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  • Mysterious Mysterious Person
    Mysterious Mysterious Person35 minutter siden

    sam looks like he was peer pressured into this and i love it

  • beenie boot
    beenie boot20 timer siden

    25:47 Noah and Keith kiss timestamp for the ships🌝

  • The Night Ranger
    The Night RangerDag siden

    I feel like the freezing time bit of the Shamien play was just to make a soliloquy easy.

  • devo5230 devo5230
    devo5230 devo5230Dag siden

    Courtney just needs a Fanny pack and bam Dwayne the rock Johnson! Woah :b

  • StarBlazerM31
    StarBlazerM31Dag siden

    Courtney, why are you dressed almost exactly like The Rock, circa 1994?

  • julio alberto panadero
    julio alberto panaderoDag siden

    I love this video especially the first and last i rate this 6 out of 5 stars

  • Spaghetti Fingers
    Spaghetti Fingers2 dager siden

    Damien is like: “Za Wardo!”

  • Teaghanne Mahaffey
    Teaghanne Mahaffey2 dager siden

    Did anyone notice that the Smosh logo kinda looks like a fast toward button?

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton2 dager siden

    Keith and Noah’s storyline was more in-depth than anyone realized

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton2 dager siden

    Olivia and Sam are so presh

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton2 dager siden

    I hope Courtney’s eyes were okay. I think she didn’t realize she was in the shot that often

  • Eelbobitus
    Eelbobitus2 dager siden

    I actually read the fanfic Damien and Shayne acted out in the beginning. If your curious, it's really good and there is a second one called resume on wattpad

  • Mr.Positive
    Mr.Positive3 dager siden

    The Koah one was romantic, terrifying, and very aggressively affectionate. In other words, I love it.

  • Sean Ellis
    Sean Ellis3 dager siden

    Okay but when Aquarium by Saint Saens started to play in the beginning I had a horrifying flashback to education lesson plans......*shudders*

  • Isa S
    Isa S3 dager siden

    Weird question, I feel like Cortney is bi? Is she?

  • Amelie 7GachA7
    Amelie 7GachA74 dager siden

    Me, as a lesbian, it was very intriguing when Damien said ‘Hey gorgeous’

  • Meryam Zehra H-55
    Meryam Zehra H-554 dager siden

    35:53 Sam stopped Olivia from feeding Shayne. How come no one noticed it

  • Get Ghosted Gaming
    Get Ghosted Gaming6 dager siden

    Where Is Ian????

  • Bill Nye’s Lil Russian Spy
    Bill Nye’s Lil Russian Spy7 dager siden

    Damien’s face at 25:42 thooo

  • ruchick
    ruchick7 dager siden


  • Elexa Allen
    Elexa Allen8 dager siden

    Ok but Keith and Noah would be so cute together

  • Lydia Bird
    Lydia Bird8 dager siden

    Pffft hahaha

  • Sour Lemon
    Sour Lemon8 dager siden

    I'm gonna need an inhaler after this one. In the sense that I cannot stop wheezing.

  • Kade Robertson
    Kade Robertson8 dager siden

    OK was I the only one that freaked when Shayne kissed Courtneys cheek. You know when she plays his mum.

  • Kade Robertson
    Kade Robertson8 dager siden

    Front cover: Shayne and Courtney Shourtney Fans: YYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS

  • GrenDragon
    GrenDragon9 dager siden

    Noah's character: having an emotional breakdown Everyone else: aww... Damien: widely smiles Edit: this happened at about 23:45

  • Abbie Phillips
    Abbie Phillips9 dager siden

    cortney + shane forever

  • Marielena Flores
    Marielena Flores9 dager siden

    im smiling like an idiot because of Keith and Noah i don't know whether to bring laugh Idk it's so hilarious

  • Birha Ji
    Birha Ji9 dager siden

    I wish he could said ZA WORLDO when he freazze time

  • whipnotcream
    whipnotcream10 dager siden

    lol i love this

  • swatsalty
    swatsalty10 dager siden

    Can we talk about the dio stop time effect at the start?

