Ain't No Trouble | Learn Guitar With David Brent


David Brent teams up with Dom Johnson to give you the guitar tutorial for 'Ain't No Trouble'.
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  • Cab 1111
    Cab 11115 dager siden

    Typical Brent , supposedly a guitar tutorial but really an excuse to show off !

  • Anik Dey
    Anik Dey12 dager siden

    Hope Tanisha's doing better!

  • ozzie321
    ozzie32119 dager siden

    To spice things up. LITERALLY!

  • meena mark
    meena markMåned siden

    Thats one lesson if life that doesnt fuck up... Way to be

  • TommY- BEE
    TommY- BEEMåned siden

    Man, Ricky needs to get back into music!

  • Luke Brennan
    Luke Brennan2 måneder siden


  • inconceivabledark
    inconceivabledark2 måneder siden


    FLY ON THE WALL2 måneder siden

    I really appreciated your comedy man 👍

  • Joel Kitcher
    Joel Kitcher2 måneder siden

    He went home to get it

  • valentino1000
    valentino10003 måneder siden

    "head butt in the balls"? So, in the end they did include dwarfs.

  • Robert Elliott
    Robert Elliott4 måneder siden

    Enjoy this while you can before the thought police come for it.

  • MediMediMedi


    2 måneder siden

    Was thinking that same thing. What a freken sad day that’ll b!

  • caroline g
    caroline g4 måneder siden

    Keep that sort of stuff for

  • d p
    d p4 måneder siden

    These 2, are 2 of my absolute faves. 👏🏾😂 both geniuses ✌🏾💯

  • keefseg
    keefseg4 måneder siden

    damn he's a genuine good guitar player singer, that takes talent

  • seanieog whest
    seanieog whest4 måneder siden

    The black dude should be in way more stuff hes very good

  • Meggy Alcedo
    Meggy Alcedo4 måneder siden

    I love his face when he started disagreeing with the rap 😂😂

  • David Tulip
    David Tulip4 måneder siden

    "hence the..."

  • Jolly Good
    Jolly Good5 måneder siden

    Genuinely good.

  • MrAmericanbeauty
    MrAmericanbeauty5 måneder siden

    Enjoy this while u can, it will be removed once the "you cant do that" brigade spot him mimmicking a black person

  • Miroslav Kaiowas Lukin
    Miroslav Kaiowas Lukin5 måneder siden

    Ricky looks like a hamster...)))

  • Babbling Along

    Babbling Along

    5 måneder siden

    Wow, he does.

  • Wayne Daly
    Wayne Daly5 måneder siden


  • Ruski K
    Ruski K5 måneder siden

    Dom has some real talent as well.

  • Scott Keller
    Scott Keller5 måneder siden

    "Maybe some REAL African vibes from, ya know, stuff like Paul Simon." Probably one of the dumbest yet brilliantly funny things I've ever heard. Hahaha

  • J. Jannotti
    J. Jannotti6 måneder siden

    "Just to hearn a dolla"

  • Tom Van sloun
    Tom Van sloun6 måneder siden

    Sort me out geeza

  • Kadir Ünsalan
    Kadir Ünsalan6 måneder siden

    20.05.2020 Still jamming (: ...

  • Dan Taylor
    Dan Taylor6 måneder siden

    Did you ever meet Robin Williams? He would of loved you

  • Craig Newman
    Craig Newman6 måneder siden

    For those not in the know Ricky Gervais was in the 80's band, Seona Dancing.

  • Marzia
    Marzia6 måneder siden

    Best duo ever for this song.

  • Jonny Noakes
    Jonny Noakes6 måneder siden

    "Lub... where you got lub from..?"

  • Lonewolf 71
    Lonewolf 716 måneder siden

    Simply put,the man's a born genius❤❤

  • Barbie Robinson
    Barbie Robinson6 måneder siden his technic!

  • Grigori Rasputin
    Grigori Rasputin7 måneder siden

    Has anyone noticed how much this guy looks just like Ricky Gervais? 0_o

  • Uncle Putin
    Uncle Putin7 måneder siden

    Love it!

