After Life - Trailer


Ricky's new comedy series, exclusively on Netflix from 8 March


  • Fang V V
    Fang V V9 dager siden

    Great show💖

  • Australien
    Australien23 dager siden

    The most human of humans..❤ you Ricky

  • Jasmine Black
    Jasmine Black29 dager siden

    If something is going to kill me (it might as well be love)-The Stranglers new song

  • butterfly don
    butterfly donMåned siden

    Love all Ricky Gervais shows but this show was absolutely brilliant, sad n funny moments, he’s just a great actor 💐💐

  • Nat Dionne
    Nat Dionne2 måneder siden

    Ricky thanks for the laughs and wisdom, much respect for what you do! Hope to meet you and others in England after covid! Rock on!

    LOUIS -YT2 måneder siden

  • Ouwe Knar Westland
    Ouwe Knar Westland3 måneder siden

    liked it brilliant

  • Stephanie Lawrence
    Stephanie Lawrence3 måneder siden

    Ricky, your show made me laugh and cry all at once. It’s made me appreciate everyone I love even more and like Jesus, showing kindness and love is the only way. Here’s to you. What a heart warming show you have produced which covers it all - spot on. Love it 👌❤️

  • MedveRPGgaming
    MedveRPGgaming3 måneder siden

    Managed to watch both series now. Love this series, just a thank you really Ricky. Maybe you'll read this maybe not.... But yeah. Miss my aunty. Almost 5 years she's been gone now. Cancer, 54. Not fair. Love ya all. Take care and look forward to next series.

  • Etheriel
    Etheriel3 måneder siden

    I Love You Ricky! You are my pure heart hero!

  • Robert Pembroke
    Robert Pembroke3 måneder siden

    Dia Pelejaren Anda Pemula You're doing bird move Russell. Doctor, your words resonate in the annals of history with the thunderous bang of Joseph Pujol vis a vis Le Petomane vis a vis sweet petal bud. We all wait with baited breath as supermarket shelves empty in a vacuous homage to your banal medical superficiality and total disregard for common human decency in the twilight of human existence. We all now understand the meaning of the novel 'The Island of Doctor Moreau'. Please continue to entertain us with the appeasement of unhygienic sycophantic public servant medical employees. Our only saving grace is that everyone agrees that the system must be collapsed to prevent your strange sense of grace. Nobody seriously believes that this ridiculous therapeutic relationship will go away until Medicare Model is abolished and free market exchange permitted. Nobody should be forced to see you pack of charletons. We only care for the survival of the human family which the professions have vowed to destroy. Signed Lareby Farkle Family Foundation

  • Green eyed cat.
    Green eyed cat.4 måneder siden


  • Jason Bushnell
    Jason Bushnell5 måneder siden

    Yeah Ricky I love you man you’re fucking awesome for speaking the truth! And thank God you’re still alive like I’m surprised that you haven’t been executed like has been done so many times and try to pawn it off it’s some kind of accident bullshit!! You’re awesome buddy! I have never had no more respect for anybody when you sit up there in the Golden Globes award show and stood up to those fucking scum bags and pretty much exposed them for the fucking shit hole pedophile scum bags they really are.I don’t think they’re all like that I don’t know, but I know there’s some names out there floating around that are definitely involved and it’s pretty sad

  • William Michael Forbes
    William Michael Forbes5 måneder siden

    Ricky this is by far one of the best shows I have seen in my 60 years of life on this planet. Each episode warms my heart and open my mind more intimately to the simple things in life. I almost wish I was an atheist perhaps I be just a little bit like you :-).... I don't think I could make anybody laugh as hard

  • Emily Hays
    Emily Hays5 måneder siden

    Your weird. I love you.

  • Joel Wilson
    Joel Wilson5 måneder siden

    Fantastic show. It make me laugh and cry! Thanks!

