I can't believe this...


  • Anomaly
    Anomaly9 dager siden

    2.99M subscribers, help 👈😐

  • Critical


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  • Azayaka


    18 timer siden


  • Resob


    2 dager siden

    3 milion now!

  • DRIP


    3 dager siden

    i got u fam but accept my trade offer

  • Hesus


    3 dager siden

    did it tho

  • Alfath Edits
    Alfath Edits11 timer siden

    poor sapnap didnt get anything lmao

  • dazaii mallow
    dazaii mallow15 timer siden

    wait why the fuck is sapnap here

  • Adiverse
    Adiverse17 timer siden

    He just made the odds be upside down

  • Temuulen Nergui
    Temuulen Nergui20 timer siden

    Congrats 3M subs 🤗

  • lil kosuba
    lil kosuba23 timer siden

    I rreally want to buy these plushies but theres no my value

  • Wandle
    WandleDag siden

    why is the minimal wear talon doppler more expensive than the factory new one?

  • goose
    gooseDag siden

    how much is a talon knife ruby doppler?

  • YuNix-
    YuNix-Dag siden


  • Mystic
    Mystic2 dager siden

    But the plushy has 2 feet?

  • Nearo
    Nearo2 dager siden

    Gonna open cases with vpn connected to Australia from now on...

  • Sebastian Backman
    Sebastian Backman2 dager siden

    kinda SUS

  • J I Joe
    J I Joe2 dager siden

    you should put in the rules that if the guy gets five time of his payment for the cases he gives your bets to you but still gets all the skins/

  • Vojtěch Šatava
    Vojtěch Šatava2 dager siden

    my new favourite word "shitter"

  • Butterballz88
    Butterballz882 dager siden

    Use Code: BLAKEM on csgo roll for 3 free cases which is the max benefit you can receive, would really appreciate it

  • crwzn
    crwzn2 dager siden

    god i wish i was this lucky 😐

  • Andrej Pop-Andonov
    Andrej Pop-Andonov2 dager siden

    u know ur rich when u say 194 euros is cheap

  • Getgettedon
    Getgettedon3 dager siden

    Why was this in my nonfiction center I already watched this

  • GrÄÄZiVUle
    GrÄÄZiVUle3 dager siden

    I swear CS:GO is rigged af xD

  • Loonyx .willow
    Loonyx .willow3 dager siden

    Is a CS GO algorithms should work like this? You got 2 stilettos with different skins, second guy got 3 talons with different skins, and third man got 2 different knifes but both of it vanilla.

  • Hayden Turner
    Hayden Turner3 dager siden

    Hi sapnap

  • Dont checkout my channel logo!

    Dont checkout my channel logo!

    3 dager siden

    Dont see my logo!

  • Kenuzs
    Kenuzs3 dager siden

    I watched his video LUL you guys really got unlucky

  • Dont checkout my channel logo!

    Dont checkout my channel logo!

    3 dager siden

    Dont see my logo!

  • X D
    X D3 dager siden

    last time i came this early i cried

  • Dont checkout my channel logo!

    Dont checkout my channel logo!

    3 dager siden

    Dont see my logo!

  • Werners Gaming Lounge
    Werners Gaming Lounge3 dager siden

    Imagine having all the skins but not being able to find a game for half an hour.

  • Dont checkout my channel logo!

    Dont checkout my channel logo!

    3 dager siden

    Dont see my logo!

  • god player
    god player3 dager siden

    Congratulations 3million

  • Axl Felix Baqueque
    Axl Felix Baqueque3 dager siden

    Congrats on 3m!! Can i have a skin LMFAO

  • Dont checkout my channel logo!

    Dont checkout my channel logo!

    3 dager siden

    Dont see my logo!

  • Refri Rizky A.
    Refri Rizky A.3 dager siden

    heyzeus really has insane luck that night

  • Kota T
    Kota T3 dager siden

    3 mill

  • Dont checkout my channel logo!

    Dont checkout my channel logo!

    3 dager siden

    Dont see my logo!

  • Milliam
    Milliam3 dager siden

    Im back

  • Jone hansen
    Jone hansen3 dager siden

    Guys subscribe right now he says , and i scroll down subs xDD

  • Jérôme K
    Jérôme K3 dager siden

    Why he have so luck an we ...

