Barn Find Ferrari 512 BBi Engine Removal ... What Could Possibly Go Wrong ?


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Ripping the 6420 mile Engine out of the Ferrari Boxer ...Just how bad is it ?
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  • Ratarossa
    Ratarossa15 dager siden

    Win your dream car & £50,000 cash with BOTB. Enter before midnight Sunday! 👉

  • Graham


    13 dager siden

    Watch this mob. Very hard to win anything and you don't get something for nothing. We call this pyramid marketing and its illegal in Australia anyway.

  • Ratarossa


    13 dager siden

    its £1.50 ...which conversion rate do you use ?

  • shawn cool

    shawn cool

    13 dager siden

    140.73 cdn to buy a ticket on botb. instantly lost interest in this restoration.

  • MG John

    MG John

    14 dager siden

    @Lewis Evans Think I spotted a welded patch or two on those Exhaust pipes as they were being removed. If so is that mileage kosher becomes a question.

  • MG John

    MG John

    14 dager siden

    @Stahodad Wow! ... Here in Gloucester UK, we complain when we have 1cm of the white stuff. Fair weather boy me...😉 I have relatives in the Northern US States. What they have to put up with ... no way for this fair weather boy..

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia4 dager siden

    suspense had to be killing you, as it was me, until you were able to get those last bits of manifolds out of the way to ultimately have clearance for the last push, or pull as it were

  • iOS Live Gameplay
    iOS Live Gameplay4 dager siden

    ‘Metal rescue’ for the rust plus wire-brush disc or attachment. When it comes back to metal, abrasive disc if you can find it, then go polish compound and a fur wheel 👍

  • scotty197878
    scotty1978784 dager siden

    Botb... a tax for the gullible 😂

  • Cid Sapient
    Cid Sapient5 dager siden

    i think these videos are making me realize im a ferrari guy i saved this one so i could watch 2 in a row

  • Andy DUNNE
    Andy DUNNE5 dager siden

    To be safe. I'd put a stainless steel exhaust on it

  • steven livingston
    steven livingston6 dager siden

    Less than 7000 miles on the clock, huh. Now that there's some real quality Italian workmanship.

  • Jim Holesaw
    Jim Holesaw6 dager siden

    Apple cider vinegar and a brush will remove the rust from that manifold/muffler. Neutralize the acid with water and sodium bicarbonate. You would need to cerakote them or apply any coating you'd prefer.

  • Ron D
    Ron D6 dager siden

    Don't you have "aero-Kriol"? It isand incredible peitrating oil.

  • liamcinq
    liamcinq7 dager siden

    Loving the cameo from Rob Butler.

  • Guy Stanton
    Guy Stanton7 dager siden

    On the manifolds got mine ceramic coated at Maldon Shot Blasting, they did a great job and look like new for a reasonable price.

  • Rodrigo Roos
    Rodrigo Roos8 dager siden

    1:46 'heat sheild' - I thought funny.

  • RI Outboards
    RI Outboards8 dager siden

    this gave me massive anxiety to watch. almost had to breathe through a sandwich bag.

  • Tim Benbow
    Tim Benbow8 dager siden

    Hi, vapor blast your exhaust,

  • sam196370
    sam1963708 dager siden

    Love this project....can't wait for more!

  • Tony Davies-Foo
    Tony Davies-Foo8 dager siden

    I am really good at taking things to bits !

  • Targa Florio
    Targa Florio8 dager siden

    Love what you're doing with this 512 BBi. So enjoyable watching you restore it to glory. Would love to know the cost of servicing the engine/parts replacement.

  • Ivy Isle
    Ivy Isle9 dager siden

    Sandblast, needle scaler or wire wheel

  • quantrell
    quantrell9 dager siden

    Scott, if you want to get any of the ancillaries or anything else on the car cleaned up by way of soda/wet bead blasting, let me know. More than happy to help out - leaves a fantastic factory-fresh finish!

  • Ratarossa


    9 dager siden

    Thanks buddy I’m trying to figure out how to do the block

  • Mark Rivers
    Mark Rivers9 dager siden

    This car was not a “barn find.”

  • Ratarossa


    9 dager siden

    Thanks Mark .... I hadn’t noticed

  • Ben Lambley
    Ben Lambley9 dager siden

    Great work scott love the progress you have made that looked a absolute nightmare of a job.