  • R H
    R H6 måneder siden

    Hey Ricki I love you man! Youre hilarious. I bet i know what can make you cry you bastard. XD A spankin from youre mummy or daddy ahaha

  • Tici Bates
    Tici Bates6 måneder siden

    Tony is my alter ego. Love him ❤️

  • ekurisona
    ekurisona6 måneder siden

    where's the outtakes

  • Just Chris
    Just Chris6 måneder siden

    Dude, it’s so hard watch this. I watched my wife pass away for 8 months, and sometimes this is just so close to the real thing.

  • Mufuggah
    Mufuggah6 måneder siden

    Dear Ricky, As an aspiring method/voice actor, I just have one thing to say to you: Thank you for teaching. I managed to capture the moment I realized what I was doing: Sincerely, 'Mufuggah'

  • Nathaniel Kemp
    Nathaniel Kemp7 måneder siden

    Just binge watched the first season of after life what an AMAZING and I mean ABSOLUTELY AMAZING story beautifully written and an awesome message I absolutely love it.

  • I Spik Inglisc
    I Spik Inglisc7 måneder siden

    one of the best tv series ever. really.

  • edmilson santana
    edmilson santana8 måneder siden

    Cara vc é muito bom Derek é o melhor

  • From Meggie With Love
    From Meggie With Love8 måneder siden


  • shima baladi
    shima baladi8 måneder siden

    I love season 1.I have watched it twice but season 2 was a disaster,it’s disappointed me...I kept season 1 and deleted season 2 from my computer....l like Ricky by the way 😊

  • Steve Bond
    Steve Bond8 måneder siden

    Ricky. I picked a random video, in hope this comment reaches you at some stage. This is, I believe, one of the finest pieces of TV in history. It couldn't have come at a better time for me too. I loved "the office", and "extras", but "after life", is exquisite. Thank you, Steve Bond, a big fan!

  • Nomi64
    Nomi648 måneder siden

    I love Afterlife.. What is wrong with me.. Just discovered it on netflix.

  • Random Elvis
    Random Elvis8 måneder siden

    Gogglebox spoiler alert....nearly played the whole second series 🙄

  • alejandro blanco
    alejandro blanco8 måneder siden

    what is the song at the beginning? i wanna learn it for guitar

  • Kylehyper
    Kylehyper8 måneder siden

    Kid: Pedo, Pedo Ricky: what Kid: pedo Ricky: I ain’t a pedo ya little ginger cu*t Brilliant

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent8 måneder siden

    what do you think?? Are you a good enough person to enter into heaven? Have you ever lied before?..........Have you ever stole anything before? ...............Have you ever looked at a person with lust in your heart? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Have you ever had sex outside of marriage? ***Have you ever hated anyone before? ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.Have you ever use God's name in vain before? If you have, God sees you as a lying thieving Blasphemous adulterer and hater at heart and you must face a holy God on the day of judgement! Will you be innocent or guilty on the day of judgement? Will you go to heaven or to hell? Revelation chapter 21 says "all liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire!" The Bible says no thief and no adulterer and no blasphemer and no fornicator and no hater by any means shall ever inherit the Kingdom of Heaven! ........... ......u have broken God's laws... ,,,,,,,,,,,, But Jesus Christ has paid your fine if you repent and turn away from all sin and Trust alone in Jesus Christ for salvation, God will forgive every sin you have ever committed and Grant you eternal life! If you refuse to turn away from all sins and Trust in Christ, then you must pay for your own sins against God yourself on the day of judgement!!!

  • Tyler Mountford
    Tyler Mountford8 måneder siden

    this guy is a better actor than most people in hollywood

  • tony n
    tony n8 måneder siden

    Ricky come and sit with me i make lovely Yorkshire tea. I could tell you a real story about loss and loneliness how will this story end I'm not sure you no I've run out of gags tony Uk

  • Dominic Hopkins
    Dominic Hopkins8 måneder siden

    thank you Ricky for raising awareness of the issues you highlight in this show - will watch soon hopefully

  • Pistol Pete
    Pistol Pete8 måneder siden

    Better than the Golden globes

  • delighton ailende
    delighton ailende8 måneder siden

    rudeness is a super power?

