Acting Out Courtney's High School TV Script

Courtney wrote a TV script when she was in high school, so we had to act it out!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit4 måneder siden

    The Riverdale writer's room has been real quiet since we dropped this...



    2 måneder siden

    Anybody wonder if actors could make a bad script good? Like I know these guys are good actors and shit, but like they are cold reading this. I wonder if they could take a bad script, prepare and rehearse, and see if they could make it remotely cool o.o weird thought

  • Max Sotelo

    Max Sotelo

    3 måneder siden


  • You don’t need to know my name, so STOP IT

    You don’t need to know my name, so STOP IT

    3 måneder siden

    👀 Is that so?........

  • Caitlyn Nevin

    Caitlyn Nevin

    4 måneder siden

    Y'all better not just leave us on a cliff hanger like this. When is there going to be a part two?

  • Avami Gacha

    Avami Gacha

    4 måneder siden

    No this is Riverdale but a lot more crappier.

  • Gracee Garcia
    Gracee Garcia14 timer siden

    What if I recreated this with my friends?

  • crypp
    cryppDag siden


  • Emily-Grace Simons
    Emily-Grace SimonsDag siden


  • Emily-Grace Simons
    Emily-Grace SimonsDag siden

    Shayne’s acting skills are one word. Incredible. Also, can we all just laugh about how funny Jackie was when she was “listening” to their conversation 😂

  • Thatoneweirdkiddo_ spark
    Thatoneweirdkiddo_ spark2 dager siden

    So Courtney's an episode writer now okay

  • Not_your_mom
    Not_your_mom4 dager siden

    i think i got too immersed in this story

  • Bryana Perry
    Bryana Perry4 dager siden

    The absolutely -50 chemistry between Shayne and Olivia just made this *chef's kiss*

  • Jaymie Dumont
    Jaymie Dumont5 dager siden

    the way they can all easily make one another laugh is **chefs kiss**

  • Jaymie Dumont
    Jaymie Dumont5 dager siden

    Sarah narrating: "Marcus looks awkward as they walk away" Shayne: *tries really hard to not laugh hysterically*

  • Jaymie Dumont
    Jaymie Dumont5 dager siden

    1:41 Courtney: "the status quo" Me: *starts singing 'Stick to the Status Quo'*

  • Nanakami san
    Nanakami san5 dager siden

    20:26 Why they dont touch each other? I mean, I understand romantic scenes and stuff, but that moment?

  • Mark Mamon
    Mark Mamon5 dager siden

    I can see all of then starring in a hs movie Shayne: main guy character Courtney: the ditzy blond who's bffs with the main girl character Olivia: main girl character Jackie: main girl's comedic bff Keith: that one guy with the unique talent Noah and Damien: as the main guy's bff I would pay to see that

  • ShootMe :)
    ShootMe :)8 dager siden


  • Chloe Searfoss
    Chloe Searfoss8 dager siden

    so no one is gonna talk about the reference to eminem’s name with shayne’s character, marcus mathers?

  • Lolo Nor
    Lolo Nor8 dager siden

    Kameron- you right, you right Me- wHEEzE

  • jennah kay
    jennah kay8 dager siden

    this is mean girls before mean girls

  • Jennifer Garwick
    Jennifer Garwick9 dager siden

    Why do I ship this?? 🤣

  • flibusted
    flibusted10 dager siden

    Veronica and JD who????? Kam and Marcus are taking down the school

  • Jay
    Jay12 dager siden

    Keith needs to calm down

  • Frank Schnurr
    Frank Schnurr13 dager siden

    Wear your masks.

  • Karuu :3
    Karuu :314 dager siden

    i actually want this as a show xd

  • Burton Fan ꧁꧂
    Burton Fan ꧁꧂14 dager siden

    Tara / Emma is the funniest person in the cast omg

  • Allison R
    Allison R15 dager siden

    Sorry but what the hell is Damien holding? An alien heart?

  • Panna Sándor

    Panna Sándor

    9 dager siden

    @Allison R Lmao love this comment

  • Allison R

    Allison R

    15 dager siden

    Oh it’s a bird AHAHAHAHHA

  • Senator Poopypants
    Senator Poopypants15 dager siden

    So far, Riverdale who

  • Xx_Alex_xX :3
    Xx_Alex_xX :315 dager siden

    I better get an episode 2 I be wanting more. XD

  • Dylan Kappus
    Dylan Kappus18 dager siden

    thank you courtney for existing and creating this.

