A Day in The Life of FaZe House - Quarantine Edition

A Day in The Life of FaZe House - Quarantine Edition
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  • Antron D. Franken
    Antron D. Franken7 timer siden


  • cxrdz
    cxrdz12 dager siden

    All the homies hate rice

  • cxrdz
    cxrdz12 dager siden

    Fuck rice

  • ro bo
    ro bo13 dager siden

    That moan thing at 7:02 😂😂😂

  • Joseph Holtorf
    Joseph Holtorf17 dager siden

    Brush your god damn teeth 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • jay notcool
    jay notcool24 dager siden

    Um i think you forgot how to say gum

  • Gilbert Bencomo
    Gilbert Bencomo24 dager siden

    Fuck sam pepper

  • Kushal krishnadat
    Kushal krishnadat27 dager siden

    8 hate y Rice is in the vid

  • Gilbert Antonio Ganacan
    Gilbert Antonio GanacanMåned siden

    3:03 lol

  • Joshua Trigo
    Joshua TrigoMåned siden

    Yooo y’all lucky just our here meeting up wit obj

  • mahdyar
    mahdyarMåned siden

    Flag is Up...🌹🔥

  • Henry Baxter
    Henry BaxterMåned siden

    Calvin got jumped said he’s doing the jumpin now

  • jurby
    jurbyMåned siden

    Frazier FADED at tramp park 😂😂💪🏻

    TRUTH ARMYMåned siden


  • BladeEz Gamer 47
    BladeEz Gamer 47Måned siden

    Alex: they said ur brother ugly Kay: trust Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Killerkid345
    Killerkid345Måned siden

    Rice: Ouchi Jarvis: dude what the f%ck

  • Danica Raman
    Danica RamanMåned siden

    god i'd simp for alex and tommy

  • VanishBruh
    VanishBruhMåned siden

    I wish this video never ended

  • Varun Ag
    Varun AgMåned siden

    This kids are savages

  • LostCODM
    LostCODMMåned siden

    6:52 look at the captions lmao

  • Tysiff
    TysiffMåned siden


  • Jan Pistek
    Jan Pistek2 måneder siden

    Tbh faze fell off lol

  • Tác Giả Nhất Lĩnh
    Tác Giả Nhất Lĩnh2 måneder siden

    Ngl his head is busted look at the thumbnail he looks like the grinch and also he should shave he looks so much better cause he just looks drunk lol

  • Dominick Dellaera
    Dominick Dellaera2 måneder siden

    999k lmao views

    BLURF2 måneder siden

    Aye 999 view juice wrld 🙏

  • 4Rfamily !
    4Rfamily !2 måneder siden

    999k view

  • Shadi
    Shadi2 måneder siden

    Bruh im wheezing 🤣 more vlogs pls

  • No Scam
    No Scam2 måneder siden


    EDGAR CASTILLO2 måneder siden

    Tomy be watching anime

    XANNY2 måneder siden

    This is ash from pokimon lol

  • ProdByDumbass
    ProdByDumbass2 måneder siden

    6:51 aye bro me to

  • Markus Merkl
    Markus Merkl2 måneder siden

    yo where tf did u go bruh 😫

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez2 måneder siden

    Ur my fav cus ur chill

  • -Nat3 3pic gam3r-
    -Nat3 3pic gam3r-2 måneder siden

    Damn I can’t believe that Addison hit rice😬 hope u get better

  • Jeff Quan

    Jeff Quan

    2 måneder siden


  • Luke Finfrock
    Luke Finfrock2 måneder siden


  • Tom on keys
    Tom on keys2 måneder siden

    When's the legend coming bakx? 😔

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez2 måneder siden

    Adapt make a cooking video

  • Li Paongo
    Li Paongo2 måneder siden

    Faze adapt... where the f@#k are you? I just subscribed to your channel and your b!@#$ ass has stopped uploading... get your shit together bro daaaaammmmnnnnn

  • aiden williams
    aiden williams2 måneder siden

    faze adapt the type of...... BRO COMMON DO MORE I MISS THEM

  • Sidemen 1000
    Sidemen 10002 måneder siden

    I hate tiko

    PROGAMERJAY 992 måneder siden


  • Juan Abrica
    Juan Abrica2 måneder siden

    Yo ur in laroi part 3

  • Dennis T
    Dennis T2 måneder siden

    Damn.....Faze ain't the same.... Blazakin is a rapper adapt just abandoned his fans rain has has all that drug drama apex has dropped super low in views. Idk what happened to the others....... tbh it really hurts I think out of everyone Jev and Blaze have done the best. But on terms of Faze........Jev is the only real member left

  • zigity
    zigity2 måneder siden

    My mans Adapt has been stuck at 6.02mil for like a month now😭😭😭

  • 月SEHAJ
    月SEHAJ2 måneder siden


  • YVNG PABLO1544
    YVNG PABLO15442 måneder siden

    we need romvn to come back

  • Amatt
    Amatt2 måneder siden

    Alex U gonna hop on a verse with Laroi??

  • Icesee God
    Icesee God2 måneder siden

    Adopt post

  • Jameson Sawyer
    Jameson Sawyer2 måneder siden

    Faze Adapt I used to like you but after I watch the Tik Tok you made with Summer Rae I'm disappointed

  • Kyro
    Kyro2 måneder siden

    Damn money changes people man has so much money he doesn’t even upload anymore and when he uploads it’s just partying

  • MISTERrQ _
    MISTERrQ _2 måneder siden

    Faze went from trickshotting to drinking and partying

  • Matt Penza
    Matt Penza2 måneder siden

    Upload bussy

  • HaileyInTheBuilding
    HaileyInTheBuilding2 måneder siden

    why are yall saying faze ain’t the same they just growin up and living their lives chill

  • AquaLife
    AquaLife2 måneder siden


  • Gael Martinez
    Gael Martinez2 måneder siden

    Who else came here after watching modern warfare 2 crane shot?

