Among Us but with 3 NEW 11,700 IQ MAFIA ROLES... (custom mod)


Disguised Toast and friends play more Among Us mods. This time it's a Mafia mode featuring 3 new roles. The Godfather, the Janitor and the Mafioso.
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Edited by: otriggad
#amongus #mods #disguisedtoast


  • e 0
    e 02 timer siden

    Okay,enough.I waited long enough for me to be okay to say it. This is basically Town of Salem,wtf.

  • Savannah Wells
    Savannah Wells4 timer siden

    I'm here bc of Sykkuno Valkyrae and pokimane! I already love ur content!

  • Rangga Draws
    Rangga Draws17 timer siden

    The thumbnail looks like micheal jackson

  • Hanson Han
    Hanson HanDag siden

    So it’s basically town of Salem but in among us

  • Vincent Pang
    Vincent Pang2 dager siden

    The caring jump collaterally fetch because party distinctively confess worth a cloistered list. remarkable, present canada

  • TwannSouper
    TwannSouper2 dager siden

    This is really becoming this “generations” Town of Salem

  • CallMeAye
    CallMeAye2 dager siden

    Your toast

  • Freddy Cz
    Freddy Cz2 dager siden

    Where is Sali3ri

  • Basia Majewska
    Basia Majewska2 dager siden


  • Untouchable 88
    Untouchable 883 dager siden

    Ayooooo bakbak why u dont talk as much in ur videos???

  • Γιαννης Βογιατζης
    Γιαννης Βογιατζης3 dager siden


  • Spencer Oxendale
    Spencer Oxendale3 dager siden

    My god I need more sleepy

  • Nitrix Gbr
    Nitrix Gbr3 dager siden

    0:18 uh then ur basically a crew mate since u cant do nun

  • Kinto Katt
    Kinto Katt6 dager siden

    So basically town of salem in Among us

  • ballparkjebusite
    ballparkjebusite6 dager siden

    House painter

  • C0rrupt3d_Aura
    C0rrupt3d_Aura6 dager siden

    just so you know its pronounced backback

  • Avocado Man
    Avocado Man7 dager siden

    Who made these mods?

  • MaSh3d P0tatoes
    MaSh3d P0tatoes7 dager siden

    I love the way he says bok bok

  • Gay Buster
    Gay Buster7 dager siden

    Among Us is becoming Town of Salem

  • arjun ranjan
    arjun ranjan8 dager siden

    Wait, if mafioso keeps messing with lights and the janitor and godfather just kill people, isn't that guaranteed win?

  • Donovan Dizon
    Donovan Dizon8 dager siden

    I love among us it’s my fav game😍😍😍 I’m like 17 or 10 because I remember my mom said I’m 10 or 17 but I think I’m 17 bec I look taller than 10 My mom think I’m 10 but I think I’m 17

  • Gopez, Xian Racel T.

    Gopez, Xian Racel T.

    7 dager siden

    What's your actual age?

  • Gungywamp
    Gungywamp8 dager siden

    It looks like the Kill button flashes up for a frame or two as Mafioso when you close the map or go to open doors; is there any chance of buffering a Q press or timing one to get a kill right as it's there?

  • J J
    J J9 dager siden

    Town of Salem vibes

  • Haley Harper
    Haley Harper9 dager siden

    When fundy actually spells imposter backwards wrong and nobody notices

  • Theo Johns
    Theo Johns10 dager siden

    this doesn't even make sense. the godfather gives orders to his associates, it should be the opposite.

  • Davinder Saini
    Davinder Saini10 dager siden

    The amused storm holoprosencephaly fax because need superficially peel times a frequent balance. spotless, delightful particle

  • Sue Miller
    Sue Miller10 dager siden

    Litteraly the down grade to TOS

  • snow chester dont starve
    snow chester dont starve10 dager siden

    *town of salem would like to know your location*

  • Intervallo
    Intervallo11 dager siden

    how to play this mode? i'd like to play it with friends

  • FoxySux Series XD
    FoxySux Series XD12 dager siden


  • Tin Murray
    Tin Murray12 dager siden

    Town of Salem mod for among us

  • Fictious Silver
    Fictious Silver13 dager siden


  • {ᴋᴀğᴀɴFuRGaη} [ঔৣGoFReT_K-a-f-aঔৣ]
    {ᴋᴀğᴀɴFuRGaη} [ঔৣGoFReT_K-a-f-aঔৣ]13 dager siden

    SUPER MODE!!!!

