Are We Smarter Than Middle Schoolers?

In this completely original- never been done before, points-based trivia format, we will finally find out if we’re smarter than the average middle schooler!
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit8 måneder siden

    Raise your hand if you knew who the 2nd President of the United States was without Googling it 👀

  • General Kenobi

    General Kenobi

    13 dager siden

    John Adams. Thank you Hamilton!

  • Natalie Congleton

    Natalie Congleton

    3 måneder siden

    I thought it was Andrew Jackson

  • Andrew JW

    Andrew JW

    4 måneder siden


  • GeoJay


    5 måneder siden

    🤚 The Nile is longer!!!!!! 😡

  • Steven David

    Steven David

    6 måneder siden


  • st.N0ise
    st.N0ise13 timer siden

    "who invented the telephone" cmon guys, we all know the real answer is Meucci.

  • Sverre Klungland
    Sverre KlunglandDag siden

    I knew every math question but none of the others

  • Alva Saari
    Alva SaariDag siden


  • Hi
    HiDag siden

    She thought that Australia was bigger than Russia What has America come to

  • Marquis de Lafayette
    Marquis de Lafayette2 dager siden

    Them being American not knowing the second president:sTeVe IrWiN Me being a Hamilton obsessed European: JOHN ADAMS DOESNT HAVE A. REAL JOB ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!! this is why I watch smosh

  • Jasper Outdoors stanley
    Jasper Outdoors stanley3 dager siden

    GO Courtney friken miller 😆

  • Everything I Love
    Everything I Love3 dager siden

    I can't believe that they didn't get the 2nd president of the United States of america even I know that

  • Aidan Moffett
    Aidan Moffett3 dager siden

    I’m in middle school and I don’t remember anything but the Disney channel one

  • Joep Vos
    Joep Vos4 dager siden

    The question whas about lenght you shaould have asked about amount of water

  • Steph_bxrry
    Steph_bxrry4 dager siden

    no one: me: screaming john adams to the screen when they get to the "who was the 2nd president"

  • Tifa
    Tifa5 dager siden

    as a middle schooler i would just like to say i got most of those wrong

  • Roald
    Roald6 dager siden

    Kieth: you’re not making it easy for me *proceeds to go from last to second in one round*

  • SuneTheMairn
    SuneTheMairn6 dager siden

    Wrong... The Nile is longer

  • Jobel Palomo
    Jobel Palomo6 dager siden

    1:28 What episode is of that podcast?

  • Fritz lawrence cacabelos
    Fritz lawrence cacabelos6 dager siden

    Nile is the longest river

  • Brody Pecha
    Brody Pecha7 dager siden

    The longest river is the Nile, the Amazon is the widest.

  • irsyad shafiq
    irsyad shafiq7 dager siden

    Isn't the nice the longest river

  • irsyad shafiq

    irsyad shafiq

    7 dager siden

    Omg I mean Nile

  • irsyad shafiq

    irsyad shafiq

    7 dager siden

    I mean Nil

  • Yousef TV
    Yousef TV7 dager siden

    Oh god here come the comments saying the Nile is longer than the Amazon

  • miiku tallalla
    miiku tallalla8 dager siden

    It's the Nile

  • Ethan McGeough-Gamache
    Ethan McGeough-Gamache9 dager siden

    at 4:39 all the hamilton fans were like ¨JOHN ADAMS!!!!¨

  • Jon Munoz
    Jon Munoz9 dager siden

    It should’ve just been dcom category cuz some of those movies came out after the 90s

  • Chris
    Chris10 dager siden

    I'm in 8th grade and I still dont know half of these questions

  • esperanza amores
    esperanza amores11 dager siden

    kimmy and shayne both have bachelor degree in psychology. no wonder they are my favorite smosh cast

  • Haley Russom
    Haley Russom11 dager siden

    Can I just point out that the fact a lot of people don’t remember this proves it’s useless in real life unless you go to specific job fields

  • Mr.Positive
    Mr.Positive11 dager siden

    This is what my Hamilton obsession was for 😌👌

  • Tessachick17
    Tessachick1714 dager siden

    The Amazon is 3,977 miles while the Nile is 4,132 miles. No offense y’all wrong

  • Corey Montgomery
    Corey Montgomery14 dager siden


  • Zebricord
    Zebricord14 dager siden

    President John Adams? I know him. That can’t be. That’s that.. little guy who spoke to me, all those years ago. What was it? 85? That poor man they’re going to eat him alive!

