’66 Big Block Nova vs. 950hp Corvette (Drift vs. Drag Battle) // This vs. That


We’re coming in with another round of drift vs. drag, since we’re convinced that modern drift cars are more or less drag cars built to go sideways. Matt Field’s C6 has the advantage in power to weight, but how much of an influence does that have on a ’66 Nova that’s able to put down every single one of its 800+ big-block horses?
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  • Panzer Performance
    Panzer PerformanceMåned siden

    Love this vs that. I watch this shit weekly!

  • Arturo Zarate

    Arturo Zarate

    Måned siden


  • the radioactive gamer

    the radioactive gamer

    Måned siden


  • Showtruck Videos

    Showtruck Videos

    Måned siden

    Im your 666 like 😬

  • Timahh12


    Måned siden

    @Hoonigan which hoon we got responding today?!? Keep up the amazing work!

  • BoRhap


    Måned siden

    like literally everyone

  • Mike Pfeiffer
    Mike Pfeiffer5 dager siden

    I wanna see the hoonicorn vs the nova

  • SPLFagos
    SPLFagos8 dager siden

    That big block soundddds so damn good. Nova for life

  • Mike Cronce
    Mike Cronce9 dager siden

    Somebody want to tell Dr Fucks Everything Up that masks only work when they cover your air holes? For real, how fucking hard is that?

  • Trials Bike21
    Trials Bike2111 dager siden

    i mean the intro spoiled it but ok

  • Toys and Games with Esmèe and Isabella
    Toys and Games with Esmèe and Isabella13 dager siden

    That Nova is gorgeous!

  • Invis
    Invis13 dager siden

    the nova all day

  • Zipho Sikelela
    Zipho Sikelela16 dager siden

    Nova vs RS3

  • blaise singleton
    blaise singleton18 dager siden

    You know what's crazy about the nova is that the McLaren 765LT does middle to low 9s so that shows how insane 765 is but also how insane the Nova is at 700lbs heavier

  • Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom20 dager siden

    Anyone know where I can find that beat? around 0:52

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore20 dager siden

    This vs That Donut Miata vs Dan's Miata

  • Anthony Barrett
    Anthony Barrett21 dag siden

    I loved it at the start after the Nova left, the Vet just keeps shredding the tires until Round 2

  • BingBangBrine
    BingBangBrine21 dag siden

    i have the corvette in forza

  • Sebass
    Sebass22 dager siden

    Corvette sounds nuts

  • El Charli
    El Charli22 dager siden


  • Cheerio Box
    Cheerio Box22 dager siden

    Corvette jumped on the first run. 100%.

  • Cole Wilbers
    Cole Wilbers23 dager siden

    Get 2jp on this vs that

  • Danies Alex
    Danies Alex24 dager siden

    Mat would have got him if he had a bit more sticky tire

  • Matt Condreay
    Matt Condreay25 dager siden

    This episode should of been Chris vs Matt

  • Jeremy Daniel
    Jeremy Daniel25 dager siden

    What is that beat during the cars intro shots?

  • Nicolas Vazquez
    Nicolas Vazquez25 dager siden

    When is the next donk video comeing out

  • Honda Members Worldwide
    Honda Members Worldwide25 dager siden

    Hoonigan: get a new list of potential Manufacturers and pelt them lol with requests and for blue stripes. I love the VS series. Wrc series, rwd series, fwd series, etc. For series ideas for the channel. Let's all grow together and keep Ken around! Petition to keep that man at his helm.

  • elgernonjesionek1990
    elgernonjesionek199026 dager siden

    You guys should make a mixtape with all of the dope ass beats you use and sell it on hoonigan.com

  • 24k Nick
    24k Nick26 dager siden

    Probably shouldn’t run lithium batteries anymore lol

  • Sebastian Leith
    Sebastian Leith26 dager siden

    where is cleetus?

  • Ryan Lowe
    Ryan Lowe27 dager siden

    Sick racing, love how they want just a good race, make it toe to toe as much as possible

  • Muskoka Mike
    Muskoka Mike27 dager siden

    "true friends stab you in the front" lol epic comment!!!

  • Zenzu
    Zenzu27 dager siden

    I thought the Vette had it with the less weight , but damn that Nova was crazy

  • Ghosty_
    Ghosty_27 dager siden

    I'm trying to make a twin turbo V8 Awd mini cooper what do you think about this idea?

