Are We Smarter Than a 4th Grader?

This week on ...Beopardy, we find out if we're smarter than 4th graders!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Yuritsa
    Yuritsa4 timer siden

    Dunno how, but I’m still laughing at “Smosh has flunked itself out of middle school, high school, *This country.*

  • drewstroyer
    drewstroyerDag siden

    i destroyed everyone with 1500,though probably take like 300-400

  • Monokuma
    MonokumaDag siden

    Primary plus primary = secondary

  • F1X3R
    F1X3R2 dager siden

    I’m shocked seeing Philippines on one of the questions. Filipino here!

  • Petunia Is Cool
    Petunia Is Cool2 dager siden

    i mean bears eat boots too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Tea Cakes
    Tea Cakes2 dager siden

    I feel like Jackie always dominates and she’s such a queen

  • The Randomizer
    The Randomizer4 dager siden

    Wheres Courtney Frickin Miller

  • Ahli Dryk
    Ahli Dryk5 dager siden

    Philippines is not a T rex fossil Philippines is a country that people lived

    MNTPWR5 dager siden

    Purple Orange Green

  • Rattlesnake
    Rattlesnake5 dager siden

    5:19 gives me vietnam flashbacks

  • Noah FunnyYet
    Noah FunnyYet6 dager siden

    Courtney is so attractive!!!

  • Samantha Murphy
    Samantha Murphy8 dager siden

    English for 100: *scrambled letters that I don’t feel like rewinding to pause and read, which spell mayonnaise* Me: synonym

  • Daniel Wong
    Daniel Wong9 dager siden

    How dumb are yall

  • OreoDunkPlays
    OreoDunkPlays9 dager siden

    is it weird that my elementary school was ALSO the tigers?

  • JJReesey
    JJReesey10 dager siden

    Courtney called Shayne “Alexander Pope”. The real Alexander Pope presided over Isaac Newton’s funeral. This was a major plot point in The Da Vinci Code. Da Vinci was the answer to the very next question. That’s sus lol

  • dba art
    dba art11 dager siden

    6:31 i was like its 42 how come u guys don't know that

  • President Chicken
    President Chicken12 dager siden

    Shayne: I think they passed. Me: HOW. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT 6 x 7 IS!!!!!!

  • Luke Olbrot
    Luke Olbrot13 dager siden

    Wow in our school we were taught that the primary colors were Red Green and blue and the primary paint colors were Magenta Cyan and Yellow

  • Chloe Pullen
    Chloe Pullen13 dager siden

    7:22 they all look so sad

  • Nathaniel Caponpon
    Nathaniel Caponpon16 dager siden

    Why Kimmy WHY! Your Filipina You Should Know This 🇵🇭

  • MetallicaFan81
    MetallicaFan8117 dager siden

    Cheetah's can go up to 65 MPH

  • Soma - Mizu
    Soma - Mizu18 dager siden

    Tbh, "T-rex fossil" is a compliment

  • Mona_isTired
    Mona_isTired19 dager siden

    guys...its 42...7x6 is 42.

    PEYTON DAVIS21 dag siden

    busy busiest keith: BUS

  • Maddox Xkipxky
    Maddox Xkipxky22 dager siden

    WHat?! Kimmy is a Filipina?! my gerd KABABAYAAAN!!!

  • Towa Davis
    Towa Davis23 dager siden

    My Japanese heart hurts 9:02

  • Live My tag bruh
    Live My tag bruh23 dager siden

    Did anyone else find 3:51 really cute

  • TheDonTrain #Xyvhnn Otero
    TheDonTrain #Xyvhnn Otero23 dager siden

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAA what country is this its the phillipines i live there lol

  • Super Girl
    Super Girl24 dager siden

    My mascot was the wild cats like if you relate!!!

  • Scribble-Chips
    Scribble-Chips27 dager siden

    We're revoking you're filipina card Kimmy

  • bungus doo gungus
    bungus doo gungus27 dager siden

    6×7=the meaning of life

  • Benbhoy12 Beem
    Benbhoy12 Beem28 dager siden

    In Scotland that is first grade

  • Nancy L.
    Nancy L.28 dager siden

    9:49 ✨Bus✨

  • Emily Maxwell
    Emily Maxwell28 dager siden anyone going to comment on the fact that keith is wrong about cheetahs. they can go from 1 to 60 in 3 seconds, they normally go up to 75 miles an hour and the fastest cheetahs have ever been recorded going is 105 mph.

