A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege | The New Yorker

Luke Mogelson followed Trump supporters as they forced their way into the U.S. Capitol, using his phone’s camera as a reporter’s notebook.

Read more of Luke Mogelson's original report, “Among the Insurrectionists"
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A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege | The New Yorker


  • Charlie
    Charlie3 timer siden

    US Navy: chilling in their submarines

  • Bradley Loveland
    Bradley Loveland3 timer siden

    buncha idiots~

  • Julia Autry
    Julia Autry4 timer siden

    "There's got to be something in here to use against these f***ers!" Dude, no need to photograph, it's called the Congressional Record. You can order one. These mensa members haven't even a modicum of understanding of how government works. 🤦‍♀️

  • Andy Russell
    Andy Russell4 timer siden

    Hmm🤔 saw someone making The university of Texas proud, hookem ,you jackass

  • P Davison
    P Davison7 timer siden

    This is an embarrassment. The thin veneer of civilization is shown. I would rather live in a military dictatorship than an anarchy with these sort of idiots in charge. The “Q Shaman “needs to go to a mental institution. The police are complete wimps.

  • cbz 211
    cbz 2117 timer siden

    Gotta hand it to everyone involved in the raid that takes huge balls

  • Mituki HonJap
    Mituki HonJap13 timer siden

    These ppl r loony AF 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Frankie O
    Frankie O14 timer siden

    They make me want to vomit, these people are TREPUBLICANS

  • Jay M
    Jay MDag siden

    If politicians took invasion of the country (esp along s. border) as seriously as that of their Building, this 'riot' wouldn't have occurred. Ignoring it for years and years, incited this.

  • maestrorage2004
    maestrorage2004Dag siden

    Colorized (2021)

  • L C
    L CDag siden

    they guy saying `you cant be disrespectful´ is the problem. You dont give leftists flowers

  • vivian wu
    vivian wu2 dager siden

    “There’s gotta be something we can use against these scumbags” (Cracks open binder) "Oh wait, I never learned how to read."

  • NurseWitchYugi
    NurseWitchYugi2 dager siden

    These look like the kind of guys to spend all their free time arguing with teenagers on Twitter

  • LunaticCash55
    LunaticCash552 dager siden

    6:45 why tf is the cop not doing anything?

  • LunaticCash55
    LunaticCash552 dager siden

    2:34 the fact they think they're peaceful is discusting

  • oya? oya oya? oya oya oya?
    oya? oya oya? oya oya oya?2 dager siden

    the cops on the floor really like *"can yall please leave?? pwease? this is like the sacwedest place uwu?"*

  • a baker
    a baker2 dager siden

    Looks like LUKE "stormed the capitol" as well

  • Soldier TF2
    Soldier TF22 dager siden

    *knock knock* Who’s there? AMERICA!!!!!!

  • Soldier TF2
    Soldier TF22 dager siden

    USA USA!!!!!!! USA USA!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!! USSSSSSAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Walker
    Karen Walker2 dager siden

    Do the idiots who want to close down Newsmax or OAN really want to kiss off us Republicans off MORE??

  • TheGreatestMatt #1
    TheGreatestMatt #13 dager siden

    They look like they were the kids that dressed up in army gear and waved around fake AK’s

  • Landon Austin
    Landon Austin3 dager siden

    4:40: "we can't be disrespectful" Come again?

  • Evan Garvey
    Evan Garvey3 dager siden

    Therapists are going to be making big bucks in the upcoming decades.

  • John Paul Herrera
    John Paul Herrera3 dager siden

    *His **_objection_* *He was gonna sell us out all along.* If you ever feel stupid, watch that clip.

  • William W
    William W3 dager siden

    3:36 Trevor Phillips is that you?

  • Stroyer
    Stroyer3 dager siden

    It's the IO of war we can't lose the IO of war

  • roy boy
    roy boy3 dager siden

    That I clearly staged by the left

  • Augustus Caine
    Augustus Caine3 dager siden


  • Family Fun R.C.
    Family Fun R.C.3 dager siden

    Live how the media calls this a riot. But all last summer. It's a peaceful protest. Thank God this ain't BLM or antifa. Because the capital would be burning.

  • Afro Highborn
    Afro Highborn3 dager siden

    Their accents sound so savage hahaha.

  • Michael Anstis
    Michael Anstis3 dager siden

    Can we find out how Officer Sicknick died?

  • White Weaker
    White Weaker3 dager siden

    D Trump and all his family screwed his supporting rioters (and the ones that died) at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words. -- Once his reputation is in danger, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming -- -- Trump supporters are IDIOTS who dont do enough research about him, he's just another Walter mitty --

  • Herald
    Herald3 dager siden

    "F the blue! F the blue!" What do you mean? Police officers? Democrats? The colour of the square in the stars and stripes? The colour of the sky? The electoral voters colour?

