After Life Season 2 Outtakes | Ricky Gervais


Watch the full 19 minutes of outtakes from the second season of After Life, starring, written and directed by Ricky Gervais. Watch the first two seasons now exclusively on Netflix.
Tom Basden
Tony Way
Diane Morgan
Mandeep Dhillon
David Bradley
Kerry Godliman
Ashley Jenson
Paul Kaye
Penelope Wilton
Joe Wilkinson
Jo Hartley
Roisin Conaty
David Earl
Ethan Lawrence
Michelle Greenidge
Peter Egan
Colin Hoult


  • Sandy Mcdonald
    Sandy Mcdonald54 minutter siden

    I don’t know they get any episodes finished 😂

  • Petrol Head
    Petrol Head57 minutter siden

    Made my day

  • Dom Locater
    Dom Locater5 timer siden

    Michael Parkinbum

  • Trevor Robinson
    Trevor Robinson15 timer siden

    "You're like a fat toad in a creamy worm".......

  • Jack Griffith
    Jack Griffith15 timer siden

    “Your mum’s shit” 😂😂😂

  • Esther Hendriks
    Esther Hendriks23 timer siden

    OMG, i laughed soooo hard! Hilarious!!thanks guys. I am gonna watch Afterlife again, see how it goes after seeing this! first time I cried, lets see what happens..

  • Nicholas Cassenti
    Nicholas CassentiDag siden

    Thanxs for being real; when you work with fakes like, Hanks

  • TurboPlasma
    TurboPlasmaDag siden

    Three months of freedom from depression and then it hit again yesterday like a bag of hammers. I'm hanging by a thread and this video is one of the very few things that keep the thread from turning into a rope around my neck.

  • Pranav Ramraj
    Pranav Ramraj2 dager siden

    I almost spit out my coffee at the long dick Silva part🤣

  • German GM
    German GM3 dager siden

    “Billy te c**t” is the best line ever

  • Ramazan Baris
    Ramazan Baris3 dager siden

    Hey, honey. -Hey, darling How was work? -HILARIOUS

  • Taylor Bants
    Taylor Bants4 dager siden

    "Gammy little geezer in a wheelchair" Ricky Gervais is by far the funniest and most intelligent man on the planet, huge influence on me and the characters I create 👍 Cannot wait for After Life 3

  • LPnerd
    LPnerd5 dager siden

    What's your angle on this then? Crying! Sandy, sitting at the table with cake all over her, just as beautiful as ever, somehow that's just ridiculously funny, esp with oaf and gross next to her.

  • katze 94
    katze 945 dager siden

    I could watch this over and over again

  • clive ramsbotty
    clive ramsbotty6 dager siden

    ricky ought to take his entire netflix fee and split it equally between everyone who worked on this series

  • Holmgren76
    Holmgren766 dager siden

    What's he saying at 06:35?

  • John Martin
    John Martin6 dager siden

    Cant wait for season 3

  • Anson Critchlow
    Anson Critchlow6 dager siden

    Lol..... Haha ha that woz painful lol!!

  • NwO 4LiFE
    NwO 4LiFE6 dager siden

    Americans don't DESERVE to get this humour but we have to let them try. Gammy means broken or sore BTW Amwricans! Like someone's got a gammy leg or a gammy eye

  • Vicki Markley
    Vicki Markley8 dager siden

    So hard to watch the actual episode without cracking up after watching the bloopers! Love Ricky!!

  • Andrew Hearns
    Andrew Hearns9 dager siden

    The cake. 🤣

  • John Stokes
    John Stokes9 dager siden

    I really couldn’t keep my composure for long enough!! Well done, such brilliant work over all!

  • Cooper
    Cooper9 dager siden

    Do it again

  • Tony England
    Tony England9 dager siden

    Put NOlocal's subtitles on from 7:35

  • Gav Tatu
    Gav Tatu9 dager siden

    paul kaye says it with such conviction !

