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NEW VLOG! I wanna hear your thoughts of The Social Dilemma!
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I'm Okay and So Are You
Daulton Hopkins
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  • Claudia Sulewski
    Claudia Sulewski5 måneder siden

    Many of you are concerned about my car’s plate being shown!! This is the highest editing compliment hahaha. (re-read what the plate says)

  • Rubaina Chakraborty

    Rubaina Chakraborty

    2 måneder siden

    You’re just a genius

  • Maddie Rain

    Maddie Rain

    4 måneder siden

    I thought that was what the plate really said HAHAHHAHA omg

  • Grace olorunnibe

    Grace olorunnibe

    4 måneder siden

    Do you still think some will capture your car plate? You know technology is ahead of yours.

  • chan W

    chan W

    4 måneder siden

    Lmao I die...Claudia you magnificent person you!!! 🤣

  • Ruby Khuong

    Ruby Khuong

    4 måneder siden


  • Alexia sureman
    Alexia sureman13 dager siden

    I just love you dood my fav videos to smoke too

  • tashamitchell000
    tashamitchell000Måned siden

    I love how involved and active Claudia is, like with the power washing and decorating act. Just an all round queen

  • Jackson Janis
    Jackson JanisMåned siden

    Upgrading our brains???? Do you mean turning people into Cybermen?

  • AJ Fritzsch
    AJ Fritzsch2 måneder siden

    Awww I like your star tattoo!!!

  • Esmee van Houten
    Esmee van Houten2 måneder siden

    “you’re so pretty” 🥺

  • Meat Wadd
    Meat Wadd2 måneder siden

    WOW +

  • Meat Wadd

    Meat Wadd

    2 måneder siden

    how come???

  • Meat Wadd

    Meat Wadd

    2 måneder siden

    NO WAY!!!!

  • Isabelle Ocampo
    Isabelle Ocampo2 måneder siden

    Can we just appreciate that she assembled a chair and thats nice!! Everything about this vid is good vibes 🤩

  • Shaina Jimenez
    Shaina Jimenez3 måneder siden

    I highly HIGHLY suggest watching ‘Snowden ’ on Netflix it’s with Joseph Gordon levit! Super good and based on very true story and actual things that are happening within the gov when it comes to listening and watching us. It was a whole ordeal when Obama was president and this person leaked highly classified information.

  • Helene Matilda
    Helene Matilda3 måneder siden

    I loved the documentary!

    PIPER BAYLOR3 måneder siden


  • Sara Diliberto
    Sara Diliberto3 måneder siden

    Why does Claudia sound like Kylie Jenner when she talks lol

  • Savannah Hopkins
    Savannah Hopkins4 måneder siden

    Yes another Daulton Hopkins song!!

  • Ferzy Jele
    Ferzy Jele4 måneder siden

    They definitely scraped the surface in social dilemma. So much more creepy stuff going on. Ps I have literally ALL my notifications off. I only use my phone when I need to and then I happen to see what people posted or what was sent to me etc. So yea. It helps try it. You use your phone when YOU want to not when some app tells you in the form of a notification

  • m i c h e l l e
    m i c h e l l e4 måneder siden

    NOTYRBZNSS Wait that was edited??? It looked so real. I thought that was like an LA thing you can do lol

  • Ayo Olukoga
    Ayo Olukoga4 måneder siden

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No one gets to the Father but by him. Jesus died so that you can have everlasting life. Place your faith in Jesus. God bless you.

  • Kristen Nadel
    Kristen Nadel4 måneder siden

    When Peach started scratching the bed 😂😂

  • brookelynnlovessinjindrowning
    brookelynnlovessinjindrowning4 måneder siden

    binging claudia’s videos while doing online school. wow, what a woman. you are amazing claudia!!!! your channel is so relaxing and motivating. thank you for putting work into your videos, it’s so apparent. you’re killin it

  • Business and Life Mastery
    Business and Life Mastery4 måneder siden

    Brilliant vlog, we're such huge fans of you. SUBSCRIBED!!! Let's be NOlocal friends?