  • abumo3ili
    abumo3ili27 dager siden

    I think this c6 not have even 650 hp also tires not good but if it’s rolling on 20mph will be fair race not zero

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo Figueiredo28 dager siden

    Chris is cool.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui28 dager siden

    Yall gotta get Odi and his S15 down there to race Matt. That would be a hell of a race.

  • Sean Gilliam
    Sean Gilliam28 dager siden

    I guess this is what happens when you put a car that is supposed to slide against a car that is supposed to stick.

  • Super Spartan
    Super Spartan28 dager siden

    I got a first gen Scion tC with a turbo pulling 310hp if you got something to run with it. Lol. I'll have the car as high as 500hp next year.

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    28 dager siden

    Agan a vs against sheepeyrace The hoonicorn vs a lamborghini Please we want to see that race

  • PandaMonium _Gaming
    PandaMonium _Gaming28 dager siden

    Chris or matt, this vs that

  • ElectroMancer YT
    ElectroMancer YT28 dager siden

    Adam lz 1000hp s15 vs drag car when its done in the shop

  • Avboden
    Avboden28 dager siden

    Big tires beat small tires, more at 11

  • Austinn Thurber
    Austinn Thurber28 dager siden

    You guys should contact JDP motorsports in Utah, they have some insane builds

  • MrTrev211
    MrTrev21128 dager siden

    whats up with the donk build?

  • Crazy oilfield mechanic
    Crazy oilfield mechanic29 dager siden

    It's cool people want to see something besides a car that was NEVER designed and built for drag racing continuously beating even cars that WERE purposely built for drag racing ........but as far as I'm concerned without the magic of the Hoonicorn and Ken Block this series is just a glorified day at the drag strip on grudge match day. = BLAND ......

  • Basidh Sajan
    Basidh Sajan29 dager siden

    Give the corvette some good tyres

  • 402CarKid
    402CarKid29 dager siden

    Why didn't they do a roll? Thats not a fair race from a dig lol. You continue after the hoonicorn I see

  • John Hirtle
    John Hirtle29 dager siden

    Ok, now let's do it sideways, and I'll go with the Matt & the 'vette!

  • Aiden Grear
    Aiden Grear29 dager siden

    Chase is a race

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo FigueiredoMåned siden

    *This vs. That: Staff's Dailys Edition*

  • Daniel Reby
    Daniel RebyMåned siden

    Awesome video like always , but i really want to know the name of the intro songs, they are crazy and i can't find them

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    29 dager siden

    Bring Alex Laughlin

  • Shawn Exotics
    Shawn ExoticsMåned siden

    Nova guy is a no prep racer ain't no way you heating him

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    29 dager siden

    We want more hoonicorn stuff

    THROTTLE POWERMåned siden

    Very cool !!!!!!!!! 👍👍👍

    ANGEL ORLANDOMåned siden

    Agan a vs against sheepeyrace The hoonicorn vs a lamborghini Please we want to see that race

  • Haminexxx
    HaminexxxMåned siden

    Ok, so now let's see them in a drift battle....

  • anubisz
    anubiszMåned siden

    Compared to the nova, that corvett sound is more like a hair dryer :F

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoyMåned siden

    Yall gotta get Odi and his S15 down there to race Matt. That would be a hell of a race.

  • thisguy177
    thisguy177Måned siden

    grip vs slip. nova vs vette. 2 different cars drifting vs drag racing. see the thing is that nova probably couldnt drift. but if the vette wins no excuses......you.got drag racing slick tires

    SUNN3Y XDMåned siden

    Please do hoonicorn vs Aston Martin Vulcan it will be a great race

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    Måned siden

    Burn yard !!! Pls

  • Dakoda Baxter
    Dakoda BaxterMåned siden


  • 1 2
    1 2Måned siden


  • Mike Red
    Mike RedMåned siden

    Vette can hook for shit

  • Shbddh SJbduedhd
    Shbddh SJbduedhdMåned siden

    Mans jump and still lost

  • AconesWorld
    AconesWorldMåned siden

    Anyone else notice that the super duper duper super duper duper mustang didn’t compete against that diesel super duper duper super Chevy car for speed runs they built? For reals though, please say all those who are talking in the vid about the hoonicorn and what it’s got is because they built it. Please?

  • devandenbos
    devandenbosMåned siden

    Corvette needed slicks, no traction. It would have been closer.

  • pranay vikranth
    pranay vikranthMåned siden

    We want more hoonicorn stuff

  • Josef Ihli
    Josef IhliMåned siden

    Bring Alex Laughlin

  • Lt. Siobhan
    Lt. SiobhanMåned siden

    If he had drag tires he would have done better

  • tea bags
    tea bagsMåned siden

    Ok I’m getting tired of this can we pls get a dink video or something?

