Are We Smarter Than Our IT Guy?

Are we smarter than Tim, our IT guy? Probably not, but let’s find out! Thanks to SoFi for sponsoring a portion of this video. Learn more by downloading the SoFi app here:
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit4 måneder siden

    you 👏can't 👏spell 👏Tim 👏without 👏IT 👏

  • Sky W

    Sky W

    8 dager siden

    @Aiden Barr and what? We just need more Tim

  • Aiden Barr

    Aiden Barr

    8 dager siden

    @Sky W and

  • Nachomacho Man

    Nachomacho Man

    Måned siden

    Ian gets so lucky

  • TheGodNamedFraize


    2 måneder siden

    Why did yall use an RJ45 to 4 Pin Cable for the picture of the ethernet cable?

  • MakiSalmon Games

    MakiSalmon Games

    3 måneder siden


  • Tristan Neumann
    Tristan NeumannTime siden

    What has happened to this channel :,(

  • Chi Hang Tsoi
    Chi Hang Tsoi6 timer siden

    I think Tim is hot!

  • Red Dawva
    Red DawvaDag siden

    If I was one of them when they asked about his favourite smosh member I would I have said anthony

  • Kvak
    KvakDag siden

    How they didnt get vga like whaaaaa

  • Azamazas
    AzamazasDag siden

    @ This is my friends music subscribe to him

  • Achilles Vail
    Achilles VailDag siden

    Damien could totally voice Act on apex Legends Mirage

  • Garrett Savidge
    Garrett Savidge2 dager siden

    Jokes on you, I knew it was a CAT-6 Ethernet cable,. I only know cuz i had to make 30 of them for school

  • Xbox Event Boi
    Xbox Event Boi2 dager siden

    Bad choice to accept that sponsor... Doesn't fit your vids

  • seb vidya
    seb vidya2 dager siden

    haven't watching smosh in years just remembered why

  • Jacob Short
    Jacob Short2 dager siden

    15:28 i love that they just knew to do that True best friends

  • K P
    K P3 dager siden

    so this is what I have to look forward to

  • William Draper
    William Draper3 dager siden

    Not a single question about the control panel...

  • Huptup
    Huptup4 dager siden

    Wow actually super interesting and funny

  • Maya Taylor
    Maya Taylor4 dager siden


  • Lee D'Agostino
    Lee D'Agostino4 dager siden

    When your contract at SMOSH says everyone must host once

  • Micael Teixeira
    Micael Teixeira4 dager siden

    Me in my head " ITS A FKING VGA"

  • Lasse Wisnes
    Lasse Wisnes5 dager siden

    I can see why Anthony quit.

  • Jesse Brebner
    Jesse Brebner5 dager siden

    Having your paid advertisement in the middle of thing is not a good idea

  • alyanna ramirez
    alyanna ramirez5 dager siden

    Is it weird that I got the printer question 😅 and I don't even work there

  • Marcus Lim
    Marcus Lim5 dager siden

    What cable did they have on the board when they said it was Ethernet, I've never seen a Rj-45 on one end and what looks almost like an XLR

  • Sockman
    Sockman5 dager siden

    the amount of effort Damien was putting into not killing everyone at the end is amazing.

  • James123428
    James1234285 dager siden

    Anyone gonna mention how they misspelled apple at 6:42?

  • The King of Nightmares
    The King of Nightmares5 dager siden

    after being subscribed for years ian still makes me laugh. thank you ian

  • Arekantos
    Arekantos6 dager siden

    how do you get ctrl to be command....

  • Bodacius Falls
    Bodacius Falls6 dager siden

    it did not specify on a mac... CTRL V is a fine answer for that.....

  • Dante Nessus
    Dante Nessus6 dager siden

    Ewww, mac

  • Saka
    Saka6 dager siden

    your editor didn't put the right Ethernet cord image lol

  • Bakerboy 1509
    Bakerboy 15096 dager siden

    I love that my 45 year old mom is more technologically able than these guys😂

  • NulledInfinity
    NulledInfinity7 dager siden

    Why are they all wearing vests?

  • Pandagurl364
    Pandagurl3647 dager siden

    me sitting here like i dont have a "Command" button tryna follow along and im confused

  • O Sneakis
    O Sneakis7 dager siden

    So this was Tech with Tim? Confused

  • Kalb
    Kalb8 dager siden

    Omg i love ads so much I liked twice on the ad

  • ScapularBore
    ScapularBore8 dager siden

    Let me answer this no.

  • MasterQuestMaster
    MasterQuestMaster8 dager siden

    Knew the VGA cable immediately, and was very proud 8-)

  • Maximum Watts
    Maximum Watts8 dager siden

    There is no hope for mankind when 4 people can't tell what a VGA cable is!

  • Corey Nemis
    Corey Nemis8 dager siden

    ctrl v

  • AaronAustin
    AaronAustin9 dager siden

    But... a Cat-5 cord is a type of Ethernet cord.. 15:35

  • blackshaddow
    blackshaddow9 dager siden

    15:43 the cord in his hand is not the one in the picture, because i'm quite sure the picture does not show an ethernet cable.

  • Stian Torgersen
    Stian Torgersen9 dager siden

    Who in IT use a Mac?