  • Jzely De jesus
    Jzely De jesus4 måneder siden

    idk why but your videos make me feel relax tehee

  • İpek Aydın
    İpek Aydın4 måneder siden

    i really enjoy watching your videos

  • Tatiana Sy
    Tatiana Sy4 måneder siden

    Ugh I can’t wait to watch the social dilemma AND I def agree in regards to the phone “listening”

  • rafinha b
    rafinha b4 måneder siden

    Manda bjs para billieeilish sou super fã dela

  • Lian
    Lian4 måneder siden

    Who edits her videos they are so gooodd + does u have merch

  • Gia Benegas
    Gia Benegas4 måneder siden

    Se parece a billie

  • Fireplace & Log Fires
    Fireplace & Log Fires4 måneder siden

    This is the BEST ever vlog!! OMG!! Slam dunk the funk and do a dance for me, please oh please let's be NOlocal mates, forever and ever at least until next week Tuesday, lovely jumbley.

  • A State of Rubis
    A State of Rubis4 måneder siden

    so I am an architecture student and we are currently studying the gated life of LA and hearing Claudia talk about it reminded me that I should go back to studying

  • kaitlyn
    kaitlyn4 måneder siden

    I love that Finneas complemented Claudia when she was clearly upset it totally lifted her spirits. I’m gunna use that such a good way to prevent a heated discussion.

  • Eli Withrow
    Eli Withrow4 måneder siden

    Your reaction to the pressure washer was warranted 😂 my sister sprayed me when we were younger and it was a mentally and physically scarring experience hahahaha

  • Serenity
    Serenity4 måneder siden


  • Nadia Naqvi
    Nadia Naqvi5 måneder siden


  • Ujjainee Sharma
    Ujjainee Sharma5 måneder siden

    Don't Blame Social Media, Blame Capitalism

  • Luna Vorst
    Luna Vorst5 måneder siden

    This week I had 2 experiences with my phone that scared the shit out of me.. and the reason is that they had to watch me trough my camera to know this.. there was just no other way 😰

  • Bibi Holding
    Bibi Holding5 måneder siden


  • Billie of eyelash
    Billie of eyelash5 måneder siden


  • Yana Chernova
    Yana Chernova5 måneder siden

    I think they didn't talk about phones recording because they would have had issues with the government for getting too close to the truth and uncovering too much information 😳

  • Yana Chernova
    Yana Chernova5 måneder siden

    Do you give your dog, like special vegan dog food? I don't know but yeah just interested

  • Bella M
    Bella M5 måneder siden

    My family has the same power washer😂

  • allison blumenthal
    allison blumenthal5 måneder siden

    Claudia I have the same pressure washer and when u use it u need to get up close to the ground and go slower. Hope this helps Loce u btw

  • Mikayla Fansler
    Mikayla Fansler5 måneder siden

    Your power washer definitely should be more aggressive than that hahaha

  • Gina Frey
    Gina Frey5 måneder siden

    Wait but may I request a link to ur SHEETS? they look like buttercream sheets

  • Raaniya Noor
    Raaniya Noor5 måneder siden

    I love you Claudia And Finneas ur the cutest couple ❤❤

  • Brooklynn Marti
    Brooklynn Marti5 måneder siden

    Watching her talk about the vegan healthy meals as I stuff fried chicken into my face 😂😂

  • Jennifer Schrod
    Jennifer Schrod5 måneder siden

    Claud you should make a podcast around that documentary

  • Idkwhatnamelol
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  • Brooke Andrews
    Brooke Andrews5 måneder siden


  • Idkwhatnamelol
    Idkwhatnamelol5 måneder siden


  • lia hudsier
    lia hudsier5 måneder siden

    i love how when claudia isn’t sponsored by someone but she still lives there brand she doesn’t sensor it out like other youtubers

  • Puja Karmakar
    Puja Karmakar5 måneder siden

    I have a very sweet tooth I can't really give up sweets so I am looking for some good replacement other than honey! I saw you using stevia drops Can ik about it?

  • Puja Karmakar
    Puja Karmakar5 måneder siden

    You help me relax lots of love 💕

  • Meteor
    Meteor5 måneder siden

    Sweet vlog. Whenever I'm watching your feel like I'm listening to your guys' podcast. I love the vlogs!

  • Victoria Esparza
    Victoria Esparza5 måneder siden


  • knatalya Walker-Smith
    knatalya Walker-Smith5 måneder siden

    Claudia you are the best in the world. Entire masterpiece.

  • Tomatoe
    Tomatoe5 måneder siden

    Phones do listen to us... Yesterday I told my friend I ate Subway I turned on my phone and an add showed up on NOlocal. Can you guess about what ? Subway

  • Makayla Styles
    Makayla Styles5 måneder siden

    Peaches😂 I’m dead

  • NeonProductionz
    NeonProductionz5 måneder siden

    where are your purple shorts from in the beginning of the video? :) so cute!