  • Luke Maher
    Luke Maher13 dager siden

    Fundy at the end💃 I didn’t do my job🕺 I didn’t do my job💃🕺 I didn’t do my job 👯‍♀️I didn’t do my job🕺💃👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯

  • carter rodgers
    carter rodgers13 dager siden

    Town of Salem among us. Mafia, jester, crewmates. I love it

  • Mr. Memez
    Mr. Memez15 dager siden

    @bakbak here is the maker

  • Stealth Nightmxre
    Stealth Nightmxre15 dager siden

    How can we get this mod for are selves? 🙋‍♀️

  • Demon Plays
    Demon Plays15 dager siden

    Goob job stealing town of salem roles

  • Spec
    Spec16 dager siden

    They rip this off from Town of Salem. Sad.

  • Keru - Kun
    Keru - Kun16 dager siden

    Among us is becoming Town of salem lol

  • SteampunkSavage
    SteampunkSavage16 dager siden


  • Naya Nika[なやにか]
    Naya Nika[なやにか]16 dager siden

    Im a Fundy simp-

  • Travıs
    Travıs16 dager siden

    Fundy is really smart but my lord is he bad at this game.

  • Luz Gippy
    Luz Gippy17 dager siden

    Bakbak made this but no credit to him?

    I-NICOBOY-I Yt17 dager siden

    Is it possible to have more then 10 000 iq? Becase diss youruber is clickbaiting and have a fake name on a vid pls stopdiss

  • Omar Salih
    Omar Salih17 dager siden

    The yummy methane fifthly please because slip pivotally observe unto a abandoned flare. abnormal, abundant server

  • ABoredCorpse
    ABoredCorpse17 dager siden

    What about godfather, janitor and jester in one game janitor becomes godfather when he dies

  • Rosy Roziana
    Rosy Roziana17 dager siden

    *Godfather* Kill all *Crewmates* *Mafioso* Work with the *Mafia* *Janitor* Clean all *dead bodies*

  • Nick
    Nick18 dager siden

    maybe you should stop stealing mods from BakBak or socksfor1

  • Kooliboi
    Kooliboi18 dager siden

    This game mode but one or two more crewmates would be perfect

  • Rosy Roziana

    Rosy Roziana

    17 dager siden

    Is it me or does Hafu and Toast makes a really good couple? And also *fIrSt rEpLy*

  • Moon
    Moon18 dager siden

    omg toast is so good at among us-

  • darthpuds
    darthpuds18 dager siden

    "Punz, do da mafffff!" I felt like this was an attack by an Asian father figure.

  • MellowDevilsOwO
    MellowDevilsOwO18 dager siden

    Bruhhhh This just reminds me of the comic comfy cartel. Anyone can relate?

  • Kylo Pen
    Kylo Pen18 dager siden

    Why do I want to sub? Sundee is better with 16 million subs

  • Heather Orr
    Heather Orr18 dager siden

    Sometimes in a corner on toasts screen he had the kill button come up

  • Michael Solomon
    Michael Solomon18 dager siden

    13:50 - Why did Hafu just straight up lie there?

  • Michael Solomon
    Michael Solomon18 dager siden

    13:45 - what did Hafu even say there? Is that English?

  • Appease 70
    Appease 7018 dager siden

    I think the mafia should be able to undo tasks.

  • Keira Diton
    Keira Diton18 dager siden


  • Breanna Wentz
    Breanna Wentz18 dager siden

    the funny thing is, is that hafu actually lied lmao. he didn’t come out of a vent, i know it really looked like it, but he didn’t. AND she said she came out of cams when she came up from the hall. she was only on cams for a second at the end of the round. i just thinks it’s really funny that she was actually lying even though she didn’t think she was. EDIT: before i possibly get yelled at the only perspective i watched for this stream was toasts 🤧

  • Ferlyn Wijaya
    Ferlyn Wijaya19 dager siden

    Imagine 5up, hafu and toast as the trio... Ok ill start manifesting

  • K1D
    K1D19 dager siden

    Town of Salem fans know this very well

  • Tiffany W
    Tiffany W19 dager siden

    Love your voice and love your face 💜

  • tito hotrod
    tito hotrod20 dager siden

    The wholesale underclothes specifically polish because fuel actually inject absent a woebegone earthquake. nasty, attractive granddaughter

  • realperson3421
    realperson342120 dager siden

    Town of Salem roles.

