashleigh NG
    Ashleigh NG8 timer siden

    I thought hes gonna chew but..gulp gulp gulp.!

  • Muhammad Kahfi
    Muhammad Kahfi8 timer siden

    Bang collab sama tanboy kun

  • Jeff Cozins
    Jeff Cozins8 timer siden

    Q: What do a gynaecologist and a pizza delivery boy have in common? A: They can both smell it, but can't eat it.

  • ai dunno
    ai dunno9 timer siden

    i bet his toilet would be confused whether a human took a huge dump or a goat took a huge dumb

  • Lucas Yuan
    Lucas Yuan9 timer siden

    So u poop out whole mnms?

  • Smita Srivastava
    Smita Srivastava9 timer siden

    You'll regret in your old age

  • Mr. R
    Mr. R9 timer siden

    You should meaure that using grams hahaha

  • Rix
    Rix9 timer siden

    I want to see his before eating and after eating pics of his belly😂

  • Kerzaks
    Kerzaks9 timer siden

    apple challenge, get healthy lol

  • Sherry Fernandes
    Sherry Fernandes9 timer siden

    How is he not sick yet? Oh good lord!

    THE SUMQAYIT9 timer siden


  • Sheen Khan
    Sheen Khan9 timer siden

    Swallowed them like tablets 🤧

    ADITHYA GOLWALKAR9 timer siden

    Great people: ''impossible '' is not in my dictionary. Matt stonie : '' chewing " is not in my dictionary

  • Whitejin
    Whitejin9 timer siden

    i love how matt has "patience"

  • Mohana Krishna
    Mohana Krishna9 timer siden

    First time you not reach !!

  • Tim Lynch
    Tim Lynch10 timer siden

    Dudes gonna shyte rainbows!

  • Focussite 2
    Focussite 210 timer siden

    Uh man...fell bad about ur next stomach condition.. litelaryy ITS A 1SIZE of the freakin candy and u swalow it like a whale

  • Syahira Natasya
    Syahira Natasya10 timer siden

    Why not you try make challenge eat boba noodlesss!!!

  • fledermauzal
    fledermauzal10 timer siden

    What about trying this world record? ;) www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/450248-most-marshmallows-eaten-in-one-minute-no-hands

  • Simon0
    Simon010 timer siden

    I'm skipping my normal medication and replacing with m&m's.

  • Amaie Higa
    Amaie Higa10 timer siden

    Chocolate man. Chew it. Enjoy it. And before you know you'll have an empty jar of mnms infront of you and a jar of fat inside you. But it will be worth it.

  • Miss Lup
    Miss Lup10 timer siden


  • Jablancc
    Jablancc11 timer siden

    poor guy has to shit out 4044 colored chocolates

  • uzair kaleem
    uzair kaleem11 timer siden

    The toilet fears him😂

  • uzair kaleem
    uzair kaleem11 timer siden

    The toilet fears him😂

  • uzair kaleem
    uzair kaleem11 timer siden

    The toilet fears him😂

  • uzair kaleem
    uzair kaleem11 timer siden

    The toilet fears him😂

  • uzair kaleem
    uzair kaleem11 timer siden

    The toilet fears him😂

  • uzair kaleem
    uzair kaleem11 timer siden

    The toilet fears him😂⁹

  • uzair kaleem
    uzair kaleem11 timer siden

    The toilet fears him😂😂😂