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👁 ABOUT THIS VIDEO : The McLaren P1 is a limited-production mid-engine plug-in hybrid sports car produced by British automobile manufacturer McLaren Automotive. ... It is considered by the automotive press to be the successor to the McLaren F1, utilising hybrid power and Formula One technology, but does not have the same three-seat layout.
Manny Khoshbin is the president and CEO of The Khoshbin Company, based in Orange County, California. Manny immigrated to the U.S. with his family in the 1980s at the age of 14. He got his real estate license in 1992 and has spent the last three decades building his real estate empire.
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  • Manny Khoshbin
    Manny KhoshbinMåned siden

    *What is your favorite thing about the McLaren P1?!*

  • Informative Source

    Informative Source

    11 dager siden

    آقای خوشبین عزیز سلام. من جوانی هستم که برای خوشبختی به ۴ میلیون دلار پول احتیاج دارم و این مقدار رو در قالب ۱۰۰ بیت‌کوین به والتی که آدرسش ذکر شده از شما خواستم. دلیل این که مزاحم شما شدم، اینه که فقط در این دنیا شما امکان پرداخت این مبلغ رو به صورت ناشناس دارید، چون هم ثروت زیادی دارید که واقعا برازنده‌ی شما هم هست و هم این درخواست که یک جوان گم‌نام توی یک شب به دست شما خوشبخت بشه رو فقط شما درک می‌کنید، (با توجه به شخصیت جوان و با نشاطی که دارید) و از همه مهم‌تر این‌که هم‌زبان هستیم و از طرف شما این درخواست درک می‌شه. امیدوارم درخواست من رو بپذیرید و من رو به خاطر هرگونه رفتار غیرمنطقی از جمله درخواست عجیبی که دارم، عفو کنید. درخواستم رو یک بار دیگه برای شما مطرح می‌کنم: بزرگواری کنید و به تعداد ۱۰۰ بیت‌کوین تهیه کنید و به آدرس زیر ارسال کنید. 17b5GGHtofXDAhov4vwzCu3jvGptPDfBvM آقای خوشبین عزیز من تضمین می‌کنم که اگر این درخواست عاجزانه‌ي من رو قبول کنید، دیگه به هیچ عنوان و دلیلی هیچ اثری از من نخواهید دید و من به طور کلی هیچ مزاحمتی برای شما و هیچ فرد محترم دیگری مثل شما ایجاد نخواهم کرد. ممنون از لطف بی‌کران شما.

  • AMG


    Måned siden

    Color and technique

  • spicy stuber

    spicy stuber

    Måned siden

    The spoiler

  • Jordan Runge

    Jordan Runge

    Måned siden

    EVERYTHING is my favourite! Beautiful spec🔥

  • Antonio Escobar

    Antonio Escobar

    Måned siden

    The spoiler

  • Yashovardhan H
    Yashovardhan H10 timer siden

    I'm ready to take it off your hands anyday, if its a burden!✌🏻😁

  • Lone Wolf Sniper Trading
    Lone Wolf Sniper Trading2 dager siden

    Favorite car as well!

  • H0vi Baby
    H0vi Baby4 dager siden

    God I promise I’m going to buy this car for myself one day.🙏🏽

  • saman pazandeh masouleh
    saman pazandeh masouleh5 dager siden

    امیدوارم یه روزی sesto elemento رو امتحان کنید

  • Ocean x Nova
    Ocean x Nova13 dager siden

    Man I'm glad I'm British

  • Test
    Test14 dager siden

    Manny you need a Rimac Hermes edition

  • mpho nyovane
    mpho nyovane15 dager siden

    Honestly, nothing can make me dislike THIS car!

  • ayden314
    ayden31420 dager siden

    $3.50 a gallon!?!

