A Really Really Really In-Depth Tesla Model 3 Tour


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  • kkimberly2004
    kkimberly200413 timer siden

    Does model Y have self-driving?

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    eliwjDag siden

    That is crazy you recorded a random accident! 🤭 Great video! Thanks for making!

  • chris martin
    chris martinDag siden

    The trash truck should of picked up the tesla as well....

  • Tom
    TomDag siden

    You can't run AC in a gas car with only battery. The car needs to be on for the ac to work.

  • Retirement Millions
    Retirement MillionsDag siden

    I love buy one a Tesla. save times and money then fit my gas car. Love it information. Thank you

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    TheGasMan _3 dager siden

    8:39 The Tesla is cool but it’s nothing when compared with this superior technology 🤠

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    The Innocent3 dager siden

    Thumbs up for a good laugh

  • Zachary Booth
    Zachary Booth3 dager siden

    getting my model 3 today. great video.

  • Blake634
    Blake6344 dager siden

    good luck brotha did i say good luck or no shoutout omar shoutout yoshi shoutout glove compartment and shoutout blender

  • Mo Asche
    Mo Asche4 dager siden

    I forgot the tap, on the ass

  • Alan Paul
    Alan Paul4 dager siden

    Thanks for this! Bought the Tesla and used your referral link after watching this. :)

  • Rahil Halai
    Rahil Halai4 dager siden

    I guess you should still carry that card because if your phone shuts off someday, oh boy, you're gonna have one hell of a hard time

  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez4 dager siden

    This is exactly the type of video I was looking for! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME 🙏🏼

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    Stuffnthings '5 dager siden

    I wunnu kick it with this guy and smoke a joint/Play Mario Kart.

  • Stacey's Girl
    Stacey's Girl5 dager siden

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  • David Blum
    David Blum6 dager siden

    What if someone steals your phone?

  • Sweating alex
    Sweating alex6 dager siden

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  • Michael Driskell
    Michael Driskell6 dager siden

    1:54 GO pedal!

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    DaFreed1236 dager siden

    Thank you!

    FROY_BOY PRODUCTIONS7 dager siden

    There are batteries in your car so I’m sure Tesla doesn’t want those batteries to heat up and explode lol. Regarding cabin protection lol

    FROY_BOY PRODUCTIONS7 dager siden

    @19:16 i just want to say. Thank you so much for going thru this! I have learned sooooo much more of what the Tesla’s have to offer and I’m actually excited to get one again now. Getting harder to decide with all these new electric cars coming into the market. I hope Tesla sees this because koodos are much deserved and such an informative video. Hope your CPMs are maxed on this vid. Thank you!

  • Amlin Jose
    Amlin Jose7 dager siden

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  • nabil Imran
    nabil Imran7 dager siden

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  • K.v H
    K.v H8 dager siden

    1:54 in fact, it's never a gas pedal in gasoline car, it's used to control amount of air going into the engine, not gas 😏

  • Jade Villagrana
    Jade Villagrana8 dager siden

    My mom have a Tesla…

  • Josef Vacek
    Josef Vacek8 dager siden

    I am buying a Model 3 in summer, and I might just use your referral code :) Thank you for the in-depth video, had a lot of fun and learned a lot too. Cheers from Czechia! (not Chechnya :D )

  • Human
    Human8 dager siden

    I'll make sure to use your referral link in like 5 years : )

  • ManuelV12 P
    ManuelV12 P8 dager siden

    you kinda look like elon musk

  • Sara Byrd
    Sara Byrd8 dager siden

    Thank you, this has been so informative, now I want a Tesla lol

  • Ghure Ashi
    Ghure Ashi8 dager siden

    amazing video Gene, nice description. Love your energy my friend. awesome video.

  • Carlita Gmail
    Carlita Gmail9 dager siden

    Awsome video lots of info!! My husband and I loved it and great sence of humor. We purchased the Y 2021 modle...and I ordered my Cybertruck so exited!! my husband is inlove with his Y modle and we are not tech-savvy but he is INLove with his Telsa Y Thanx we also used your code and got some great points two charge and it came in handy since it took us some time for the plug to be installed at our place. Thanx for taking the time to help us out😁✌🇨🇦From Toronto Canada Ontario 🇨🇦 Take Care😷 P S..perfect for our Courier Service Business Driving 12 to 13 hr days!!...#TeslaY..Rocks✌

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    H D9 dager siden

    Amazing video man! Didn’t even feel like 50 min

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    Jeffrey Adorkor9 dager siden

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    Myles Dobson10 dager siden

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    yossi465211 dager siden

    Preparing for my model 3 that will arrive in 2030 cuz im poor

  • John Shultz
    John Shultz11 dager siden

    Potato Jet- good to see you branching out!