  • Taojas
    Taojas7 måneder siden

    He can pen a decent tune

  • Happybidr
    Happybidr7 måneder siden

    “Maybe some real Africa vibe, from someone like Paul Simon.” *stare*

  • Nand Rod
    Nand Rod7 måneder siden

    We luv David Brent (from Argentina) ... hhhhuhhh

  • David Kodym
    David Kodym7 måneder siden

    thats why the... these little things David does are brilliant:-) And good music too.

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall8 måneder siden

    “Just to spice things up......literally”

  • Paul F.
    Paul F.8 måneder siden

    That was cool, reminded me a bit of a band a housemate played quite a lot many years ago.....🧐 Spinal Trap, from memory? Anyway, that aside.....when does the actual guitar learning bit happen?? I was all ready to go🤨.... but nothing🤷‍♂️ Really loved the rap though, made the song👍😁👍

  • Petal Poppy
    Petal Poppy8 måneder siden

    Just so all you silly children watching this know...he is NOT teaching anyone the is a parody! “What is a parody?” I hear you ask. Look it up in a dictionary... “ What is a dictionary”? Google it!... oh never mind child, just go back to playing on your XBox or phone!

  • Butterflysigh
    Butterflysigh8 måneder siden

    It's not easy playing this kind of material wearing a tie just ask The Specials......i would suggest requesting a budget for filming in Malibu if we survive this my sharona virus of course !

  • Noname 1st
    Noname 1st8 måneder siden

    "There's been a rape up there"

  • whetherwepieces
    whetherwepieces8 måneder siden

    I love how Dom kept himself from laughing when he heard paul simon. 1:53

  • Renommées
    Renommées8 måneder siden

    honestly, that guilty dog ​​look at the end, when the guy asked him: "where did you get this LOBE" is one of the best acting performances I have ever seen. Bravo Ricky. Fan forever.

  • staninjapan07
    staninjapan078 måneder siden

    Too damn good. I"d have thought by now we'd all be bored with David Brent, but he is a gift that just keeps on giving and making us cringe - and enjoy cringing - time after time. How they keep a straight face, I have no idea. Many takes I guess.

  • Paul Borg
    Paul Borg8 måneder siden

    Why has this not been properly produced, genuinely better than 90% of chart music. Did Ricky write this?

  • Tony Barbera
    Tony Barbera8 måneder siden


  • Baffle Ment
    Baffle Ment8 måneder siden

    It's hard to handle; my ears don't like it, my brain don't like it. Maybe it'll sound better when I'm dead and reincarnated as a guppy in an aquarium in Trinidad.

  • A Person
    A Person9 måneder siden

    Fucking hilarious. Also, first time in music history that a rap improved the song.

  • Norse Code
    Norse Code9 måneder siden

    Brent is Irish

  • From The Flight Deck
    From The Flight Deck9 måneder siden

    I like David Bent..he is stunning and brave

  • Hard Hats
    Hard Hats9 måneder siden

    Woah.......when he starting singing......with no hint of irony....genius.

  • Mark Van Den Berg
    Mark Van Den Berg9 måneder siden

    Crazy bastard

  • 1bigjames
    1bigjames9 måneder siden

    Well at least your alter ego plays a cool guitar!

  • Guro-kawaii
    Guro-kawaii9 måneder siden

  • Puerto Riconnect
    Puerto Riconnect9 måneder siden

    “Tease my dog so he doesn’t even know it by going to throw a bone but just pretending to throw it”

  • Will Page
    Will Page9 måneder siden

    In lub wid dis song ... actually class all de way marn.

  • Coldeb 89
    Coldeb 899 måneder siden

    You know... in all these songs he’s just using the same C D G Am (sometimes an E and F ) he does some clever little bass walkdowns as well... the thing is, he still creates a different song just using the same chords, that’s not as easy as it looks, especially a comical one... Ricky is actually quite an accomplished musician in his own right.

  • Robbie Chandler
    Robbie Chandler9 måneder siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Paul Simon!!!!!!!!

