Alan Walker x salem ilese - Fake A Smile (Official Music Video)


We've landed, Walkers. Welcome back to the World of Walker. I'm so excited to finally share my latest single with you all alongside the super talented @salem ilese . Our journey may have been paused at moments last year, but you've all shown that not even the worst can break this community. Thank you for being there for me and more importantly for each other. While we wait for the day to be together in person again, I hope this song resonates with you. You are not alone.
- Alan
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// LYRICS // Alan Walker x salem ilese - Fake A Smile // LYRICS //
you and I up all night
nothing’s wrong nothing’s right
I swear these walls are upside down
I swear the roof is on the ground
demons don’t sleep at night
oh oh oh
I try to turn off my mind
say I’m doing just fine
but I’m screaming inside like
say these words on repeat
while I’m trying to breathe
now you’re counting on me
so I fake a smile
but I know you know me too well
but it’s alright
you’re like heaven when I’m in hell
you were their heavy heart
tasted light but fed the dark
I’m waiting for them all to see
I don’t deserve your company
to love myself is way too hard
oh oh oh
I try to turn off my mind
say I’m doing just fine
but I’m screaming inside like
say these words on repeat
while I’m trying to breathe
now you’re counting on me
so I fake a smile
but I know you know me too well
but it’s alright
you’re like heaven when I’m in hell
so I fake a smile
but it’s alright
so I fake a smile
but I know you know me too well
but it’s alright
you’re like heaven when I’m in hell
so I fake a smile
but I know you know me too well
but it’s alright
you’re like heaven when I’m in hell
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DoP: Jakob Ingimundarson
Production Manager: Hans Henrik Treidene
Editor: Mads Neset
1st Assistant Director: Ben Lucas
2nd AD: Joe Rago
Focus Puller: Esen Saur
1st AC : Lasse Røed
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Props Assistant: Anette Marthinsen
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Gaffer: Kim Berg
Lighting Assistant: Annicken Aaasheim
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Costume Designer: Tina Solberg
Makeup / Wardrobe: Sarah Adolfsen
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Editor: Mads Neset
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Artwork photographer: Pål Laukli
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Title design: SILICA Graphics

Margrethe Alida Aas
Johannes Herlofson

Eva Grøtvedt
Kenneth Bland
Robert Lee
Renate Lie
Anna Rosenlund
Jonathan Rollheim
Ketiel Tafasa
Paul Ringøen Baller
Markus Johnsen

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