7 Things you DIDN'T Know about the FaZe House..

im a educator
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  • NeEYaH
    NeEYaH7 måneder siden

    That ghost experience is creepy af

  • Matthew L
    Matthew LÅr siden

    What happen to this house ??

  • Keyshawn Rahman
    Keyshawn Rahman2 år siden


  • Lil Gravy
    Lil Gravy2 år siden

    5:52 - 7:20 .... lies

  • IgnorantTod
    IgnorantTod2 år siden

    Got 64 subs

  • SuggestedGamer
    SuggestedGamer2 år siden

    You guys barley get views anymore

  • Spencer Keegan
    Spencer Keegan2 år siden

    And he wonder why he gets robbed lol

  • KY Taing
    KY Taing2 år siden

    His room is bigger than my house

  • Pijux GC
    Pijux GC2 år siden

    5:23 Next video: Omg my mom died!!!

  • 123456789
    1234567892 år siden

    Why do you need a lot of unnecesary Stuff

    IGNITE GAMING2 år siden

    Wait what happened to the old faze mansion??

  • Arghun Qon
    Arghun Qon2 år siden

    Who tf is roman and trim? Last time i was here they just moved in to FaZe House L.A

  • Nitrix 474
    Nitrix 4742 år siden

    Wtf is room is bigger then my whole house and back yard and front yard

  • BigLeeProduction
    BigLeeProduction2 år siden

    Does adapt not know how to count how many tv's he has?

  • Joey
    Joey2 år siden

    3000square feet... your room my house is only 2700

  • lil rockstar
    lil rockstar2 år siden

    Adapt what happens if you guys have girlfriends do they live with you guys

  • Frost
    Frost2 år siden

    Dude put like every single game all of the faze members have in the library. Ps-Put the in abc order cause I’m OCD

  • Dkd Dg
    Dkd Dg2 år siden

    7 things = 7 minutes

  • Merik Fulcher
    Merik Fulcher2 år siden

    Yo tell me Nick doesn’t look like Justin Foley from 13rw. Like this so they can see

  • Joseph Calder
    Joseph Calder2 år siden

    6:33 Me trying to explain to my teacher where's my homework at

  • strain
    strain2 år siden

    Pls give me a shoutout

  • Lufflur
    Lufflur2 år siden

    So glad to see you back so active, Dude you inspire me sooo fucking much man, Super chill but bang some mad content love you dude!

  • TwitchStreams
    TwitchStreams2 år siden

    People be sleeping in the theater lol

  • Unorthodoxspork
    Unorthodoxspork2 år siden

    and whats so special about faze

  • Unorthodoxspork
    Unorthodoxspork2 år siden

    dude why does every faze member have a youtube channel

  • Julia Branada
    Julia Branada2 år siden

    wanna see milan!!!

  • FaZe_Jk
    FaZe_Jk2 år siden

    1v1? On Xbox... title it FaZe wanna be because my Xbox gamer tag is FaZePlaYer10

  • Apollos Fn
    Apollos Fn2 år siden

    U swear on your moms life a lot

  • elkay ezs8l
    elkay ezs8l2 år siden

    the ghost thing was just sleep paralysis

  • Asab Kadric
    Asab Kadric2 år siden

    “quick video for u guys i hope its fun” ??? u really have no content so u upload flexing? u changed cuz. Dont forget where u came from

  • Asab Kadric
    Asab Kadric2 år siden

    fucking money flexer. FaZe is dead

  • Damon Steinhauser
    Damon Steinhauser2 år siden

    WAIT, DID ADAPT JUST EXPOSE RUG FOR POSTING FAKE VIDEOS, rug literally posts all those “scary” vids and they all fake

  • Kezinch
    Kezinch2 år siden

    dont flex a 10 MILLLIIONNN DOLLAR HOUSE if u renting it

  • Bryce Mitchell
    Bryce Mitchell2 år siden

    2:34 it’s called a shuffle board

  • Brutal Deacon
    Brutal Deacon2 år siden

    Waiting for the music video can’t wait

  • AC Fortnite
    AC Fortnite2 år siden

    I was playing fortnite and someone was trying to act like if he was in faze

  • MOAB Plays
    MOAB Plays2 år siden

    i’ve been watching adapt for 6.5 years ,,, damn

  • Diamo
    Diamo2 år siden

    Maybe the silhouette was Rug

  • Soiceyboy A
    Soiceyboy A2 år siden

    This guys room is bigger then my crib

  • Erin Reilly
    Erin Reilly2 år siden

    Make another mocking faze banks video

  • DieEneGamer
    DieEneGamer2 år siden

    "Humble youtubers"

  • YYC
    YYC2 år siden

    ur room is bigger than my whole house lmfao

  • ITzJD
    ITzJD2 år siden

    I have 270 subs lol wth We puting subs now in comments

  • Jkeyz
    Jkeyz2 år siden

    What happened to Barry?

  • Gustavo Rivas
    Gustavo Rivas2 år siden

    What your snapchat

  • $GodndEarthRevive
    $GodndEarthRevive2 år siden

    u kicked faze ruz bc he doesnt play cod but u doing the same

  • AivanT
    AivanT2 år siden

    Wanna hear a joke? My channel

  • Rare
    Rare2 år siden


  • Shehates James
    Shehates James2 år siden

    He's in my family

  • Viktor Dojnov
    Viktor Dojnov2 år siden

    Play 3v3 basketball in the pool with the jets turned on

  • Peyton Honeycutt
    Peyton Honeycutt2 år siden

    his room is bigger then my house

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    Amazing Video Adapt!