    CRIMEZ3 dager siden

    Dude the mouth of the anomaly plush looks like the fuckin vodafone icon

  • Semii
    Semii3 dager siden

    Congratz to 3 mil subes

  • Hassans
    Hassans4 dager siden

    3. Million! Woooooooo!

  • mistic mind
    mistic mind4 dager siden

    guy was opening cases in warm up silver 1 comp, other team, i decided to open ONE, it was a prisma and i got a tiger tooth stiletto fn.

  • Sp & Rg
    Sp & Rg4 dager siden

    I know its 0% chance that you will make a video with me but can you make a video with me? im a 11 Estonian and i play csgo my english is 50/50 but im not the best at talking english etc.....................................................Anomaly maybe? :d

  • Shadoxx YT
    Shadoxx YT4 dager siden

    3 mil yaaaaaaaay

  • LP
    LP4 dager siden

    SAPNAP brought dreams luck and gave it to HeyZeus

  • Yass craft
    Yass craft4 dager siden

    I hope I win the giveaway

  • Sebi Kuray
    Sebi Kuray4 dager siden

    Holy shit 3 mil

    LMANKIZZLE4 dager siden

    Congrats 3mil lol

  • kai
    kai4 dager siden

    congrats on 3 mil

  • Zoruss_
    Zoruss_4 dager siden

    Me watching while doesnt have any knife

  • Dinko Hristov
    Dinko Hristov4 dager siden

    0:45 BRO I'M EATING

  • Evil Civil
    Evil Civil4 dager siden

    Me with my 10$ inventory. Xd

  • Max The Hippo
    Max The Hippo4 dager siden

    are you going to drop more youtooz?

  • Yolaro23
    Yolaro234 dager siden


  • Yolaro23
    Yolaro234 dager siden

    Anomaly you should do a challenge from an blue skin to a knife.

  • Jack Duran

    Jack Duran

    3 dager siden

    would take actual years lol

  • The Poop Dealer
    The Poop Dealer4 dager siden

    Panthera Onca for Gloves? hmu

  • xoxy ツ
    xoxy ツ4 dager siden

    3M subs good job man

  • Edwin Wallin
    Edwin Wallin4 dager siden

    3 MIL SUBS!! Grattis bror

  • Cedric Nitsch
    Cedric Nitsch4 dager siden

    Guten Tag Comrade

  • THE D
    THE D4 dager siden

    A GOOD TRADEUP 10 P90 Off World = %20 Desert Eagle | Light Rail (little profit) %20 AWP | Atheris (big profit) %20 Tec-9 | Bamboozle (loss) %20 MP5-SD | Gauss (loss) %20 UMP-45 | Moonrise (loss)

  • BigBoy 69
    BigBoy 694 dager siden

    Still spamming gambling videos I see. What a pathetic garbage channel

  • Meloun
    Meloun4 dager siden


  • 08HuskyBoyYT
    08HuskyBoyYT4 dager siden

    Anomaly: HeyZeus Subtitles: jesus

  • O1RD


    21 time siden


  • OGBenim -A-
    OGBenim -A-4 dager siden

    Gz 3 Mil BigMan!

  • Mr.Clofsi
    Mr.Clofsi4 dager siden

    Happy 3Mn Subs eller PRENUMERANTER

  • Easter Hierophant Man
    Easter Hierophant Man4 dager siden

    can you do a csgo tutorial how to get fps higher cuz we need this thing to be known and love your vids.