  • Daniel Greaves
    Daniel Greaves8 måneder siden

    What is the name of the guitar riff at the beginning? The backing track when his wife speaks.

  • Houdda Houdda
    Houdda Houdda8 måneder siden

    I just finished season 2. In one word : Amazing !

  • Sundeep Patara
    Sundeep Patara9 måneder siden

    I have always been impressed and inspired by you as a person. I also felt your work has always been purposeful and sincere if not often times brilliant. After watching series 2 of Afterlife, I can only feel you are one of the best actors I have ever seen on screen. I felt every tear. So much subtlety in the performance that it seems like a documentary. Incredible.

  • kornfreak78
    kornfreak789 måneder siden

    Mr. Gervais... Thank you for After Life... this show has been an emotional roller coaster for me. Within the last 4 years I have lost my Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa... the 3 people that raised me and meant the most to me... and seeing this show has just really brought a lot of memories and emotions to the surface for me. I just wanted to say that After Life is absolutely brilliant... it's been healing for me in a way. Really all I can say is thank you for making it. I hope it's around for awhile. Cheers to you, Sir.

  • anna Lawrence
    anna Lawrence9 måneder siden

    Ricky is the best: cheers🥂

  • J B
    J B9 måneder siden

    Season 2 was great!

  • Mel King
    Mel King9 måneder siden

    After Life is Amazing!! Season 1 was moving, funny, tragic, engaging and generally brilliant. Just finished watching S2 and it’s just as good, maybe even better. RG is a genius, for real. Another incredible, sensitive masterpiece. Bravo!!!!!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • aleksandr kutko
    aleksandr kutko9 måneder siden

    Just finished watching second season of After Life. And I have to say - thank you for Your work. You are an artist. This is the real art. And do make the world better.

  • Catherine Clancy
    Catherine Clancy9 måneder siden

    I have binged my way through Season 1 and Season 2 and I love it. It has an important message I believe. I hope that you will do a Season 3. Love it, love it, love it.

  • Brackish Life
    Brackish Life9 måneder siden

    Damn you Ricky! You always know how to make a grown man cry, just as I think you can't get any better you surpass yourself. I introduced you and all you work to my American family and they all love your work, some people sometimes say that I look like you, so I said to my wife tonight "do you fancy Ricky Girvais * she said with a smerk in her voice" No why would I fance a pug faced gimp like that" I said cos some people say I look a bit like him, she said yeah now you mention it you look a bit like him. "Cee Uou Next Tuesday"! Thanks Ricky for being a mate even tho you don't know me.

  • ادم Adam
    ادم Adam9 måneder siden

    You make me laugh you somtimes make me think about life your awsome mate @RickyGervais

  • jeremy smith
    jeremy smith9 måneder siden

    Tired of u bashing people as much as you do.

    CASPER METAL DETECTING - Don DeForre'10 måneder siden

    Have watched season 1 - 3 times because its simply BRILLIANT - CHEERS - waiting for season 2 !

  • Su-zii Nao
    Su-zii Nao10 måneder siden

    LAURA JOHNSON10 måneder siden

    Does anyone know the song right at the very start of this trailer??

  • scousa
    scousa11 måneder siden

    dam near pissed myself with the dog on a leash bit. This whole series was spot on!

  • urbanothepopeofdeath
    urbanothepopeofdeath11 måneder siden

    I have this "thing" about someone asking me if I could have a sit down with anyone in the world who would it one has yet to ask of course. but if someone would, I would think it would be gervais. but then I get to thinking he really wouldn't give a flying fuck about the conversation so I would have ruined my only chance!

  • Mario Skrtic
    Mario Skrtic11 måneder siden

    I have cried every episode. It's exactly wat I feel like and want to do. Every step is the true story of so many men. I truly love this human being, known as Ricky Gervais. My brother.

  • Peter Warburton
    Peter Warburton11 måneder siden

    I have to watch this !!!!

