After Life Season 2 Outtakes | Ricky Gervais


Watch the full 19 minutes of outtakes from the second season of After Life, starring, written and directed by Ricky Gervais. Watch the first two seasons now exclusively on Netflix.
Tom Basden
Tony Way
Diane Morgan
Mandeep Dhillon
David Bradley
Kerry Godliman
Ashley Jenson
Paul Kaye
Penelope Wilton
Joe Wilkinson
Jo Hartley
Roisin Conaty
David Earl
Ethan Lawrence
Michelle Greenidge
Peter Egan
Colin Hoult


  • ThePizzo
    ThePizzo52 minutter siden

    The cake!!!! No chance I can't laugh at that!!!

  • Carl sagan
    Carl sagan2 timer siden

    So when is the second season coming out?

  • The United Katedom
    The United Katedom10 timer siden

    Thi$ video $hould be pre$Kribed to anyone $uffering from depre$$ion. I love how David Earl i$ $till Kev in thi$. And Ratty and the Non$e... ju$t wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grandmas eggs
    Grandmas eggs11 timer siden

    Simply hilarious material

  • nroks
    nroks11 timer siden

    Paul Kaye... what a star

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams2 dager siden

    Bloody hilarious 🤣😅🤣 ❤️

  • Metin Koc
    Metin Koc2 dager siden

    I cannot understand what you say but I love watching you eat 😂 so hard to take

  • Tim Richards
    Tim Richards2 dager siden

    Ricky's the Squaddie in the Barrack room, that causes everyone to start giggling. In the middle of the room inspection.

  • Pattaya Street Cruiser Loser
    Pattaya Street Cruiser Loser2 dager siden

    This guy has become a real life David Brent. Hasn’t done anything funny for a decade.

  • Trusty Pete
    Trusty Pete2 dager siden

    The luge is the most perfect description of the comedown. Epic

    JED HOLLANDS2 dager siden


  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown2 dager siden

    If laughter is the best medicine, Ricky will leave to be 150 😂

  • Rumble Shakes
    Rumble Shakes3 dager siden

    10:34 I love it that Ricky just laughs so loud next to his ear. Makes it even funnier.

  • 0tispunkm3y3r
    0tispunkm3y3r3 dager siden

    Michael Park-in-bum just rips every time 🤣

  • Coby Hernandez
    Coby Hernandez3 dager siden

    lost my shit during the cake eating. LOL

  • Jane Seward

    Jane Seward

    9 timer siden

    Hahaha me too 😂😂

  • Bot Dot Exe
    Bot Dot Exe3 dager siden

    Omg I was dying laughing 🤣 my god that was funny!

  • oli lmao
    oli lmao3 dager siden

    18:10 I love how you can see how long it's taking them as there less and less cake on the table

  • J Murphy
    J Murphy4 dager siden

    Long Dong Silver

  • Mr Shark
    Mr Shark6 dager siden

    This man is a genius, he's immortal, his work will be studied and enjoyed for years, he's saved lives. I love him.

  • Mismatchman
    Mismatchman6 dager siden

    Quimmy Saville, Michael ParkinBum, Long Dong Silva...

  • mcfcguvnors
    mcfcguvnors6 dager siden

    how did kaye get through that ?

  • Chuck Baserap
    Chuck Baserap6 dager siden

    Just when I needed a LAUGH! Thanks so much!!!

  • jimmy2k4o
    jimmy2k4o6 dager siden

    What makes a rimjob ‘a Turkish rimjob’

  • Sandra Cole
    Sandra Cole7 dager siden

    I'm dead

  • Neon war lord
    Neon war lord7 dager siden

    I need a daily dose of this, it's absolutely fantastic, has me rolling.

  • Lee Ljubic
    Lee Ljubic7 dager siden

    I don't know how he lets a dog lick him like that. Grosses me the fuck out man.

  • Piedras de Sopa
    Piedras de Sopa8 dager siden

    Define a comedy writer and director: a laughter taster.

  • Pelpington
    Pelpington8 dager siden

    "Harold "Shitmum" is amazing

  • Feed Khabib 2.0
    Feed Khabib 2.08 dager siden

    That fat blonde dont have a clue at how funny that scene is

  • Terry Bunch
    Terry Bunch8 dager siden

    Crap, emotionally-manipulative rubbish. Just an excuse for Ricky to hire some of his out-of-work mates. He really is a hack without Smerch.

