Attempting to EAT 200 OREOS w/ SteveWillDoIt!!

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Disclaimer: Do not try at home! Security is our #1 priority. I was supervised throughout the whole process.
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  • Shenkk
    Shenkk14 dager siden

    i would 100% party with steve lmao this dude seems fun to be around

  • StevenD
    StevenD17 dager siden

    The kid who's not steve is as white as that milk...

  • Buffum Auto racing team
    Buffum Auto racing teamMåned siden

    Adapt the oreo king only ate 15 also adapt: we made a good dent

  • Bullseye
    Bullseye3 måneder siden

    just say in your head this will be a hard video but it will be a great one

  • Jadk Cowan
    Jadk Cowan4 måneder siden

    If anyone can donate to Wigan Athletic during this bad time would be a lot up the tics 💙🤍💚

  • Danny Hernandez
    Danny Hernandez4 måneder siden

    “You really are just built weird” 💀💀

  • jose
    jose4 måneder siden

    if i ever do this i would end up worst than nessa ifykyk

  • Math Kils
    Math Kils5 måneder siden

    « What a fucking nutcase »🤣🤣😭😭

  • Chuy Garcia
    Chuy Garcia5 måneder siden

    LETS GET TO 6 Million Subs!!!

  • Kreza
    Kreza5 måneder siden

    Have fun getting diabetes

  • michael2205
    michael22055 måneder siden

    FUCK YOU 905

  • John Smith
    John Smith5 måneder siden

    Steve fucks around alot but when it comes to the food challenges he gets so serious so fast

  • Jackson White
    Jackson White5 måneder siden

    Faze you ate like 6 Oreos

  • savage blackvapor
    savage blackvapor5 måneder siden

    You only get my view and comment because Steve is on it.

  • NYC Levi
    NYC Levi6 måneder siden

    I know steve high af

  • Daniell Lovell
    Daniell Lovell6 måneder siden

    This faze dude is a drip

  • Jake Wyatt
    Jake Wyatt6 måneder siden

    I'm from the future

  • themilkysquad
    themilkysquad7 måneder siden

    Why isn’t Steve drinking

  • sorn up
    sorn up7 måneder siden

    There is atleast one comment saying Steve looks like rob gronkowski on every video with Steve in it

  • Hagen Helmers
    Hagen Helmers7 måneder siden

    Re watching this love you two fr

  • Fish Magnet TV
    Fish Magnet TV7 måneder siden

    Who would win Steve or Matt Stonie tho???

  • naczan
    naczan7 måneder siden

    just here to watch steve i dont give a fuck about faze lmao

  • Anton Borovik
    Anton Borovik7 måneder siden

    We miss you 9-0

  • William Rhodes
    William Rhodes7 måneder siden

    I've eaten about 300 before

  • WhyJr
    WhyJr7 måneder siden

    Not a day goes by I don’t think abt 905 being let go He really was the Ultimate FULL SEND official

  • CT earlybird
    CT earlybird8 måneder siden

    Why Steve let this clown in his video

  • Joy Driggers
    Joy Driggers8 måneder siden

    i love oreos

  • Shorya Hasiza
    Shorya Hasiza8 måneder siden

    Well Steve's in jail now lmao

  • Its Shado
    Its Shado8 måneder siden

    I’ve never seen someone eat something else during a eating challenge

  • YTriggedB—
    YTriggedB—8 måneder siden

    I’m watching this now and he saying 400 looks good on the title and he put 200

  • The Beast
    The Beast8 måneder siden


  • Gareth Brownrigg
    Gareth Brownrigg8 måneder siden

    adapt pale af. casper level

  • Rueben Cardoza
    Rueben Cardoza8 måneder siden

    Steve who ate 30 oreos: this is hard Adapt who ate 5 Oreos : we were born to do this

  • Tony _urmum
    Tony _urmum8 måneder siden

    Ho is watching this in 2020

  • KingofSpades419
    KingofSpades4198 måneder siden

    Adapt is shmaked

  • Andrew Buckman
    Andrew Buckman8 måneder siden

    901 shooter :/

  • password coak
    password coak8 måneder siden

    0:15 😂

  • Xavier Rios
    Xavier Rios8 måneder siden

    Broo I love Steve's laugh funny asf

  • it's me pal john pal
    it's me pal john pal8 måneder siden

    How can you eat that all i cant even eat my dinner

  • Tom Reynolds
    Tom Reynolds8 måneder siden

    Fazes skin is more white than that milk

  • SteveWillDoIt
    SteveWillDoIt8 måneder siden

    Thank You For Having Me Doing A Challenge With You

  • Juiced
    Juiced8 måneder siden

    Straight biceps and abs😭😭

  • Aaron Villalobos
    Aaron Villalobos9 måneder siden

    I ❤️ steve

  • Ash the Smash
    Ash the Smash9 måneder siden

    Just dip every oreo in milk and and swallow

  • Thicco
    Thicco9 måneder siden

    Steve friends with 90 still?

  • ammr barq
    ammr barq9 måneder siden

    steve is the funniest i swea

  • cheesy1nacho
    cheesy1nacho9 måneder siden

    How do you live where u live and maintain an almost transparent level of being pale.