  • Coldeb 89
    Coldeb 8911 måneder siden

    Wife and I watched the first episode... got hooked on it and binged the whole series... it was though, the saddest comedy we’ve ever seen , my wife cried through every episode, there are comical things that will make you smile however. It’s brilliantly and poignantly written, and the acting was superb, from all the cast.

  • canttellyoumyname
    canttellyoumyname11 måneder siden

    I just finished watching then and I have to say that this is such a great movie series! Very beautiful town. I love the scenery, acting, actors, the story, everything is great. Great work mr. Ricky

  • Deji
    Deji11 måneder siden

    It is coming out on my birthday

  • L0mb4rd1
    L0mb4rd111 måneder siden

    is this real or not?

  • Jackel
    JackelÅr siden

    Hay Ricky (tbh dout you will read or reply to this lol) My other half has a yt channel - sipping tea with me ding dong jo ;) she has had issues with a Steve mcrea who has made a huge thing about your recent agnostic / atheist stuff - I wanted to annoy them by getting you to hopefuly maybe skype in one evening just to say something along the lines of you have no interest in a egotistical narcissistic american numpty lol maybe email me @ could be a chuckle - or mail her through her Chanel lol love your stuff keep it going x

  • jay mehta
    jay mehtaÅr siden

    Big Fan bro. Let’s have your Comedy Tour in my Country India. You got many fans here who would love to see your gig live. Think abou it and let me know if interested. 😁

  • Torpedo583 Bandog
    Torpedo583 BandogÅr siden

    Ricky, I found After Life on Netflix and I have to say that it is EXACTLY what I needed in the dead of winter to see me through it all. It's brilliantly written and your very believable as a morose asshole. Sorry, couldn't help myself there. Lol Thanks, friend

  • Anirudh
    AnirudhÅr siden

    Ah, wonderwall. Brings back so many memories.

  • Christina R
    Christina RÅr siden

    There is no death. Extraordinary consultation between a lady and her late husband with the french medium Deborah Benisty ... Beautiful proof of survival. The afterlife is real !

  • Anton Zheleznikov
    Anton ZheleznikovÅr siden

    great speech at the Golden globes 2020 ceremony! respect and admiration

  • Traffic Light
    Traffic LightÅr siden

    Hm, is it disturbing that this is how I have been acting all of my life?

  • John Bolton
    John BoltonÅr siden

    I saw a video on Noah's Ark comedy, which is grand! If Ricky ever gets to read this, from what I remember, the eye has 16 genes associated with color. The human genome is diploid (versus say, quadraploid). Given a little genetic manipulations understanding, in a lab, you can take the genes from any given man (XY), copy the chromosomes (XY+XY), take only the XX and you have a woman from a man using stem cells -- as we made the clone of Dolly the sheep. Given you have a man well genetically diverse, or a woman (here, you don't get the Y chromosome), well genetically diverse, you can add together nearly ALL the genetic diversity of the entire planet. Animals aren't all that different. After all, certain Zebras have four sets of chromosomes, or potentially 4 sets of complete variation. Most tree species have quite a lot (10 sets of chromosomes or more... but they can't move, like a freakin' spider, so well, they have to be ready all the time in a differentw way). I could tell you more, but I'd have to have a reason to. Or, you can die, and we'll talk later :-) But that's true form most all in my group, and quite a lot around me. God bless, and keep being freakin' hilarious! The new show (minus season two -- I haven't seen yet -- is great, for the most , but a train wreck in the emotions potentially drawn, which makes it stunning, since it's a good story!). An Idiot Abroad and other works are similarly spectacular! I've not seen most all of the British version of The Office. Cheers!

  • Gmaw
    GmawÅr siden

    Off gridder - started watching NOlocal again to to watch my real news... anyways, first time I saw you, was recently, OMG, a REAL person!! Awesome.. NO MASKS... didn't think there were any LOL, God Bless You! You are great!! Not just the comedy, but more so the feeling of freedom factor!

  • Rahlo
    RahloÅr siden

    Golden Globes 2020 Monologue was fantastic!!!

