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  • Victor Dimaso
    Victor Dimaso6 dager siden

    Around 4:45 editing got weird lool

  • Luke Fletcher
    Luke Fletcher11 dager siden

    Niakhate and banega

  • harry welch
    harry welch11 dager siden

    Mats whatta brew was so much funny need have turns 😂

  • patrick connaughton
    patrick connaughton11 dager siden

    How much is totw aubameang atm

  • Oliver Blake
    Oliver Blake11 dager siden

    I got merit and banega

  • Coby_x
    Coby_x12 dager siden

    How do you get your pack in the vid?

  • Jack Boyle
    Jack Boyle12 dager siden

    Matt's what a brew just didnt feel the same

  • Jack Court
    Jack Court12 dager siden

    Maldini is nothing to be excited about now 😂

  • James microwave
    James microwave12 dager siden

    Hierro is the biggest fraud on this game, dont waste your time with him, made me lose so many games , cant wait to put him in an sbc

  • Instinx on YouTube
    Instinx on YouTube12 dager siden

    Watch from 5:35 with playback speed x2 it is the funniest thing ever

  • Yourdadslipstick
    Yourdadslipstick12 dager siden

    Mad have you done rooney?????

  • Zak Sandhu
    Zak Sandhu12 dager siden

    matt ruined the whole what a brew embarrasing

  • Amunei
    Amunei12 dager siden

    Matt you should get inform neymar or prime moments puskas

  • Rashed Harizi
    Rashed Harizi12 dager siden

    It’s not lukaku it’s BOLINGOLI

  • Darragh Casey
    Darragh Casey12 dager siden

    Anyone else get the jet 2 add in the middle of the what a brew

  • Rah33m
    Rah33m12 dager siden

    Is super Sunday ever coming back?

  • SAC Gaming
    SAC Gaming12 dager siden

    What a Brewster

  • Gaming Giant
    Gaming Giant12 dager siden

    Matt is so bad at fifa it's so funny

  • totty face
    totty face12 dager siden

    Why has matt done what a brew this time😂

  • Big chaz ketaminho
    Big chaz ketaminho12 dager siden

    9:10 maldini??

  • Tomos Lewis
    Tomos Lewis12 dager siden

    I got llorente from the 10 wins the banega from 16 wins

  • Will Boyton
    Will Boyton12 dager siden

    I got Llorente he’s so solid

    ANDY BALL12 dager siden

    Matt future star bastoni and prime koeman r the cbs u need pal

  • Logan. W
    Logan. W12 dager siden

    I got Aubameyang from my 10 wins lol

  • Ethan John
    Ethan John12 dager siden

    Matt your two cb need to be red joe gomez and Rio. Mathias at cdm is hosted

  • Ethan John

    Ethan John

    12 dager siden


  • Elliot Fox
    Elliot Fox12 dager siden

    C’mon get rid of varane and mendy so unoriginal

  • Ryan Allkins
    Ryan Allkins12 dager siden

    When I got 16 wins my 1 of 4 player pick I got aubameyang

  • Lawsyboy2014
    Lawsyboy201412 dager siden

    Why does Matt wear his headset the wrong way

  • Luis Robinson
    Luis Robinson12 dager siden

    9:05 yeah because maldini plays golf

  • Charlie Staff
    Charlie Staff12 dager siden

    My account got disabled permanently, watching this is painful to watch... 😖

  • TOMTHEBOMB987 Official
    TOMTHEBOMB987 Official12 dager siden

    Muriel and he is an insane super sub

  • Alican Sayar
    Alican Sayar12 dager siden

    Matt is genuinely the worst player I’ve ever seen. Struggles to hit gold 3/2 with that team. His gameplay is also horrific🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lipidz EU