  • Gabby Guido
    Gabby Guido15 dager siden

    14:28 no it isn’t it’s the Nile sillygoose

  • Jewels Lawson
    Jewels Lawson16 dager siden


  • Ephrata Andualem
    Ephrata Andualem17 dager siden

    The longest river is Nile River.🤣🤣

  • I am Pickles
    I am Pickles18 dager siden

    Isn't the nile longer

  • Frisk gaming 2
    Frisk gaming 218 dager siden

    No one: Smosh trying to know the 2nd President: some dumb guess

  • BeccaSlays
    BeccaSlays19 dager siden

    Don’t lie you knew the second president because of Hamilton.

  • Senator Poopypants
    Senator Poopypants22 dager siden

    Wait the longest river's the Nile right?

  • Connor Josey
    Connor Josey22 dager siden

    4:20 how dumb does Olivia think middle school kids are

  • Tristen Cox
    Tristen Cox24 dager siden

    We weren't taught the periodic table in my middle school

  • Campam 42
    Campam 4226 dager siden

    I asked my grandma how many continents there were she said 13

  • Kev Z
    Kev Z28 dager siden

    Um the Nile river was the longest river

  • JAKO
    JAKO28 dager siden


  • Shreya Shimara
    Shreya ShimaraMåned siden


  • Kate Lorando
    Kate LorandoMåned siden

    I can't listen to Keith during this episode.. like dude holy shit stfu

  • St4lsell 1
    St4lsell 1Måned siden

    I can't get over courtney going "BALLinnnn....."

  • 「 quirmi 」
    「 quirmi 」Måned siden

    Dude they were going easy on these guys my algebra is finding the exact point in a graph out of this 6x-7y=167 3y=4x-45

  • Tena
    TenaMåned siden

    I raised my hand on the last question🤣 I was like: "Ohhh I know this!!" LOL🤣

  • Blaž Zavrtanik
    Blaž ZavrtanikMåned siden

    Hello @smosh, when will you be holding auditions? I need a job and since Olivia got the gig i expect you take anyone...

  • Ralph Asuncion
    Ralph AsuncionMåned siden

    Ngl keith kinda looks like beetlejuice

  • TylerGaming
    TylerGamingMåned siden

    Your picking Disney 1999 movies.

  • Ezekiel Menia
    Ezekiel MeniaMåned siden

    The into song feels like the song "THERE'S SQUIRRELS IN MY PANTS"

  • Trevor Padilla
    Trevor PadillaMåned siden

    I like smosh a lot but keith is my least favorite cast member of smosh and this video explains it bc keith is such a sore loser when he loses something

  • Caleb Roehrig
    Caleb RoehrigMåned siden

    It's the nile. The Amazon has a greater area but the nile is 'longer'

  • ace freddlazy
    ace freddlazyMåned siden

    Keith has to let everyone know that he knew the answer to the question

  • Amelia Page
    Amelia PageMåned siden

    yall talking about the second president and not knowing who the fuck it is but me over here like bitch you should know this its so obvious but also only knowing it because i watched hamilton an american musical literally 50 times last night.

  • Jessie James
    Jessie JamesMåned siden

    The longest river is the Nile tho????

  • ßhawani Dahal
    ßhawani DahalMåned siden

    I thought it was the Nile.

  • Doris Ponce-Rondon
    Doris Ponce-RondonMåned siden

    Look it up on google to see what is the largest river in the world

  • Doris Ponce-Rondon
    Doris Ponce-RondonMåned siden

    And the longest river in the world is the Nile river

  • Doris Ponce-Rondon
    Doris Ponce-RondonMåned siden

    The 2nd president of the USA is really easy John adams

  • divyansh panwari
    divyansh panwariMåned siden

    Hey, isn't Nile the longest river.

  • Luay AlAni
    Luay AlAniMåned siden

    I’m in middle school fu$&

  • Cristian Torres
    Cristian TorresMåned siden

    The Nile is the longest river in the world not the Amazon river

  • Amber Rose
    Amber RoseMåned siden

    As a Hamilton fan I screamed JOHN ADAMS

  • John Marchant
    John MarchantMåned siden

    Length x Width is the area of a Parallelogram. Triangle is length times width divided by 2.

