Baking WORLD'S LARGEST Giant Princess Doll CAKE! (Secret Mystery Box Appears) w/ Ro Pansino


New BEST FRIENDS SONG Reveals SECRET Hidden Cameras in HOUSE! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)
After Rebecca Zamolo found a secret hidden treasure at the bottom of a lake and exploring mystery clues, she had 24 hours to make a giant life size version of the princess doll or the Game Master would delete another NOlocal video. I did not want to fail, so I reached out to my friend Rosanna Pansino who is a professional diy baker and creator of Nerdy Nummies. so I could learn how to transform her into the world’s largest cake. Eventually we got a knock on the front door and a secret mystery box appeared from the Game Master. What do you think is inside? Thanks so much for watching my videos in 2018!
Making a Moana Princess Cake!
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    The game master was saying the box is a trap DON'T OPEN IT!

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    it said thE box

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    Gm is the brother of MR X

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    Ro is so pretty and fun.🙂

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    Hey rebeca in pool it's a unicorn is move

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    the Game Master Glitch and I know what is spells out It spells out The Box is A Trap Don't open the box at the door It's a trap Also Love you guys and your videos Like if you saw the glitch

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    Game máster is matt

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    Before you even started the video did you choose the princess ?🤔👸🏽

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    I think the Game Master has hacked into your video Rebecca because 3 or 4 times the game master tell " THE BOX "

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    And it says game master box i think im not to fast to pause the same time on it

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    Rebaca theres this glitch and it says ummm the box i think?

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    The box is a trap

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    The video was hacked on little pecses of the video saying “the box”.

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    At the background when you where icing on the cake the pool floates was moving and a hack on you vido said the box and back to normal

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