Ben Askren | Food Truck Diaries | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub


Former UFC contender and world champion of ONE Championship & Bellator, Ben Askren, joins Brendan on this weeks Food Truck Diary. Askren discusses coming out of retirement to fight Jake Paul and opens up about his MMA career. Plus, he talks about getting KO'd by Jorge Masvidal and predicts some of the biggest upcoming fights.
(00:00:00) - Intro
(00:04:41) - MMA Career
(00:08:41) - Dillon Danis, Jake Paul Fight
(00:11:51) - Hip Injury
(00:12:25) - Jorge Masvidal knockout, public opinion
(00:17:30) - Jake Paul's Training
(00:21:30) - Social Media Comments, Brendan vs. Joe Rogan
(00:25:55) - Chael Sonnen and Colby Covington
(00:29:13) - Fight Prediction
(00:31:53) - End
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  • Whop Junior
    Whop Junior5 timer siden

    Look how good Bend looks here and then look how bad he looks in the ring he literally had fat Rolls in the RinQ I’m not saying he took a dive but he and his wife were awfully happy after the fight for having just been knocked out. I’m not knocking Ben Askren one bit he’s taking care of his family and it looks like he’s doing it very well

  • David Rubin
    David Rubin3 dager siden

    Brendan is a loser who is unathletic

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards15 dager siden

    This didn't age well

  • Connor Peralo
    Connor Peralo15 dager siden

    and then he got rocked

  • Connor Peralo
    Connor Peralo15 dager siden


  • Joanne Ee
    Joanne Ee19 dager siden

    I'm still a fan of Ben even if he lost

  • alex erickson
    alex erickson23 dager siden

    LOL @ the irony 16 minutes into this video talking about worrying about the ref not letting the fight play out😂

  • alex erickson
    alex erickson23 dager siden

    I’m an alternate universe I wish we could have seen Ben get to the UFC in his prime. Can’t even imagine what he could have done!

  • Misfit Britt
    Misfit Britt23 dager siden

    24:08 ahhh I effin love Ben! 🤣🤣👏👏

  • Misfit Britt
    Misfit Britt23 dager siden

    16:10 you called it Brendan... the fuckin ref....

  • Misfit Britt

    Misfit Britt

    23 dager siden

    @Andy Freeman you really think so!?.... Gonna have to agree to disagree.

  • Andy Freeman

    Andy Freeman

    23 dager siden

    gimme a break lol, ref saved him from further embarrassment.

  • Zatak Reacts
    Zatak Reacts24 dager siden

    Here after the disaster

  • Elias MC
    Elias MC26 dager siden

    This didn't age well

  • Moose Brandon
    Moose Brandon26 dager siden

    I bet Ben gets beat first round about the minute area lol

  • Denton Ramsey
    Denton Ramsey26 dager siden

    Whose here after Ben took a dive?

  • David D
    David D27 dager siden

    Jake Paul knocked this pud out!

  • Robert Chism
    Robert Chism27 dager siden

    Watching this after the fight is so funny to me

  • Billy Albert
    Billy Albert27 dager siden

    It’s great listening to this now. AFTER THE FIGHT.

  • Sebastian Villagomez
    Sebastian Villagomez27 dager siden


  • Ballu Maralloki
    Ballu Maralloki27 dager siden


  • D F
    D F27 dager siden

    Ben starting to be a cool person...

  • Foggy Dew
    Foggy Dew28 dager siden

    Shwab was being a dick saying, if you see me in celebrity boxing match then im not doing well to a guy who is doing a celebrity boxing match. 22:10 Ben gets him back by saying Joe Rogan would be a competitive match up for shaouby Ahahahahahha

  • RepsUp100
    RepsUp10028 dager siden

    This dude is a clown

  • Bitch-ass Furry

    Bitch-ass Furry

    27 dager siden

    No he’s not.

  • BM F
    BM F28 dager siden

    This didn't age well

  • Jack Marshall
    Jack Marshall28 dager siden

    Who’s here after he got knocked out?!

  • Abcamacho
    Abcamacho28 dager siden

    Ahhhhh so this is where Ben was Training LMFAO should've trained your body not your stomach

  • JaakkoVee
    JaakkoVee28 dager siden

    this aged well.