    Lipidz EU

    12 dager siden

    and he calls eusebio bad I dont understand

  • allie
    allie12 dager siden

    Or right back

  • allie
    allie12 dager siden

    Kurzawa left back

  • Luis Rosas
    Luis Rosas12 dager siden

    dont take lloris out he doesn’t rub back trust me

  • Brandon Choi
    Brandon Choi13 dager siden

    bruh, just take out zola and put in eusebio

  • NoobGamer 15
    NoobGamer 1513 dager siden

    I got Ucl messi in my 82+ 25 pack

  • BraczxYT
    BraczxYT13 dager siden

    9:03 maldini played golf I guess

  • Bobby Geldof
    Bobby Geldof13 dager siden

    Chris try areola in nets he’s insane

  • Carlton678
    Carlton67813 dager siden

    Got Lukaku in the 10wins player picks

  • Carlton678


    12 dager siden

    Omg it's the real bolingoli



    12 dager siden


  • audio


    12 dager siden


  • ImTheRealDeal
    ImTheRealDeal13 dager siden

    Them opening other ppls packs and not there own is a main reason why I stopped watching, and you can tell there going for a certain age group with all these what a brews and bad acting

  • Olly C

    Olly C

    12 dager siden

    well ur watching this one lol

  • ParkinsonHD
    ParkinsonHD13 dager siden

    Can’t wait for night clubs to open so I can do the Hugo son dance

  • Owen Petrucci
    Owen Petrucci13 dager siden

    I got mid Eto out of my mid icon pack very good pull!

  • CJ09-
    CJ09-13 dager siden

    Maldini invisible?

  • Tom Fairclough
    Tom Fairclough13 dager siden

    Grinded all weekend for a mid icon pack and got 88 pires, 150k for an icon thanks ea

  • Kryptic Mitch
    Kryptic Mitch13 dager siden

    I want to see you 2 do a 1v1 against each other anyone with me

  • Cameron Perry
    Cameron Perry13 dager siden

    91 plus icon pack wtfff

  • PrxceyyFIFA
    PrxceyyFIFA13 dager siden

    Matt you wanted the mid gullit I got him today in a mid or prime icon pack CRACKING PLUR MATE

  • Jake Monroe
    Jake Monroe13 dager siden

    Imagine not grinding swaps for 6 hours for the 81 and 82 pack so that you can get fodder for the mid or prime sbc and getting prime vieri😳

  • Jack Mervyn
    Jack Mervyn13 dager siden

    is chris autistic lads, no hate Iove the guy btw😭

  • TheProdigy
    TheProdigy13 dager siden

    Matt! I have base Eusebio benched too, he makes so many mistake an I have no idea why!

  • andy 0128
    andy 012813 dager siden

    Only Matt could play Bruno Fernandes at centre back 😂

  • Connor Jones YouTube
    Connor Jones YouTube13 dager siden

    Chris you're forgetting about Maldini he's the best cb in the game

  • Fifa 21 Squad builder
    Fifa 21 Squad builder13 dager siden

    Mid Eusebio on the bench🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Joe Piotrowski
    Joe Piotrowski13 dager siden

    Got auba from 10 wins

  • Void stiles
    Void stiles13 dager siden

    I got prime cruyff😭😭😭

  • Daniel Hewitt
    Daniel Hewitt13 dager siden

    Well done on g1 Chris

  • Máttis
    Máttis13 dager siden

    I think Mat’s wat a brew is underrated.

  • Eoghan Doherty
    Eoghan Doherty13 dager siden

    I packed prime Eric cantona from my icon pack so buzzing

  • Neeblers
    Neeblers13 dager siden

    ‘Played 3 games on my 60 inch tv’ what a knobheaaaad

  • StavFPS
    StavFPS13 dager siden

    i got ndidi and stones from the extra picks gassed

  • Mc
    Mc13 dager siden

    Chris you’ve clearly not used toty Ramos And toty vvd beside each other that’s the best cb partnership for sure hahah

  • AJC music
    AJC music13 dager siden

    I done the mid or prime icon pack and got prime puskas I couldn’t believe it

  • Itz_ethultoes
    Itz_ethultoes13 dager siden

    I think Chris should try kimpembes inform

  • Kyle Richardson
    Kyle Richardson13 dager siden

    OoHhh my Goh I’ve juS paCkd RonAh-

  • Archie Wylie
    Archie Wylie13 dager siden

    Did both icon packs today got scholes and lineker 👍

  • Gabriel Elvis
    Gabriel Elvis13 dager siden

    i got marcos llorente and a rubbish 81

  • Jack Lloyd
    Jack Lloyd13 dager siden


  • Kai 1
    Kai 113 dager siden

    Matt your players aren’t the problem you are you just have to face that’s your bad

  • Daniell Lovell
    Daniell Lovell13 dager siden

    Red lukaku !!

