*BEST DIY CAR WINS* $100 vs $1000 Homemade Car Budget Challenge!


We built homemade cars on a budget and raced them to see who won! Can the lower budget car overcome the odds in this GIANT life size pine wood derby car race!
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    Dangie Bros2 måneder siden

    Jeff is back! Stay tuned for his grand entrance in this video 😉

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    4 dager siden

    Malachi Grov

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    Emily Burrow

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    @Sketchbook Drawings same I was there for a long time!

  • Sketchbook Drawings

    Sketchbook Drawings

    Måned siden

    I have been with you sence 650,000 sub I’m proud of you that you got so far😀😀😀

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    Marty S.2 dager siden

    @home depot

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    Ambily Pm5 dager siden

    Jeff is my favourite

  • Jack Pope
    Jack Pope6 dager siden

    Chris: "my hands are dry" Me: just like your content

  • Andrew Bresler
    Andrew Bresler7 dager siden

    Umm I don't think Ryan was meant to push his thing lol

  • tyler campbell
    tyler campbell7 dager siden

    Chris is my favourite danger bro

  • SirBurgerGuy
    SirBurgerGuy8 dager siden

    I like how in the thumbnails they don’t add fake stuff, only cool effects

  • HuRt_Sky
    HuRt_Sky9 dager siden

    What Happened To Jeff?

  • Kimberly Chapin
    Kimberly Chapin9 dager siden

    Of course I will

  • Kasion Gaming
    Kasion Gaming11 dager siden

    Ryan: i just win

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    Chris in my fav.

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    Dead_Shot_24212 dager siden

    My favourite dangie bro is jeff

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    Regular Show my own video12 dager siden

    Jeff is my favorite DB

  • Carter Richardson
    Carter Richardson14 dager siden

    Can you please make more $10 vrs $1000

  • Jahlill Morales
    Jahlill Morales14 dager siden

    Omg why is a such thing as copy righting it’s not even helping the vid omg anyway I sub and like so love ur vids

  • Nylah Bledsoe
    Nylah Bledsoe15 dager siden

    Where is Jeff

  • maji mew
    maji mew15 dager siden

    8:49 That's my favourite genre of music

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    Beasty Isaac18 dager siden

    Looks and sounds like mr beast lmao

  • Robert Rodrigues
    Robert Rodrigues19 dager siden

    Good idea to make a 🎳 video with the tire👍

  • The Mobile Gamer
    The Mobile Gamer20 dager siden

    He made a scooter

  • Charles Lim
    Charles Lim21 dag siden

    its a skateboard hahaha

  • Rishaan Ag
    Rishaan Ag24 dager siden

    The shallow handle postmeiotically announce because bomber acutely behave besides a rotten criminal. rainy, ten ferryboat

  • Duke Dodge
    Duke Dodge26 dager siden

    how rude home depo

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith26 dager siden

    how did ryan not get discualified when he stood up in the race

  • Cassie O'Neill
    Cassie O'Neill27 dager siden

    Chris even though you lost your the best.

  • Cassie O'Neill
    Cassie O'Neill27 dager siden

    You are mean Jeff

  • Carrie?
    Carrie?27 dager siden

    How dare Home Depot

  • Terra playz
    Terra playz28 dager siden

    This video is giving me nostalgia os bad piggies

  • browan 2000
    browan 200028 dager siden

    I’m at two min

  • browan 2000
    browan 200028 dager siden

    We’re is jeff

  • G K
    G K29 dager siden

    Get your hair cut Jeff and rob it looks so stupid

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    Gabby's World channel29 dager siden

    chris is my favourite DB yeah

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    Josh’s Tech X

    17 dager siden

    +1 sub for you!!

  • Josh’s Tech X

    Josh’s Tech X

    17 dager siden

    Same!! 😁

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    Jack VanderGriendt29 dager siden

    LaAaAaAmM Ryan be like 😆

  • Jack VanderGriendt
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    black kitten29 dager siden

    Jeff is my fav dangie bro!

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    TIGER TANK FREEDOM29 dager siden

    u should make a d.i.y train and ride the tracks of the golden state :)

  • Batman Riley
    Batman Riley29 dager siden

    Rob is my fav dangie bro

  • Rowan Dicesare
    Rowan DicesareMåned siden

    Hey kid you want a counterfeit cruise missile?

