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  • proud shary
    proud shary13 dager siden

    cogarts Alex

  • proud shary
    proud shary13 dager siden

    i gotta log in to subscribe

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    is that Big Daws @ 1:35 from Big Daws TV?

  • Baldski
    Baldski8 måneder siden

    Your the reason I started NOlocal

  • Dukez
    Dukez8 måneder siden

    this hit hard man

  • Shawn Bartley
    Shawn Bartley10 måneder siden

    almost at 6mil, its been great! keep going adapt!!!!

  • Ken Purackel
    Ken PurackelÅr siden

    5000000000 isn't a lot so shut the fuck up

    ZINNIAAÅr siden

    So emotional

  • Brong
    BrongÅr siden

    Does anyone else wanna time travel back to 2013 and play bo2 and watch faze?

  • Juan Cuchilla
    Juan CuchillaÅr siden

    Whats the name of the song ?

  • Julian Maldonado
    Julian MaldonadoÅr siden

    Still at 5.4 Million simply *Dissapointed*

  • Ghostly - Cloudz
    Ghostly - CloudzÅr siden

    This makes me emotional because I remember watching him back on the day when all that mattered was tickshotting and not clout like tfue thought of

  • Brenden Baker
    Brenden BakerÅr siden

    Damn brings back memories dude!

  • samuel rappleye
    samuel rappleyeÅr siden

    Yo if it was this sad just for 5 million subs imagine when he actually dies... that would be so sad to see how happy and funny he was

  • Snowy
    SnowyÅr siden

    What fu*kers disliked the video?!

  • Ollie Garcia
    Ollie GarciaÅr siden

    The past 5 years of FaZe just flashed before my eyes way before the FaZe house

  • William Spataro
    William SpataroÅr siden


  • Annonymous
    AnnonymousÅr siden

    Anyone else noticed how he’s only gained 97,000 subs in 5 months :(

  • Jerry F
    Jerry FÅr siden

    real happy to see how far you come, been here since 60k, will always be here for you

  • Leah McCay
    Leah McCay2 år siden

    6:50 dang hairy legs

  • Fudgey
    Fudgey2 år siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Ape
    Ape2 år siden

    What the song tell me

  • Brock Nolin

    Brock Nolin

    2 år siden

    twitch Hypx_Yt if I just lay here

  • Magen Pike
    Magen Pike2 år siden

    I cried in this

  • Destiny Simpson
    Destiny Simpson2 år siden

    What’s the song for the second part?

  • Axel Morgan
    Axel Morgan2 år siden

    0:57 Funny how it says 999,999 not 1 million 😂

  • Jimbo 62
    Jimbo 622 år siden

    I miss New York so fucking much

  • Avery Olson
    Avery Olson2 år siden

    The nostalgia

  • Destin Thomas
    Destin Thomas2 år siden

    You should go see your sisters because I know they miss you bro

  • Sparsh Bohra
    Sparsh Bohra2 år siden

    5:20 which song is it?

  • هاجر محمد
    هاجر محمد2 år siden


  • Jelly Fish
    Jelly Fish2 år siden


  • Diamonds
    Diamonds2 år siden

    Well deserved

  • Jellybeenz
    Jellybeenz2 år siden

    Everyone saying they miss the old NY FaZe house... yeah but I be missing the old bo2 and ghosts days bruh...I used to get home and be subscribed to all the faze guys and genuinely watched all of their daily videos until there was none to watch then I wold jump on bo2'( good days man

  • DCrump
    DCrump2 år siden

    That was super awesome bro! Thank you for sharing it! Much more 🔥Lit

  • Kosmoeh
    Kosmoeh2 år siden

    Now this is history, a Masterpiece where some founders of a Clan, Suddenly became a family and so memorable. Everyone loves you guys, you guys are the rulers of FaZe Clan, the number 1's, Truly and Best Clan to ever exist. We shouldn't cry cause its over, We should smile because it happened. You guys should be blessed, invited to a Nostalgic Clan, You guys are all beautiful and wonderful. You guys make us feel something. Thank you guys.

  • the creator
    the creator2 år siden

    Grats adapt

  • Honey Mustard
    Honey Mustard2 år siden

    Crazy that I Ben a fan since faze was even a thing them old bo1 an bo2 days was the best can’t forget about New York house , crazy that I seen all these guys grow up 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    XOSIYAH2 år siden


  • Dylan Spangler
    Dylan Spangler2 år siden

    Does this mean you’ll play COD now?

  • Maccas Wifi
    Maccas Wifi2 år siden

    Nice editing!!

  • Currin Stephens
    Currin Stephens2 år siden

    Which version of chasing cars did he use

  • PMC
    PMC2 år siden

    how could someone dislike a 5 million sub video... jeez the world we live in is so hateful...

  • Heisted
    Heisted2 år siden

    SoaR Adapt was much better. Congrats anyways

  • Tomo720 __
    Tomo720 __2 år siden

    Late congratulations 🎉 I miss the New York faze they were the best time 😭❤️

  • Jackson Tolley
    Jackson Tolley2 år siden

    Your channel is dying and has been dying for the pat few monthe

  • asxtin
    asxtin2 år siden

    so many of these videos got me threw hard time miss the days with all of them

  • Brandon Young Vlogs
    Brandon Young Vlogs2 år siden

    I remember all of those videos. I miss the old days😭

  • Unknown Matter
    Unknown Matter2 år siden

    Dam it’s been a long ass time 😂 since I been watching ur videos

  • Noah Natzic
    Noah Natzic2 år siden

    This shit made me cry tbh

  • Austin
    Austin2 år siden

    i cried you little ass 😂 I only cried because j was one of those guys with you at 1000 it's been such a long ride adapt and I never wanna get off I fucking love you I have so much respect for you and I'm never going to leave I fucking love you