  • Andy Miron
    Andy MironÅr siden

    Best superpower ever. :D

  • Doris Edwards
    Doris EdwardsÅr siden

    What's not to love? Ricky Gervais, and another wonderful brilliant "look forward to" show. I feel exactly like, "You just say whatever the fuck you want."

  • names are irrelevant
    names are irrelevantÅr siden

    Ricky (if i may call you that please)ive just popped in here as while looking for a film to rent i just happend to notice the invention of lying is on so i have pauesd it as it reminded me of something that ive been meaning to say for some time but up to now too busy well all i have is free time now so,this is the greatest literal written metaphor and the best actual example of carefull what you wish for life ive ever come across in this or any other life(?)the fact that it is generally funny is just a bonus and to any1 out there reading this shame on you you let critics brand this with 2 stars(really guys every fucking continued twilight film never mind the affront to all thats holy 1st film got more)despite knowing by now if you now anything about Ricky he does nothing 2 stars in life so they must be more except none of you looked duh!(its a 2 part process peeps looking and seeing)oh and while im here i also liked ghost town that film made me laugh and cry then laugh again this time in a new light given what ive put i take it its a given you already know what i think of cemetery junction (hint i liked it)please think nothing of these words as some sort of debt either way as a Buddhist i merely tell truths if others are happy with lies that must be said when its clear no1 else will (bows)good blessings any and all honouring me with time to read these words take what you will from them but know whatever as i dont care (right im off as if you live pause sky too long it fucks up and resets when you try to fast forward adds why fucks knows please dont get me started on shit like that thats what Karl's for and hes a lot funnier than me (looks at clock)hey now i see the time im going to just watch from the beginning on sci fi plus 1 which is good as i missed the start i love it when a cosmos plan comes together 🤯

  • names are irrelevant

    names are irrelevant

    År siden

    i noticed sex and marriage come up given my current status as ,monk,i cant say im in much of a position to comment on either currently (this status might change as life is about change and just because i say it right now doesn't mean im married to it)i would hope through that any1 who made vows in any language key been love would as a bare min say so with such convection powered by a desire to only make love with that person they say it to from now on(in life at least)and does any1 know if that the film the history of the fork ever came out i ask because while not having seen the 1st film the history of the spoon (i dont need to know the history of the spoon as i figured that out the 1st time i used 1 ,plot spoiler, its a smaller bowl with a handle to use with your bowl to put stuff in your mouth)the only item of Cutler i use is a spoon i would be very interested to hear the history of the fork and can't wait for the trilogy to conclude with the history of spork i hear it has a shocking twist at the end hint if you use a spork your a inelngent fool having fun eating food with as much ease as possible, if you use it in public you've took not caring to too far a extreme others will think the choice is yours but as i truly dont care what others think so👅

  • names are irrelevant

    names are irrelevant

    År siden

    oh and in the times of my life ive had animals like brad invade it i took just 1 thing away from it ,all they seem to do is brand peeps who choose not to know them with brands like, loser,while missing the point only losers call others losers because there sore they lost the race in this case human race,so if any1 calls you a loser just see it as a damming indictment on there behalf ,its not that i dont like cleaning i do its that i happen to think vacuum cleaners suck, is that any good as a 1 liner? if you(any1)think so you can have it