  • Bands, Bikes and Booze Reviews
    Bands, Bikes and Booze Reviews9 dager siden

    16:32 - the funniest moment on NOlocal. Ever. I'm fuckin' dying here ...

  • Ullis Fe
    Ullis Fe10 dager siden

    I cant understand How they ever managed to fullfil a take???🤔But Im watching episode 2 now so aparently they did.

  • Diane Isom
    Diane Isom11 dager siden

    Love the 55 year old man whom thinks he is a 8 year old girl. f###ing funny. His wife says last year he thought he caught down syndrome...🤣🤣

  • Darren Carlier
    Darren Carlier11 dager siden

    I watch this daily now. What can I do to stop?

  • Bill_E Zane
    Bill_E Zane14 dager siden

    Too much chang....

  • enter name here
    enter name here14 dager siden

    The blonde nurse isnt funny

  • SaF
    SaF14 dager siden

    I think I'm in love with the woman in the background at 9:29

  • Tommaso Germinario
    Tommaso Germinario14 dager siden


  • Debbie Ln
    Debbie Ln15 dager siden

    Ricky'd never be a good extra for all those collapsing, so he has to act in his own show.

  • DaBig Baby
    DaBig Baby15 dager siden

    "got it,well done, fuck me" :))))))))))))))))

  • 8x6 Apex Double Door Shed
    8x6 Apex Double Door Shed16 dager siden

    "Michael Parkinbum"

  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb16 dager siden

    Genius writer. Shame he’s such an ignorant, intolerant prick in real like though.

    Dj👤CRANIUM👤DRUM N BASS UK🧟‍♂️17 dager siden

    9mins had me crying with laughter. Michael parkinbum and harold shitmum killed me.

  • Henrik Bæckström
    Henrik Bæckström17 dager siden

    What's that old guys name?

  • Jamie Robertson
    Jamie Robertson17 dager siden

    I made this comment cause I was sick of always seeing the last one everytime i come here to watch these outtakes...

  • Roy
    Roy18 dager siden

    It's the wheezing laughs for me

  • TEMRIS The 2nd
    TEMRIS The 2nd20 dager siden

    Jesus. The bar bit still kills me ("your mom is shit"). Every now and then i have to rewatch this. It's better than a pill!!

  • Mike Ryder
    Mike Ryder20 dager siden

    Andrew Brooke and David Earl are national treasures. Ricky Gervais hit the nail on the head with the series, and especially the casting.

  • Benji
    Benji20 dager siden

    “basically i cram it up there flaccid”

  • Dilip Patel
    Dilip Patel21 dag siden

    I absolutely adore Ashley Jensen, she's such a great actress. It's such a shame that she doesn't get cast too often.

  • Bongo Baggins
    Bongo Baggins21 dag siden

    David Earl's entire career is built on knowing Ricky. What is he for

  • Peter Nielsen

    Peter Nielsen

    19 dager siden

    Was he on Black miror?

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips21 dag siden

    Ricky, if you ever read this.. next time you see Karl... get him in a choke hold will ya! Cheers 👌🏻

  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark21 dag siden

    Your mum’s shit

  • James Brown
    James Brown22 dager siden

    There's something really beautiful about the outtake at 6:57 where they start laughing and David Bradley just changes from this entirely convincing role as a character with Dementia that makes so much of this show really sad, where he breaks out of character and joins in on the laughter and that cloud of sadness is just lifted. I dunno why - it just makes me feel so hopeful.

  • Anthony Zvirblis

    Anthony Zvirblis

    8 dager siden

    “Me dum or you dum?” Hahaha. Such a beautiful outtake scene. You’re so right too about him flicking into real life.

  • Crummdog81


    19 dager siden

    His portrayal as a dementia sufferer was amazing!!! I love this outtake too

  • Krupt-Tube
    Krupt-Tube22 dager siden

    "What's your angle"

  • Just Cats
    Just Cats22 dager siden

    When I’m having a bad day I just come and watch this 😂

  • Jacob Read
    Jacob Read22 dager siden

    watching the friendships between the cast members is fuckin beautiful. makes me emotionally orgasm.