  • James Gibbs-G
    James Gibbs-G11 dager siden

    The wood smosh logo on the shelf is upside down

  • Bread Queen
    Bread Queen11 dager siden

    OK so 1 whose ur favourite ship 2 whose your favourite besties 3 who's ur favorite smosher

  • Jackson Your friendly neighborhood trans
    Jackson Your friendly neighborhood trans12 dager siden

    "tis I the lesbian of the table" And tis I the trans male bi-romantic asexual of the table.

  • Brooklyn Newton
    Brooklyn Newton12 dager siden

    I honestly hope Olivia and Sam get engaged one day 🥺💕but I also just remember that Sam was also one of the characters on truth or dare and I feel so dumb right now😅

  • Ellyana Damsel
    Ellyana Damsel13 dager siden

    keith and noah's literally took my breath away, oh my gosh i wish they were actually together :(

  • Catlover123 Mail
    Catlover123 Mail13 dager siden

    My mom heard me laughing and asked me if I was ok 😂😂😂

  • Kylie Roos
    Kylie Roos13 dager siden

    Such good content

  • Mrs.Weasley
    Mrs.Weasley13 dager siden

    I love how invested they got during Keith and Noah’s fanfic

  • iWasJE OwO
    iWasJE OwO13 dager siden

    Never thought I needed to see Damien Za Warudo’ing.

  • Star Kitten
    Star Kitten14 dager siden

    This video took 5 years off my life I was laughing so hard😂!

  • Echo Hand
    Echo Hand14 dager siden

    I replayed Courtney’s and shayne’s fanfic so many times

  • BreddyTSV간타롭브레디
    BreddyTSV간타롭브레디14 dager siden

    Is it just me or I find Noah and Keith's fanfic amazing? The story is soo good and their acting skills didn't make me cringe at all. Plus they actually look good together. 😳

  • peachyk1sses
    peachyk1sses14 dager siden

    Why did Damien put on an accent in the first one when he was playing himself lmao

  • EmpSam
    EmpSam14 dager siden

    The weirdest thing I saw here is the blue beany that seemed to be strangely yellow

  • Ysius Carrasco
    Ysius Carrasco15 dager siden

    I love the Goldbergs I new I have seen Sam somewhere.

  • Leah Kate
    Leah Kate15 dager siden

    Courtney looks like Dwayne Johnson

  • Corrinne Nguyen
    Corrinne Nguyen15 dager siden

    why do you guys wear black shirts all the time when your doing acting stuff out??? There's no problem about that though I'm just asking...

  • Domplush
    Domplush15 dager siden


  • Jayron Van L Arizo
    Jayron Van L Arizo16 dager siden

    25:49 I look like Damien when my ship actually sails.

  • Sophia Gergatsoulis
    Sophia Gergatsoulis16 dager siden

    I love Shayne he’s so funny

  • Opha The Awesome
    Opha The Awesome16 dager siden

    i love the ZA WARUDO music on the first one i love it

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo17 dager siden

    Yare yare daze Damien

  • Veronica Harper
    Veronica Harper17 dager siden

    he kisses his mom on the cheek "MWEH"

  • _BellybuttonBilly _
    _BellybuttonBilly _17 dager siden

    “I’ll be ok with admiring from afar” seems like an abusive relationship 😑

  • Russell Appelbaum
    Russell Appelbaum18 dager siden

    Everyone’s favorite I’d shayne right

  • paige Collins
    paige Collins18 dager siden

    Inner Lele Pons oh my god

  • DyslexicCow OOM
    DyslexicCow OOM19 dager siden

    Absolutely dying at Damien's za warudo.🤣 Does this make Shayne Dio?

  • S4tyric0n
    S4tyric0n21 dag siden

    Omg the lacrymosa from Mozart's Requiem in the background during the second one lol

  • amanda devine
    amanda devine22 dager siden

    Everyone says Noah has the worst style. But I like his style. It’s creative

  • Aiko Miao
    Aiko Miao22 dager siden

    This is sooo funny 😂😂😂😂

  • NeruChii
    NeruChii23 dager siden

    You guys got me real good into the Keith and Noah fic, that was mesmerizing omg

  • Karen Chiles
    Karen Chiles24 dager siden

    noah is the most fAnCy one here

  • BlazeClan
    BlazeClan24 dager siden

    16:33 loooool

  • Dani Leigh
    Dani Leigh25 dager siden

    They should do a Courtney and Damien ship, and also Courtney- this is the wettest I've ever been..... F*** you Shayne- I was gonna say a joke Lol🤣