  • PaddyRoon7
    PaddyRoon79 dager siden

    Imagine your nickname was "your mum's shit"

  • CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan
    CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan9 dager siden

    After Life...what a perfect love-letter to the complete fruitcakes of Hemel Hempstead. They're so much like the characters in the show. Beautiful, Mr Gervais, spot on. They eat disgusting food too. One couple had a shag, alfresco in the concreted table area in front of The Full House at 6pm, right in front of everyone, boing boing boing. It was a few summers ago, not at 2am, so the lighting was surgically strong and there would have been alot of footfall considering the proximity to the local cop shop and the library, which is directly across the road. I missed the show by half an hour, going by the security guy's report which was delivered to me through wheezing laughter, complete with illustrative hand gestures and a pause to re-fire his hand-rolled cigarette. There is now an Ayn Rand quote spray painted in one underpass too, right next to a huge Mona Lisa painting. This is noteworthy because Hemel Hempstead citizens mostly go for spraying crudely simple dongs when it comes to their artistic expression...spindly little phallic totems appear sprayed all over the town, as well as the normal scribbled reports of slatternly or homosexual behaviour complete with telephone numbers and first names of those accused, y'know, should anybody want to get in touch for more of the same. They go for fried chicken, cider, laundry lists of beloved family members names for tattoos, mobility scooters and scratchcards, going by the roadside detritus. And alfresco porking in the busy town centre. And Ayn Rand. And flaccid knobs. And microwavable cheeseburgers that smell of hot faeces when cooking. Great choice of town for this show. I laughed, I cried. I recognised. xoxo

  • Yep It'sMe
    Yep It'sMe10 dager siden

    Awesome series, quite sad too

  • ReichHop privatwatch
    ReichHop privatwatch11 dager siden

    i'm ricky FANGS

  • Danghuynh Vy
    Danghuynh Vy11 dager siden


  • Wise Words from Dad
    Wise Words from Dad12 dager siden

    Afterlife best thing on telly

  • EnzymeDom
    EnzymeDom12 dager siden

    Basically I cram it up there flacid🤣🤣🤣

  • Yhia Saed
    Yhia Saed13 dager siden

    Is there a third part of the series "after life""

  • SpockBoy
    SpockBoy13 dager siden

    7:38 (nicknames) had me in tears. Thanks for posting!

  • Matt Crowther
    Matt Crowther13 dager siden

    I was in a haaaaaaaayyyyyzzzzzee

  • No Expert
    No Expert13 dager siden

    Hello Valerie I'm an elephant would you like a pint ?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • No Expert
    No Expert13 dager siden


  • LyovMyshkin
    LyovMyshkin15 dager siden

    I see The Hawk in the thumbnail but not in the clip. He's flying under the radar it seems.

  • Yannis Tjanetis
    Yannis Tjanetis15 dager siden

    The best outtakes..EVER!!

  • Pushing 30
    Pushing 3015 dager siden

    6:26 can someone explain this joke to me? I don't get it

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan16 dager siden

    as an American, hearing him call a woman's mouth a in itself hilarious enough, especially under those circumstances, it's so casual, "oh we was just spit-roasting a woman in a handicap stall but what's interesting is..." haha, yeah worst therapist ever

  • Bill G
    Bill G16 dager siden

    This upload was probably the highlight of 2020

  • Darrin Godden
    Darrin Godden18 dager siden

    Long live the King!

  • Spiv Wiggins
    Spiv Wiggins19 dager siden

    13:15 I can't stop laughing at this scene, fucking hilarious

  • ViktoriaLovesSimon
    ViktoriaLovesSimon20 dager siden

    When you are about to go to sleep but you come across this 😂

  • Pops150
    Pops15022 dager siden

    06:50 Willie got work?

  • Solo 7
    Solo 722 dager siden

    Ricky's laugh should be prescribed for depression.

  • Ludmilla Gutomo
    Ludmilla Gutomo22 dager siden

    so ricky gervais and larry david ruin the most takes for every scene they do? hahahahahaha..

  • Reddit Bandit Videos
    Reddit Bandit Videos23 dager siden

    Not one scene has Ricky improvising and being funny. Same in all the Derek outtakes I've seen too. It's always the supporting cast bringing it.

  • Millennial Rabbi
    Millennial Rabbi23 dager siden

    Nah, you're a mate

  • kate wilson
    kate wilson24 dager siden

    That laugh at 12:30

  • slurpeyatari
    slurpeyatari24 dager siden

    That dog has the best aim.

  • Ouch Mouse
    Ouch Mouse24 dager siden

    Micheal park in bum !! Lmao

  • Terrible Benjamin
    Terrible Benjamin25 dager siden

    The gratification when they get the last scene is amazing

  • Ryan Houston
    Ryan Houston25 dager siden

    after watching these, i realize there's no way i could ever be an actor lol

  • Don Brogan
    Don Brogan25 dager siden

    Laughter is the greatest thing.....

  • Hellfire
    Hellfire26 dager siden

    Jesus Christ Paul Kaye with the wheelchair story! I couldn't breathe for 5 minutes! 😂😂😂😂

  • Crummdog81


    19 dager siden

    Absolutely hilarious scene and bloopers.

  • Péter Hatvani
    Péter Hatvani27 dager siden

    I would really appreciate, if somebody will write all of the nicknames, what they say in the pub! Unfortunatelly I dont understand them all! But Im really curious! Thanks! Cheers!!!

  • Steve Powell
    Steve Powell27 dager siden

    Given the way things are in December 2020, I needed a laugh and this never fails.