  • Gust Holemans
    Gust Holemans9 dager siden

    Is it his car, did he buy it? Or is he just renovating?

  • Glesga News
    Glesga News9 dager siden

    Great vid... think you should be changing the water pump since you have access. get all the pulleys cleaned up. get oil into the bores and hand turn it over

  • J Connor
    J Connor9 dager siden

    Loving the project, what axle stands are they?

  • Sam
    Sam9 dager siden

    Wow, what a beautiful old Ferrari. I love watching this restoration, but think that it could potentially be the worst car engine to work on- ever! In all of history!

  • Peter Leonard-Morgan
    Peter Leonard-Morgan9 dager siden

    Fantastic to watch this Boxer engine coming out, almost 38 years after I delivered it brand new! How to make someone feel very old!! 👴

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham9 dager siden

    Huge flat 12 beast of a motor

  • Jacobo Etian
    Jacobo Etian10 dager siden

    4:12 that engine sound tho

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson10 dager siden

    Really enjoying this project mate. It's like a box set, can't wait for the next episode. I just wouldn't know where to start with something like this.

  • Nick Barron
    Nick Barron10 dager siden

    I can’t wait to see it done!

  • fish stick
    fish stick10 dager siden

    I recommend sandblasting the exaust

  • c1run1
    c1run110 dager siden

    its easier to move that engine on the lift if you lower it closer to the ground for a better center of gravity great job !

  • Adam S
    Adam S10 dager siden

    I came across something called Dry Ice Cleaning recently. It's sort of like sand blasting. Not sure how well it works on corrosion like on the exhausts, but for general back-to-new looking on engines, undercarriage, and the like it seems to be incredible. There's a guy with a YT channel who shows it, think he's in the UK as well, called "iam" I think. If you could find a way to soak those manifolds in a bath of Metal Rescue, that stuff is kind of amazing. I've used it to clean the inside of the gas tank on my Ducati and it worked very well. Food for thought in case you weren't familiar...Always loved the BB512, can't wait to see it back on the road as it deserves to be.

  • Daniel Dease-Weitzel Walker
    Daniel Dease-Weitzel Walker10 dager siden

    I'm excited to see what the cylinder bores look like. I expect there may be some sticky rings, but nothing scored, seized, rusted or pitted would be great! Best of luck, Scott. I'm waiting in suspense. =D

  • stewart norris
    stewart norris10 dager siden

    Great video , nice to see rob there from salvage rebuilds uk

  • 0011clem raptor
    0011clem raptor10 dager siden

    A nightmare alright. A nightmare to work on. A nightmare when you are paying for spare parts . A nightmare when insuring it . Very easy to get busted speeding . Is it really all worth it ?

  • DEMONGAINS ATHLETE JAYLEE clothing, food & workouts
    DEMONGAINS ATHLETE JAYLEE clothing, food & workouts10 dager siden

    Hello mate , love the content and the videos great work and also a learning education programme . I love my cars 🚗and this content is just inspiring.. I've actually met this guy and seen his work first had , and omg I was so wowed I could of spoke for hours. Was a real pleasure too meet you..thankyou keep working hard,,and looking forward to see more videos

  • DEMONGAINS ATHLETE JAYLEE clothing, food & workouts

    DEMONGAINS ATHLETE JAYLEE clothing, food & workouts

    10 dager siden

    @Ratarossa most welcome was really interesting and inspiring to see ..Great work

  • Ratarossa


    10 dager siden

    Thanks buddy, appreciate the message and the chats. 😎😎😎

  • guisteh11
    guisteh1110 dager siden

    What a beast of a motor!

  • 7071t6
    7071t611 dager siden

    first off should have done a compression test, that way you will know if the internals are not stuck or engine is seize up and then check the oil pressure, after all your going to get the engine redone ,if it has low miles then you really only need to basically get the engine running on a engine stand put good oil filters and make it work, unless your going to a full concourse resto ,which is worth more than the car to do really, so getting it running well and having the exhaust system ceramic coated and also making sure that injectors and fuel system seals are unto date and other extras like alternator, A/C oil cooling, Etc etc, then the rest will be easy, that's what i would have done first off and not take out the engine completely till those tests are done, in fact i dont think you would brought the car in the first place before doing a compression test and oil pressure test?