  • djaye
    djaye4 dager siden


  • Gina hi Gayle
    Gina hi Gayle4 dager siden

    Guess whst america showwwwwwed up🤣😂😅😁😆🤣

  • Alan Chen
    Alan Chen4 dager siden

    These dumbasses don't know wtf their doing

  • Katie Matkowski
    Katie Matkowski4 dager siden

    I hope all these traitors are not only sentenced to max sentences, but have to face God himself when their time comes for their crimes against humanity.

  • P Verg
    P Verg4 dager siden

    Between all of them there are a total of two brain cells, and they are fighting.

  • PC Medic
    PC Medic4 dager siden

    How can you not spot the paid trolls?

  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez4 dager siden

    a bunch of inbred fucks

  • 死Death
    死Death4 dager siden

    People get mad at the police but what you gonna do in that situation. Even in regular scenarios they pull out, reform, then come back coordinated

  • 死Death
    死Death4 dager siden

    Wonder if the guy in the animal headgear got in trouble lol

  • Kreig Alm
    Kreig Alm4 dager siden

    Look up ‘Everything wrong with the Capitol shooting in 21 minutes or less’ C’mon Nance Look into it..

  • π
    π4 dager siden

    populismo de derecha señores

  • Lieutenant Dan
    Lieutenant Dan4 dager siden

    When its time to go to war with Antifa and BLM, we will be ready.

  • Lieutenant Dan
    Lieutenant Dan4 dager siden


  • cardamom miami
    cardamom miami4 dager siden

    Ellos no son USA vienen de una caverna ?

  • Lorraine Syph
    Lorraine Syph4 dager siden


  • Nathaniel Duverge
    Nathaniel Duverge4 dager siden

    This is a super great demonstration on the folly of respectability politics. "Let's break in and terrorize the capitol but be respectful about it"

  • Max Power
    Max Power4 dager siden

    These are true heroes! Not like the thugs that burned, looted, and terrorized cities all summer long.

  • Morriezel Powe
    Morriezel Powe5 dager siden

    Imagine what would have Happened. 5 minutes later if they were Colored Folk.

  • Lieutenant Dan

    Lieutenant Dan

    4 dager siden

    Colored folk burned down Portland and Seattle. All were released by the prosecutor.

  • High Long General Entertainment Channel
    High Long General Entertainment Channel5 dager siden


  • lynn farley
    lynn farley5 dager siden

    Mean while - that fuc# n A guy is still rotting in the slammer.

  • Jer W
    Jer W5 dager siden

    maga maggots

  • turbotime1964
    turbotime19645 dager siden

    These seditionists disgraced America

  • Mr. BooYa

    Mr. BooYa

    4 dager siden

    The Left is not America.

  • Menachem Thornton
    Menachem Thornton5 dager siden

    Freedom fighters 🇺🇸💪🏻

  • angel rodriguez
    angel rodriguez5 dager siden

    Look at these nutz

  • Rick W
    Rick W5 dager siden

    More than half of this seems staged and is extremely inaccurate in how Republicans have behaved thus far with everything the left has done. It seems like an attempt at making us all look like crazy people, Republicans are not the ones who have been behaving like Barbarians, out in the streets yelling and goofing off like total morons. These aren't Patriots, they're paid bad actors.

  • VeroMithril
    VeroMithril5 dager siden

    *Conspiracy theory is just recycled religious mindset* Leverage on gullibility, that's it



    3 dager siden

    say more I feel u

  • basti vargas
    basti vargas5 dager siden

    Republicans didn’t want to punish the responsible. How horrible

  • Rodger A. Curbelo
    Rodger A. Curbelo5 dager siden

    That guy in the crazy costume, took things too far.

  • NA - 06RV 853920 Erin Centre MS
    NA - 06RV 853920 Erin Centre MS5 dager siden

    Not gonna lie this was funny 0:35

  • S D
    S D5 dager siden

    Definitely staged. Trump supporters wouldn’t do this. They never have backpacks and such. Otherwise they couldn’t get in the rally. I see Pelosi’s son in law.

  • Mr. BooYa

    Mr. BooYa

    4 dager siden

    You're a real one.

  • Domonic Ballard
    Domonic Ballard5 dager siden

    "I'm sorry your honor President Donald J Trump told me to do it".🤣🤣

  • Victor Bernier

    Victor Bernier

    2 dager siden

    No the democrats did but nice try

  • Jay Jonson

    Jay Jonson

    3 dager siden

    Quertefia style

  • David Conrad
    David Conrad5 dager siden

    The Felony Murder Doctrine could be applied to ALL who took part in the invasion, destruction and attack on public officers and officials that occurred in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. The Federal Murder statute states " Any death which occurs during the commission of a felony is first degree murder, and all participants in that felony or attempted felony can be charged with and found guilty of murder." Since a death took place, ALL who were on site , in the building must be charged. Cell phones can be triangulated by the NSA to place owners inside the Capitol. Rule of Law must be upheld.

  • King Kayode
    King Kayode5 dager siden

    Domestic terrorists, plain and simple.

  • Wolverine


    5 dager siden

    Do you also condemn BLM and Antifa?