  • Jus Les
    Jus Les20 dager siden

    "my car takes too long to get into race mode" the types of problems i want in my life

  • Ayden and Yosthen Plays
    Ayden and Yosthen Plays20 dager siden


  • jimmy bates
    jimmy bates21 dag siden

    you need a bigger garage door

  • MegaJiiRo
    MegaJiiRo22 dager siden

    P1 is on of the coolest looking cars on the planet

  • ED 209
    ED 20926 dager siden

    Im gonna prostitute myself in the deep streets of my city to buy one of these

  • Taylor Weir
    Taylor Weir26 dager siden


  • captq youel
    captq youel28 dager siden

    Should have asked the guy in the Ferrari what’s the retail on that thing

  • Most excellent Ted
    Most excellent Ted28 dager siden

    158 people are wrong

  • Sandra De La Trinidad
    Sandra De La Trinidad28 dager siden

    My favorite thing about the mclaren p1 is the look of the car.

  • Sandra De La Trinidad
    Sandra De La Trinidad28 dager siden

    I love that Mclaren p1!!!!!

  • beens pine
    beens pineMåned siden

    From Rawiri

  • beens pine
    beens pineMåned siden

    I like your cars cause I like fast cars too

  • Christian Estrada
    Christian EstradaMåned siden

    Gotta love the way he drives! 😂💀

  • Johnny
    JohnnyMåned siden

    That car is absolutely beautiful

  • Mr Amin
    Mr AminMåned siden

    Great car, but personally I think it absolutely reckless driving like that on a public highway, I respect Manny but if you want to test your cars then hire a track and test it properly not to the gas station while public is around. It’s not like he can’t afford it😆

  • Marco Antonio Cepeda Jr.
    Marco Antonio Cepeda Jr.Måned siden

    I have one of those exact balloons bc my birthday was not to long ago

  • WillisTheSnowman
    WillisTheSnowmanMåned siden

    When you’re punching the gas it seems like the P1 just wants more road!

  • Angel Valdovinos
    Angel ValdovinosMåned siden

    First world problems smh

  • Brett Karling
    Brett KarlingMåned siden

    I would absolutely love to be you're personal car maneuverer! I live in Columbus, Ohio and am currently taking real estate classes so I can buy/sell houses and then invest in rental properties like you do. You have inspired me to do this, and I couldn't be more excited for the future in this field. Even though you don't know me I look at you like a mentor, constantly watching your videos here and on your real estate page to keep me motivated and learn as much as possible. As long as the pay is enough for me to live there, I would absolutely relocate so I could learn and see more first hand how you work; not only in real estate but in every aspect. It would be even more motivating for my career to know you and possibly get more first hand guidance on my real estate journey; even just seeing it from afar. Driving for you and investing in real estate on the side would be a dream!

  • Adam Vincenz
    Adam VincenzMåned siden

    I don't have a P1 , that's the only thing i don't like about it

  • Euthopialis
    EuthopialisMåned siden

    Manny: Another thing i dont like about this car is kinda bumpy, but hey! its a RACECAR its not a Bugatti" Bugatti: *calls manny* What the fook was that??!?

  • Ellips Plays
    Ellips PlaysMåned siden

    Do you still have have the koenigsegg ???

  • Haluk Yalman
    Haluk YalmanMåned siden

    It’s a beast.

  • Agentxphile
    AgentxphileMåned siden

    Seriously the most beautiful supercar ever made.

  • Rana Sahil
    Rana SahilMåned siden

    Like what the fuck bruh who wouldn’t like the front on the car 🙄 maybe one who doesn’t know shit about cars but for me the favourite thing on the P1 is the front I love the front end it looks like a devil was put on wheels 😈 and the colour spec on Manny’s car is the top #1 Favorite 🖤🖤🔥🔥 car looks killer in exposed satin carbon fibre I love this car

  • Trixx 96
    Trixx 96Måned siden

    What does he do for a living?

  • Win ego İzel
    Win ego İzelMåned siden

    I am really heart broken cause I love cars I could say I am literally an enthusiast and I get really inspired but I am under 18. I hate it I want to just get my moms car and just go driving but I am 12. I hope I can afford my own car when I am 18. I hope I’ll become a millionaire like you one day🙏💔.