    SHARKON4 dager siden

    3 malaion!!!! Aka million

  • Audience
    Audience4 dager siden

    6:19 *Scientist: The charts are raising through the roof.*

  • Savage Beans
    Savage Beans4 dager siden

    You hit 3m subscribers congrats 🤯🤯🥳🥳

  • Qdxzs
    Qdxzs4 dager siden

    Congrats on 3mil

  • Cars Drift Race
    Cars Drift Race4 dager siden

    U didnt lose them all. u only lost 2 ;)

  • Viktor Knutsson
    Viktor Knutsson4 dager siden


  • Chris Shockey
    Chris Shockey4 dager siden

    i did this with my friend but with 25 dollars each and i won 80

  • Hunke Moeller
    Hunke Moeller4 dager siden

    lul so you compleetly stole the style of ksi thats funny

    LIL GRIPPIE4 dager siden


  • I'm a chicken
    I'm a chicken4 dager siden

    I think the kick feature should be removed because there are too many toxic players who abuse it, the most recent example was todat I tryed to do the pistol broken fang mission in retakes, almost completed my 15 kills when a toxic player decided he dont like me to use pistols and that I dont play how he wannts and he voted me for kick and the other folowing sheeps accepted and my hard work to get those pistol kills was fucked up, I know that they say it is to kick hackers and griefers but believe me hackers and griefers are the less than 1% of players that get kicked, the majority are players that have a bad day or are playimg in a specific way like I was when doing the mission, and they get kicked as a punisment, so what do you think about removing the kick feature?

  • MrTomBlackTV
    MrTomBlackTV4 dager siden

    but if you just bought the skins you would have had more :)

  • olaf wielądek
    olaf wielądek4 dager siden

    hey anomaly cen you give me knife

  • Hasib Guja ツ
    Hasib Guja ツ4 dager siden


  • J. Par
    J. Par4 dager siden

    Congrats on 3mil subs! Totally deserved

  • HorizonCS
    HorizonCS4 dager siden

    Hey man, just wanted to tell you that Im enjoying your videos for 3 years now, you are like my Idol for making funny csgo content. Im also enjoying your german when you try to speak it (Its actually pretty authentic lol). Well, all I wanted to say is thank you for you great videos, stay the same buddy ^^

  • Tommy.
    Tommy.4 dager siden

    The way he pronounces "ursus"

  • anders sneland
    anders sneland4 dager siden

    I love you bro

  • ImmortalObject
    ImmortalObject4 dager siden

    777k views 7 knives

  • Yojiibochan
    Yojiibochan4 dager siden


  • ace iimov
    ace iimov5 dager siden

    who ever unbox the cheapest knife gets all the skins.

  • FayMace
    FayMace5 dager siden

    *3M Congratulations!*

  • vbai
    vbai5 dager siden

    0:56 YA YIT

  • kawaii as f*ck のカリ
    kawaii as f*ck のカリ5 dager siden

    Sapnap? Nice crossover

  • Exotic Senior
    Exotic Senior5 dager siden


  • umewille umewille
    umewille umewille5 dager siden

    Congratulations on 3 mil :D

  • Lean Reducto
    Lean Reducto5 dager siden

    Instead of hearing heyzeus i keep hearing jesus (I'm and filipino we say jesus like heysus or hesus)

  • xKubixx
    xKubixx5 dager siden


  • Zyons Ss
    Zyons Ss5 dager siden

    Who want anomaly go opens on hellcase or case drop like if u want

  • SkY Bo0M
    SkY Bo0M5 dager siden

    anomoly : i think i m losing my mind

  • nothingtodo 空の
    nothingtodo 空の5 dager siden

    heyzeus is tilting me with his luck and im not even opening cases

  • IrishLegends 19
    IrishLegends 195 dager siden

    youtube unsubbing me again smh

  • Almighty_ Apex
    Almighty_ Apex5 dager siden

    Can we predict that new knifes are shadow web knives but in chroma finishes

  • Edv1n 29
    Edv1n 295 dager siden

    I can exchange a rare xm with a blue petal, if you write something on the instagram edvin__29

  • Melon
    Melon5 dager siden


  • alexcmz234
    alexcmz2345 dager siden


    EBIN MAGE5 dager siden


  • Lolis
    Lolis5 dager siden

    Congrats on 3 million subscribers 🥳

  • Jannis Bard
    Jannis Bard5 dager siden

    Congrats 3 mio

  • Want to play Death Stranding
    Want to play Death Stranding5 dager siden

  • Daisy Bird
    Daisy Bird5 dager siden

    anomaly : spends thousands on cases also anomaly : no way. wow knife how did I get this

  • Cohn Jena - Mizo
    Cohn Jena - Mizo5 dager siden

    3M subs lets gooo!!!!