  • SeajaeBetter
    SeajaeBetter2 år siden

    Everyone talking about, “I miss the New York house” y’all don’t know about the OLD days

  • SeajaeBetter
    SeajaeBetter2 år siden

    I remember back when you had 120,000 subs. So good to see you grow. ❤️


    FAZE ADAPT! Congrats on 5mill! You actually inspired me to create my own channel and I just wanted to say thank you bro! Peace

  • Banana Janana
    Banana Janana2 år siden

    2:47 lol

    ASTRO GAMEZHD2 år siden

    Can’t stop watching this Fucken love you adapt and the whole house man good times😔❤️❤️

  • Kado P
    Kado P2 år siden

    First time to see any of your videos. Guess I’ll be contributing to 6 million. 🤘🏻

  • Big Doug
    Big Doug2 år siden

    I miss New York

  • Sam Philippi
    Sam Philippi2 år siden

    Why did I die from laughing at 2:45??

  • Sakkred
    Sakkred2 år siden

    When it’s a 5 mill subscriber montage but only get 300k Miss the old faze days

  • Xavii
    Xavii2 år siden

    Why did this video make me so happy

  • Zachary ツ
    Zachary ツ2 år siden

    Rip Teddy Bear.

  • EBK Smoke
    EBK Smoke2 år siden

    I was trying to be emotional in the beginning but the intro had me dead LMAO

  • Brock Anderson
    Brock Anderson2 år siden

    I miss the New York FaZe House :(

  • Aka _Zeyrox
    Aka _Zeyrox2 år siden

    Cmn you should go back to playing cod Play cod bo4 on pc its dope asf Start a twitch streaming career Upload daily vids I miss the old faze grinding so hard

  • dReamSociety
    dReamSociety2 år siden

    since 130k too bad those days are long gone i remember watching the your first black ops 2 video lol

  • DomeOW
    DomeOW2 år siden

    You have as much subs as finland has people

  • Bruhhh Bruhhh
    Bruhhh Bruhhh2 år siden

    What was the special you uploaded

  • Prakritt
    Prakritt2 år siden

    Love it m8 congratulations!

  • Mindless
    Mindless2 år siden

    *owns a freaking Nissan GTR* *changes it for a ugly asf range rover

  • Nos Delano's
    Nos Delano's2 år siden

    Seeing all this coming from cod fuck me man. 5mill n grownin strong been here from day 1 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Cooper
    Cooper2 år siden

    This is actually very emotional since I’ve been subscribed since idk probably 700k And I miss all the videos you made back in NY with everyone those were the days I love you man keep up the great work

  • cire114
    cire1142 år siden

    Nice vid Adapt

  • UngodlyJames
    UngodlyJames2 år siden

    I really love this video.

  • Progamer 1265
    Progamer 12652 år siden

    I’m proud of adapt bc he proved his teacher that he’ll be successful 🙇🏻‍♂️

  • Progamer 1265
    Progamer 12652 år siden

    Almost cried

  • Fuzzy Hoff
    Fuzzy Hoff2 år siden

    Dang I remember all of these

  • Zedzz
    Zedzz2 år siden

    Wow watched since he’s soar days and seeing him now it’s all mad

  • Theo AU
    Theo AU2 år siden

  • Wesley Adams
    Wesley Adams2 år siden

    Go jump in the reservoir

  • Darko
    Darko2 år siden

    Faze adapt I'm the next one

  • Renegade Night
    Renegade Night2 år siden


  • Waraichs40
    Waraichs402 år siden

    2:28 That guy on top right corner looks like Harry styles

  • Miserxble X
    Miserxble X2 år siden

    Evil genesis on r6 better

  • ripheartdisease
    ripheartdisease2 år siden

    Damn its crazy ive been watching adapt since i was 9 and im 14 now

  • Tyler The man
    Tyler The man2 år siden

    I miss the old vids I’ve been watching this mans for aaa grip

  • xavier kennedy
    xavier kennedy2 år siden

    Can we go back to new york when faze wad at its best

    MOEZY YUUP2 år siden

    This Is When Your Videros Were Lit Like Going Out Playing Basket Ball Playing With Friends And Playing Video Games And Supper Hero Your Awesome Faze Adapt I Love You Bro You Changed My Life =) Enjoy Your Life Live Good . Do What You Love

  • SkypraPlays
    SkypraPlays2 år siden

    I still miss the time you had 1 mil or less and your video’s were actually funny to watch

  • Salvador Pulido
    Salvador Pulido2 år siden

    Been supporting since Arizona bro!

  • SavegeWolf44 Burke
    SavegeWolf44 Burke2 år siden

    holy crap that leg hair

  • ECTz
    ECTz2 år siden

    when is mo gunner come see u

  • NoVa_HOrDE
    NoVa_HOrDE2 år siden

    Westttt virginiaaaaa

  • newyoutube
    newyoutube2 år siden

    Damn faze rain used to be on the top now he’s on the bottom

  • Rp Savage
    Rp Savage2 år siden


  • kolbie lang
    kolbie lang2 år siden

    I been crying after adapt I’ve been dived since Arizona faze used to be the only thing I did in life is watch your guys vids i played every call of duty spending hours on my parents hated me so I could try to get in faze but I realize there’s not such thing as faze clan anymore

  • Zo
    Zo2 år siden

    Does anyone else miss when faze weren't all hypebeasts??

  • Brennan Vik
    Brennan Vik2 år siden

    This video gives me hella nostalgia

  • Julian
    Julian2 år siden

    H g. Hbukuugcfrt

  • Hailey Fox
    Hailey Fox2 år siden

    He's so sweet and he deserve the world

  • NekoFNBR
    NekoFNBR2 år siden

    We Love You Adapt!