  • D T
    D T28 dager siden

    "what about Joe?" "Joe who?" "JOE MAMA"

  • Chinger Burger
    Chinger Burger28 dager siden

    R.i.p :(

  • Daniyil S
    Daniyil S28 dager siden

    Ben got the bag and dipped, fight was rigged but its all good.

  • Juliette Bueno
    Juliette Bueno28 dager siden

    he pulled a nacho libre tonight

  • Josh Slavin
    Josh Slavin28 dager siden

    And Askren Got knocked dafaq out...again. At least it wasn't a flying knee this time and he got paid well.

  • PeppsiMann
    PeppsiMann28 dager siden

    Sadness.... and pain.... a lot of pain.

  • Quinn
    Quinn28 dager siden

    gets rocked by Jake Paul lmao

  • Mr Rising
    Mr Rising28 dager siden

    I don't blame Ben for taking that dive!! That's alot of money!! Just wow

  • Jorge Valadez
    Jorge Valadez28 dager siden

    I wanted Ben to win tonight.

  • James Pearce
    James Pearce28 dager siden

    Bahaha.. add cream.. biggest fake ever..

  • Muhammad Shafeeq Bin Ishak
    Muhammad Shafeeq Bin Ishak28 dager siden

    I’m here for Ben, but the video exposed Brendan alot. My level of liking for ben increases x10 and decreased for brendan x10. One is super authentic and the other one seems more fake.

  • Fabo Andolini
    Fabo Andolini28 dager siden

    5:58 WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOOOOOAHHH!!! I love Ben but Robbie Lawler absolutely smashed u with his fists lol they could have called a stoppage on that. He toughed it out which was very impressive but c'mon now🙄

  • Ian Bakkedahl
    Ian Bakkedahl28 dager siden

    Ben is a hands down good human being, father, husband, and all of the above. He’s also an Olympian. It was funny how Brendon said that nobody knew much about him before all this unless (your balls deep in Ben Askren) And Bens like, No one. Hahaha

  • Fabo Andolini
    Fabo Andolini28 dager siden

    "Obviously u had a good career in the ufc" obviously not at all but i think u meant onefc lol

  • Sam P
    Sam P28 dager siden

    Happy to take Ben early at +160, 500 to win 800.. ez money

  • MrPappa2566


    28 dager siden


  • James Parker
    James Parker28 dager siden

    Ben is a serious fighter and for some reason hasn't been training to hard , no Brainer as a family man take the money and run

  • James Parker
    James Parker28 dager siden

    I'd like to know how much money ben is going to be payed for losing and how much of that ben betted on Jake Paul

  • Monkey Movies

    Monkey Movies

    28 dager siden

    You predicted it.

  • Buck bex
    Buck bex28 dager siden

    Askren should work for ufc in a role that involves talking , he would be great

  • Matt Z
    Matt Z28 dager siden

    Just stop for a second and say it out loud Jake Paul is fighting............... (getting knocked out) by someone who had a hip replacement 8 months ago!!! FML 2021 is going to be great!!! (Edit) That comment didn’t age well! 😞

  • mick maguire
    mick maguire28 dager siden

    Askren is great hope he wins

  • Julian Streltsov
    Julian Streltsov28 dager siden

    LOL! Dana bet $1 mill on Askren, then connects him to Freddy Roach to secure the bag

  • Mike J
    Mike J29 dager siden

    I don't care what anyone says Ben askren is a professional fighter. Jake Paul hasn't fought anyone for him to say he is a professional fighter let's be honest is a joke it ain't even going to be a fight.

  • MrPappa2566


    28 dager siden


  • Sean Paulson
    Sean Paulson29 dager siden

    Hey you got another thick boy lol

  • Obama
    Obama29 dager siden

    22:04 ben missed the Chance

  • Ricardo Ibarra
    Ricardo Ibarra29 dager siden


  • Asun Serrano
    Asun Serrano29 dager siden

    In a world of everyone trying to be someone they are not , its so refreshing to listen to Ben

  • MonsterRacing 38
    MonsterRacing 3829 dager siden

    What is the point of Triller renting out the Mercedes Benz Stadium and have zero fans??? That makes absolutely zero sense.

