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Today @Ed Bolian updates us on his search for McLaren F1 Chassis 039 that has been missing in Western Mexico for 16 years. The cars was owned by El Chapo's greatest drug runner.
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  • Justin Delacerda
    Justin Delacerda14 dager siden

    Kimmi's update is my favorite xD

  • Manuel Leon
    Manuel Leon14 dager siden

    I live in puebla and there is a guy that lives near here that has two mclarens. I bet he knows where it’s at. The people who can afford them I’m sure all know each other. I saw both of the un-plated mclarens when I was going out of town and they sped past us almost hitting my vehicle. They were accompanied by a corvette, not sure if it was a z06 but the vette was white. I want to say one of the mclarens was blue and I can’t remember what color the other one was. We were right outside of puebla in Atlixco.

  • Secret Femboy
    Secret Femboy18 dager siden

    guy that died in the keep grand cherokee sounds like a badass. he got his car armored and gold plated and then got shot and decided to drive his kid home to make sure they are safe before he died.

  • Ian Jurkiewicz
    Ian Jurkiewicz24 dager siden

    Ruthless drug dealer gets killed Ed: 3:04

  • Blackbeard Sr.
    Blackbeard Sr.25 dager siden

    10:56 covid drive?🤔

  • Brim Ripper
    Brim Ripper27 dager siden

    LMAOOO that kid is laughing at this vid for sure but good for him to keep something that belong to his dad once

  • Mars Hall
    Mars HallMåned siden

    Please help Kimmy start a NOlocal channel. 🥺

  • Brian Yellow
    Brian YellowMåned siden

    I saw a purple Mclaren

  • Brian Yellow
    Brian YellowMåned siden

    I think I saw it on my way to ayotlan in Mexico

  • Flying Dragons
    Flying DragonsMåned siden

    Oh make sure your live.streaming on youtube live. All tubers will be eating popcorn and hot wings while we watch u in action

  • Flying Dragons
    Flying DragonsMåned siden

    If not.go to.their Rancho deep into.cartel territory take a helicopter land on the front yard and ring.there bell.tell.them you have a suitcase.with $500,000 and your looking el.chapos ride

  • Flying Dragons
    Flying DragonsMåned siden

    Check craigslist im sure they posted it for sale.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon MuskMåned siden

    Try and call the owner of the yellow one. If he’s not hiding anything sure he’s tell you how he claimed the plate...

  • Elon Musk
    Elon MuskMåned siden

    Damn the bullet went through the key hole bounced off the steering wheel and killed him 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Leah Wilkie Donnally
    Leah Wilkie DonnallyMåned siden

    Use google earth!! If car was claimed to be in field with blue tarp and you know approximate location. And sometimes those photos on google earth are a year or two old... I heard you can pay for a current stream from google earth too.... just a thought!! Good luck I hope you rescue the F1 for future generations to admire..

  • The Gunnit Gamer
    The Gunnit GamerMåned siden

    CarTrek ideas for you: - Cannonball run cars, $5000 to buy the car, then $2500 to modify them. (Numbers can vary if necessary) - Offroading challenge of some sort

  • Pbperez 210
    Pbperez 210Måned siden

    Kind of want them to find the McLaren but kind of want it to stay hidden in Mexico for some strange reason haha.

  • Firu Firu
    Firu FiruMåned siden

    A lot of talk for no show waste of time and comment

  • big c
    big cMåned siden

    el myo is and was always the leader of the sinola cartel

  • whitedevil2
    whitedevil2Måned siden

    Kimi's vid would be the most viewed ever on this channel

  • pjornpjorn
    pjornpjornMåned siden

    Where's El Cheapo's Chevy Nova?

  • Trokitas y Corridos
    Trokitas y CorridosMåned siden

    Its the owner inside the car

  • Trokitas y Corridos
    Trokitas y CorridosMåned siden

    I hope that helps yall

  • Trokitas y Corridos
    Trokitas y CorridosMåned siden

    Check yall email i send the info

  • Atlantic House Recordings
    Atlantic House RecordingsMåned siden

    how can i get that cannonball sea to sea sign in the background?

  • VINwiki


    Måned siden

    Store dot VINwiki dot com

  • Zaf Khan
    Zaf KhanMåned siden

    Sucks to be killed from a key hole in a bulletproof does it ricochet of the steering....interesting story though.

  • Andrian Stefanus
    Andrian StefanusMåned siden

    I have a great idea for car trek. Something fast and furious tuner style season

  • bnorman
    bnormanMåned siden

    Idk if this is worth typing but the registration plate of the F1 (P440 CPJ) in the uk has been registered as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) an has been MOT some time in the past 2-3 years in the uk as it is due to run out on April 7th 2021. Also this number plate was first registered on December 18th 1996 to a car with 617 bhp to a ‘yellow’ vehicle make and model that is “unknown or not available”. Now this is where it gets a little weird the car was never exported or imported legally as there would be a record and there is none. The registration plate has never been changed or swapped vehicles, Further more the car was repainted on 07 August 2007 from BROWN to YELLOW. The vehicle was recently purchased on 10 September 2020 by its current owner and bought from the previous owner who owned it from 7 may 2017 to 10 September 2020. The DVLA was told of this purchase as the V5C date is 10 September 2020. In total there has now been 4 owners VIN ends with 8039 Engine number is 6112160690971 I have photos of this information if you want them DM me on Instagram - bnorman__

  • Big Jumbo
    Big JumboMåned siden

    The Mexican government has to have it .