  • Henry Dzialo
    Henry Dzialo9 måneder siden

    Lil Xan looking ass 😭

  • Loop Scoop
    Loop Scoop9 måneder siden

    FaZe steve

  • DINO
    DINO9 måneder siden

    That’s 905 shooter recording lol tell him his meat 🥩 famous

  • AllCity323
    AllCity3239 måneder siden

    Steve is hilarious the other guy is fucken lame‼️

  • AllCity323
    AllCity3239 måneder siden

    Do this challenge again but don’t tell Steve their medicated oreos‼️ that would be a good prank vid

  • Matthew Prada
    Matthew Prada9 måneder siden

    I stopped counting after 70 Oreo's and that's probably lower than actually count because of editing

  • Seby
    Seby9 måneder siden

    2:59 Jason padaguan

  • Jerome Jover
    Jerome Jover9 måneder siden

    no disrespect, but im surprised he knew what contrary meant. maybe because his peers are wise n know some SAT words 😂 respect ✊

  • Mahib Rahman
    Mahib Rahman9 måneder siden

    the video name should be attempting to eat 200 oreos featuring faze adapt

  • ReDEyEzZ
    ReDEyEzZ9 måneder siden

    On the thumbnail my man Steve looking like he's John Cena 😂

  • yung andre
    yung andre10 måneder siden

    Alex was just watching Steve destroy as many Oreos as possible 😂😂

  • 7thgenMax
    7thgenMax10 måneder siden

    Alex reminds me of BAM MARGERA

  • ayyy 43
    ayyy 4310 måneder siden

    Faze adapt addicted to Adderall. Dude needs to go outside

  • Sanjay Kishen
    Sanjay Kishen10 måneder siden

    Bruh i do this daily

  • jrich195
    jrich19511 måneder siden

    Cmon steve!

  • Per Erik Holvik Tennebø
    Per Erik Holvik Tennebø11 måneder siden

    Diabetes is on its way 😂

  • MadcapTheLaugh
    MadcapTheLaugh11 måneder siden

    Goat tee is corny dog

  • oliver
    oliver11 måneder siden

    in Denmark....... we just have oreos no special or anyting. Just oreos haha

  • Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker11 måneder siden

    Bri sit me.dow in front of 200 oreos with a jug of milk like that I'll do that no problem oreos and milk go down like water

  • Daniel Baker

    Daniel Baker

    11 måneder siden


  • --
    --11 måneder siden

    If i die we have sick content 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ilya joyce
    ilya joyceÅr siden

    You siad 200 oreos you dumb fuck would have been better click bait if you siad 500 oreos just a suggestion

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Steve

  • Ken Purackel
    Ken PurackelÅr siden

    200 Oreos isn’t hard. It’s easy bro!

  • Ben Pendreigh
    Ben PendreighÅr siden

    Seeing 905 hurt my heart, i miss that sexy asain bastard so much

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel LeeÅr siden

    faze adapt is annoying as fuck

  • Jesus Sifuentes
    Jesus SifuentesÅr siden

    Faze adapt fell off so hard

  • Lexi Taylor
    Lexi TaylorÅr siden

    Deranged human being

  • Jaden Muskrat
    Jaden MuskratÅr siden

    Should’ve put the Oreos in a bowl then filled It with milk would’ve went down easy

  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel GutierrezÅr siden

    The Faze guys stay asking for clout

  • Jorge Sanchez
    Jorge SanchezÅr siden

    Does Steve have a brain

  • AustinGB
    AustinGBÅr siden

    He AtE LiKe 30 oReOs rIGhT ThEre ... He AtE a ChIpOtLe BoWL In LikE 30 SeCoNds

  • Chris Mills
    Chris MillsÅr siden

    Lol and faze adapt prolly ate like 10 maybe

  • Chris Mills
    Chris MillsÅr siden

    Lol the melk boys😂😂😂

  • John Dowd
    John DowdÅr siden

    Should have gotten me Todo that with you I 💓💓 Oreos

  • juan castillo
    juan castilloÅr siden

    Steve is an absolute unit 💪🏻

  • Jesus Soto
    Jesus SotoÅr siden

    Steve prolly just finished like 50 dabs before the Oreos

  • Toby Arguello
    Toby ArguelloÅr siden

    This video says mericuhhhh

  • Max Devins
    Max DevinsÅr siden

    i heard 90 and got excited then remembered......

  • Maks Maras
    Maks MarasÅr siden

    Rip 905

  • Habib Hussef
    Habib HussefÅr siden

    Steve looks like a buff ass symfhuny

  • i am that
    i am thatÅr siden

    FaZe stooge

  • Brizzy Plays
    Brizzy PlaysÅr siden

    My question is how tf are these guys so pale and white when they live in la I thought back in the day it was just because they played to much video games but adapt and teeqo are so. Pale

  • Achilles Theokoles
    Achilles TheokolesÅr siden

    Shit Adapt you need some sunlight dawg

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi UchihaÅr siden

    He gas the classic frat boy bod

  • Garren Randall512
    Garren Randall512År siden


  • tony calcaterra
    tony calcaterraÅr siden

    Eating 200 cookie with rob gronkowski

  • Tyler Andrews
    Tyler AndrewsÅr siden

    905 ):

  • Matt Blake
    Matt BlakeÅr siden

    99999999999900000000000000555555555 shhhhhhooooottttteeeerrrrr

  • Kevin N
    Kevin NÅr siden

    I want OREOs

  • alex alekseyev
    alex alekseyevÅr siden

    this camera man is me

  • Don't Panic
    Don't PanicÅr siden

    Steve's high as hell

  • acquiesce100
    acquiesce100År siden

    Crashing the wine tour in Italy was insane.

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis LopezÅr siden

    Both of them high af lol