A Psychic Predicts Our Love Life

We're trying to get better at dating in 2020, so we had a psychic stop by to predict our love lives!
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  • mfries121
    mfries1218 timer siden

    "1.) Health, survive the year it's gonna be harder than we think. Understatement of the yearrrrrr"

    SOFIA MAGNOLIA16 timer siden

    She knows

  • ZerFer XmYSTIC
    ZerFer XmYSTIC18 timer siden

    1:38 courtney and shayne are really the psychics in this video

  • Christian Green
    Christian GreenDag siden


  • ThsAirhead77
    ThsAirhead77Dag siden

    me watching in the future laughing at Courtney's list

  • Jackson Roberts
    Jackson RobertsDag siden

    Who else thought the smile in shaynes face brain looked like a nike logo

  • Muhammad Marey
    Muhammad Marey3 dager siden

    Courtney predicted how hard it would be to survive 2020. Looks like she was the psychic

  • Marc Johnsyl Babatu-on
    Marc Johnsyl Babatu-on3 dager siden

    I Do have a way to match these cards and what is said with both shayne and courtney. Let's start with Shayne's, The Double Gebo which is imbalance which could refer to the lines of Shayne could be enough for Courtney but not Vice Versa, Now onto Courtney's Card With her advice card which could refer To Angels are not real you have to make that person like you, Next card is Shaynes again with his future card which could refer to a Breakthrough a realization and He should not be trying to protect himself from people this could be someone that makes him realize something. There Are counterpieces like his not here right now which can also be argued with The real Shayne is not here or right now shayne is trying to protect himself and through the breakthrough he becomes the true him with no secrets. Although i made this incredibly long comment i Actually Don't support Shourtney because i want them to stay friends and not fall in love cus if a break up happens they will never loo at each other the same again

  • KaraSana
    KaraSana4 dager siden

    3:56 i thought shane wanted to have a King Crimson Stand

  • Thomas Brandner
    Thomas Brandner4 dager siden

    i don't want to disrespect anyone or upset people but how can anyone actually belive that? i mean most of the stuff that these psychic say is stuff that basically fits to every normal person. think about it..... "your futer partner is not here right now" or "in the past i see a break up... you are still learning things about yourself" again with shayne "someone broke your heart".... i mean duuhhh

  • GamingAmongUs GAU
    GamingAmongUs GAU4 dager siden

    All of Courtney's resolutions were literally IMPOSSIBLE in 2020 XD🤣🤣🤣

  • Polygon Animates
    Polygon Animates4 dager siden


  • Gracie B.
    Gracie B.4 dager siden

    Courtney: Health and Socializing Covid: lol

  • Gracie B.
    Gracie B.4 dager siden

    Courtney’s resolutions for 2020 is just all the stuff you can’t do with Covid. Nice Courtney. Nice.

  • Violetspider
    Violetspider5 dager siden

    It's so cringe for me, i can't take this seriously. 🤦

  • Burnea David
    Burnea David6 dager siden

    "Bad start of the year"if only she knew....

  • Matteo Lisi
    Matteo Lisi6 dager siden

    If they only knew what would be happening

  • Immortal Aura
    Immortal Aura6 dager siden

    Holy crap...if only they new

  • Baylee
    Baylee7 dager siden

    Courtney’s held up well for 2020

  • alyssa22
    alyssa227 dager siden

    Courtney saying "survive the year it's gonna be a lot harder than we think."... I was actually mind blown because the foreshadowing of that was absolutely insane.

  • -So called shad-
    -So called shad-7 dager siden

    Yeah- no that second one isn't gonna work-

  • Phil Vaive
    Phil Vaive7 dager siden

    Courtney and Shayne at 1:39 predicting the year

  • Doctor Knealetapus and The Saloonatics
    Doctor Knealetapus and The Saloonatics7 dager siden

    ........You guys remember at the beginning when Courtney said watch your health and 2020 will be harder than we think.......I think she's the true psychic in this video!

  • TWD Kenny 04
    TWD Kenny 048 dager siden

    Is Courtney psychic

  • childyeeter
    childyeeter8 dager siden

    “it’s zozo time guys” *how did they know*

  • Donny
    Donny8 dager siden

    I don't really think much of psychics, but he's just giving good life advice in general. Really nice to listen to

  • Payton Grant
    Payton Grant8 dager siden

    I remember when I could start connecting with people wirelessly

  • Ryan Wilkinson
    Ryan Wilkinson8 dager siden

    2020 “survive” I mean you’re not wrong

  • Aubrey Lloyd
    Aubrey Lloyd9 dager siden

    lol courtney in the begging that did not age well lol

  • Tony Sharbat
    Tony Sharbat9 dager siden

    Courtney being a psychic, in a video about a psychic. Girl, zozo was quite a thing

  • Alex Lasorsa
    Alex Lasorsa9 dager siden

    This video didn’t age well...