  • PurelyUndecided
    PurelyUndecidedMåned siden

    I love the buildup on the last question, “This ones really tough i wouldnt know this” (Asks incredibly basic question on colour theory)

  • EpicT 133
    EpicT 133Måned siden

    I love how Keith just keeps screaming answers when it isn’t even his turn.

  • Pulkit Rustagi
    Pulkit RustagiMåned siden

    made my day 😂😂😂😂😂 4:30 9:30

  • Trumans Shadow
    Trumans ShadowMåned siden

    I'll say this now, we call them possums not Opossums here 😂

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary JohnsonMåned siden

    Keith: This is really hard Bus. 😂😂

  • Zachary Johnson

    Zachary Johnson

    Måned siden


  • MetallicaFan81
    MetallicaFan81Måned siden

    Legit I would’ve been on there bc I answered all of them faster than the 4 😂

  • GiantSweet
    GiantSweetMåned siden

    For some reason. I have memorized 7x6=42 since I was in 4th grade.

  • Adis Shehu
    Adis ShehuMåned siden


  • Konohamaru🐵🍜
    Konohamaru🐵🍜Måned siden

    T Rex Fossil

  • Hope
    HopeMåned siden

    Yo keth did you say thunderbirds that my school's mascot did you go to chautauqua lake central school

  • Fahd Abdullah
    Fahd AbdullahMåned siden

    This is really hard B U S

  • Bob Saget
    Bob SagetMåned siden

    Spoiler Alert: Not by a long shot

  • Jake Watson
    Jake WatsonMåned siden

    Wow day dumm

  • aKnisite
    aKnisiteMåned siden

    hi Bye

  • Q'whyatt
    Q'whyattMåned siden

    Seven lmao

  • henry moore
    henry mooreMåned siden

    2:08 A thunderbird is a car made by ford, Shayne

  • Diana Salman
    Diana SalmanMåned siden

    im a 4 grade and I'm a bit smarter than them lol I love your vidsss

  • Deez Guyz
    Deez GuyzMåned siden

    So you telling me you don't know tertiary colors as well?🤣

  • Possum Boy
    Possum BoyMåned siden

    Keith’s answer for the opossum ...

  • CainDoesArt777
    CainDoesArt777Måned siden

    For Shayne: The secondary colors are combinations of the primary colors Red + yellow = orange Yellow + blue = green Blue + red = purple

  • Happy gaming
    Happy gamingMåned siden

    I’m I the only one in 4th grade watching reply

  • TrulyGreen Green
    TrulyGreen GreenMåned siden

    As a Filipino, I laughed my ass off

  • Maple Chan
    Maple ChanMåned siden

    I don’t remember any of my english classes...during my elementary days but I sure do can write an essay in college with a perfect score lol. Guess reading tons of books really does the job lmao

  • Maple Chan
    Maple ChanMåned siden

    BRUH KIMMY WHAT U DOIN? That’s your country 😤🤣

  • Shinki Wang
    Shinki WangMåned siden

    how do they not know 6x7

  • Noorullah
    NoorullahMåned siden

    Kimmy put shame on your fellow filipinos

  • Hans Regalado
    Hans RegaladoMåned siden

    Driving test pls

  • Seán O'Dea
    Seán O'DeaMåned siden

    when he asked ‘who wrote the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe’ my brain immediately thought t.j. miller and i have no idea why

  • Oscar Strid
    Oscar StridMåned siden

    I wish my teachers laughed at me when I answered the wrong thing

  • Finneas
    FinneasMåned siden


  • Chialeen Drums
    Chialeen DrumsMåned siden

    **shows the Philippines on the map** “Is it Japan?” Me being a Filipino: 👁👄👁

  • Jea Hezil Sumalinog
    Jea Hezil SumalinogMåned siden


  • Evelyn Slattery
    Evelyn SlatteryMåned siden

    I'm a fourth grader and when Shayne said what's 6×7 in like screaming 42

  • Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
    Hyper Shadow Sniper 176Måned siden

    For all the people still in school, try not to forget your lessons, boys and girls!