  • Tim
    TimMåned siden

    Man I hate when I forget to move my Chiron and I need to take the P1 out

  • tesla pete
    tesla peteMåned siden

    please consider turntables in your garage!! no moving stuff out of the way all the time!

  • Emilio Pons
    Emilio PonsMåned siden

    Why did you sold the Senna?

  • Broxton Waggy
    Broxton WaggyMåned siden


  • Draztik Truckin
    Draztik TruckinMåned siden

    When a P1 pulls up next to your Ferrari😂

  • ADxGlitcherz1337
    ADxGlitcherz1337Måned siden

    PayPal me 5k so I can get out of debt Edit: please

  • e baldo
    e baldoMåned siden

    I recognize the streets you’re driving on. I work in the area. I wouldn’t be surprised if I came across you on the streets 👍🏽 love the videos Manny

  • Xtract Games
    Xtract GamesMåned siden

    I would like to see manny driving an accord

  • kal
    kalMåned siden

    Manny, you deserve all the money you have and even more

  • OPK Okami
    OPK OkamiMåned siden

    Manny its time to sell the man cave before you invest too much into it and buy a race track / garage already lol

  • Hampus Edman
    Hampus EdmanMåned siden

    Could you check out the new 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost?

  • neoer00
    neoer00Måned siden

    i like how they have to blur out the speedometer xD

  • Daniel Kuropatka
    Daniel KuropatkaMåned siden

    You should get those 360 spinners under each car for easy entrance and exit

  • Skeng in my blazer
    Skeng in my blazerMåned siden

    I’ll have it

  • Govinda Kesuma
    Govinda KesumaMåned siden

    E-mode in P1 is perfect for pass a neighbourhood without disturbing them during night time.

  • Glory Otto
    Glory OttoMåned siden

    How many cars he has I just came from the Lamborghini huracan video

  • RocketLife954
    RocketLife954Måned siden

    The E gear is only there to get u to the gas station when u run outta fuel cause everywhere u go is full throttle

  • RocketLife954
    RocketLife954Måned siden

    MANNY....I KNOW THE ACCELERATION FEELING YOU GET when its hammer down, and u shit and git, the smiles so hard it hurts. I ride a CBR1000 and it's acceleration is on the same level.....0 to 100 in a few seconds, and 99%of that is 1st gear.

  • Pat M
    Pat MMåned siden

    I want longer videos, a limited vlog series maybe

  • TeslaGuy 180
    TeslaGuy 180Måned siden

    Hi Manny

  • Elias Håkansson
    Elias HåkanssonMåned siden

    Lol there's about zero chance he stayed within the speed limit in this clip haha

  • Jose Pedraza
    Jose PedrazaMåned siden

    While watching im in awe and wondering when will I Have my first car and what will it be.

  • Jianjie Ong
    Jianjie OngMåned siden

    can you give it to me

  • abdulla plays
    abdulla playsMåned siden

    Great success Plus my dream car is the buggati chiron 2021 edition it's dang fast

  • Nosta
    NostaMåned siden

    He should add a car rack into his garage without needing to expand too much

  • 2nd Amendment
    2nd AmendmentMåned siden

    Goes cheap on gas when the 76 station on San Miguel has higher octane.

  • spnoza
    spnozaMåned siden

    wonder if he insures all of his cars lol

  • Andrew Timlin
    Andrew TimlinMåned siden

    Maybe you can afford to buy a couple of radio mics? The sound is crap!

  • Muhamed Mahmutovic
    Muhamed MahmutovicMåned siden

    Does manny ppf his cars?

  • Bryce Scarlett
    Bryce ScarlettMåned siden

    My favourite car in the world by far

  • TrendCatcher
    TrendCatcherMåned siden

    Manny : One thing I don't like about this car, it makes me not like some of the things about this car.