  • Chris
    Chris9 dager siden

    Courtney: its gonna be harder than you think Me after zozo is over: courtney is the true physic

  • Jose Sidfried Gacusan
    Jose Sidfried Gacusan9 dager siden

    i felt courtney's advice

  • Grace Reid
    Grace Reid9 dager siden

    When you come back to this episode January 2021 and realize how badly “Surviving the year is gonna be harder than you think” aged

  • Grace Reid

    Grace Reid

    9 dager siden

    Now on second thought, none of the resolutions really aged well...

  • Captain Emma Jones
    Captain Emma Jones10 dager siden

    Courtney: survive the year it's gonna be harder than we think everyone living in 2021: you have no idea!

  • The OutLawSessions
    The OutLawSessions10 dager siden

    Re watching this in 2021 please do this sort of video again

  • Fadhil Mauls
    Fadhil Mauls10 dager siden

    Damn court really predicted about the health stuff huh

    GALAXY REAPERSZ10 dager siden

    Courtney: This year is gonna be harder than you think Me in 2021: Well...

  • samuel
    samuel11 dager siden

    1:37 speaking of predicting, courtney literally predicted 2020

  • bleach a nice drink
    bleach a nice drink11 dager siden

    Harder year than anyone ever thought to survive

  • Big boy gui
    Big boy gui12 dager siden


  • Selengea Amarsanaa
    Selengea Amarsanaa12 dager siden

    Courtney just predicted 2020 by failing to write hha

  • sarifax Lol
    sarifax Lol13 dager siden

    shane´s lowkey stressed

  • Isabella
    Isabella13 dager siden

    "Someone from the industry" Ok hear me out I know the psychic said her partner isn't here right now but that could always mean like mentally or have feelings yet. Therefore SHAYNE is in the industry so SHARTNEY COULD HAPPEN!!!!!

  • Trynter Stiles - Tricking
    Trynter Stiles - Tricking13 dager siden

    1:41 you dont say......

  • garrondumont
    garrondumont13 dager siden

    I love how Courtney's handwriting is so much neater than Shane's, despite her using her left hand on a whiteboard. I'm left handed too, it's a struggle sometimes.

  • zombieNathan 05
    zombieNathan 0514 dager siden

    2020 Courtney Goals Health Well that didn’t age well

  • Eliphent in the fridge
    Eliphent in the fridge14 dager siden

    In the begging she said it's ganna be harder than you think A YAH IT WAS

  • Willow Rain06
    Willow Rain0614 dager siden

    2020 flipped Courtney off SO HARD Health: nah Connecting with others: NOPE Get off her phone: I can seriously doubt she got to that one🤣🤣

  • Utah Ruth
    Utah Ruth14 dager siden

    Health? Incorrect Communicating w/ others? INCORRECT

  • charming kkyu
    charming kkyu14 dager siden

    Courtney putting "health" as number one on her resolution was freakishly accurate and on the spot. And that "survive the year, it's gonna be harder that we think" statement was on point, just how-

  • Connor Jordan Cronk
    Connor Jordan Cronk14 dager siden

    *them making big goals for 2020* Little did they know...

  • T3ARDR0P 0909
    T3ARDR0P 090915 dager siden

    Cortney predicted it

  • T3ARDR0P 0909

    T3ARDR0P 0909

    15 dager siden

    I was also dumped around this time

  • Lilly Harpson
    Lilly Harpson15 dager siden

    I can’t believe she knew this would happen

  • gerard alipio
    gerard alipio15 dager siden

    Imagine if Courtney and Shayne got together

  • TheWyvernGamer
    TheWyvernGamer15 dager siden

    Courtney: i gotta connect with people! Me: just wait.

  • Julius Reyes
    Julius Reyes16 dager siden

    "it's gonna be harder than we think!" 1:42. This is 2020

  • Julius Reyes
    Julius Reyes16 dager siden

    If they only knew what's going to happen in 2020

  • Natasha Chiware
    Natasha Chiware16 dager siden

    Someone tried to break in my house. I beg you please mess up there life. Make them go prison for the rest of there life. I have nothing in my house so they would have broke in my house for nothing

  • MrTalented180
    MrTalented18016 dager siden

    1:40 - 1:45, I felt that

  • Simon M
    Simon M16 dager siden

    Courtney: in 2020 I wanna stay healthy and be connected with people 2020: stay inside and get sick

  • Robert McGuire
    Robert McGuire17 dager siden

    1:40 she was not wrong

  • Daniel Johnsen
    Daniel Johnsen18 dager siden

    Who else hoped Courtney's nr: 1 resolution would be "go mormon"

  • BabyJ710
    BabyJ71018 dager siden

    She’s waiting for Shane

  • Andrew Penn
    Andrew Penn18 dager siden

    1:40 Future Prediction

  • Name
    Name18 dager siden

    1:42 Cortney predicted the future

  • mikahlia
    mikahlia18 dager siden

    It’s January of 2021.... how did those resolutions come through?