  • Onesie 7
    Onesie 720 dager siden

    Town of Salem who?

  • Theo Greenaway
    Theo Greenaway21 dag siden

    This is the game town of salem

  • xRialto
    xRialto21 dag siden

    this is more complex then chess smh

  • RedPandaGaming
    RedPandaGaming22 dager siden

    Fun fact: The gun Toast is holding in the thumbnail is the Thomson "Tommy Gun" Submachine Gun

  • Twisted Code
    Twisted Code22 dager siden

    14:56 "oh my God, is it toast and punz" me: "yes"

  • Ign1t1us
    Ign1t1us22 dager siden

    When Toast was Mafioso @9:16 there were instances where the Kill button flickered for a split second (only when the Use button would light up). Mind reporting that to the devs?

  • EileenPlays Sims4
    EileenPlays Sims422 dager siden

    lol he said the f word

  • カエルさん
    カエルさん22 dager siden

    woah i havent been watching offline recently because ive been too invested in the dream smp. i didnt know toast played with fundy and punz

  • Silver_ Kat
    Silver_ Kat22 dager siden

    Jestors, Sheriffs, Mafia, Godfather, Janitor god this is just becoming Town of Salem huh?

  • Cheryl Perez
    Cheryl Perez23 dager siden

    1:08 i heared hah this guys toast LOL

  • moonflower
    moonflower23 dager siden

    they should just play town of salem lol

  • Ian Ayyy
    Ian Ayyy23 dager siden

    So Town Of Salem, yes?

  • sai no
    sai no23 dager siden

    Cool games

  • JRosePlays
    JRosePlays23 dager siden

    What's the outro soundtrack? It's also used in the beginning of the video when game play actually starts

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer23 dager siden

    How do u get this mod?

  • Grainne and Michael MCP
    Grainne and Michael MCP23 dager siden

    how did you make the mafia part of the game

  • Majora
    Majora24 dager siden

    Town of Salem, but in space!

  • Nicholas Solis
    Nicholas Solis25 dager siden

    Socks for one needs credit he did this mod first

  • Noah
    Noah25 dager siden

    Might as well just play town of salem at this point

  • Dragon Otaku
    Dragon Otaku25 dager siden

    So it's just... Town of Salem?

  • paige xo
    paige xo25 dager siden

    off to play town of salem

  • Andrew Creamer
    Andrew Creamer25 dager siden

    The only time a man will win a argument

  • Bath Boom
    Bath Boom25 dager siden


  • Yohann Karlo Suarez
    Yohann Karlo Suarez25 dager siden

    I’m back after 2 months and the channel has improved I have to say

    ARYSSA NEOH LEE JIA XIN Moe25 dager siden


  • ゲームXygdra
    ゲームXygdra25 dager siden

    Wondering is there a Mod where impostors don't know each other and is able to kill each other :P

  • Zahid Saifuddin
    Zahid Saifuddin25 dager siden

    how can i download these mods?

  • Giovanni Cervantes
    Giovanni Cervantes25 dager siden

    This lobby got straight A's in school. The other lobby, C's, except for Poki. She's supposed to be here

  • Saga


    12 dager siden

    I'm pretty sure Sykkuno has a masters degree in stats and minors in mathematics though...

  • kenan zureikat
    kenan zureikat25 dager siden

    Why doesn't anyone credit BakBak when they do most of these mods?

  • dank_nchill isk
    dank_nchill isk25 dager siden


  • Homable
    Homable26 dager siden

    I like the explanation in the start of the video, more people should do that to be honest

  • Tyler McNamara
    Tyler McNamara26 dager siden

    It seems more and more like town of salem with these mods lol.

    DARK HUNTER27 dager siden

    2v1 hafu 5up teaming Vs toast🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • dxhyunjin
    dxhyunjin27 dager siden

    It’s be cool if you could have all the mods at the same time. Mafia, jester, and sheriff

  • Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago
    Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago27 dager siden

    bak bak