  • mrdialtone
    mrdialtone2 måneder siden

    adapt wyaaaaa

  • Hdjdjsjj Jejejejejeje
    Hdjdjsjj Jejejejejeje2 måneder siden

    Bro this guy is so stupid man can be making sm money but decides not to dumbasss

  • Hdjdjsjj Jejejejejeje
    Hdjdjsjj Jejejejejeje2 måneder siden

    Upload u fucking twat

  • denrick
    denrick2 måneder siden

    am I the only one who came to see if he posted after he streamed?

  • Zarx
    Zarx2 måneder siden

    Faze isn’t the same anymore

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn2 måneder siden


  • Yassen Chill Out Cars
    Yassen Chill Out Cars2 måneder siden


  • Dilly VFX
    Dilly VFX2 måneder siden


  • Ethan Soobryan
    Ethan Soobryan2 måneder siden

    Why haven’t you been posting

  • Ryan Devine
    Ryan Devine2 måneder siden

    GO BACK TO GAMING PEOPLE WHO WANT YOU TO GO BACK so please go back man i use to always watch you after school but now its like your not the same hopefully you do even tho im 17 i would still watch brother.

  • DR silence
    DR silence2 måneder siden

    FaZe adapt the type of to think green means stop red means go in gtr

  • Moatz Saleh
    Moatz Saleh2 måneder siden


  • filhx
    filhx2 måneder siden

    Your my favourite faze member faze up

  • Infinity Gaming
    Infinity Gaming2 måneder siden

    7:02 pull it hard Ouch!! Uhhhh (high pitched)

  • Zodiac Clan
    Zodiac Clan2 måneder siden

    Make video about Faze Rain

    YOUNGMONEYBOYZENT2 måneder siden

    The ultimate sell outs

  • -ELITE -
    -ELITE -2 måneder siden


  • Phoenix Milburn
    Phoenix Milburn2 måneder siden

    get rid of that sinking ship rice gum

  • 幸福百年
    幸福百年2 måneder siden

    Biden's incest-type chart with a note: Fallen families are the CCP's best partners in blackmailing and using each other to sell out their country's interests together👉👉👉👉gnews.org/

  • Nick Suarez
    Nick Suarez2 måneder siden

    I miss videos like “that fart”

  • R4Gaming 78
    R4Gaming 782 måneder siden

    #Faze Flea

  • Ja Y
    Ja Y2 måneder siden

    I miss faze man

  • lil adam
    lil adam2 måneder siden

    adapt the type of guy to eat while he's sleeping.

  • Nathan Elliott
    Nathan Elliott2 måneder siden

    can i join faze

  • Moon Pact
    Moon Pact2 måneder siden

    People actually watch this shit voluntarily? Good lord..

  • Minty
    Minty2 måneder siden

    Faze justicul

  • Tank Tank
    Tank Tank2 måneder siden

    wya bro

  • JP The Goat
    JP The Goat2 måneder siden

    Yo bro I love your channel bro keep it up hope you can see me on NOlocal really hope you support but I been watching you while keep it up

  • Darien Farmer
    Darien Farmer2 måneder siden

    Yo Adapt whenz the new banger comin out

  • Spank 08
    Spank 082 måneder siden

    Your fr a white Ed from goodburger 🤣

  • Zac Wells
    Zac Wells2 måneder siden

    Adapt the kinda guy to bit post in 2 months btw BRING THAT SEERIES BAAAAACCKKK

  • Dizz
    Dizz2 måneder siden

    Jev is probably the most OG FaZe member that didn't let money change him.

  • BakaBrosAssistantAlpha
    BakaBrosAssistantAlpha2 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt the type of guy to put his phone upside down and type letters and think the letters are gonna be upside down

  • Axel Villatoro
    Axel Villatoro2 måneder siden

    In 2002 you guys played Mickey magical mirror

  • cxkhs
    cxkhs3 måneder siden

    Alex the type of guy to watch his "Meet FaZe Adapt" video to get to know himself more

  • V2music
    V2music3 måneder siden

    This nigga really hasn’t posted in 2 months

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez3 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to wear glasses so that way he can see real far

  • Lenny Ghost
    Lenny Ghost3 måneder siden

    Pls bring it back Adapt the type of guy to put a ruler on his bed to see how long he slept

    CARTELONLİNE3 måneder siden

    Arkadaslar mobil oyunları sizler için tanıtıyorum. Abone olup begenirseniz sevinirim.

  • Justin
    Justin3 måneder siden

    Where tf you at g

  • Corpse Son
    Corpse Son3 måneder siden

    Yo adapt I think you should make the old vids like kicked from faze and random kids fakeing them joining I know 1 you can do named FaZe Pancake

  • Itzaaron 09
    Itzaaron 093 måneder siden

    Why haven’t you posted in 2 months 😢

  • Mr. airsoft
    Mr. airsoft3 måneder siden

    Why he not posting anymore

  • MESSY360
    MESSY3603 måneder siden


  • MESSY360
    MESSY3603 måneder siden

    It’s been 5 years sense I watched faze adapt and there is no New York house wtf