  • offwiththefairies77
    offwiththefairies779 måneder siden

    "Lub". lol. It tru do bruv. 😂🤣🤣

  • Peter Jenkins
    Peter Jenkins9 måneder siden

    Now this is brilliant ! None of that pc bullsh2t here !

  • Name Here
    Name Here9 måneder siden


  • Gaurie Kidd
    Gaurie Kidd9 måneder siden

    God, I love you Ricky!!!

  • KW
    KW9 måneder siden

    How have I only just found this

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed9 måneder siden

    Ricky, sorry David, breaks the fourth wall so so well.

  • /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
    /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)9 måneder siden

    A very convincing black Caribbean accent. lol

  • oztuber2
    oztuber29 måneder siden

    Untallented in EVERYTHING dicky germ anus

  • Gymbruuuuh
    Gymbruuuuh9 måneder siden

    This is brilliant 😂

  • It’s me 123T
    It’s me 123T9 måneder siden

    I strangely like all of brents catchy songs 10x better than what’s out these days 😂 ,Ricky cheers me up when I’m feeling down,has to be the best comedian out there

  • James Doyle
    James Doyle9 måneder siden

    Brent on fire. Better songwriter that most of the shit in the charts.

  • Jp Macc
    Jp Macc9 måneder siden

    Just seven years ago ...if he sang with that accent now all the up their own arse offended for offended sake brigade would deteriorate mentally real quick ...

  • Mars Time
    Mars Time9 måneder siden

    No chair for spice man🤣

  • Jamie W
    Jamie W9 måneder siden

    Even though it’s an act about how David Brent is an idiot, you can’t look past Ricky Gervais’s talent. He’s got it going on!!

  • Daniel Voehringer
    Daniel Voehringer9 måneder siden

    These song are brilliant.

  • Flying Custard
    Flying Custard9 måneder siden

    The joke here is on the majority of today's popular music today. Where this, which is meant as a joke is actually pretty good. But a lot of pop music today, which is actually taken seriously by people is a joke! This was a good tune!

  • aaron genie
    aaron genie9 måneder siden

    😂😂😂 Class

  • Nomi Moffitt
    Nomi Moffitt9 måneder siden


  • Sheehan Miles
    Sheehan Miles9 måneder siden


  • Sheehan Miles
    Sheehan Miles9 måneder siden

    Paul Simon!!!!

  • Vintage Playback Hifi
    Vintage Playback Hifi10 måneder siden

    Why isn’t this being released? It would great for Ricky to get a no.1 on top of his other great achievements!

  • 1 1
    1 110 måneder siden

    “It’s a little bit calipso, hence the .....” 😂

  • Isak Berg
    Isak Berg10 måneder siden

    This is fucking brilliant ricky❤️

  • Nicolas B
    Nicolas B10 måneder siden

    Still watching this and still singing out loud in 2020, and at 46 I’m pretty sure I am now the age of David Brent...

  • D
    D10 måneder siden

    Wow.. I know this is an old video but...WOW R.G. can actually sing this shit out of some reggae! He's got a real Bob/Damien Marley-esk sound quality, despite the fact that he's doing a satirical impression. This is often the case though with artists who are attempting to be funny by mimicking an artist/musical style, sometimes they're SO good at the impression that the results are passable as being a genuine musical artifact. Keep in mind however, this is often ONLY the case when it's done by a comedic personality who is bordering on genius, like R.G. which is funny, considering.. most actual musical artists who are genuinely trying to produce music in that particular style don't (or can't) even come CLOSE to "nailing it" as the seasoned comedy genius who is simply just trying to take the piss out of it, and ends up Smashing it out of the park.. such is the case with Mr Ricky Gervais's attempt here at making a funny reggae song! He is trying to be funny and entertain through comedy and music, but it's SO good that, if he were actually just some unknown artist, performing a song for his NOlocal channel, it would have been a home run! It's hard to be upset at RG for this "accidentally genius", for, he can't help it! When you're as much of an ACTUAL genius as he is, it's difficult to NOT make art wherever you go! Case in point, RG's recent appearance on a particular Hollywood awards show.. it appears that he has been deliberately attempting (for 5 consecutive years) to sabotage himself by committing the ultimate act of Kamikaze.. but the result ends up being SUCH genius, that he ends up having the opposite outcome. He is such a funny motherfucker, who is so good at what he does, that despite him trying to cut off his own head as a spiritual offering to the comedy gods.. he STILL manages to bowl over the audience and the very people who hired him, and get invited BACK, with a pay raise, and more prestige than the year prior! It's going to come to the point where he is literally going to have to shit on stage in order to get them to refuse to have him back, and at this point, I'm not even sure that would work. It's a real phenomena, for sure.