  • Jose Mata
    Jose Mata9 dager siden will remember that

  • XDcryptusNinja
    XDcryptusNinja9 dager siden

    Fun fact : Shayne (courtneys why we are bad at dating person) starred in a henry danger episode for those who did not know

  • JRMS Productions
    JRMS Productions9 dager siden

    Apple is inferior

  • JordyEatzBrainz
    JordyEatzBrainz9 dager siden

    you👏can't👏spell👏Apple👏with👏two👏L's 6:38

  • Victthequick
    Victthequick10 dager siden

    believe in the heart of the cards.... indeed

  • Makenzie Lester
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    PyroTrash10 dager siden

    Tim has the same birthday as my sister

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    icess overstreet10 dager siden

    Is Tim single?

  • Escape
    Escape11 dager siden

    anyone else die a little when they didnt know vga?

  • FlipperWolf
    FlipperWolf11 dager siden

    As an IT guy, the "wow cool" of Shayne at 15:53 when they talk about the ethernet cable being a Cat6 and not a Cat5 fucking destroyed me. I literally spat my drink out. I totally can relate to that, what a genius XD

  • László Kovács
    László Kovács11 dager siden

    It hurts to watch

  • PonyPlays2014
    PonyPlays201411 dager siden

    12:08 when someone mentions the homework the teacher forgot to ask about

  • Mah Rukh
    Mah Rukh11 dager siden

    The first computer virus was created in Pakistan

  • sUmAyYaH _me
    sUmAyYaH _me12 dager siden

    why dont they put on a mask ? ._.

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    Brooklyn Korstick12 dager siden

    Is it weird that me and Tim have the same birthday

  • Ralfs 22
    Ralfs 2213 dager siden

    Why those questions was ez

  • grelgen
    grelgen13 dager siden

    11:10 why did that color code have 7 digits?

  • Chandan Nir
    Chandan Nir13 dager siden


  • SansyBoy 14
    SansyBoy 1413 dager siden

    His favorite color is so strange it has 7 digits in a hexadecimal code. (For those who don’t know, they only have 6)

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany14 dager siden

    Someone can't spell Apple. Or Ethernet.

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    Yoshi Tushi14 dager siden

    Yo my Birthday is 3 days after Tim

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    Jessabella Productions15 dager siden

    Apple is not spelled like that 😂

  • Jessabella Productions

    Jessabella Productions

    15 dager siden

    I dare you to not respond

  • Vile Vindicator
    Vile Vindicator15 dager siden

    You should've specified Male to Female ethernet, or ethernet Co-ax cable. Would've been funny seeing Damien miss that one.

  • Aislin Conroy
    Aislin Conroy15 dager siden


  • Zephyr
    Zephyr15 dager siden


  • Uriel Howard
    Uriel Howard16 dager siden

    “ i don’t have even know why - no, give it to damien - i don’t know. “

  • The Night Ranger
    The Night Ranger16 dager siden

    Is it weird than when Tim's at wasn't capitalized, I thought it was TimSchannel?

  • Metro Viral
    Metro Viral16 dager siden

    Ian looks high

  • croverns
    croverns17 dager siden

    1:39 shayne didn’t even answer cause he doesn’t like emails

  • epicgamer ninja
    epicgamer ninja17 dager siden

    Damien just looks so hurt and offended at the end of the game. Sorry Dames

  • epicgamer ninja
    epicgamer ninja17 dager siden

    Listening to them trying to guess the VGA Cord really made my brain hurt 🤣 🤣

  • Kurtandrie Andales
    Kurtandrie Andales17 dager siden

    When Ian does the ads for the video why does he look like a 70's tv ad or show

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    At the end 1050 for Ian lol

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    Ian plugging looks like Eric Voss

  • Kori Emmendorfer
    Kori Emmendorfer18 dager siden

    8:45 Courtney screaming “VAGINA CORD” is basically the only reason I’m happy

  • Ginger taz
    Ginger taz18 dager siden

    How did they get no points on VGA cord.... like it’s the only bright blue cable I know and is also thick

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K18 dager siden

    Me, a Network Systems Administrator: *screaming answers at the screen*

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    Titus18 dager siden

    The fact that all of them are wearing a vest because tim is the host 😂😂😂😂

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    NW 420chef18 dager siden

    Tim's either stealth camping / Los Angeles middle class. Love the channel. New game?

  • hi
    hi19 dager siden

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    Jamie Derry22 dager siden

    lol i had no idea what you were going on about with a command key, apparently it's only on CrApple which explains a lot as i wouldn't use their stuff unless free :)

  • Kyle Macdonald
    Kyle Macdonald24 dager siden

    I can’t be the only one that still calls the command, Apple. i.e. Apple + C to copy

    GODS HOAGIE24 dager siden

    Astrology is dumb

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    UkeInRevolt25 dager siden

    He really rocks a vest 😄

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    After watching this for the millionth time, I just realized they're all wearing vests like Tim lol

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    SolaireFlair27 dager siden

    I saw TIM in all caps and thought that section was about thermal interface material until they said it was just about Tim. Does that make me a bigger IT nerd than Tim?

  • AnonymooseYeets YT
    AnonymooseYeets YT28 dager siden

    Tim without his beard looks like my friend's dad.

  • Requiem for a Meme
    Requiem for a MemeMåned siden

    I never noticed everyone’s wearing vests in this episode. Warms my armless torso. 💕❤️

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    NuggiNinja :pMåned siden

    15:30 is freind goals

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