  • names are irrelevant

    names are irrelevant

    År siden

    wow it really is amazing how much more powerful something is the 2nd time around given the 2nd time around is when instead of just watching something this time you evaluate it right i dont know where to start so im going to just let it pour and there's no better way to start that with a question, was that edd Norton?, and in that old womans ear did you whisper "orange is the new black"?phew for the rest well let's repeat the repeating message just in case you missed it,peeps there's nothing wrong with been a loser enjoying a loser life as long as you know your a winner when you know that you know you have already won and the rest is irrelevant, hmm look im just going to avoid the whole invent religion element orher than to say all i know is based on my studies of life based on being alive to cross other so to speak into the other realm would only either be guesstimates based on what i know of life or at least what ive observed to solve any of the problems of death 1st requires me to inhabit the state of death something im struggling to not do right now given i occupy the state or life but give me 5mins of being dead and i,ll get to work solving the mysterys of that life(?)i just won't be able to tell you of my findings untill you arrive by which time i hope you would of got your act together and at some point learned out how in life you use more than 1 brain cell to get by so we would be able to go other my findings together i truly look forwad to that day(fingers crossed)right these last 2 go out to Ricky and jen ,jen i dont find you physically attractive (in fact in a monk) now bearing that in mind would you like to have a chat and get to know me and will can see if we at least can get on to the degree of conversation, if you havent picked up from the film why i said that then thats because you (a)still haven't watched it(b)your a ignoramus (c)all of the above,right this 1 is for Ricky and Ricky alone as he has given me so much without asking yet bizarrely only took shit off others for doing it,the war of humans vrs machines will not start with skynet noo no instead it will start and end with japan making the 1st self aware toilet now just think about that for a second see the horror then laugh as you must always laugh. ....whats that you say politics well i dont do politics but upon catching the news by accident as it comes on you tube weather i like it or not i see you have a new prime minister well i took 1 look at that and said thats! your chef monkey? and tapped out as all i seem to be doing these days is despairing and im all out of despair if any1 would care to come at me for that statement then please do but do so with the knowledge that i willling layed down let a dentist pull out 8 of my teeth in 1 go with little to no pain relief as thats what i do to teeth when there rotten i get some1 else to pull them out as its easier then doing it myself not that i wouldn't if it was and you just bear in mind you ain't no dentist, oh and if her cooking is so bad why dont you do the cooking instead if the answer is mines wrose but im lazy as well then i think you need to shut up unless your willing to learn how

  • Bonker Wonker
    Bonker WonkerÅr siden

    Subscribed....get to work 🤩

  • piperp34
    piperp34År siden

    You ROCK Ricky!!! Golden Globes:)

  • Laurent
    LaurentÅr siden

    Thank you Ricky, from France. Thank you for your humour, your humanity. (In French sorry.) French people sucks in others langages. We speak English like you make french bred. Merci pour Derek qui m'a bouleversé alors que je travaille dans ce milieu. Merci pour être l'intelligence dont nous manquons, le rire que nous perdons, les convictions qui nous échappent et la sincérité que nous ne trouvons plus. Vous êtes un de mes plus grands sourires et réconforts dans ce monde de plus en plus idiot. Vivez longtemps, prenez soin de vous, de nous. Thank you so much.

  • Nicholas Rourke
    Nicholas RourkeÅr siden

    Ricky if u get suicided after that Golden globe golden performance. Just know us regular ppl loved every minute of you're monologue. God bless, oh also it's funny seeing a athiest Do Gods work and think its himself only. Cheers

  • dimitris Bam
    dimitris BamÅr siden

    You sir are the most brutal man that's ever existed!

  • Cleet N' Beans
    Cleet N' BeansÅr siden

    Didn't realize Ricky promoted his show in his Golden Globes monologue! Brilliant!

  • Glesga truth
    Glesga truthÅr siden

    We really appreciated what you dun the other night at the golden globes your a true great .

  • Paradise 1219
    Paradise 1219År siden

    You were incredible at the Golden Globes. You now gained a ton of fans. Thank you for shedding light on all the Hollywood hypocrisy and truly giving the every day American Joe a voice of how we all feel about these shows and the fakes who stand up there accepting the awards shaming Americans when they are the true ones that could care less about climate change, children's safety and women rights and list goes on with their casting couches, private jets, limos, being good friends with Epstein visiting his house of horrors. Thank you for being you!! You deserve all the praise you are receiving and millions look forward to your next stand up show! 👋👋👋👍👍👍

  • Guitar Ocd
    Guitar OcdÅr siden

    You are awesome.

  • Nick V
    Nick VÅr siden

    Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Golden Globe monologue. It was everything I always wanted to say to those Hollywood slime balls. You have a new subscriber.