  • Jane McClurg
    Jane McClurg5 måneder siden

    I’ve got to watch that video now! Peach was adorable in the cone of shame🤣. I’m glad to see what you thought of your power washer. I’ve been contemplating buying one. Thanks for the video!💜💙

  • Graciela Perez
    Graciela Perez5 måneder siden

    I seriously deleted tik tok after watching the movie and turned of all notifications its scary to think of how they knew and know all that and still it's something not everyone knows

  • Anisa Young
    Anisa Young5 måneder siden

    Try putting some hazelnut creamer in your matcha latte trust me

  • Kyla Avant
    Kyla Avant5 måneder siden

    yall make me so fucking happy thank you parents

  • sharkie
    sharkie5 måneder siden

    omg i just realized that she watched the social dilemma and i watched it too it’s not bad tbh it’s a good documentary

  • KaWi Reloaded
    KaWi Reloaded5 måneder siden

    This last podcast about your 2 year anniversary was really awkward to listen to. I know things can be rough when ur together 24/7. But i felt like Finneas was being soo rude and disrespectful to u. He is generally condescending towards you, something I didn’t realize until listening to every podcast. He constantly interrupts u and always has to know more or be right or use pretentious words. Finneas is incredibly talented and i am a huge fan of his work. He has to work on his maturity, especially with the level of fame he has achieved. I love these vlogs, they make me feel like I’m watching an IRL Romantic Comedy. But u should be valued and respected at all times, and some of us that have followed u for years just feel uncomfortable. Maybe i just need to stop listening to the podcast. I don’t think he’s an ahole or mean, i think it’s maturity. Its slower with men, regardless of how talented or brilliant they may be. The whole planning ur future without him, after u break up, was like wow what a way to celebrate ur anniversary, idk maybe its me.

  • jessica liu
    jessica liu5 måneder siden

    definitely recommend watching "The Great Hack' on Netflix as well! it focuses more on the 2016 election and how Cambridge Analytica influenced the outcome of the elections

  • So-Ann DiFabio
    So-Ann DiFabio5 måneder siden

    Where can I get a matcha whick like hers???

  • Tenetke Watson
    Tenetke Watson5 måneder siden

    Right after the documentary ended my sister deleted all of her social media

  • Jessica Hale
    Jessica Hale5 måneder siden

    what was the plugin app that you used :o

  • Tobias Walker
    Tobias Walker5 måneder siden

    Cool food box, but I am just worried about the massive amount of plastic

  • Laura
    Laura5 måneder siden

    Ok, so I watched “the social dilemma” too... and I feel similar to you, there are many people to whom this could be eye opening, many young children who were born into this. I think a lot of people from our generation (25-35 yrs old) would have already knew a lot of behind the scenes of these companies. That’s why I feel like they could have dig deeper, as you said, maybe talking about our phones listening and analysing what we said. Maybe the consequences that this could result. Overall I love tech and modern devices, but the world is starting to go down on a very slippery slope...

  • diary of a spirit
    diary of a spirit5 måneder siden

    happy 2 years anniversary

  • Fátima Velasco
    Fátima Velasco5 måneder siden

    i swear that if Claudia and Finneas break up i'll cry for at least a month!! they are just the cutest couple :3

  • Fátima Velasco
    Fátima Velasco5 måneder siden

    i think Claudia deserves more subscribers, not because or Finneas or Billie because her videos are really good they always make me smile :D

  • CL
    CL5 måneder siden

    neuroscience phd here! you don't need to worry about people putting chips in brains or "modifying" our brains in that way :)

  • Kasen
    Kasen5 måneder siden

    This video is so cute y’all I can’t

  • Yenessa Muniz
    Yenessa Muniz5 måneder siden

    Watching the documentary made me think that what if all they are telling us right now is fake and leading us to a new opinion to believe too. And then I got freaked out because like what is real and truly your opinion anymore and not what someone made your opinion be !?