  • Aaron Cathcart
    Aaron CathcartMåned siden

    Shayne needs to host all the games

  • Sophie O. Patsavos
    Sophie O. Patsavos2 måneder siden


  • Sophie O. Patsavos
    Sophie O. Patsavos2 måneder siden

    the host is from some show what is it

  • zimra joseph
    zimra joseph2 måneder siden

    I'm 4th grader And I know what is 6 times 7 years it's 49

  • Bliss Binu

    Bliss Binu

    Måned siden

    6x7 is 42 not 49

  • Do it with Yana Gaytano
    Do it with Yana Gaytano2 måneder siden

    Hi Big Fan From the philippines(Don't worry i kimmy I also did not recognize our flag,lol)Pls do R u smarter than a 5th grader

  • Verisimilitude.
    Verisimilitude.2 måneder siden

    Thunderbirds Me: realizing that is a Zapdos

  • First Mate Frankie
    First Mate Frankie2 måneder siden

    10:09 I’m in high school and have literally never heard the word superlative before watching this video-

  • Marin Hrabrić
    Marin Hrabrić2 måneder siden

    You can't pass elementary school without knowing what's 6x7

  • C.j. Helm
    C.j. Helm2 måneder siden life may not be perfect, but at least I can say I'd still be able to pass 4th grade 😂

  • Francis Arnel Bermejo
    Francis Arnel Bermejo2 måneder siden

    I reccomend Kimmy and the whole Smosh squad to react to the song Panalo by Ez Mil

  • William ShakesQueer
    William ShakesQueer2 måneder siden

    Shayne: What is an omnivore? Me: THEYRE THE BISEXUALS OF FOOD EATERS

  • John Carlo Sanchez
    John Carlo Sanchez2 måneder siden

    Damn, remember the days where we don't automatically say D A V I N K I?

  • Luke - Comedy And Crap
    Luke - Comedy And Crap2 måneder siden

    They’re dumb, I’m sorry but I’m smarter at 13

  • Luke - Comedy And Crap
    Luke - Comedy And Crap2 måneder siden

    Pffft, Americans 🙄

  • Nicole Valente
    Nicole Valente2 måneder siden

    english is my second language and I know more than them??

  • John Patrick
    John Patrick2 måneder siden

    Hi kimmy, all i can say is.. ulol anong more island than that. Taksil ka. Have a nice day.

    ICED-AMERICANO2 måneder siden

    how tf is secondary colors 200 that's literally kindergarten shit im-

  • Matthew Go
    Matthew Go2 måneder siden

    How dare u smosh the Philippines

  • Andrei
    Andrei2 måneder siden

    Come on its Philippines

  • Jamily Castro
    Jamily Castro2 måneder siden

    Im confused what did they mean by currently filipina Till this day I don't know

  • robin bonser
    robin bonser2 måneder siden

    What if you did the equivalent to GCSE'S in Britian as a test

  • Madison Roy
    Madison Roy2 måneder siden


  • Miguel Villanueva
    Miguel Villanueva2 måneder siden


  • Simonina Zoomieboi
    Simonina Zoomieboi2 måneder siden

    My school mascot was a boat I don't know if the counts.

  • Grayson Vlogz
    Grayson Vlogz2 måneder siden

    How do they not now 6x7 is 42

  • Kristen Haggstrom
    Kristen Haggstrom2 måneder siden

    Da Vinki?

  • Jackson Loftis
    Jackson Loftis2 måneder siden

    My elementary school mascot would beat all of theirs, it was a telescope.

  • Zak retsas
    Zak retsas2 måneder siden

    Shayne isn't competing cos they know if he did, he'd wipe the floor with all of them

  • Panda of War
    Panda of War2 måneder siden

    AcTuAlLy the secondary colors are Orange, Green and Violet Not purple

  • Samuel King
    Samuel King2 måneder siden

    The way Keith said "bus" with full confidence is amazing

  • nancy devaras
    nancy devaras2 måneder siden

    Dang, Kimmy just prove that she lost her *V-card to someone else*

  • Big Beans
    Big Beans2 måneder siden