  • Paralysis Demon
    Paralysis Demon19 dager siden

    Little did they know...

  • Doodle Doddle
    Doodle Doddle19 dager siden

    Haha they didn’t see it coming...

  • friendly neighborhood slav
    friendly neighborhood slav19 dager siden

    "Connecting with people" courtney you shouldn't have said that

  • Alexander Murdoch
    Alexander Murdoch20 dager siden

    Courtney: Survive the year - it's going to be harder than you think. Who is the REAL psychic in this episode, amirite?

  • McKenna Enos
    McKenna Enos20 dager siden

    Shayne straight up looked like he was about to start just SOBBING when he was being read

  • dragonguy-hub
    dragonguy-hub20 dager siden

    2:08 he knows!

  • cons g
    cons g20 dager siden

    "number 1 prediction for 2020: health" Well that didn't age well

  • Caleb Crawford
    Caleb Crawford21 dag siden

    So uh... yeah

  • Catherine Williams
    Catherine Williams22 dager siden

    bro nobody is mentioning the fact that the the physic said first child. implying more than one

  • mark bales
    mark bales22 dager siden

    That marker failing was the real start of 2020

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell23 dager siden

    Right before everything went tits up 😂😂

  • SagePlays
    SagePlays23 dager siden

    Shayne: acting very calm getting read Courtney: acting like a 7 year old getting there favorite present Me: ADULTS CAN BE KIDS TO!!

  • Cici Kitty
    Cici Kitty23 dager siden

    watching this in december of 2020 and realizing Courtney might be the true physic 😬

  • Hayden Maleybell
    Hayden Maleybell24 dager siden

    I love Courtney saying girls guys and nonbinary flys

  • Clara Schwartz
    Clara Schwartz27 dager siden

    1:40 Courtney predicts the future

  • The Wilsons
    The Wilsons27 dager siden

    Bruh the covid free days

  • kayla schulze
    kayla schulze29 dager siden

    the beginning of this video did not age well.

  • Radical Ty
    Radical TyMåned siden

    Your brain’s mess has probably increased by 100x by the end of 2020.

  • Crusher
    CrusherMåned siden

    Bring this bacc

  • Fomy kid
    Fomy kidMåned siden

    Courtney said at 1:29 this is a bad start of the year God looking up........ (God) "this is just the damn start"

  • SimmerAddicted
    SimmerAddictedMåned siden

    Corona really did no to their resolutions at the beginning fr

  • Raptor Studio
    Raptor StudioMåned siden

    Health good one for 2020

  • Witabit
    WitabitMåned siden

    "Bad start to the year"... oof it gets way worse

  • Aaron Galinsky
    Aaron GalinskyMåned siden

    lmao the first 5 minutes didn't age well

  • Aaron Simpson
    Aaron SimpsonMåned siden

    "Stay alive this year, it's gonna be harder than ya think" - Understatement of the decade

  • ReturnOf2008
    ReturnOf2008Måned siden

    Can they please do a reaction video to this at the end of this year? I want to see how they feel now :P

  • Aggie Lipinski
    Aggie LipinskiMåned siden

    Yeaaaahhhh watching the resolutions be talked about was rough- 2020 really came in strong right after this

  • Firimichi
    FirimichiMåned siden

    Sarah is like one of those kind of parents that dont allow child birth

  • Julie Messell
    Julie MessellMåned siden

    Watching this in december 2020 and hearing: Courtney: 1st resolution is health Shayne: stay alive Courtney: is going to be harder than you think guys! I was just thinking... you have no idea

  • patrickhasachannel
    patrickhasachannelMåned siden

    first off, I live the way Courtney says "focus" it makes me cackle. also, Shayne post-workout only feels like going to a psychic 🔮? that's easy, I want his meal plan lol

  • UVSV
    UVSVMåned siden

    Courtney: “this years gonna be harder then we think.” Me: 😢yes.........

  • Mattea B
    Mattea BMåned siden

    “It’s gonna be harder than we think” Courtney is the real psychic

  • Damian Flaig
    Damian FlaigMåned siden

    courtney deadass said she wanted to connect with people and covid said... "Nah fam".