  • MamaCoco Fitness
    MamaCoco Fitness2 år siden

    Some body sleeping in your fav sleeping room, no way,....are the water jets strong enough to pull you on a crawl. Seeya

  • Alex Lam
    Alex Lam2 år siden

    My name is Alex to

  • ivan c
    ivan c2 år siden

    When Are you doing more like if you agree

  • ivan c
    ivan c2 år siden

    Yo Faze Adapt I Been Watching You Since 1 mil And One Of My Favorite Series Was The Basketball Faze Clan Team Series

  • iStussyKid24
    iStussyKid242 år siden

    Next video gonna be lit “ my house got robbed “

  • ShadyGlade
    ShadyGlade2 år siden


  • Glow Hype
    Glow Hype2 år siden

    What happened to faze house la

  • Antoine Nicol
    Antoine Nicol2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to cancel plans with his friends because he has to work then pull out his vlogging camera

  • Brea& Trinity
    Brea& Trinity2 år siden

    We can't wait until we blow up on NOlocal and become just as successful as you! Keep up the great work! :)

  • KingBevs
    KingBevs2 år siden

    Where’s Faze tennpo

  • N3ON
    N3ON2 år siden

    FaZe Adapt is the type of dude to suggest getting a house just for guests.

  • Gwizz
    Gwizz2 år siden


  • vixtor
    vixtor2 år siden

    FaZe Adapt is the type of guy to take a bite out of lip stick in front of the FaZe clan

  • lennard schafer
    lennard schafer2 år siden

    continuous finance chip confuse artistic etc raise asset fault cooking favorite.

  • zke.
    zke.2 år siden

    it wasnt a ghost alex it was barry allen

  • KoAshton
    KoAshton2 år siden

    Use the library shelves to hold your gfuel

  • Ogisaiah _
    Ogisaiah _2 år siden

    Alex room bigger then my whole house

  • Vibez
    Vibez2 år siden

    This is creepy af cause my name is Alex fuckkk

  • BB Cuubano
    BB Cuubano2 år siden

    Im a educator 😂

  • BB Cuubano
    BB Cuubano2 år siden

    I like how they put the tatoo on their lip so it can rhyme with lit for the song

  • first ?
    first ?2 år siden

    Bro u sure this aint a long dream or ur persisted

  • Jastej
    Jastej2 år siden

    I have 100 subz

  • Snow One
    Snow One2 år siden

    Adapt it could be sleep paralyze, i believe in spirits it sounds like you had seen yours through paralyze do

  • Goncalo Silva
    Goncalo Silva2 år siden

    Where is the faze up at the end

  • tasty co
    tasty co2 år siden

    i have 14 subs

  • 7amthugger
    7amthugger2 år siden

    this nigga is wearing his giveaway chain fucking nasty all ur sweat and shit is on that chain its all musty

  • Stoof Curry
    Stoof Curry2 år siden

    That ouija board think might be fake it doesn’t sound real but yet again faze adapt doesn’t put shit on god so I believe it

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez2 år siden

    2:13 he from wakanda

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez2 år siden

    They should make the wine cellar a studio like if u agree so Alex can see it

  • Camden Carter
    Camden Carter2 år siden

    Your room is bigger than my house

  • Sam Philippi
    Sam Philippi2 år siden

    Make a new mocking Banks video

  • Wavy Kakes
    Wavy Kakes2 år siden

    Do a oujia board video.

  • I don’t fuckin know
    I don’t fuckin know2 år siden

    I thought it was 15,000,000

    ICON VEVO2 år siden

    Still doing the giveaway? I’m really tryna win 😂😫😇

  • Mrevil
    Mrevil2 år siden

    when you run out of video ideas

  • Helpfullama andsloth
    Helpfullama andsloth2 år siden

    Please have Faze Rug move into the house

  • Dïanne Shelbee
    Dïanne Shelbee2 år siden


  • Adomaitis Jurgis
    Adomaitis Jurgis2 år siden

    Sad how he hasn't read a book in his life

  • NevUzumaki
    NevUzumaki2 år siden

    7 people who have sworn in the faze house

  • Mr Dreamz
    Mr Dreamz2 år siden

    That baseball field is amazing thats were I kindve live

  • sir_got _Sights
    sir_got _Sights2 år siden


  • Ethan Hall
    Ethan Hall2 år siden

    Too bad FaZe is a shit show of what it used to be.

  • Noorain
    Noorain2 år siden

    Do u still love cameras? I mean like do u lov- I love cameras I just think it’s so awesome and- and I love it it’s so awesome just all these came- and I love it I love it.

  • JohnnyGainzz
    JohnnyGainzz2 år siden

    Lives in 10 million dollar house but buys muscle milk 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Dreams N Fiends
    Dreams N Fiends2 år siden

    Fuck haunted houses can’t even call your house a home

  • A E
    A E2 år siden


  • August 25th
    August 25th2 år siden

    alex was still dreaming when the haunted shit happened

  • Mke Adrian
    Mke Adrian2 år siden

    Romvn got me hyped for the song. If you asking why, listen to 2 door swerve by roman and a production studio with adapt & others being there as romvn group. In other words that song was good and this one has potential to be lit