  • Jaime Reyes
    Jaime ReyesMåned siden

    Sucked about home depot

  • Cooper Beran
    Cooper BeranMåned siden

    I love yall

  • Rainow Snow
    Rainow SnowMåned siden

    There is no way that the dangie bros will reply to this comment. I’m sure

  • Daniel Donahue
    Daniel DonahueMåned siden

    Chris wins because is drove and Ryan’s was like a skateboard

  • FadE_sweat_FD _
    FadE_sweat_FD _Måned siden

    I like the new types of vids but who else like the old punish ment vids

  • Lil Diglet
    Lil DigletMåned siden

    Ryan is such a good guy

  • bronson wid
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  • big boy
    big boyMåned siden

    When he said aaron i thought he was talking to me lol

  • Dy1lza Minecraft
    Dy1lza MinecraftMåned siden

    I would’ve just bought a scooter much easier and simpler

  • SwiftSilentDeadly Official
    SwiftSilentDeadly OfficialMåned siden

    I want jeff

  • Ryan Neff
    Ryan NeffMåned siden

    Can someone explain to me why Rob was disrespecting the US flag.

  • Poketoro
    PoketoroMåned siden

    Ryan only makes it into the hill Chris makes it past hill Jeff: Oh Ryan won bc he made it furthest

  • black kitten

    black kitten

    8 dager siden

    @Poketoro cool

  • Poketoro


    8 dager siden

    @black kitten I dont

  • black kitten

    black kitten

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    Yea I feel like everyone likes there own comment

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    Chris is my favorite

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    Why do you copy JSTU

  • Zombie Zilla
    Zombie ZillaMåned siden

    Just get a ride on lawnmower

  • Gabriel Marseille
    Gabriel MarseilleMåned siden

    me goes to another vid and me realizing you can rent a real car for less than $50

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    Joseph BanderasMåned siden

    I miss when It was just Chris and Jeff

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    Reverse SoulMåned siden

    Laaaaaaaame lol

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    How could you Home Depot

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    Alison WagesMåned siden

    I like jefe

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    Christian GelsomineMåned siden

    "a battery to power zed lightbar......... ITS GONNA BE LIT!!" LOL😂

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    Sketchbook DrawingsMåned siden

    Hi I’ve been with you since 650,000 subs and I’m really proud you made so far😀😀

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    Is that the shuffleboard

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    Jeff is dope

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    My favourite dangie bro is Chris ngl

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    Jeff is the best

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    Juan NameMåned siden

    I will not shop Home Depot anymore

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    Norman ScottMåned siden

    I don’t think that rob realizes that wearing the American flag like a robe is disrespecting it rob is now my least favorite

  • Emily Burrow
    Emily BurrowMåned siden

    Can u tell me what would happen if rob spent 1001$?

  • soulblex
    soulblexMåned siden

    This reminds me of the frist vid

  • jeebus022
    jeebus022Måned siden

    Rob would've been better off buying a power wheels

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    Unicorn GamesMåned siden

    Also who’s filming Ryan’s building???

  • Unicorn Games
    Unicorn GamesMåned siden

    My favorite dangi bro is Chris

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    I like how they silenced the copy righted music lol.

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    Jeff is my favorite dangie bro.

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    Rob is my favorite Dangie Bro

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    Ryan is a cheater

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  • ItzJusBryce
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    @home depot How could you do this

  • Senycal Deathflare
    Senycal DeathflareMåned siden

    Anyone notice Rob had a battle universe hoodie

  • Joshua Piccirillo
    Joshua PiccirilloMåned siden

    why is rob wearing a battle universe jacket

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    Why isn’t Jeff there

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    POV-You came to the comments and saw my comment

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    Imagine if the dangie bros heart my comment.i would be so happy

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    where is jeff

    PJ CHUDOBAMåned siden

    I just wanna say one thing the guy with the pushcart green thing he was pushing extremely hard so just making something clear OK

  • Yunus Agaliyev
    Yunus AgaliyevMåned siden

    Why was Chris running around with the lawn Moyer while the copyrighted music was on

  • Gaming with fordkeys2
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    Why is this a thing

    V3NOM STEFZMåned siden

    Who Remembers cam and Jeff

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    That_one_DriftMåned siden

    Why would Home Depot do that? Either they're stupid, selfish, or loners.

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    You are so funny

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    🤦‍♂️ he was also holding backwards on the lawn mower

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