  • monkeyman12328
    monkeyman1232810 måneder siden

    Sexy ass martin

  • Weldon Savoie
    Weldon Savoie10 måneder siden

    Just keep on keepin on David.

  • dualmp8
    dualmp810 måneder siden

    thats actually pretty good

  • MrSoothingjazz
    MrSoothingjazz10 måneder siden

    Do it again and actually play a reggae rhythm. You are a genius

  • Mark Illingworth
    Mark Illingworth10 måneder siden

    Hey Ricky, give up your day job!

  • Frank Cowan
    Frank Cowan10 måneder siden

    Lovely. Thanks. I see you differently everythyme you show your face.

  • TheSixfinger1
    TheSixfinger110 måneder siden

    I’ve never been a fan of Ricky Gervais but I have to say, I’m impressed! That Martin has a nice tone! Respect!

  • Take #19
    Take #1910 måneder siden

    Lubb? Where ye got lubb from?

  • Edward R
    Edward R10 måneder siden

    Billy Fin plays the guitar.

  • Chris Debono
    Chris Debono10 måneder siden

    'Real African vibes from someone like Paul Simon'😂

  • Gerard de Souza
    Gerard de Souza10 måneder siden

    This is actually good. If I only had audio on the song, I wouldn't know it's Gervais. They had to work to make this funny.

  • Scruffy
    Scruffy10 måneder siden

    Ricky santana

  • Dumble Dont
    Dumble Dont10 måneder siden

    A British "rapper" rapping about "pull out the gun" was just the icing on the cake 😂.

  • dave h

    dave h

    10 måneder siden

    Ever been to a British inner city?.....A lot of raps cringy whoevers doing it to be fair

  • D


    10 måneder siden

    Listening to British rappers in general is hilarious and borderline cringy. It reminds me of when like a middle-aged Indian man comes to America and ends up living in an urban/inner city area for economic reasons, but he is just SO stoked about being here that his eagerness to assimilate ends up manifesting itself as what can only be described as "an Indian man doing a really bad impression of a black gangsta rapper from the hood". You know the type.. the Indian dude working a booth as the swap meet, selling car stereos. Speaks broken English with a THICK-ASS Indian accent, wearing his "fresh urban-wear" like an oversized Jersey, thick gold chains, blinged out rings.. says funny sounding, urban "catch phrases" that he's picked up, except with an unmistakable Indian inflection, like. (with thick Indian accent, sounding like Ahpu) "Okay My DOG, You want Dis stadeeoo, you rook dis en yar ryde, ahnd de fly hunnies be oll ohhar yar juk. Seedeeusslee, day, be like, ohh ve vant tew sook on Yar beeg black dehk, bee-cos, yewre de mos gahstar neegahr ve know! Okay hoo-mee, you buy des now!"

  • Jerry Atrick
    Jerry Atrick10 måneder siden

    Sing-a-long with RickyG. I can imagine a lot, but I never imagined that. And if i had imagined it, I wouldn’t have imagined enjoying it. But I did.

  • Jonalexher


    10 måneder siden

    He was actually a musician first lol (lead vocalist) look up his band, he's great at singing and playing guitar.

  • Sam Monroe
    Sam Monroe10 måneder siden

    I smashed my acoustic guitar out of anger today. I feel deep regret.