  • john moser
    john moserMåned siden

    Aldo Nova looked like the Hoonicorn here Dominated the vette like a toy

  • Dakoda Baxter
    Dakoda BaxterMåned siden


  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anmlMåned siden


  • Timothy Francis
    Timothy FrancisMåned siden

    Shout out to Matt! Love frenemies and watching the Falken boys Matt and Odi race.

  • Frankz Custom engineering
    Frankz Custom engineeringMåned siden

    Burn yard !!! Pls

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Måned siden

    Put a drag car vs a drift car on a full track race.

  • Ghost ZR1
    Ghost ZR1Måned siden

    Why is the vette clutching between shifts with the 6xd setup?

  • Zane Ferris
    Zane FerrisMåned siden

    Would have loved to see them do a 50 roll or something

  • morgan davies
    morgan daviesMåned siden


  • rhypinical
    rhypinicalMåned siden

    Hoonicorn vs lawnmower swapped prius engine

  • Finicky
    FinickyMåned siden

    11:27 LOL

  • Antonio Bonomo
    Antonio BonomoMåned siden

    Weird watching this without having Ken and the Hoonicorn be included

  • sonicgauge1
    sonicgauge1Måned siden

    The nova is my dream car.

  • Forza Drone Footage
    Forza Drone FootageMåned siden

    Matt's wheels are meant to spin.

  • smoothmind32
    smoothmind32Måned siden

    I’m glad the segment is finally done with the forza ad

  • Soccer Beast24
    Soccer Beast24Måned siden

    I made matt fields corvette in nfs heat and its pretty great to drift

  • jasonm1001
    jasonm1001Måned siden

    Hoonicorn vs pastranas sti

  • jeff tawney
    jeff tawneyMåned siden

    get gidi and the ETS gtr on here and let it smoke everything

  • Jamari Ap
    Jamari ApMåned siden

    What happened to the Hoounicorn

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    Måned siden

    Who would win a drag race a drag spec car or drift car no one knows......yeah I do

  • Jose Martin Cortez Imay
    Jose Martin Cortez ImayMåned siden

    Put a drag car vs a drift car on a full track race.

  • FyWhy
    FyWhyMåned siden

    This is more enjoyable to watch rather than hoonicorn vs 600 hp slapper

  • Mcstraw420
    Mcstraw420Måned siden

    next episode the hoonicorn vs cleetus mcfarland`s project ruby!

  • madskater5
    madskater5Måned siden

    It hurts me that one of those BS throttle things made it to such a high vis level.

  • Brandon Eddy
    Brandon EddyMåned siden

    My dads a certified falken dealer and I was really hoping the corvette would win

  • redtesta
    redtestaMåned siden

    all he needed was the right tires

  • redtesta
    redtestaMåned siden

    when he said built in usa and getting parts for it and stoked about the trans .. dude, lifetime supporter

  • Mobile P&D
    Mobile P&DMåned siden


  • the little fat boy
    the little fat boyMåned siden

    Sweet two cars that are faster than a unicorn

  • Subie Francis
    Subie FrancisMåned siden

    Next video Big Block Nova vs 950hp Corvette drift battle? It's only fair...

  • Roseline Mugumisi
    Roseline MugumisiMåned siden

    Hoonigan dead to me ever since the hoonicorn left😭

  • Keongzz
    KeongzzMåned siden

    drift car vs drag car. of course i know the result already. useless video.

  • Jake Hill
    Jake HillMåned siden

    Hoonicorn vs Mach E

  • Jerry Ballast
    Jerry BallastMåned siden

    If you think this is cool wait until you see a drag race between two drag cars

  • Jerry Ballast
    Jerry BallastMåned siden

    Who would win a drag race a drag spec car or drift car no one knows......yeah I do

  • RoKn ROLLeR
    RoKn ROLLeRMåned siden

    Easy prediction, gearing, More gears makes you slower In a straight line. It works on a similar principle as the disparity in power band- rev range between diesel and petrol

  • Keith Warden
    Keith WardenMåned siden

    Can I bring my zx14 down? Carbon fiber fairings, Naturally aspirated, no nos, all motor. 193hp 114tq

  • Kimani Mimms
    Kimani MimmsMåned siden

    This is literally the real life version of Lightning McQueen trying to race Doc Hudson. Lol!!!