  • AbombOO7
    AbombOO729 dager siden

    Why did it hurt me physically to hear him call Askren "papa".

  • Ron Burgandy
    Ron Burgandy29 dager siden

    i wold laugh soooo much if Askren just did a Greco trip in the clinch

  • Bear Berenstein
    Bear Berenstein29 dager siden

    Who owns the pimped out Defender in the background??

  • Fred Berger
    Fred Berger29 dager siden

    The more I see of Ben Askren the more I admire him. 👍

  • Theo Huioiesin

    Theo Huioiesin

    29 dager siden


  • Fred Berger
    Fred Berger29 dager siden

    Any MMA fighter that fights and loses to a pro boxer should include in the original contract a rematch in a MMA fight. No new negotiations.

  • Red Oz
    Red Oz29 dager siden

    0:49 0:58 Brendan “Me and Rogan” Schaub

  • jonathan rivera
    jonathan rivera29 dager siden

    Let’s play a game, every time Brendan says Joe Rogans name we take a shot !

  • brooklynnlou4
    brooklynnlou429 dager siden

    I have Ben Askren in this one. Jake is FAKE.

  • Kimber Rhys
    Kimber Rhys29 dager siden

    Dude if Aaron heard Bendon refer to him nonchalantly as "the backstreet brother" I bet he'd spontaneously combust 😂

  • Ror
    Ror29 dager siden

    I'm now a Ben Askren fan from this.

  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson29 dager siden

    Ben's cauli ear looks painful. Aren't doctors able to fix that?

  • Bryan Ino
    Bryan Ino29 dager siden

    I'm hungry

  • Azzan Khan
    Azzan Khan29 dager siden

    Jake is definitely winning

  • TheString Breaker
    TheString Breaker29 dager siden

    Can’t believe this is the Food Truck Diaries’ episode with the most views!

  • ALi
    ALi29 dager siden

    Gravity is a theory though

  • Chiller Miller
    Chiller Miller29 dager siden

    31:31 Worrisome short reach disadvantage especially with a ref that'll separate on any little contact

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh HernandezMåned siden

    Look at the size of that Roman statuesque IRON CHIN on Ben, it's glorious! No wonder he's only been knocked out once in his life lol

  • martin jones
    martin jonesMåned siden

    This is Jake Paul's suicide island

  • Cory Klein
    Cory KleinMåned siden

    Jake Paul needs to get his ass beat. He's Ben Askren for it.

  • pleHrueyoV
    pleHrueyoVMåned siden

    I’m here for that beauty on the back. Brendan u should do a review on that beast on your channel ( I’m guessing the Defender belongs to you because of the “Thicc Boy” sticker”

  • Luis Cardona
    Luis CardonaMåned siden

    What SUV is that??

  • Jack Ostrander

    Jack Ostrander

    Måned siden

    Range Rover

  • M R
    M RMåned siden

    Jake gonna get his ass whooped

  • Scott Vermiliion
    Scott VermiliionMåned siden

    "Slowest twitch muscle fibers on planet earth" 🤣

  • Cindy June
    Cindy JuneMåned siden

    The fact Dana White bet a million against Jake speaks volumes, he knows that Ben is a fighter not a basketball player.

  • Cindy June

    Cindy June

    28 dager siden

    @Brendan Schoen He and Logan Mayweather is way smaller than Logan. Like 50 lbs smaller. Jake calls out Conor he is 20lbs smaller. Call out the big guys you pussies your equals stop being bullies. Show us you are real men.

  • Brendan Schoen

    Brendan Schoen

    28 dager siden

    @Cindy June oh man, I think Jake would need to start a new merch line with his rearranged face on it so people could still recognize him 😂. I also don't think Jake wants to find that out, he seems to only take fights with people who are smaller than him; the sign of a true champion...

  • Cindy June

    Cindy June

    28 dager siden

    @Brendan Schoen what do you think Tyson Fury would do to Jake Paul?

  • Cindy June

    Cindy June

    28 dager siden

    @Brendan Schoen I could not quit cussing lol was so frigging stupid. I knew this was going to be messed up but had no idea how messed up. Glad I did not pay to watch it.