  • WreckTheSphere
    WreckTheSphere23 dager siden


  • I like frogs
    I like frogs23 dager siden

    Brilliant set of characters , shame I have not seen it yet :(

  • Kriss Kross Apple Sauce
    Kriss Kross Apple Sauce23 dager siden

    When everything in the world is sad I just watch Ricky giggling to the dog’s licking and it’s all okay again.

  • Jamie Grey
    Jamie Grey24 dager siden

    Whenever I’m having a shit day I’m coming back to this 😂

  • SuperQuail
    SuperQuail24 dager siden

    He would be banned from any set if he wasn't a goldmine of comedy

  • Add - J
    Add - J24 dager siden

    Is it suppose to be ironic that he’s atheist and the shows called after life?

  • Gut's Hub
    Gut's Hub25 dager siden

    Some peeps take acting way too serious. I would always get a laugh out of corpsing, if I were an actor. Even after hour 16 on a long day, it would invigorate me I think.

  • first name last name
    first name last name25 dager siden

    paul kaye is a legend to any 90s kid... dennis pennis!.. so cool to see him in this.

  • TM
    TM25 dager siden

    2:22 thought that was gary neville for a sec commentating on the torres goal

  • ChiefJimbo2001
    ChiefJimbo200125 dager siden

    “Your mum’s shit” lol

  • Brett Manzer
    Brett Manzer25 dager siden

    Ricky’s laugh is so infectious. I could watch these and Dereks outtakes over and over. Cheers

  • Ham Fingers
    Ham Fingers26 dager siden

    “Basically I cram it up there flaccid...”

  • V R

    V R

    23 dager siden

    How does it really that far lol

  • Stuart Morgan
    Stuart Morgan26 dager siden

    I watch a lot of comedy and I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Thank you and cheers!!

  • Ross Shepherd
    Ross Shepherd26 dager siden

    Ashley is too cute.

  • caz
    caz26 dager siden

    I am so in love with Ricky Gervais!!

  • Charlie Lloyd
    Charlie Lloyd26 dager siden

    Look how pissed off the extras look haha

  • The brummie Rail enthusiasts
    The brummie Rail enthusiasts26 dager siden

    Anybody here interested in working as a youtuber like I’m doing here because google has confirmed that working as an actor is really hard and challenging

  • Oskle616
    Oskle61628 dager siden

    Rickys laugh is so contagious

  • Oliver Saunders
    Oliver SaundersMåned siden

    You want fries with that?...what a star..

  • Sivee Johns
    Sivee JohnsMåned siden

    I don’t think I’d be able to make it through a scene with the therapist lad 😂😂

  • Crummdog81


    19 dager siden

    Some of his lines... hahaha

  • rhona tulloch
    rhona tullochMåned siden

    she is so cute

  • jon Johnson
    jon JohnsonMåned siden

    Its hilarious but I'm fairly certain ricky ruining every scene he's not in gets old fast

  • Convict Conditioning

    Convict Conditioning

    Måned siden

    I disagree

  • Paul McGinty
    Paul McGintyMåned siden

    Bit of a bell lad, wind it in but mrs likes you and you like the fall. So just a gland or she"ll kick me bollox

  • Sam
    SamMåned siden

    You're mum's shit

  • Giacomo Carasso
    Giacomo CarassoMåned siden

    20 mins of corpsing and no even a single take from the transgender plumber? I want my money back netflix

  • Annoying B'stard
    Annoying B'stardMåned siden

    Harold Shitmum? Wtf?

    IC JENKINSMåned siden

    The nonse nickname section kills me everytime

  • Marv


    15 dager siden

    Harold Shitmum

  • Crummdog81


    19 dager siden

    I watch that outtake section repeatedly

  • Gary Nicholls

    Gary Nicholls

    19 dager siden

    Same. Obsessed with that part.