  • paige Collins
    paige Collins19 dager siden

    You've seen better what

  • coco bourget
    coco bourget19 dager siden

    i need an episode 2

  • Toxiic Roblox
    Toxiic Roblox19 dager siden

    That was a good movie lol

  • Table Noises
    Table Noises19 dager siden

    “ Tera falling down with the door! “ “ *A* “

  • LaJardin
    LaJardin20 dager siden

    I think I love jackie.

  • Ostrich
    Ostrich23 dager siden

    At 2:55,it sounds like one of the Californians from SNL

  • Aloha Mermaids
    Aloha Mermaids24 dager siden

    no one is talking about Damien haveing a bird in a red cup for the entire video

  • cool dude
    cool dude24 dager siden

    This feels like a cut for time SNL sketch

  • HeyJosh Games
    HeyJosh Games24 dager siden

    Better than ANY episode of Riverdale

  • haley palfi
    haley palfi25 dager siden

    I feel like this was an actual emotional roller coaster. I need this to be an actual show

  • tapesbycece
    tapesbycece27 dager siden

    jackie gets mvp for this video, so funny !!

  • Jay DarkHeart
    Jay DarkHeart28 dager siden

    Did anyone else spend the video trying to figure out wtf was in Damien's cup?? 😂😂😂😭

  • Ray H
    Ray H29 dager siden

    Damien's faces in the side wings are me.

  • E S
    E SMåned siden

    is no one going to talk about the bird in damien's cup? i love him so much

  • Leonardo
    LeonardoMåned siden

    The fact I would watch this show if it was released its kinda sad

  • the real sayori
    the real sayoriMåned siden

    Courtney,it would be awesome if you made another script carrying on the story! It's so cool how u made it when u were like 16,your probably never gonna see this random comment but I really liked it :)

  • Oj OldElk
    Oj OldElkMåned siden

    I like it how Courtney and Olivia flash Keith yet olivia wont kiss shane 😂

  • Caitalin Campbell
    Caitalin CampbellMåned siden

    Not gonna lie ... I would watch this show I don’t know what that says about me Also plzzzzzz do part two

  • duke caliblap
    duke caliblapMåned siden

    Courtney describing every character: "so they're the funny one"

  • LEO Whatever!
    LEO Whatever!Måned siden

    11:37 so is no body gonna mention the bird in damiens cup? No? Just me? Ok.

  • Gobble Me Swallow Me Drip Down The Side Of Me
    Gobble Me Swallow Me Drip Down The Side Of MeMåned siden

    I’m legit invested now like wtf did Trent do???

  • Marielena Flores
    Marielena FloresMåned siden

    Dudes I’m in love with this please do morrreeeee!

  • Grace Oenbrink
    Grace OenbrinkMåned siden

    Omg please make a part 2😂

  • Elizabeth Medlen
    Elizabeth MedlenMåned siden

    is anyone else wondering what is with Damion and that bird

  • Aqua Wolf
    Aqua WolfMåned siden

    So no one gonna talk about the fact that Olivia and Shane had to have their kiss edited while Courtney and Olivia have kissed multiple times on camera?

  • Jake Trillions
    Jake TrillionsMåned siden

    9:36 ha

  • billie Parkes
    billie ParkesMåned siden

    Still a better script than riverdale

  • Sydney Mitrecic
    Sydney MitrecicMåned siden

    Keith, its not nice to point😂

  • mr weirdo
    mr weirdoMåned siden

    Now I want more

  • Taariq Saadiq
    Taariq SaadiqMåned siden

    Is this...Heathers? but...Gossip Girl?

  • Erica Filbeck
    Erica FilbeckMåned siden


  • Alexus Parenteau
    Alexus ParenteauMåned siden

    I LOVE Jackie 😭😂

  • Olivia Jayne Welsh
    Olivia Jayne WelshMåned siden

    it took me the whole video to realise that damien had a bird in his cup.