  • Brendan Schoen

    Brendan Schoen

    28 dager siden

    @Cindy June Glad I didn't either, I looked down to grab my drink and it was actually over. That stoppage was way too early. Maybe Ben just didn't want to wait another 8 rounds for his money 😅

  • Umar Mustafa
    Umar MustafaMåned siden

    Brendan “I’m kinda buddies with jake” Schaub

  • Rabbit Man
    Rabbit ManMåned siden

    I can’t be the only one who’s watch 5 Ben Askren interviews/conferences in one day. You can say what you want about him, but the mans dedicated to selling this weird ass fight and he’s killing it lol

  • GBLynden's RC

    GBLynden's RC

    29 dager siden


  • EG
    EGMåned siden


  • sindre hammer
    sindre hammerMåned siden

    winner mentality

    CODY BROWNMåned siden

    Brenden is such a snake lmao

  • Amy Vasquez

    Amy Vasquez

    Måned siden

    I feel like he has to be neutral since he’s an interviewer

  • Allan Vlogs
    Allan VlogsMåned siden

    Brendan, next time can you get a smaller jacket please? It doesn't look like a crop top yet.

  • KWorthy
    KWorthyMåned siden

    Its honestly pathetic that this is the biggest payday of his career. MMA promotions need to step the fuck up.

  • Consistent Push
    Consistent PushMåned siden

    Where can we see a home footage of this push car competition?

  • Tim Aikey
    Tim AikeyMåned siden

    Wow, I really liked this interview, nice job Brendan

  • M
    MMåned siden


  • Milo-
    Milo-Måned siden

    Never understood the hate he got. Ben is one of the realest man in the UFC and outside. Maybe not the best, but definitely one of the realest. The guy is awesome! He has that vibe that everyone feels comfortable around him.

  • SR 71
    SR 71Måned siden

    Brendan is sooooo unlikeable

  • Moises Virella
    Moises VirellaMåned siden

    Brendan made this show as an excuse to go on lunch dates with other men.

  • M Tio

    M Tio

    21 dag siden


  • Brendan Schoen

    Brendan Schoen

    28 dager siden

    😅😅 so true and it makes me happy

  • G Bae

    G Bae

    29 dager siden


  • Carson Manual
    Carson ManualMåned siden

    Are those womens sunglasses, Brendan?

  • Oliver Boudreau
    Oliver BoudreauMåned siden

    Ben's such a likeable guy, wish he got to the UFC earlier

  • Stefano Cioni
    Stefano CioniMåned siden

    Go Ben!

  • Troy Spartan
    Troy SpartanMåned siden

    WAP your dang mouth off Ben come on!!!! I swear God gave me a gift to be able to look at people and read how they really are I've never seen this man eat before in my life until the day and I swear I knew that he was the kind of person that leaves food all over his mouth when he eats! How does women stay with men like that someone please explain it to me I'm the kind of person that will go out of his way I will starve before I would leave food on my mouth like that hell if I think I look repulsive or funny while I'm eating I won't eat I guess because I can see it when others can't look at that wipe your damn mouth Ben!!!!

  • Jeremy sturgeon
    Jeremy sturgeonMåned siden

    hahaaaaaaa.. fuck you shab! I like you dude!

  • Luca Kanga
    Luca KangaMåned siden

    Dude has a Ancient face lol

  • Chef deworld
    Chef deworldMåned siden

    it would be so funny if they changed outfits

  • Lazarus Q
    Lazarus QMåned siden

    This guy doesn't have the mental capacity to throw a punch.. i feel bad Jake's going to KO him senseless.

  • Green


    Måned siden

    Jake Paul isn't knocking out anyone buddy, do some research before you decide to rub your two braincells together and decide to comment something so idiotic that it makes my own brain hurt.

  • Ancient Radiance
    Ancient RadianceMåned siden

    Brendan thinks we live on a spinning ball. Water doesn't curve to make a ball. It's straight, been proven many times. Heliocentric model of the solar system is pretty far fetched. Wake up y'all.

  • Rowan Taylor
    Rowan TaylorMåned siden

    Idk why I like Ben so much, he seems like a great father / role model !