  • 7071t6
    7071t611 dager siden

    Looks like the clutch was replaced before and looks like it was a 2nd hand unit Ferrari does not put paint markers on new clutch assembly's at all, lol ?

  • MrCarboxylate
    MrCarboxylate11 dager siden

    When are you planning to finish the project? :)

  • Greg Wallace
    Greg Wallace11 dager siden

    Are you going to buy an engine stand to properly work on the engine?

  • Greg Wallace
    Greg Wallace11 dager siden

    Never keep that engine so high in the air while rolling it are asking for it to tip over. You got real lucky.

  • Patriot Parabellum
    Patriot Parabellum11 dager siden

    Couldn't finish the video. Ads every 2 minutes....

  • Patriot Parabellum
    Patriot Parabellum11 dager siden

    Glass bead blast the exhaust, or maybe sand

  • h82crash
    h82crash11 dager siden

    When moving the hoist with an engine hanging on it, lower the engine as far as possible. Lowers the center of gravity and it is way less tippy and you can really shove it around without fear of falling over.

  • Joshua Szeto
    Joshua Szeto11 dager siden

    i think you should hit up motorcycle restorers since they are the ones with vapor honing services. they make aluminum look brand new without the abrasive pitting of media blasting

  • Steph MacCormick
    Steph MacCormick11 dager siden

    Rent a decent sized shop, you poor sod.

  • box man
    box man11 dager siden

    At first I thought that u are gonna Ls swap it😂

  • Nightrodboss Eden
    Nightrodboss Eden11 dager siden

    If you have gone this far. Then this car needs the love your are willing to give it. The end result will be absolutely stunning

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds11 dager siden

    That background music is super annoying.

  • Scott Lee
    Scott Lee11 dager siden

    Did Rob get his teeth done special to match the Ferrari paintwork?

  • gary crofts
    gary crofts11 dager siden

    Camcoat in Warrington to ceramic coat the exhaust.

  • TheBiggerrich
    TheBiggerrich11 dager siden

    How’s Robs Cossie coming along 😉

    BEC BEC11 dager siden

    have the mufflers and bits media blasted and then have them ceramic coated.

  • Coen De Bruin
    Coen De Bruin11 dager siden

    Stock mufflers in the bin. put nice aftermarket ones on

  • Pale Alejandro
    Pale Alejandro11 dager siden

    Barn find Ferrari, riiiiiight. Where was this barn, on Bill and Melinda Gate's property?

  • RogueBrit
    RogueBrit11 dager siden

    Performance 1 Coatings Oxfordshire OX14 1RL 01235 816 032

  • steffydog1
    steffydog111 dager siden

    Awesome job, well done you

  • RBTech
    RBTech11 dager siden

    5hat 512 is gorgeous.

  • G. Del Toro
    G. Del Toro12 dager siden

    heat sheild

  • Graham Topping
    Graham Topping12 dager siden

    Mini cameras might be useful?

  • Berkshire Trains
    Berkshire Trains12 dager siden

    Great job, someone needs to donate a QuickJack 5,000-LB Capacity Portable Car Lift to you!

  • r d
    r d12 dager siden

    Scott I’ve seen some people have good luck cleaning and restoring stained parts with dry ice cleaning. I don’t know much about it but have seen NOlocal videos of others doing it. Cheers

  • stuspawton
    stuspawton12 dager siden

    I like the Ferrari project but BOTB are a fucking scam. I "won" a BMW M5 and £25,000, 10 years on still waiting on the car and money with no word of ever seeing it. They're about as credible as "RAID SHADOW LEGENDS"

  • Gee Kay
    Gee Kay12 dager siden

    this is really good shit in getting rid of rust, if available in the UK

  • Ruffy Nowa
    Ruffy Nowa12 dager siden

    dude with his Russian Pilot wintercap big jacket and... shorts :D

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson12 dager siden

    How long was the car underwater?

  • noelht1
    noelht112 dager siden

    What a totally irresponsible way to drain the oil! You’re supposed to back the car into the street and drain the sump straight down the rain grid! 😂😂😂

    TABRAO12 dager siden

    What Ferrari related nickname have your neighbor's given you?

  • Jimf
    Jimf12 dager siden

    at least the next time you pull it out, the bolts will be nice and clean...

