At Home Scavenger Hunt Challenge

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We decided to embark on the world's most epic scavenger hunt- but at home.
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  • korv Mannen
    korv MannenDag siden

    im sorry but pikachu isn´t from gen 2, the pokemon silver game is gen 2 but pikachu is originally from gen 1. i probably sound like a douchebag but im a big pokemon fan and it just annoyed me sry

  • Jose Sidfried Gacusan
    Jose Sidfried Gacusan2 dager siden

    Chill freyja

  • callmebagel
    callmebagel2 dager siden

    Look at this, woman... scream...

  • Emelia Fixter
    Emelia Fixter8 dager siden

    shayne looks like jonny depp reeeeee

  • sharkbait
    sharkbait23 dager siden

    I really just want a video of Damien being a goof with his cats

  • theweyrd
    theweyrd29 dager siden

    Can we get those beards back? 😍

  • John Carlo Sanchez
    John Carlo SanchezMåned siden

    Watching the opening bit 6 months later, I kinda wonder why there hasn't been an Every Power Rangers Ever.

  • Joseph Taja
    Joseph TajaMåned siden

    Jackie talks weird all the time it's not even funny

  • Arjo paul
    Arjo paulMåned siden

    jackie is the weirdest person i have ever seen

  • CandyRhaeSpeaks
    CandyRhaeSpeaksMåned siden

    They need to do this again with more people

  • Khalifa
    KhalifaMåned siden

    Its crazy cause i was also at Kurtis and Amy's wedding ceremony

  • Ruby Strong
    Ruby Strong2 måneder siden

    Someone should have brought a Actual shredder

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr2 måneder siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr2 måneder siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr2 måneder siden

    FOUND IT!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr2 måneder siden


  • Twylen Bernegger
    Twylen Bernegger2 måneder siden

    So much Sims 3 music.

  • Zaneta Balaisiene
    Zaneta Balaisiene2 måneder siden

    Courtney is so funy

  • Idk LOL
    Idk LOL2 måneder siden

    is it weird that i know the interior shaynes house after i saw the video that they invaded his apartment.

  • Idk LOL

    Idk LOL

    2 måneder siden

    is it weird?

  • Dio OffBrando
    Dio OffBrando2 måneder siden

    What is Shane look like that surfer that would be in the back of the drugstore asking if people surf surf

    JANE DAYRIT2 måneder siden

    12:06 I love how Shane touches his moustache! 😂

  • Abbie Phillips
    Abbie Phillips2 måneder siden

    shane shave that mustach

  • Cat Mom To Autumn and Moose
    Cat Mom To Autumn and Moose2 måneder siden

    What’s with Shayne having a tape /answering machine in the background....

  • Amber Glow
    Amber Glow2 måneder siden

    Jackie’s awesome 👏😎

  • WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent
    WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent2 måneder siden

    Im sad that all the merch things left, i felt like merch in the store became a fan fav

  • vic esh
    vic esh3 måneder siden

    how show and tell probably feels via zoom this year for 4th grade teachers

  • Isla Lochtie
    Isla Lochtie3 måneder siden

    Shane has now joined the gym teacher squad with Grayson Dolan 😂💖 name anyone else you can think of lmao

  • WolfMan831
    WolfMan8313 måneder siden

    Shayne: Has a Gameboy Advance with a Gameboy Color game Courtney: Has a Gameboy Color with a Gameboy Advance game (It sounds like she was describing Pokemon Sapphire)

  • Hope_ Blossom
    Hope_ Blossom3 måneder siden

    I wanna she more of thisssss😂😁☺️

  • The Robot Devil
    The Robot Devil3 måneder siden

    I love how their explanations are so high yet so weirdly accurate

  • WolfSister 175
    WolfSister 1753 måneder siden


  • Random Wonders
    Random Wonders3 måneder siden

    Scooterers 🛴 are obstacles

  • ShreksLeftElbowPeircing
    ShreksLeftElbowPeircing3 måneder siden

    the mount of times pokemon pikachu pedometer tamagachi was said/.........

  • TatoTimez
    TatoTimez3 måneder siden

    i need a full version of the merch in the store song on spotify please

  • Ivy99999
    Ivy999993 måneder siden

    Me who can barely balance on my own feet half the time: "So you wanted something that shreds right? Well check out my mom's sick paper shredder!!!!" 'X'D

  • Nikki Taguinod
    Nikki Taguinod3 måneder siden

    10:00 Didn't anyone think of just getting a Grater since it shreds food?? No? Oh ok

  • xMCKx24games
    xMCKx24games3 måneder siden

    Once Damien held up the pokemon tomogachi, I suddenly remembered where I lost my pokewalker

  • Crazy rat
    Crazy rat3 måneder siden

    Shane’s mustache be like:👁👄👁

  • HipsterTrumpet
    HipsterTrumpet3 måneder siden

    Part 2!!!