  • Bee Walk34
    Bee Walk345 dager siden

    100% Cult behavior

  • Astro Kid Jip
    Astro Kid Jip5 dager siden

    Smh I guess we became a 3rd world country over night 🤷‍♂️ Shameful asf yo talking about "dont sit in the chair dont wanna be disrespectful" They Dumb asf

  • Maurice A
    Maurice A5 dager siden

    Fast Forward, One Month Later the GOP thinks that this is and was OK, no accountability 🙄

  • Brad Reid
    Brad Reid5 dager siden

    I like how the crazy guy with the horns still knows how lame selfies are but decides this is the time to make an exception.

  • Christina Jenkins
    Christina Jenkins5 dager siden

    Nancy put walls around the capitol yet she complains about walls at the border.

  • jed 83
    jed 836 dager siden

    I bet that prayer at the end really pissed you liberals off.

  • Александр Микрюков
    Александр Микрюков6 dager siden

    Дурости больше чем дела. Менты тоже стоят яйца жамкают. Захотели бы шишки протестующих бы с говном смешали. Постановка для доверчивых, чтобы Трампа подставить

  • maryann ortiz
    maryann ortiz6 dager siden

    Trump had nothing to do with these idiot's an if you think he did than the fake media has you brainwashed !!!!

  • Devon Krishnaswami

    Devon Krishnaswami

    6 dager siden

    I don’t need to say anything becuase luckily Biden is still president. Celebrate with me #Biden

  • Don
    Don6 dager siden

    Not MAD respect for one of the guys, but an ounce of.. ‘respect’ to the guy saying “this isn’t our stuff, we can’t be disrespectful” (even though he broke into the capital)

  • Decimation Jones
    Decimation Jones6 dager siden

    Lames quoting movies, lol

  • John Murie
    John Murie6 dager siden

    I am Q and you people Do Not represent what the movement is based on by Improper Vandalism. Where was the Order? If I was there I would have Shot my Son, Martha's Son in the KNEE Terminator Style. P.S Both Knees.

  • валерий федоров
    валерий федоров6 dager siden

    America's wealth is built on the humiliation and slave labor of black people. Until the mid-60s, blacks generally had limited rights. Think of Angela Davis. She is an icon of the struggle for black rights, a living legend.

  • Eddie Williams
    Eddie Williams6 dager siden

    They should have burned this god-forsaken place down

  • Ryan Matzinger
    Ryan Matzinger6 dager siden

    there house s c

  • janice sykes
    janice sykes6 dager siden

    Do they really thing that Trump's supporters are this stupid. Anyone with an IQ if 70 can clearly see that this is a show.

  • Toppat Clan Leader
    Toppat Clan Leader6 dager siden

    Image if someone threw a Granade into there and just everyone starts running then they can't get past each over then BOOM, That would probably be the end of the riot when they realise their not messing around

  • Roger ROBLOX
    Roger ROBLOX6 dager siden

    No STOP 😲😓 STOP

  • STEEVIE cd
    STEEVIE cd6 dager siden

    They are anti fa

  • Sniperboygamer YT
    Sniperboygamer YT6 dager siden

    "Where the f---k Are they" the word of the day 0:05

  • Ana GMoreno
    Ana GMoreno7 dager siden

    What a disgrace......

  • Tom Godwin
    Tom Godwin7 dager siden

    12345 (security points at himself) one. inserection? Why didnt they kill that guy?

  • Tom Godwin
    Tom Godwin7 dager siden


  • Tom Godwin
    Tom Godwin7 dager siden

    6:21 where is the emergency?🇺🇸🙄

  • Tom Godwin
    Tom Godwin7 dager siden

    What government calls inserection. Citizens call revolution🇺🇸

  • Tom Godwin
    Tom Godwin7 dager siden


  • Betsy Ross
    Betsy Ross7 dager siden

    This is such an obvious set up by the Democrats. Just watch the video, they are bad actors. They have already linked it to the Democrat supported Antifa, and BLM. Proud Boys are also an army made up by the Democrats. Because Trump never does anything illegal, they always have to make crap up.

  • Grace Alarcio
    Grace Alarcio7 dager siden

    Guess what they all karen

  • Grace Alarcio
    Grace Alarcio7 dager siden

    They say god gave them opportunity Me:Its Satan that gave you opportunity

  • mikei
    mikei7 dager siden

    This is something out of a British satire film meant to make fun of America lmao

  • Overthemoon
    Overthemoon7 dager siden

    when one of bozos said..”it’s only a matter of time when justice is coming..” lol, they have no idea FBI is coming soon

  • Cephalus Shen
    Cephalus Shen7 dager siden

    MOB (n.) a disorderly crowd of people who lucid dream without reality checks

  • Poop Newman
    Poop Newman7 dager siden

    Complete Shittards

  • Kadir Dilmen
    Kadir Dilmen7 dager siden

    Yaaaaaaaaaeeeaaeeaeaeaeaeeaea lol

  • Johnny TH
    Johnny TH7 dager siden

    As a kid I used to watch a lot of zombie movies, but I always thought it was ridiculous that a horde of mindless humanoids could win a war against the government. I no longer think it's unrealistic...