  • d4rkshad0w
    d4rkshad0w28 dager siden

    my face hurts

  • Nathan Vincent
    Nathan Vincent28 dager siden

    I love that a show like this can still have bloopers lol.

  • Melissa Jayne
    Melissa Jayne29 dager siden

    If you have spare time please feel free to check my channel, thank you

  • Steve O
    Steve O29 dager siden

    The funniest series I’ve seen for a long time

  • photomorti
    photomorti29 dager siden

    One of the best shows ive seen ever

  • genetenz
    genetenzMåned siden

    7:13 7:44

  • Iain Crawford
    Iain CrawfordMåned siden

    I watch this once a week.

  • Darrell Reed
    Darrell ReedMåned siden

    One of the funniest and heartbreaking shows I've ever seen - How does Ricky do it? Love it!

  • Vitaminelius S Eulat
    Vitaminelius S EulatMåned siden

    that bald head cant act and is not funny btw

  • Vitaminelius S Eulat
    Vitaminelius S EulatMåned siden

    i laughed so hard a little piece of shit flew out of my anus

  • Baku news
    Baku newsMåned siden


  • GreatBritishFish
    GreatBritishFishMåned siden

    I love ricky but I can’t help but think the dog jumping on his bollocks multiple times is somewhat justified 😂

  • Cristian C.
    Cristian C.Måned siden

    Oh my goodness I fucking cried laughing watching this video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally one of my favourite shows of all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KerryBerry
    KerryBerryMåned siden

    Phoneshop was great!

  • frithstar
    frithstarMåned siden

    7:03 this laughter kills me !!

  • Baron Bayne
    Baron BayneMåned siden

    The mail in shit is probably my favourite. Some of these are the hardest I've laughed and I've seen it multiple times.

  • Dave D
    Dave DMåned siden

    This shit is so funny

  • Buitruong Hang
    Buitruong HangMåned siden


  • Nich C.
    Nich C.Måned siden

    This series is particularly hard to watch. Watching this series has not only been immensely entertaining for me, but very helpful and insightful because I can get an idea for what my loved ones went through when I had cancer. I am incredible grateful that I am in remission now but I feel so guilty for the pain I've caused my family and friends, I hate to think of the pain I could've caused if my health went the wrong way. If you can relate to either Ricky's character or the wife who had cancer, I'm really sorry and I wish you all the best. I love you and the series Ricky, thank you. I can't wait for season 3!

  • Nich C.
    Nich C.Måned siden

    9:40 True story

  • HolyToledo
    HolyToledoMåned siden

    11:32 you can really notice it but dude in the left has a shit ton of Botox or does a great job doing a 60% laugh🧐

  • Jamie White
    Jamie WhiteMåned siden

    7:30-9:40 is by far the funniest part, leaves me in tears every time I watch it.

  • Andy Brown
    Andy BrownMåned siden

    Much funnier than the show.

  • light487
    light487Måned siden

    What I love about this is there is no annoyed director screaming in the background, instead we have Ricky cracking up with laughter in the background after each blooper. :)

  • butterfly don
    butterfly donMåned siden

    Loved this show absolutely brilliant job , i hope there will be more coming up 🌹🌹🌹👍🏻

  • liohi
    liohiMåned siden

    Haha like many here when the Michael Park in bum part is on, i die every time no matter how many times I watch it xD

  • Kevin Ten Kate
    Kevin Ten KateMåned siden

    The sudden stepson wailly approve because forecast universally grease aside a lively geese. periodic, closed committee

  • sven svenson
    sven svensonMåned siden

    Thank you, I have tremendously improved my English by just watching this. Don’t have to tell you for some it is disturbing 😂cheers from Berlin Germany

  • MrGameControler
    MrGameControlerMåned siden

    It's baffling how some fans of this show hate the therapist and want him gone

  • Crummdog81


    19 dager siden

    Superbly played by Paul Kaye.

  • Nodis


    Måned siden

    he's the best thing in the series.

  • Stephen Ord
    Stephen OrdMåned siden

    Pure genius, end of

  • pizzaDhut
    pizzaDhutMåned siden

    The sound of that dog licking him makes me want to puke.

  • Mick
    MickMåned siden

    "I cram it up there flaccid". The mental picture is just disturbing, no wonder they can't stop laughing.

  • ArmyOfOne
    ArmyOfOneMåned siden

    Ricky has the all-time best laughter in comedy. Rivaling Jimmy Carr.

  • Big Slugger Bob
    Big Slugger BobMåned siden

    ‘Right. What’s your angle on this one boys?’ ‘What’s your angle? He posts his letters in shit.’

  • RYan Thomas
    RYan ThomasMåned siden

    The sad invoice thankfully mug because sauce recently post modulo a fascinated account. ugly, warlike kale

  • Boalol lal
    Boalol lalMåned siden

    Ricky is not even in the scene yet he's the one who breaks character.. Next level acting right there.