  • C H A R L E E
    C H A R L E E4 måneder siden

    The music overriding the dialogue is hilarious and i have no idea why

  • I can’t stop twinkling
    I can’t stop twinkling4 måneder siden

    No one: Jackie: *intense dinosaur sounds* 6:20

  • fangirlsaredie
    fangirlsaredie4 måneder siden


  • Eli M
    Eli M4 måneder siden

    Shayne said "A skateboard... or something that shreds equally" and I was hoping someone would come back with a cheese grater

  • Emelie Granberg
    Emelie Granberg4 måneder siden

    Genuine question did they shoot more than one round of this? because I NEEEEEED to see that!

  • Asralam
    Asralam4 måneder siden

    so biased i love it

  • Bussa The Younger
    Bussa The Younger4 måneder siden

    To be fair, when I was a kid roller blades were called fruit booters

  • Theresa Kelsey
    Theresa Kelsey4 måneder siden

    I love Jackie. I'm so happy she's in most of the videos now!

  • 47stabwounds
    47stabwounds4 måneder siden

    I love that they said form Voltron.

  • GaleTheFailure _
    GaleTheFailure _4 måneder siden

    Shayne looks like he's waiting to offer me candy

  • Lily Pratt
    Lily Pratt4 måneder siden


  • wasabi2kx
    wasabi2kx4 måneder siden

    Shayne busting out that Emily Dickinson WAP - Well Authored Poetry

  • Maletic
    Maletic4 måneder siden

    Some minutes of og smosh infighting and a new cast member making bank off it. This video was good

  • Alyssa Germain
    Alyssa Germain4 måneder siden

    Do this again and make sure Damien is in it! :)

  • M
    M4 måneder siden

    Skate boards and roller skates are equal. I ride my board and roller skate.

  • Rabidus Puella
    Rabidus Puella4 måneder siden

    you cant say that skateboard is a trickboard. yeah, sure you can do a lot of tricks on it, but you can do tricks on longboard too, just not the same tricks.

  • Mark Harger
    Mark Harger4 måneder siden

    If shayne can’t beat Gus Johnson HE WILL BECOME GUS JOHNSON

  • GK Nooo
    GK Nooo4 måneder siden

    Another anteater here!

  • kacie kelly
    kacie kelly4 måneder siden

    has anyone noticed how Courtney looks Brittany from gleee

  • Sindrom 71
    Sindrom 715 måneder siden

    Damien mustache is ok..look like Vendetta tho...but Shayne.... Petition to WAX OFF THE MUSTACHE!!!

  • Emelie Granberg

    Emelie Granberg

    4 måneder siden


  • Kieran Deane
    Kieran Deane5 måneder siden

    Omg yes I'm part of stagecoach 😂

  • Horror Movie Scream Queen
    Horror Movie Scream Queen5 måneder siden

    Omg Shayne please shave that mustache lol and Damien you need a haircut & a shave haha... I like my men clean shaven lol

  • Jedimonkey 9
    Jedimonkey 95 måneder siden

    I replayed the merch song like 8 times lol

  • Kair Hatchet
    Kair Hatchet5 måneder siden

    Tony Hawk wasn't saying that as an insult. Having more obstacles in the park you must avoid while attempting the trick makes it that much more intense. Which in terms is the best way to show off ones skill. I say the same thing about most kinds of people, but I don't treat them like obstacles, I treat them as trees. I would never expect a tree to move out of my way. Nor would I be upset with or yell at a tree if I went into it. In fact, I would go out of my way to ensure the tree goes undamaged and check to see if I did as little harm as possible. Obstacles aren't annoying, they're an addition to showing off skill

  • Kair Hatchet

    Kair Hatchet

    5 måneder siden

    Shame on you shane, shaaaaaaaaaaaaame. You in last place.

  • lovely
    lovely5 måneder siden

    8:55 if college yearbooks had senior quotes, this would’ve been mine LMAO

  • ArtMina _Ships
    ArtMina _Ships5 måneder siden

    My first thought of what to find for damien’s item: So I have my phone with the Pokemon go app downloaded on it It counts your steps and you have a buddy and I mean...pokemon.

  • menelmacar3
    menelmacar35 måneder siden


  • Jonathan Akuagwu
    Jonathan Akuagwu5 måneder siden

    Jackie's laugh tho... So precious

  • Minecraft_is_the_best
    Minecraft_is_the_best5 måneder siden

    I don't think the points should have gone this way

  • ItsBeastlyBaby
    ItsBeastlyBaby5 måneder siden

    Damien in the V-Moda squad!!