  • Sandra Lindqvist
    Sandra LindqvistÅr siden

    This is not about after life which is lovely but I just saw the 2020 Golden Globe award monologue. This Brittish man has BALLS. Wow!!

  • Donna Lands
    Donna LandsÅr siden

    January 6, 2020 Re: Your great heart and performance. 👍 Dear Mr. Gervais: You probably never check your credits and comments. You probably don't even know you have a youtube channel. I don't watch the awards shows because...stars are so into their self congratulatory events that it's enough to make you barf. Hollywood only has 36 of their egotistical glory shows per year. That averages out to about one every ten days per year. They spend more time at an ego show of glory than at their thespian acting careers. It is arrogance with a capital A, you know what I am saying? What's it to us peasants to care about the difference between their Golden award show, Tony, Emmy, Oscar, Academy, AMA, CMA and whatever awards show they are airing and sharing. Frankly my dear, we the peasants don't give a damn. Only they do. They're all about the same lame game of shame. I never needed an actor to wire my house, fix my car or to haul out my garbage. They need to have a perv award show. Many would be in the running. And the number one dick award goes to(?) I did catch your awesome and super fantastic monologue. It was the best thing I have ever seen. It was honorable and full of raw integrity. If there was a purple poka-dotted elephant award for the best monologue's ever viewed in Hollywood...You would win. I love elephants because they are the smartest and wisest animals of the four legged breeds. You got your punishes in. Great Job. 👍✋😅🤣♥️🦋🌹😊🍺Cheers with my cup of green tea. Sincerely Donna Rae Lands

  • Lucinda Randolph
    Lucinda RandolphÅr siden Thank you for making #AfterLife the most watched British comedy in the world this year! NOW WE KNOW WHY Q CHOSE YOU TO LAUGH AT THE HOLLYWOOD PEDOS!

  • J G
    J GÅr siden

    Excellent show. Your Golden Globes opening last night was life changing. It is about time someone said what the average person was thinking. Much appreciated.

  • Jason Weakley
    Jason WeakleyÅr siden

    DUDE! I am giving you a subscribe because of the Golden Globes! Keep it up! And please don't get suicided.

  • Marissa
    MarissaÅr siden

    You make this world a brighter place! Hah!! Reality check! Happy NEW Year!

  • jon
    jonÅr siden

    Who's here after the golden globes? Refreshing sir. Keep it up.

  • Sonic Dave
    Sonic DaveÅr siden

    Man I can relate so much to this. Brought me tears.

  • david Bruce
    david BruceÅr siden

    GO RICKY!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew there were Brits with "huevos"!

  • Great Gig In the Sky
    Great Gig In the SkyÅr siden

    I know you'll never read this, but telling those celebrities on the golden globes last night they have no room to lecture the public was f'ckn excellent!! MUCH RESPECT!!

  • Some dude
    Some dudeÅr siden

    Wow , man . You went from incredibly funny celebrity comedian to MOTHERF$%@ING SUPERSTAR . Thanks for telling hollywood what we all wish we could say . A blue collar dude .

  • JoJo Bless
    JoJo BlessÅr siden

    Your many ppl hero after your speech to Hollywood elite, most polluted city, high crime, drug, homeless and they want to tell the world what to do...they have no clue about the world around them.. you were AWESOME!!!

  • biglittle man
    biglittle manÅr siden

    Eat it Hollywood.

  • Josh R
    Josh RÅr siden

    53 years old and this is the single best show I have ever seen. Im on my 6th trip through it

  • One Race Through Adam
    One Race Through AdamÅr siden

    Please support our women and girls. Why does saying that men are not women create such fear. And that people with penises do not belong in women-only spaces. Think of our women.

  • Michael Exman
    Michael ExmanÅr siden

    he kinda reminds me of a British woman I; dated would be the wrong word HAD A FLING with. Well he reminds me of her with a beard!!!

  • maxx1991
    maxx1991År siden

    When i see Ricky Gervais all i can say is OMG! it's Ricky Gervais