  • Jimf
    Jimf12 dager siden

    sandblast or walnut shell blast the exhaust and baked on high temp ceramic coating for the exhaust boxes.

  • junkman
    junkman12 dager siden

    NO jackstands to support the car?!

  • Ratarossa


    12 dager siden

    No need, the car was off the ground with a few cm’s just so I could fit the engine crane under with the manifolds in place. Wheels were still on the car and it was going nowhere

  • Mark Goodson
    Mark Goodson12 dager siden

    Don't ever move an engine around extended that high up!! Your very lucky it didn't flip over! Believe me when I tell you that when it gets just a little off center there will be no stopping it and you will be lucky if you don't end up crushed under it!! Get it as low as you can, move it and then raise it back up. I really though that was going to be your "what could go wrong moment"! Other than that -- Great job!

  • Rs500ybd
    Rs500ybd12 dager siden

    Rusty bolts tend to let go with a map gas Blow lamp being careful not to fire it up in the process mild media blast will clean it fine get in their rob hide mallet he is sorted.

  • Everett Smith
    Everett Smith12 dager siden

    Nice project. Good luck!!! Can’t wait to see finished product.

  • Paul E
    Paul E12 dager siden

    If it were me, I'd be wanting to fully disassemble, clean, and inspect the entire engine, and replace all gaskets and bearings. While that comes at a cost (especially if you discover you need some machine work), the cost of needing it and not doing it is much higher. IMO it will be worth it to be able to flog the car the way Enzo intended with some peace of mind.

  • Victor Lindqvist
    Victor Lindqvist12 dager siden

    This is such a cool project! I’ve only ever followed one YT car project before (Tavarish’s white Lambo Gallardo) and that was a lot of fun. Look forward to this! I do videos on personal finance and investing / saving on my channel, in case anyone wants to afford a car like this without the hard work restoring it😉

  • Ludwig Allegra
    Ludwig Allegra12 dager siden

    You have found the joy of removal of the Boxer engine! Putting it back in is almost as much fun. It really helps to initially remove most of the top-end components -fuel distributors, vacuum hoses ignition, etc to declutter and also allow for generally better access. The headers are a pain but can be removed without lifting the engine once the cross member is removed and the half shafts removed- there is a good rotation position of the half shaft that allows an extension with a universal joint to remove each bolt. likewise, each manifold bolt is accessible either with an extension and socket or a 13 mm wrench. You did an excellent job of removing the rear heat shield- these will almost always be scratched if not removed in the right direction and also a great job in not bending the inboard support tabs for the airbox- a sure sign of improper removal. Some basics to consider- I am assuming that you will be taking off the heads and assessing valves and guides-even though it is low mileage. It is worth considering an update of the exhaust valves assuming you have sodium-filled valves now- there have been catastrophic failures. The sodium tends to erode and weaken the valve stem over time. The bolts connecting the engine block have an inherent design flaw for the "upper" bolts in that water can seep in from its sitting in the depressions on top of the engine and then corrode them. I am sure that water has been sitting on these guys for years given the storage or lack thereof of this poor Boxer. The water pump needs rebuilding and the distributor is certain to be gunked up and needs a thorough cleaning and rebuild. With the engine now out I would do a leak down test and at least get a sense of the piston rings/ valves and seals integrity. The original Ferrari pistons were not great with the 4 ring design. If all is seeming well then perhaps leaving it be would be alright but I did replace the pistons to a modern 3 ring design- inherently a significant improvement. The AC compressor is a York licensed model to Italian manufacture. The identical unit is hard to find or rebuild but the virtually identical York will fit in perfectly and is virtually identical with the exception of a minimal difference in the appearance of the casting at the crankcase.- can't be seen when installed.. The mufflers tend to do very well and are mostly stainless aside from the bolt flange. They do well with sandblasting and have a nice matt finish - Polishing them is possible but not really worth it and not OEM. The headers are expensive to replace and generally can be salvaged- the rusted areas can be patched or rebuilt and then I had mine ceramic coated black with really nice results. Get rid of the heat shield- this is tacky and makes the coating process difficult. I ended up wrapping mine at the region of the half shaft boots with black exhaust wrap that worked very well. Fabulous project - I'd love to find another one myself- They are interesting in the real lack of information re: rebuilding. The factory service manual is humorous at best....