  • Jasmine Elliott
    Jasmine Elliott5 måneder siden

    I was so worried that her plate was showing and then I looked at the comments

  • María José
    María José5 måneder siden

    I love you so much, I love your videos too much

  • Destiny Cabadas
    Destiny Cabadas5 måneder siden

    I need longer vlogs pls 🗣😭

  • _sarah _
    _sarah _5 måneder siden

    sorry i had to comment to even out the amount of comments 900th 😂

  • Lonna
    Lonna5 måneder siden

    Happy anniversary to you and fin thank you for all that you guys do!!! Love y’all

  • Lujain Kazerooni
    Lujain Kazerooni5 måneder siden

    peach moving around with the cone awwwww i feel so bad and u and finneas BEST COUPLE EVVVEEEEEEEEER. ily so much claudia i watch ur vlogs all the time like HOW IS YOUR CHANNEL SO GOOD

  • Lujain Kazerooni
    Lujain Kazerooni5 måneder siden


  • Luisa Sophie
    Luisa Sophie5 måneder siden

    The thing about receiving ads after having just talked about it is literally just them having such a good profile of you! Most likely not able to tell /when/ you would talk about something, but they know your interests so well that it can likely happen to coincide so well:)

  • sincerely, keith
    sincerely, keith5 måneder siden

    the zoomies with the cone is hilarious!!!

  • Var sha
    Var sha5 måneder siden

    Bangs are such High Maintenance dude😩like you have to style them if you want them to look good otherwise they look too flat on your head. And there's THIS phase where they grow not too long or not too short. They grow RIGHT INTO YOUR EYES. POKING😖. That's the only time I feel like WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE CUT THEM.☹️ IT'S NO BIG DEAL TO HAVE A BIG SHINY FOREHEAD. ATLEAST IT DIDN'T HURT YOUR EYES!😑

  • Gülce Mısra Aslan
    Gülce Mısra Aslan5 måneder siden


  • Sakshi Patil
    Sakshi Patil5 måneder siden

    does she look like billie or its just me?

  • HJSJ
    HJSJ5 måneder siden

    Hi Claudia, i just wanna say hi all the way from Sunny Singapore! You're so inspiring and i love love love watching your videos right when i start my day. It just sets my energy right and makes me more motivated. Sending love x

  • Cristina Bezerra de lima
    Cristina Bezerra de lima5 måneder siden


  • Aimee Sanchez
    Aimee Sanchez5 måneder siden

    Claudia your yt videos bring me so much peace. I love your content & you inspires me so much ! Thank you :)))

  • T
    T5 måneder siden

    can you talk about your role in surveillance capitalism and data mining etc as an influencer?

  • Yas Yone

    Yas Yone

    5 måneder siden

    those who subscribe to it will be lucky in life ❤💓

  • todancewithpants
    todancewithpants5 måneder siden

    Pressure washers can be so dangerous! Claudias reaction saying it’s like holding a gun to someone’s head is not too far from the truth!

  • julia cattarossi
    julia cattarossi5 måneder siden

    your vlogs and videos make me so happy💘

  • Filipa Marques
    Filipa Marques5 måneder siden

    its amazing how they don’t even have to listen to us (in the cambridge analytica doc they talked about it), the algorithm is just so good that it can actually predict what you’ll want next

  • Charlotte Berg
    Charlotte Berg5 måneder siden

    I didn’t know what the social dilemma was about but I keep seeing it pop up!

  • Karina Montes
    Karina Montes5 måneder siden

    Omg that documentary was so interesting!! But you did bring up some very good points, I would like to learn more about as well! It was super eye opening.

  • Samantha Dominguez
    Samantha Dominguez5 måneder siden

    Thank you so much for talking about the social dilemma!!! It’s such a big issue

  • TamTam
    TamTam5 måneder siden

    I think watching Claudia’s vlogs is like my favorite part of the day ngl.

  • Savanna Thunder
    Savanna Thunder5 måneder siden

    hi claudia!! super small thing, but i noticed in the meal box you got some palo santo. it’s not at all your fault but i just wanted to pass along some important info!! palo santo is sacred, and not meant for consumerism. 9 times out of 10 it’s not ethically sourced and it’s also becoming endangered. palo santo is used by indigenous communities, just like how white sage is. i don’t see that you bought any on your own, but it’s something to keep in mind!! loved the video ❤️❤️❤️

  • Stephanie Roque
    Stephanie Roque5 måneder siden

    peach looks so happy and cute when he runs around on ur bed. My dog did the same thing on my bed but unfortunately he died a few years ago. I miss him so much :/

  • Isabella Sohn
    Isabella Sohn5 måneder siden

    The social dilemma was incredibly interesting! I'm a college student and I actually took a class all about what the movie talked about last semester, and it's been fascinating to see how many of my close friends and family didn't know any of the information or very little before watching the doc! I think the biggest takeaway is that we should appreciate content like this because we should want to be well-informed on how our technology is affecting us, just like we would expect to be informed about a drug we were taking. It's our job as consumers to set the standards of what we deem "acceptable" and if the tech companies have no reason not to change it, they're not going to. So we have to take it into our own hands!!!!