  • Sophia Roselle
    Sophia Roselle28 dager siden

    After that Keith and Noah act, I want them to end up together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ they look so cute and passionate together 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Christina Borges
    Christina Borges29 dager siden

    My fav part is 16:32 and 18:37 I was dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🤪😂😂🤣

  • Minty Emerald
    Minty Emerald29 dager siden

    [8:08(NICE)] That joke by Shayne Topp was hilarious

  • Bradley Hoelker
    Bradley HoelkerMåned siden

    Noah + kieth= nieth,koah Shayne +Courtney = shortney,

  • Christiangirl727
    Christiangirl727Måned siden

    I want another of these!!!

  • i love deku and baku
    i love deku and bakuMåned siden

    In the story about Noah and Keith, Keith has a double chin

  • calvin shody
    calvin shodyMåned siden

    awwwww kieth and noah

  • Sandra Quick
    Sandra QuickMåned siden

    Shayne is dying over Olivia being described as "the really awkward short asian girl" like he isnt only 2 inches taller then her

  • Bart Simpin
    Bart SimpinMåned siden

    The Noah and Keith one was actually some good writing ngl

  • Blizzards Creates
    Blizzards CreatesMåned siden


  • steter griverse
    steter griverseMåned siden

    the jojo is strong with these ones

  • Tessa Cutting
    Tessa CuttingMåned siden

    Shane looks Russian

  • Kylie Sands
    Kylie SandsMåned siden


  • Sofia
    SofiaMåned siden

    16:25 Keith looks so confused about Noah hitting his head lol

  • Gbear
    GbearMåned siden

    Damien sounds like James Patrick March (played by Evan Peters in AHS 😉) in the first scene

  • Goku 4
    Goku 4Måned siden

    Noah when glass off, looks like Peter Parker in original first spider man movie.

  • UVSV
    UVSVMåned siden

    The music makes it all so much better!

  • Crittye
    CrittyeMåned siden

    0:09 is that a JOJO reference?

  • Anxious Emo
    Anxious EmoMåned siden

    This was just very awkward to watch

  • Talic-os
    Talic-osMåned siden

    I hope there is a fanfic in which the smosh members fall in love while filming a fanfic video.

  • loser boi
    loser boiMåned siden

    smosh should make a discord

  • taite wyld
    taite wyldMåned siden

    I need moreeeee

    KIMAL SALACOP IIIMåned siden

    When Noah said “Damien paused time” Damian: Za Warudo!

  • It’s.KamBam _*
    It’s.KamBam _*Måned siden

    Did Damien really do the sign from Naruto?🤣🤣😄

  • Enter name Here
    Enter name HereMåned siden

    Team shartney for life

  • Nigeltheweak
    NigeltheweakMåned siden

    Is it weird how I really wanted to hear Damien say "za warudo" when he stops time

  • Meiyo Entertainment
    Meiyo EntertainmentMåned siden

    Olivia: i wish my boyfriend was that sweet.. Sam in the corner: 👁💧👄💧👁 Shane: UM CHILE ANYWAYS SO-

  • Miks Lopez
    Miks LopezMåned siden

    Cute how at 9:46 Olivia say to keith “that’s a broom” 🥺

  • potato guy
    potato guyMåned siden


  • BubblyGachaz
    BubblyGachazMåned siden

    I don't ship anyone here or whatever, I just watch these people cause they make me laugh -w-

  • BubblyGachaz
    BubblyGachazMåned siden

    I don't ship anyone here or whatever, I just watch these people cause they make me laugh -w-

  • Abdullah Özen
    Abdullah ÖzenMåned siden

    Covid-19 is one thing but when are we going to to be saved from this yaoi pandemic?

  • Kyra Alena Aguilar
    Kyra Alena AguilarMåned siden

    Is no one gonna talk about 35:58 ? No? Ok, just me..

  • e E
    e EMåned siden

    Appreciate the JJBA time stop sound effect

  • mark bales
    mark balesMåned siden

    the fact she said she wouldn't judge him just for his class was considered sweet. gross.