  • akw77
    akw7712 dager siden

    Rust removal - have you thought of one of those laser ablation gadgets? I had a look and found at least one UK provider, P-Laser. (Not connected to me!)

  • Private Party
    Private Party12 dager siden

    18:30 In the future, you might consider lowering the motor as soon as possible. It will have less leverage to turn the lift over, and if something does go wrong, not nearly as far to fall.

  • Alex Sachivichik
    Alex Sachivichik12 dager siden

    I saw a video of a guy refinishing his exhaust by sanding with ever finer sand paper and then polishing to make it shine better than new. Worth a shot doing by yourself! Love the videos and the paint cleanup makes the car look amazing, nice work!

  • 00 00
    00 0012 dager siden

    I feel bad for this rare gem knowing this guy is going to fix it himself. This car deserves a professional rebuild, which will cost big bucks. The minute he touches this car its value will forever tank. WTF are you thinking man? This is a museum piece and you're mucking about with it. Perhaps more concerned with the views than preserving this car in a rightful manner? This is an injustice.

  • Data Recovery Sweden
    Data Recovery Sweden12 dager siden

    Tough project, but great work. Great content.

  • Dirk Schoemakers
    Dirk Schoemakers12 dager siden

    "Always good to have a long shaft" ... Most supercar drivers do not know what you are talking about ;-)

  • I’m JK I play games
    I’m JK I play games12 dager siden

    Have to at minimum take heads and sump pan off

  • Brendan Fleming
    Brendan Fleming12 dager siden

    I love the content, but you need a unit; I bet your neighbours hate you.

  • cosma nina shiva
    cosma nina shiva12 dager siden

    Einfach ein schönes bild, Gratuliere!!

  • themanmaschine
    themanmaschine12 dager siden

    Looks like a bastard of a thing to work on!

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord12 dager siden

    Good work. I would remove the plugs and get an inspection camera into each bore, once the engine is freed up turn it over and inspect all bores. Then remove the sump, check for debris etc and check there. You could alternatively leak down test it as well which I have done with a variety of 911 engines before I do engine work on them.

  • Yoga Raam
    Yoga Raam12 dager siden

    Use sand blaster

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian12 dager siden

    Why not change the exhaust headers and system for an aftermarket one? :)

  • Chris Kurtz
    Chris Kurtz12 dager siden

    Love this build!! My dad's best friend had one when I was a child, and my best memories are seeing my dad's smile as he would redline the car. And my mom not letting me back in the car after we passed her doing 170mph.

  • jbar100
    jbar10012 dager siden

    this is where a few factory pictures shown what was attached to the engine when they installed them comes in handy. Think the driveshafts come out with the motor so they get detached at the hub also isn't there a panel behind the seats you can remove to get to the front of the motor I believe? Don't take this as gospel just pictures I've seen. How many hours did the extraction take?

  • Rod Fredericks
    Rod Fredericks12 dager siden

    Wow ,What a nightmare, massive job every couple of years. YOU WOULD WANT DEEP POCKETS TO KEEP ONE OF THESE ON THE ROAD. Really enjoy your vidoes. Keep them coming.

    ASKEW_HUMIDITY_20years_RADHATOR13 dager siden


  • Dasdasd Sdasdasdasd
    Dasdasd Sdasdasdasd13 dager siden

    He must had sold a lot of coke to afford those old pox boxes.

  • Ivan Gonzalez
    Ivan Gonzalez13 dager siden

    Is that testarossa ever gonna get painted

  • Sirremus Robinson
    Sirremus Robinson13 dager siden

    This is awesome to where you currently are.. Of course the normal stuff, plugs, spark wires, distributor all that would need to be replaced only because it day for so long.. Only if the original owner kept running it, your work would've been lighter... But I'm thinking you're gonna have to check those valves and make sure none are stuck. No channels have any gumming going on and once your motor is gone through and put back together, I dunno if you have a place that can bench test it. Would be much better for you to do that instead of having put it all back together, with motor in the car and something not run right. Sometimes patience and diligence is the best instead of speed.. You'll be above and beyond both happy and proud once you're done with that Icon..

  • hav
    hav13 dager siden

    Well Done I'm glad I subscribed, so I dont ever have to think about taking on an engine out like this I'll just watch thanks