  • Big Jumbo
    Big JumboMåned siden

    Moral of the story. If you are going to build a bulletproof car make sure you have keyless entry....🤫🤫🤫🤔🤔🤔

  • Akie
    AkieMåned siden

    Free Kimmy?

  • Gmail Gmail
    Gmail GmailMåned siden

    Why is it el chapos car. If el chapo had nothing to do with the car

  • Charlie Nance
    Charlie NanceMåned siden

    Do u know anything about the bugatti type 57 that supposedly disappeared in 1938?

  • ismael chavez
    ismael chavezMåned siden


  • Eric Stevens
    Eric StevensMåned siden

    That whole Jeep story is badass, Gold Plated Bullet Proof Jeep badass, guy that was able to send a bullet through a keyhole via luck or marksmanship badass, driving his son home to safety bad ass, creating a 20 year missing McLaren story also bad ass, along with being nicknamed the goat thief BAD ASS

  • John Oksys
    John OksysMåned siden

    I'm a new viewer I love your different variety of stories

  • Agarico
    AgaricoMåned siden

    What are the chances of whoever owns this car now in Mexico is watching this video laughing hysterically while sitting in his/her McLaren F1

  • blood_upon_the_rose
    blood_upon_the_roseMåned siden

    OK so that plate is registered to a yellow 1996 F1 it was first mot'd in 2005 9 years after its build with 4,203 miles . It was then mot'd every year up until 2017 where it had 7,392 your saying in 12 years of it being a race car it only did 3000 miles? And in 2018 it now has a zero miles counter so its been clocked also . Something doesn't seem right 🤔 I can tell you this if the dva find out about this that yellow F1 could be getting impounded and crushed irrespective of its value , if you are right its driving on illegal plates with the wrong chassis that is a massive problem in the UK

    JAE SIN DnBMåned siden

    All topics on this channel kick ass-never a dull video!

  • TryHard FinessedYou
    TryHard FinessedYouMåned siden

    That car is best to shiiiiieeeeettttt

  • 3ric
    3ricMåned siden

    Next video”I bought Kim Jon uns tank

  • raul Zlatariu
    raul ZlatariuMåned siden

    That Bugatti looks like stradmans Bugatti that he currently owns .

  • Brett Bilger
    Brett BilgerMåned siden

    This is the next Indiana Jones premise.

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay BrooksMåned siden

    Magic bullet

  • Glow Gaming
    Glow GamingMåned siden

    Contact the owner of the yellow F1 and just ask him how he got the number plate... Would it work....??

  • Ahsidodna
    AhsidodnaMåned siden

    Car trek is awesome, do one about apocalypse car, range, durability and things like that

  • David El Chapito
    David El ChapitoMåned siden

    Is still in mexico bro. Is. Stash!!!

  • Ahsidodna
    AhsidodnaMåned siden

    Dude, i live in Cuiabá

  • Ahsidodna


    Måned siden

    Where the carrera gt is

  • TJ
    TJMåned siden

    I just really wanna see what Kimmi looks like, I’m very excited for her episodes/stories

  • Uriel Zbaez
    Uriel ZbaezMåned siden

    I'm telling you I seen this car before and it's still around I got deported 4 years ago

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiueMåned siden

    would be a fun video!!

  • David Bergstrom
    David BergstromMåned siden

    I always watch the videos ed does

  • Pavlos G
    Pavlos GMåned siden

    I love vinwiki, but I have always HATED the intro and outro songs loll. Really bad

  • Studio On The Go
    Studio On The GoMåned siden

    Click bait

  • Big man CDT
    Big man CDTMåned siden

    Stradman has the flood Bugatti

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Måned siden

    Buy Stradsmans limo

  • Miguel Montes
    Miguel MontesMåned siden

    try looking in mexican corrido songs they talk about a McLaren and how they drive it around. check out this song 54 seconds in you can hear it say I'm that young guy who drives the McLaren. song name is el joven de McLaren. and I hear other songs to that bring up the McLaren.

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuytMåned siden

    Kimmie telling stories, here!? No freaking way!!!!

  • Anthony White
    Anthony WhiteMåned siden

    Awesome content guys

  • Jonathan Monti
    Jonathan MontiMåned siden


  • Goodfellas Inc.
    Goodfellas Inc.Måned siden

    Lol the car he's looking for is under his nose the whole time in Miami Florida dade county

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    VeyRONE.. ugh.. please stop saying it like that.

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    vbddfy euuyt

    Måned siden

    Man, taxtherich had/has the absolute best footage of how to use ridiculously rare supercars in a spirited manner.. Haven't heard that name for ages!