  • Shshhs Shshhz
    Shshhs Shshhz13 dager siden

    Matt can’t what a brew he ruins it

  • D4XR3N
    D4XR3N13 dager siden

    The best thing about this video is that sound effect hitting the post! Killed me that hahahaha

  • Tokyo
    Tokyo13 dager siden

    Matt had the same issue back in fifa 17 he blamed his team and he had inform lukaku guilt and suarez and many other insane players excuse me if I spelled these players wrong but you get the point, he complained about them he finally addressed a comment that said this and said maybe it’s not the players, it’s himself he needs to aceptar that his skill level needs to improve and stand accountable for his skill and mistakes instead of blaming his team😅

  • Josh Spencer
    Josh Spencer13 dager siden

    For 10 got lorrente n packed blanc prime the night before btw love these vids

  • Braydon coady
    Braydon coady13 dager siden

    Get Inform Lingard and get rid of Eusebio

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray13 dager siden

    Chris just destroyed Mat’s attempt at what a brew lol

  • just Clutch
    just Clutch13 dager siden

    Mat: uhh wHat a bru Chris: what a bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Sam Ryder
    Sam Ryder13 dager siden

    I got Lukaku

  • sneaky spiders
    sneaky spiders13 dager siden

    You can't stop the shine of bollingolie🌈

  • Zouma
    Zouma13 dager siden

    try marksman on eusebio

  • Jcarbs 07
    Jcarbs 0713 dager siden

    I love mat but benching eusbio you know your teams to good to bench him😂

  • Dr. Alexei
    Dr. Alexei13 dager siden

    Well Maldini is really the best Italian to get.

  • Josh Gill
    Josh Gill13 dager siden

    Matt stfu.

  • Alex Bonnington
    Alex Bonnington13 dager siden

    To be fair Matt's what a brew was funny😂😂😂

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray13 dager siden

    Jelly of that red stones Chris

  • My My name
    My My name13 dager siden

    Anyone know what Chris finished in fur champs

  • Jack Brookfield
    Jack Brookfield13 dager siden

    Who else misses super sundays

  • umar khankhara
    umar khankhara13 dager siden

    I got ndidi red and in my champs rewards I got llorentte and stones

  • James haha
    James haha13 dager siden

    Crackinnnnnnnn plerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Conor McGuinness
    Conor McGuinness13 dager siden

    Matt doing what a brew made me feel uncomfortable

  • Mikkel Horsdahl
    Mikkel Horsdahl13 dager siden

    Chris you forget Maldini

  • Movie Box
    Movie Box13 dager siden

    Does Chris know who Maldini is?

  • Aseq
    Aseq13 dager siden

    Zola over eusibio?

  • Sidney Clark
    Sidney Clark13 dager siden

    i know there was a few icon L’s but i got mid giggs from my mid or prime and he’s my 5th icon pack this year without getting a 500k+ icon. i’m a gold 1 player and my best red has been parejo and i dunno if i can be bothered with fifa anymore 😔. Love the content tho guys

  • Oliwier Zwawiak

    Oliwier Zwawiak

    13 dager siden

    Don’t play the game just to get an insane team, play it to enjoy it otherwise you will end up like Matt playing Zola over Eusebio

  • Will Davidson
    Will Davidson13 dager siden

    I got aubameyang red picks

  • Pablo Marjot
    Pablo Marjot13 dager siden

    I actually got prime puskas in my icon pack if u think real like the comment and cmon syncsquad i wouldnt lie to you guys fr im part of it myself

  • Daire Martin
    Daire Martin13 dager siden

    I packed 89 aubameyang in party bag then got 88 in 10 win pick

  • n r
    n r13 dager siden

    Why does Chris act like a crackhead at the start but then is off crack at the end

  • Harry Doherty
    Harry Doherty13 dager siden

    Show more champs games

  • Abbas Rafiq
    Abbas Rafiq13 dager siden

    So just seen matts bench and has mostly icons and aubameyang and then you see a non rare bronze sitting there waiting for a call up to the team 😂