  • michael marino
    michael marinoMåned siden

    dark knight new car

  • 7rays
    7raysMåned siden

    Happy belated birthday Manny!

  • ElectroPartyNation
    ElectroPartyNationMåned siden

    If I had a dollar every time Manny was low on fuel I'd be able to afford one of those

  • PDavid15
    PDavid15Måned siden


  • Sami Seifeddine
    Sami SeifeddineMåned siden


  • Rashawn Webster
    Rashawn WebsterMåned siden


  • Isaac Kajubi
    Isaac KajubiMåned siden

    I wish I was his camera man

  • Dylan Mitchell Vlogs
    Dylan Mitchell VlogsMåned siden

    IF YOU GET RID OF IT I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL BUY IT

  • Umxr
    UmxrMåned siden

    2:57 *imagine sitting in your Ferrari California thinking its looks so cool then 2 seconds later a fully exposed carbon fiber P1 pulls up next to you*

  • Thisbest 0
    Thisbest 0Måned siden

    Don’t you get a ticket

  • Kevin Corbin
    Kevin CorbinMåned siden

    Happy Birthday!

  • Mutahir Gillani
    Mutahir GillaniMåned siden

    Hey Manny why don't you add the Lykan in your collection I think it will look pretty dope and cool

  • T Von
    T VonMåned siden

    Okay guys lets warm up the tires (245 mph speedrun)

  • Mets Rock
    Mets RockMåned siden

    Did you sell your 935

  • Iain Walker
    Iain WalkerMåned siden

    Hey Manny (belated happy birthday). I have a random question, out of your collection, what car has the best stereo? And when you are not listening to those engines, what does Manny listen to for driving music? Keep up the awesome posts. E from 🇬🇧 UK

  • Omar Mohamed
    Omar MohamedMåned siden

    You know Manny really cares about time when he said "you wasted 30-40 secs." When we all are wasting hours infront of our mobile

  • Govinda Kesuma

    Govinda Kesuma

    Måned siden

    Rich people from their own fortune always care about time.

    UNDEAD_ GAMINGMåned siden

    Also, I would like to meet up some time because I have a Koenigsegg one: 1 and i would really like to meet up some time

  • Simeon Stanev
    Simeon StanevMåned siden

    I've never followed anyone ever, but Manny really does inspire people, so cheers Manny and God bless you !!!

    UNDEAD_ GAMINGMåned siden

    Do you like the Austin martin Valkyrie? If so then what do you like about it?

  • nounou kasber
    nounou kasberMåned siden

    Normal people: IS THAT A SUPRA? Manny: IS THAT A BUGATTI?!!!

  • SR10
    SR10Måned siden


  • Ryan Coronel
    Ryan CoronelMåned siden

    Happy Birthday Manny! 🎉🎊🎈

  • Creativ film&media
    Creativ film&mediaMåned siden

    Happy büüürthdaaaay!!

  • OffendedFox. Ch
    OffendedFox. ChMåned siden

    Update on the 935?

  • Paul A
    Paul AMåned siden


  • Bp Og
    Bp OgMåned siden

    So bad ass when you pulled up next to the Ferrari

  • Nevruz spahiu
    Nevruz spahiuMåned siden

    where is the carrera Gt

  • Andrew Chettleburgh
    Andrew ChettleburghMåned siden

    I love manny, do u love manny?

  • amirreza jafari
    amirreza jafariMåned siden

    آقا مانی یدونه بی ام و کم داری برای دریفت😄

  • Danish Khairil
    Danish KhairilMåned siden

    Have you ever thought to buy a ferrari la ferrari in your collection?

  • Danish Khairil

    Danish Khairil

    Måned siden

    @Manny Khoshbin 🙏thank you for your advice sir

  • Szee
    SzeeMåned siden

    hey man! if you would make 5 different types of cars you love what are these?

  • Elvin Delacrur
    Elvin DelacrurMåned siden


  • Legacy
    LegacyMåned siden