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    J. MASONMåned siden

    Imagine these dudes LS swapped it and scrapped the engine LOL😂😂😂

  • Cut Throat Shirts
    Cut Throat ShirtsMåned siden

    I would ask Markitos Toys You tuber about CARS ...Hes in Culiacan Sinaloa..

  • william tricarico
    william tricaricoMåned siden

    Ed, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the McClaren F-1 the first "production" automobile to have a factory monitored telemetry system, that was global, in place, before any of the cars were finished, in order to deal with the lack of dealer support globally to deal with tune and repair. Given that, there's not been any entries in this system for this El Chapo car since it left the factory up until now. When I was first reading about this car, before they were produced, this system was supposed to be so sensitive that if you had a car in California the factory could tune the car to pass the more stringent California emissions from this system.

  • william tricarico

    william tricarico

    Måned siden

    @VINwiki thanks for the reply. I very much enjoy your content, all of the time.

  • VINwiki


    Måned siden

    Yes. If you connect the onboard modem to the internet.

  • David Yoda
    David YodaMåned siden

    Kimme: so I start going down Vinwiki music starts playing

  • David Does
    David DoesMåned siden

    Been here since 14k, knew this channel was gonna be a beast, the set hasn’t changed a bit LOL

  • Marc Mckenzie
    Marc MckenzieMåned siden

    Why not try to talk to el chapo? He has nothing but time and talked to Sean penn so he seams like he’s approachable

  • IvanandJenny 420
    IvanandJenny 420Måned siden

    Sounds like you need to have a talk with Alfredo Valenzuela. If you want more info my email is This is not a joke or an attempt for recognition

  • Melanie Marty
    Melanie MartyMåned siden

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    Nicholas TJRMåned siden

    Kimmie be like "I would come on the show, but I want $10,000 first"

  • Todd Rivers
    Todd RiversMåned siden

    I'd love to see a truck version/off-road of car trek! Maybe a top truck version of top gear! Maybe touch into the luxury truck market of vehicles.

  • gellideggti
    gellideggtiMåned siden

    You can buy number plates in the uk and transfer to another car.

  • Felix Arteaga
    Felix ArteagaMåned siden

    if its in culiacan i could find it

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris RobertsMåned siden

    The registration plate could have been changed from car to car. If the car was exported I believe the uk registration would have been taken off the Mexico car. It’s possible the plate is owned by the Harrods car owner and isn’t a big conspiracy. In the uk you can swap plates between vehicles. As long as they are registered with the DVLA.

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle BrownMåned siden

    Man, taxtherich had/has the absolute best footage of how to use ridiculously rare supercars in a spirited manner.. Haven't heard that name for ages!

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiouMåned siden

    Amazing video man

  • HOV4R ATL #12
    HOV4R ATL #12Måned siden

    i might know some info about this f1mclaren

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    CarKing PlayzMåned siden

    that was the part of the aventador bumper that he made a story about how he carshed a lamborghini aventador when taking someone to a test drive.. maybe an update on it soon!

  • Gus Kipper
    Gus KipperMåned siden

    All I want for Christmas 2021 is for Ed to find this car.

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    Måned siden

    Really amazing

  • Samson W
    Samson WMåned siden

    If not mistaken the murci sv is owned by the owner ig: shinmikeyin

  • Christopher Ashurst
    Christopher AshurstMåned siden

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  • Michael L'Heureux
    Michael L'HeureuxMåned siden

    OMG Yassss, we need to hear from Kimmy! I would love to hear the other side of the stories from here about that lambo

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    oiuet souiuMåned siden

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    jay11 boothMåned siden


  • Dave Harriton
    Dave HarritonMåned siden

    So he got killed in 1997 in a gold plated 2006 Grand Cherokee?

  • Jerry Scott
    Jerry ScottMåned siden

    Car trek idea: buy the cheapest Ford Raptors you can find. Put $20,000 into repairs and upgrades and then give them to wounded veterans who deserve them.

    RTZ RTZMåned siden

    This is what I think happened and is very likely the grandfather held the car in the barn until the kid was old enough then gave it to him 🤨

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    Måned siden

    For the record: It is pronounced "GaLLardo", not "Gajardo" ffs. Pronouncing LL like J is a spanish thing and as we all know Lamborghini is an italian manufacturer.

  • Akani6886 !
    Akani6886 !Måned siden

    Omg i live in Abbotsford b.c and I have been looking at that thing on market place forever wondering why would someone have a piece of a lambo hood

  • Andrew Baird
    Andrew BairdMåned siden

    I heard the McLaren was taken by aliens to hanger 57 .

  • Daniel Martinez Riveros
    Daniel Martinez RiverosMåned siden

    If Kimmi goes on Vinwiki ed's wife would kill him. There would probably be a car trek about ed's real kidnapping.

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  • Diamond Centofanti
    Diamond CentofantiMåned siden

    Reach out to me. My wife lives in Culiacan, her uncle just got out of prison , one of chapos friends

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