  • Ballistic Badger
    Ballistic BadgerMåned siden

    14:37 Wauw!! She was NOT amused at all oO!!....

  • Steve S

    Steve S

    Måned siden

    Ballistic Badger Yeah, she came over a bit bolshie, which is surprising considering her line of work. Went down a bit in my estimation.

  • Martyn Turner
    Martyn TurnerMåned siden

    Do it again !!!!!! I pretty much cry ever time I watch these OMFG its a tonic !!

  • Svengali Sounds
    Svengali SoundsMåned siden

    That scene with the boys from phone shop is incredible 😂

  • Felix TG
    Felix TGMåned siden

    i watch this whenever i’m sad it’s brilliant

  • Brett DW Music
    Brett DW MusicMåned siden

    13:05 it's like a little chubbier version of Ricky Gervais

  • ScarecrowHuggins
    ScarecrowHugginsMåned siden

    I always thought shows like this were filmed with one camera but this has all the angles in it. The more you know!

  • DJ MH2
    DJ MH2Måned siden

    Coming back here once in a while to hype up myself again for the third season... cannot wait! RG is a genius.

  • Susan Walter
    Susan WalterMåned siden

    Ricky 👍👍👍👍👍👍🤣🤣

  • Sharon Whiting
    Sharon WhitingMåned siden

    How did you ever finalise this series? This is hilarious

  • Sharon Whiting
    Sharon WhitingMåned siden

    I cry my eyes out every episode. I LOVE all the characters and I so get Ricky in this. His love for his wife, his dad and his dog just melts my heart

  • ji230264
    ji230264Måned siden

    this is funny twice, when you shoot it and when you prsent the final version = it should be shown twice

  • Office US is better
    Office US is betterMåned siden

    After life began great but fell in the same ditch of cliches tv is known for. I watched three episodes and gave up. I thought Ricky would do it differently.

  • MasalaiMeri
    MasalaiMeriMåned siden

    It's 2.47pm, Thursday, 10th of September, 2020. Just got Netflix Oz. Just finished binge watching 1 & 2. Thank you. In a world seemingly gone mad, this was exactly the thing I needed. Laughter, tears, rinse, repeat. Gratitude for everyone who created this. I'm already sweating on the next season. And Ricky... I love you, man. Thanks. Cheers 🖤

  • Joe Jingle
    Joe JingleMåned siden

    I regularly revisit this masterpiece

  • Peter Andrews
    Peter AndrewsMåned siden

    3:40 I love that laugh

  • Badger
    BadgerMåned siden

    This is the funniest video you’ll see this year bar none. The year 2020 needs to watch this and cheer the f##k up

  • Barking Dave
    Barking DaveMåned siden

    Always come here when the old depression comes back

  • Anglus Patria

    Anglus Patria

    16 dager siden

    dry your eyes lad, your little un is adorable by the way mate. How could you be depressed with that little ray of sunshine hanging about?

  • Gregory Crump

    Gregory Crump

    28 dager siden

    Same here. Any gervais bloopers will do the trick. That laugh never fails.

  • Convict Conditioning

    Convict Conditioning

    Måned siden

    I'll second that Barking Dave. For years now when I've felt down I always come to Gervais.

  • Oxy The Moronic Genius.

    Oxy The Moronic Genius.

    Måned siden

    stop moaning.

  • electro solarfart
    electro solarfartMåned siden

    The best bit was when the dog stood on rick's ball's lol.....the nihilistic prick doesnt have any !! thats the point. Fooled you all. Hollywood Loves Ricky... He wouldnt want to be exposed as a rich spoilt twat would he. Well done Mr Javais.

  • RockPhonic - VLOGS
    RockPhonic - VLOGSMåned siden

    The outtakes are better than the actual show

  • MrObiwan1
    MrObiwan1Måned siden

    David Earl is a genius :)

  • FrowningIke
    FrowningIkeMåned siden

    I've only just caught that there's an actual post box in the background in the posting his letters in shit scene! 🤣