An Awkward Time to LOSE a Fortnite Game...

LMAOOOO my bad roman....
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family friendly pg clean


  • Gilbert Li
    Gilbert Li2 år siden

    this was kinda fucked up

  • max hilton
    max hilton2 år siden

    How’s he in faze he sucks

  • Soy el Lechero
    Soy el Lechero2 år siden

    They still getting exicted over wins

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez2 år siden

    “Does it work”

  • Elsan Hasanli
    Elsan Hasanli2 år siden


  • XPRX Dolphin
    XPRX Dolphin2 år siden

    Adapts the type of guy to taze someone on a 1v1

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B2 år siden

    So fucking bad

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Zotixs
    Zotixs2 år siden

    NINJA is better

    XXX TENTECALES2 år siden

    Faze adapt is mean

  • Wayne Campbell
    Wayne Campbell2 år siden

    *guy in tower above you* *golden RPG right beside you* *doesnt pick it up*

  • Joaquim da Dream
    Joaquim da Dream2 år siden

    This triggered me fuck u adapt

  • zexahs
    zexahs2 år siden


  • jesus munoz
    jesus munoz2 år siden

    There was an rpg

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall2 år siden

    You gay guy Read more

  • Idkekn
    Idkekn2 år siden

    3:02 how did the tree get destroyed

  • FoZe Rein
    FoZe Rein2 år siden

    Was it a real gameplay

  • abrar _-
    abrar _-2 år siden

    Noob af

  • czrczrczr
    czrczrczr2 år siden


  • Relish
    Relish2 år siden

    Which ever faze member is playing he sucks HE DIDN'T GRAB THE RARE PUMP

  • disruptinq
    disruptinq2 år siden

    Bro this man ain't even playing its a pre recorded video dumbfucks

  • disruptinq


    2 år siden

    Watch from 4:22

  • Bryce Mitchell
    Bryce Mitchell2 år siden

    That ending tho😂 love it

  • iTzDaSuperZi
    iTzDaSuperZi2 år siden

    Are really going to Norway?

  • Exsticy
    Exsticy2 år siden

    Adapt you need to get better faking your live gameplay videos dude it’s obvious you weren’t playing

  • give mid or die
    give mid or die2 år siden

    Lol in the description it says “family friendly pg clean”

  • dante
    dante2 år siden

    damn he sucks at fort

  • Morgan Griffiths
    Morgan Griffiths2 år siden

    When your views are dropping.......

  • Ezequiel Godinez
    Ezequiel Godinez2 år siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to taze his friend thinking he's a cop

  • Georgeeno _28
    Georgeeno _282 år siden


  • NightSenju
    NightSenju2 år siden

    Should have shot it down with the rockets

  • HIII III62
    HIII III622 år siden

    Were is barry adapt

  • No Name
    No Name2 år siden


  • Embers -Gaming and More!
    Embers -Gaming and More!2 år siden

    Old faze clan montages? Can we have you play ww2 like you played bo2 back in the day

  • Give Jager ACOG
    Give Jager ACOG2 år siden

    hes sad enough to leave 2 shotguns over an rpg...

  • Chris Country
    Chris Country2 år siden

    this is not a good video

  • David Brenchley
    David Brenchley2 år siden

    He ain't even playing the game

  • Martin Haug
    Martin Haug2 år siden

    Come to rørvik in norway

  • Hadar shoval
    Hadar shoval2 år siden

    Skit aside, Roman is worse than me

  • Isaac Nungaray
    Isaac Nungaray2 år siden

    They dropped him 105 ok

  • Juicyy
    Juicyy2 år siden

    5:42 psuh dude😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    Amazing Video Adapt!

  • Pstack11
    Pstack112 år siden

    Do mocking faze banks part 5

  • Brandon Rivas
    Brandon Rivas2 år siden

    He wasnt actually playing

    OTM JOHNNY2 år siden

    That was fucken stupid af

  • Jerry Wong
    Jerry Wong2 år siden


  • Evos
    Evos2 år siden

    Your brother is a d**k

  • Kollen Ryner
    Kollen Ryner2 år siden

    1670 Marlay drive

  • André Nyborg
    André Nyborg2 år siden

    Lol rly good vid but it’s obviously recorded after the match xzd

  • reyes christian
    reyes christian2 år siden

    There was an rpg on the ground 🙄🙄

    SPIDER GANG2 år siden

    Faze banks part 5!!!!!