  • Sven van Wier
    Sven van Wier11 dager siden

    spares are outdated buy some of the spray in foam stuff to get you home..

  • Bijan Izadi
    Bijan Izadi11 dager siden

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  • TheBarking2
    TheBarking211 dager siden

    I’m really into music, when I’m driving eating, showering, working out. That’s the one thing you didn’t touch on. How’s the sound system?

  • TheBarking2
    TheBarking211 dager siden

    I’ve watched a few videos on Tesla, what they like Dont like about the car. But this video is by far the most informative. From beginning to end it’s just knowledge, I’ve been driving Mercedes for 26 years and I think it’s time for a change. There’s nothing about Tesla besides the spear tires I don’t understand. The car just makes sense.

  • TESLAsimon
    TESLAsimon11 dager siden

    There is 8 cameras there is recording from the DashCam at all times

  • AKTo TheEEL
    AKTo TheEEL11 dager siden

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  • L LLatham
    L LLatham11 dager siden

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  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary11 dager siden

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  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary11 dager siden

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  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary11 dager siden

    Wow.. so you don’t have to watch over your car, your car watches over you👀

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary11 dager siden

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  • Lowkeys
    Lowkeys12 dager siden

    Really need some time stamps. Great video tho

  • Gibbet Hoskins
    Gibbet Hoskins12 dager siden

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  • Sr.
    Sr.12 dager siden

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  • Da Koning
    Da Koning12 dager siden

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  • Noba Hang Limbu
    Noba Hang Limbu12 dager siden

    Am i the only one who is watching for general knowledge only. No intention of buying 😂

  • Da Koning
    Da Koning12 dager siden

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  • Brady Lanter
    Brady Lanter12 dager siden

    Thanks for going through all of the manual and features. It helps me understand quite a bit about the car prior to purchasing … only used for me … ha

  • Catherine Haynes
    Catherine Haynes13 dager siden

    You’re the best! I was having a crappy night watched your video & you cheered me up, you’re so cute & clever. Thanks for alllllllll the info.

  • David Moylan
    David Moylan13 dager siden

    Thanks for such a detailed video. I’d love to see a video specifically on the entertainment, ie: what music and streaming options are available. Also would love to know how Siri can be activated for sending and receiving text messages. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

  • Simon Matthews
    Simon Matthews13 dager siden

    Great video & I am tempted for they look incredible 🙏😊👍

  • Unlunarized
    Unlunarized14 dager siden

    can't wait until I own one

  • Max Myzer
    Max Myzer14 dager siden

    6:29 the Tesla emergency kit which you can get from Tesla online i think has a tire repair kit 7:30 you can also get a bed kit (not from tesla, but made to fit one) 9:40 the new center console is even better

  • Roberto Carta
    Roberto Carta14 dager siden

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  • SharpeGamer
    SharpeGamer14 dager siden

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  • JJS
    JJS14 dager siden

    Incorrect about the parking brake. You press the end of the stalk forms seconds and it applies the parking brake. Try it out!

  • rafael diaz
    rafael diaz14 dager siden

    I think they miss a FAST ETHERNET PORT in case of emergency D/L.

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez15 dager siden

    Hey Gene, just thought I should comment because even though Tesla’s don’t come with a spare tire, you do get roadside assistance included with the basic warranty. In case of a flat you can call the number for a mobile tech to replace you with a loaner wheel!

  • ymarin1
    ymarin115 dager siden

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    Husky TV15 dager siden

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  • Husky TV
    Husky TV15 dager siden

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  • Asif Hussain
    Asif Hussain15 dager siden

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  • Peace Ninja
    Peace Ninja16 dager siden

    I don't own a Tesla (yet) but I have a question for yall Tesla owners. Couple weeks ago I was on my way up to Fresno from Hesperia. I got the i15N to the 58W. Right before Tahachapi pass, the highway was at a complete shutdown from heavy snow. There were trucks and cars parked on the middle of the highway as well as on the shoulder from what I'm only guessing they spent the night there. What would you do if your Tesla is low on battery in a situation like this?

  • Kyle Kristian
    Kyle Kristian16 dager siden

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  • rafael diaz
    rafael diaz16 dager siden

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    Toe's Technology16 dager siden

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  • Toe's Technology
    Toe's Technology16 dager siden

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  • GG Garry
    GG Garry16 dager siden

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    Dag siden

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    Steve Graham18 dager siden

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    CarterPlays18 dager siden

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  • CarterPlays
    CarterPlays18 dager siden

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    Russ Billard18 dager siden

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  • MrCoffis
    MrCoffis18 dager siden

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  • MrCoffis


    18 dager siden

    @pixelgaming4k Ah ok I see. So it powers the vital parts of the car.

  • pixelgaming4k


    18 dager siden

    If the main battery is empty it powers the charging controllers

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