  • Curtis Whitehead
    Curtis Whitehead5 måneder siden

    Who recognises the music from The Sims 3?

  • Natalie Stewart
    Natalie Stewart5 måneder siden

    I was playing along because quarantine: 1- a book called League of Regrettable Superheroes, because there's one named Nelvana of the Northern Lights and she nerfed my heterosexuality 2- Gameboy Advanced SP complete with Pokémon Emerald 3- My kokui nut lei from my college because I had to leave my longboard in Hawaii but the lei's something I could bring back 4-A tile my grandparents brought back back from Portugal, similar in pattern and a gift from a couple I love dearly Anyways, I don't know the number of points I'd get but I think I did okay. :)

  • Diana Lopes
    Diana Lopes5 måneder siden

    Shayne and Courtney both sabotaging each other and hence ending up in last place together is giving me life

  • Colin Hodges
    Colin Hodges5 måneder siden

    Oh yes pokemon. I love pokemon! Courtney: P L A N T T Y P E

  • Joshua Mootilal
    Joshua Mootilal5 måneder siden

    boi why the fuck you just got a pile of sticks that ain't interior decorating

  • Alexandra Gillespie
    Alexandra Gillespie5 måneder siden

    is it just me or in the beginning it sounds like tim singing the merch song

  • Jaime Moore
    Jaime Moore5 måneder siden

    I had that pikachu walking thing as a kid. Found it in the snow on someone’s yard, so technically I stole it. BUT I loved that thing.

    BROCK HAYMAN5 måneder siden

    So, you should just like give away free merch, like that’d be cool..!!

  • Dragon Gaming
    Dragon Gaming5 måneder siden

    I would’ve crushed damiens first challenge because I still have my pokewalker from Pokemon heart gold- because I’m a nerd.

  • Finnche
    Finnche5 måneder siden

    I liked this, I'd love to see this as a series

  • Finnche
    Finnche5 måneder siden

    Jackie is amazing. That's it. That's my comment. I laf

  • Skyduty
    Skyduty5 måneder siden

    Are we not gonna talk about how scooter kids are waaaaay worse than blader kids...

  • Rose L
    Rose L5 måneder siden

    0:29 Just saying, this is a great reference but very inaccurate. You can’t form Voltron with only 4 people, there are five lions so you need five Paladins to pilot them.

  • erin 🌻
    erin 🌻5 måneder siden

    omg i literally have the same pinup coffee table book lmaoo

  • αωкωαяd
    αωкωαяd5 måneder siden

    Freyas probably just havin a ruff day

  • Sabrina Gardener
    Sabrina Gardener5 måneder siden

    Shayne was unfair to cortny

  • old school
    old school5 måneder siden

    What happened to Noah

  • Brody Olson
    Brody Olson5 måneder siden

    I love voltron, nice intro

  • blurry pixels
    blurry pixels5 måneder siden

    Oh my god a gameboy advanced with the battery cover still on

  • Summer Rae
    Summer Rae5 måneder siden


  • Michaela M.
    Michaela M.6 måneder siden

    I really want more of these!

  • Wafflesoldier
    Wafflesoldier6 måneder siden

    Honest to god, i would've pulled out my Pokewalker :0

  • Saka Moto
    Saka Moto6 måneder siden

    I actually have that Pikachu pedometer tamagotchi thing😂 I used to go in and switch the time clock around so Pika would do the activity from that time point whenever I wanted. Still have it, randomly found it not long ago while looking for something else🤣

  • MoonHunters Gaming
    MoonHunters Gaming6 måneder siden

    ummm did the editor make a boo boo and a little early on the courtney bleep???

  • Sentry365
    Sentry3656 måneder siden

    The poem book shayne got could be sexy to some people because the last name says it all “Emily Dickinson”

  • Kaelyn Murray
    Kaelyn Murray6 måneder siden

    I love damien's kitty

  • McKena Voorhies
    McKena Voorhies6 måneder siden

    I want more of this series! I love seeing what weird objects people have idk why but I do

  • Ryan Foster
    Ryan Foster6 måneder siden

    Shayne looks ridiculous with the mustache.

  • Beth Schmidt
    Beth Schmidt6 måneder siden

    So we're not going to talk about how Jackie said, "I don't have a book of sexy women, but I have muffins, "? That was hilarious

  • Kayla Ramage
    Kayla Ramage6 måneder siden

    I really enjoyed this, love to see more ❤️

  • MickyBunrs
    MickyBunrs6 måneder siden

    Jackie is so cute and funny