  • ohthatsnick
    ohthatsnickMåned siden

    Last one was actually Nile river but cool

  • Jonathon Miller
    Jonathon MillerMåned siden

    The largest river is the Amazon. The longest is the Nile

  • baconbutterburger
    baconbutterburgerMåned siden

    The area of a square is length by width. A triangle is half its length by width.

  • Jeff Carver
    Jeff CarverMåned siden

    I tasted my IQ dropping in this🤣

  • Nitin Mohan
    Nitin MohanMåned siden

    The longest river is the Nile

  • Sparky Shore
    Sparky ShoreMåned siden

    No, no no. You’re in De Nile! The longest * _disputed_ * river in the world is the Nile!!!

  • Kevser Bukvic
    Kevser BukvicMåned siden


  • Maria Sc
    Maria ScMåned siden

    olivia looks like she just rolled out of bed

  • Nico Lou C.
    Nico Lou C.Måned siden

    Length • width • height "THAT’S A CUBE!!!" No, It’s a rectangular prism

  • Kathryn Loudon
    Kathryn LoudonMåned siden

    Juneau thé capital of Alaska?

  • D44 Ak
    D44 Ak2 måneder siden

    its nil not amzon

  • deadly shit
    deadly shit2 måneder siden

    I need a 1 or 10 hour version of tommy singing the merch store

    SEBASTIANOS KONISTIS2 måneder siden

    7:30 lmao

  • Sailesh Mgr
    Sailesh Mgr2 måneder siden

    Wait Nile is the longest river

  • Camille Carre
    Camille Carre2 måneder siden

    Me being like wait Jeff ohh no John Adam's c'mon and I'm French guys so 😂

  • Mad Swami
    Mad Swami2 måneder siden


  • Lindsey Gansen
    Lindsey Gansen2 måneder siden

    John adams...thank you to Hamilton

  • Kate Schillinger
    Kate Schillinger2 måneder siden

    lmao the longest river in the world is the Nile in Africa because it measures at just about two hundred feet longer than the Amazon. Sorry smosh

  • george weasley
    george weasley2 måneder siden

    keith: um geography (pronounced geo graphy) me: oh yall know thats how u said it in middlem school

  • george weasley
    george weasley2 måneder siden

    but like whats the dif between smosh and smosh pit

  • Jon Pigeon
    Jon Pigeon2 måneder siden

    What in the actual hell happened to smosh, last time I was here. Ian and Anthony had just made every horror movie ever. Where tf is Ian and Anthony

  • Elfin Dreamer
    Elfin Dreamer2 måneder siden

    Every Hamilton fan should know who the second president of the US was

  • Speeder Web
    Speeder Web2 måneder siden

    I play jeopardy in school I’m in 4th grade

  • Joe Luis
    Joe Luis2 måneder siden

    More episodes of jeopardy

  • Disney Lover
    Disney Lover2 måneder siden

    the longest river is the river nile!

  • sour zuzu
    sour zuzu2 måneder siden

    me, who knew the 2nd president because of hamilton the musical: "iT'S JOHN ADAMS!"

  • Lyroni
    Lyroni2 måneder siden

    But... the longest river is the Nile?

  • Jarno Van der knijff
    Jarno Van der knijff2 måneder siden

    Fact check, the Amazon is the 2nd longest river, the Nile is the longest

  • Olivia Hanson
    Olivia Hanson2 måneder siden

    Im assuming that none of them went to school

  • Dragon Gaming
    Dragon Gaming2 måneder siden

    These are 5th grade questions🤦‍♂️

  • Yuhaan Ramesh
    Yuhaan Ramesh2 måneder siden

    The last answer is wrong it's the Nile river not the Amazon river KEITH IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

  • -.-
    -.-2 måneder siden

    The Wendy's girl is drunk..... Maybe

  • Dudeman9339
    Dudeman93392 måneder siden

    Keith is that friend who whines until you give him points. Quit trying to cheat your way to mediocrity, Keith.

  • Dudeman9339
    Dudeman93392 måneder siden

    Why is Olivia so crazy?

  • Tessa Leeds
    Tessa Leeds2 måneder siden

    The funny thing is I knew all of this but I learned it in 5th not middle

  • William Boggess
    William Boggess2 måneder siden

    thw longest river is the nile