  • Amori Rappley
    Amori RappleyMåned siden

    I think we all need a part 2

  • kady girl
    kady girlMåned siden

    Not gonna lie, I would have loved this show if I were 16 Good job Courtney😙

  • Marvz Tano
    Marvz TanoMåned siden

    Please write Episode 2 omg hahha👏🏽

  • Adyson Grace
    Adyson GraceMåned siden

    From like 21:05 I was like “Is this HeAtHerS“

  • Scarlett Hinds
    Scarlett HindsMåned siden


  • Jeff Newman
    Jeff NewmanMåned siden

    I love Damion, because he likes Harry Potter. I love anyone who likes Harry potter

  • Emily gubler
    Emily gublerMåned siden

    What the fuck was trent's secret

  • Tim Husemann
    Tim HusemannMåned siden

    Are you writing for the German teeny magazine Bravo? XD Original "Fotolovestory"!

  • saif sufian
    saif sufianMåned siden

    Keith is a really good actor, like he’s reading this laughable script but he’s really convincing

  • Machina Ex
    Machina ExMåned siden

    Having Jackie play the "slutty character" and "the hated character"... Oof. I feel bad for my girl

  • Sky Con
    Sky ConMåned siden

    Together, we can rule the high school with the power of the dark side!!

  • JJ Maynell
    JJ MaynellMåned siden

    Honestly, if smosh wrote a sitcom and started making episodes for it, that could actually be pretty cool. You guys should do something like that.

  • Asock Withholes
    Asock WithholesMåned siden

    This is just the plot of mean girls.....

  • Banana SWAMP
    Banana SWAMPMåned siden

    Noah should've been tara he would've killed it Jackie still killed it tho

  • Elfin Dreamer
    Elfin DreamerMåned siden

    Marcus is definitely JD from The Heathers

  • Calum Veitch
    Calum Veitch2 måneder siden

    I actually want a episode 2

  • Henry Century
    Henry Century2 måneder siden

    What does the trent mean at the end? can someone explain pls

  • William Meir
    William Meir2 måneder siden

    This was awesome. Courtney wrote episode 2

  • Redheadiam
    Redheadiam2 måneder siden

    They should write a follow up for this

  • Leyla •›•
    Leyla •›•2 måneder siden

    Sam watching: *le crys*

  • Sharon Ramella
    Sharon Ramella2 måneder siden

    6:25 shanye fangirls are mad🤭

  • Jorge Luís
    Jorge Luís2 måneder siden

    Death Note, 2017

  • Jordy Garcia
    Jordy Garcia2 måneder siden

    Honestly, if this was polished up, it’d be a fire web series!!

  • Danny Spencer
    Danny Spencer2 måneder siden

    Noah, if Dennis Rodman was a character in Revenge of the Nerds

  • Bread Queen
    Bread Queen2 måneder siden

    My phone froze whilst shayne and Olivia kissed and I didn't notice so I just thought it was a rly long orkward kiss 😂

  • Sheyda S
    Sheyda S2 måneder siden

    The camera constantly cutting to Damien for reactions is amazing

  • E Brodsky
    E Brodsky2 måneder siden

    “And then during second period I realized I’m 19 and shouldn’t even be in this class”

  • Gianna Carter
    Gianna Carter2 måneder siden

    Sarah: Emma laughs hesitantly. Jackie: *ha, ahaha. hehhh.* i love her sm oh my god

  • GodBear
    GodBear2 måneder siden

    man, Damien is having a field day with this lol

  • A Weird Person called Jay
    A Weird Person called Jay2 måneder siden

    why is this like an icarly episode

  • A. Nicole S.
    A. Nicole S.2 måneder siden

    Okay but I would watch this show lol

  • ur mom
    ur mom2 måneder siden

    Suckers just flavor your spit

  • Honey Playz
    Honey Playz2 måneder siden

    at 3:46 Shaynes face is everything XD

  • aina
    aina2 måneder siden

    The song is "Millionaire" by Julia Carbajal

  • fem wynn
    fem wynn2 måneder siden

    Jackie is gorgeous :) great smile, chick.

  • fem wynn
    fem wynn2 måneder siden

    wtf is in damiens cup O_o

  • Marcus Valencia
    Marcus Valencia2 måneder siden

    Me looking at this now..

  • Kendall Collins
    Kendall Collins2 måneder siden

    Jackie is so obviously having way too much fun and it’s great

  • Tess Morasse
    Tess Morasse2 måneder siden

    The Bo Burnham poster I can’t

  • The Craggsy Show
    The Craggsy Show2 måneder siden

    We need part 2 to live