  • nick lick
    nick lick2 år siden

    All this dude had to do was pick up the RPG and shoot the base 👎😑 3:20

  • Paul
    Paul2 år siden

    why did he open the drop if he didn’t take the stuff 😂

  • Monica Roze Orvis
    Monica Roze Orvis2 år siden

    Romvn 😍

  • ItzJesus ___
    ItzJesus ___2 år siden

    Damn acting sucked ass

  • CurlyHeadCalletano
    CurlyHeadCalletano2 år siden

    Adapt the type of nigga to put his waypoint on fortnite playing solo😂

  • Venom
    Venom2 år siden


  • Rocckkyyy Fortnite
    Rocckkyyy Fortnite2 år siden

    I love these man😂😂

  • ayCasii
    ayCasii2 år siden

    Anyone remember when it was awkward time to hit a shot ... ye me to

  • Heran1327
    Heran13272 år siden

    not funny at all, dead ass video ngl

  • Jo Ritchie
    Jo Ritchie2 år siden

    He should take the rocket launcher and knock it down at the end

  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen2 år siden

    Hello, this is not relevant to fortnite. But where did you buy that Jean with the drawing which you also wore to Vegas ? I really like that

  • SU Sera
    SU Sera2 år siden

    they really fell off....

  • Asim Raza
    Asim Raza2 år siden

    Why does Roman LOOKS different

  • Asim Raza

    Asim Raza

    2 år siden


  • burgundy
    burgundy2 år siden

    Ur fucking brain dead

  • yung snow
    yung snow2 år siden

    Could have won if he shot out his ramp lmao

  • Anthaxo
    Anthaxo2 år siden

    Suure very pg friendly

  • Finn Jones
    Finn Jones2 år siden

    4 kills 2 people 😂

  • Guillermo Berrones
    Guillermo Berrones2 år siden

    no fortnite vlogs adopt

  • C B
    C B2 år siden

    "Fire that shit up..i'm going to Norway tho..LLAAATUUURR"

  • Caleb Kasper
    Caleb Kasper2 år siden

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  • mathew chavez
    mathew chavez2 år siden

    You only do skits now?

  • Caden Halloum
    Caden Halloum2 år siden

    Román looks like he lost a lot of weight tbh

  • xDizzyXL
    xDizzyXL2 år siden

    What a punk

  • Ivo Heyerdahl
    Ivo Heyerdahl2 år siden

    Are you going to Norway

  • Therrapy
    Therrapy2 år siden

    Console OMEGALUL

  • Dimen
    Dimen2 år siden

    This was a hilarious skit guys 😂

  • the hood ape
    the hood ape2 år siden

    Some ppl actually think this is real it’s a fucking skit you dumb fucks

  • Pringles
    Pringles2 år siden

    For anyone that says this is a fake gameplay it is a skit and everyone is already aware that it's fake it was never meant to be real

  • fwcavi
    fwcavi2 år siden

    Are you gonna react to bo4?

  • Blink
    Blink2 år siden

    Didn't find this funny at all.

  • Anastasija Atanasoska
    Anastasija Atanasoska2 år siden

    Dude Roman sounds like he is moaning im scared my parents will think im watching gay porn lol

  • Wali Hasan
    Wali Hasan2 år siden

    That dude had 4 kills...

  • haris vloggs
    haris vloggs2 år siden

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  • Todd Mayor
    Todd Mayor2 år siden

    He’s awful

  • Espen Solbrekke Witzell
    Espen Solbrekke Witzell2 år siden

    What are u doing in Norway

  • ian
    ian2 år siden

    Someone fucked Roman up bad hahahahaha who gets hit so hard they need surgery multiple time s

  • _Deluxe_
    _Deluxe_2 år siden

    2:26 his hands are off the controller but the guy is moving

  • Pringles


    2 år siden

    DLW it's obviously a skit dawg you probably thought they was actually getting tazed too

  • ImRedboxing
    ImRedboxing2 år siden

    Do another mocking faze banks like if you agree

  • škertis
    škertis2 år siden

    This is so fake

  • daniel 420 son
    daniel 420 son2 år siden

    Alex is the only guy not to get the rpg to kill the last guy

  • voxy
    voxy2 år siden

    3:35 lol get exposed. One hand is on the controller and he is putting walls, and walking in the same time ( GET EXPOSEDDD ) XD

  • Penguin Boi
    Penguin Boi2 år siden

    Wow you guys should be actors

  • captainlets play
    captainlets play2 år siden

    I live in norway

  • Krazzy Singh
    Krazzy Singh2 år siden

    yo the dude at the end low key had a build battle with himself didnt he HAHHA

  • River JP Biscocho
    River JP Biscocho2 år siden

    You're a fuckin ass xD

  • Obada AL-Afif
    Obada AL-Afif2 år siden

    This is so triggering

  • Bradley Stickland
    Bradley Stickland2 år siden

    when you tazed yourself hahahahha couldnt stop laughing

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez2 år siden

    Rip an awkward time to hit a clip with your ex

  • Linus Alkhatib
    Linus Alkhatib2 år siden

    I just waisted 7 minutes of my life

  • Tristan Barrett
    Tristan Barrett2 år siden

    I need to get a ps4 so i can get more wins