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  • Andrea Sulo
    Andrea SuloÅr siden

    Who is watching this video when tfue has leave faze clan Like

    SPEXZÅr siden

    #lil skies

  • WackyWarrior
    WackyWarrior2 år siden

    2019 anyone?

  • 100k subs with no videos
    100k subs with no videos2 år siden

    Im proud of you

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    What about cizzorz

  • Nirc0nium YT
    Nirc0nium YT2 år siden


  • Kyng Keith
    Kyng Keith2 år siden


  • Ruthless
    Ruthless2 år siden


  • Koni Vaitohi
    Koni Vaitohi2 år siden

    Where faze nate hill

  • anonymous227
    anonymous2272 år siden

    hes goin to mount Everest

  • iiZenixx
    iiZenixx2 år siden

    In Norway? Are you going to norway

  • Vexify 05
    Vexify 052 år siden

    Ur fucking bad at nitefort

  • Vivek&nistha Sharma
    Vivek&nistha Sharma2 år siden

    f king adapt

  • cadsmindset
    cadsmindset2 år siden


  • BrothaJon
    BrothaJon2 år siden

    You guys have a gym in your house why would you leave?

  • K14Ops
    K14Ops2 år siden

    Are u going to norway????

  • DrippyFatnut
    DrippyFatnut2 år siden

    Tfue 6:16 is that dude real

  • Rias
    Rias2 år siden

    Why do i feel like adapt acts dumb 😭

  • NoobTube UwU
    NoobTube UwU2 år siden

    Where’s CIZZ?

  • The Technology Tracker
    The Technology Tracker2 år siden

    5:34 broken shotgun

  • La Flexaco
    La Flexaco2 år siden

    Adapt going broke

  • Owen Lam
    Owen Lam2 år siden

    what song is the montage

  • Stative Grubby
    Stative Grubby2 år siden

    I just uploaded one with same song:)

  • Fapmetal God
    Fapmetal God2 år siden

    Of course tfue the God at everything kicks ass at shuffleboard probably the first time he tries it.

  • Synth
    Synth2 år siden

    Tfue like shit he bad but I’m not tryna get kicked

  • Synth
    Synth2 år siden

    Tfue is the most consistent meaning he is the best. Ninja and myth are both way overrated. Camills is good but way too inconsistent. 2nd best player is mongraal

  • MenaceSwae
    MenaceSwae2 år siden

    Ze Fa for some reason i was cringing during the video

  • onewheel jack
    onewheel jack2 år siden

    Jaomock is the worst players

  • William Perez
    William Perez2 år siden

    whats the song in the montage

  • RICO


    2 år siden

    despacito 2

  • Zygota
    Zygota2 år siden

    where is FaZe cizzors?

  • USOTS Iracing League
    USOTS Iracing League2 år siden

    but tfue isnt the best....

  • Neset Ferati
    Neset Ferati2 år siden

    Ninja wasn’t watching your montage

  • EZ_Succ-
    EZ_Succ-2 år siden

    Who puts a tv in the bathroom

  • RICO


    2 år siden

    rich niggas

  • Whos This
    Whos This2 år siden

    The montage is lowkey ass

  • Jack Talbott
    Jack Talbott2 år siden

    I thought SpaceLyon was on the team? Any answers?

  • Jacob Chavez
    Jacob Chavez2 år siden

    Apex is so short😂

  • ReptileLegit
    ReptileLegit2 år siden

    What internet provider does the faze house use?

  • Creator Sun
    Creator Sun2 år siden

    Damn, i never knew tfue could meet the faze guys, adapt, everyone else in the team. Is lit, like I knew him from playing destiny and speedrunning raids. Like those days were awesome, but fortnite brought him to these wonderful people. I love him as a ganer overall. He's just a beast.

  • Primetime411
    Primetime4112 år siden

    This isn’t ninja...

  • Lt Catfish
    Lt Catfish2 år siden

    Not the best

  • BPO Uncertain
    BPO Uncertain2 år siden

    Cizzorz (who is actually pretty good) in the back crying

  • Zak
    Zak2 år siden

    Trying to get fit, posts a fortnite video

  • Marcelino Zuniga
    Marcelino Zuniga2 år siden

    If u want a good reaction show them your trick shotting montages

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus2 år siden

    "I spend 60 minutes a day" 😂😂

  • Ben Winston
    Ben Winston2 år siden

    11:56 faze banks on the screen

  • lil mango
    lil mango2 år siden

    I want to win the FaZe Chain

  • Negus
    Negus2 år siden

    rip spacelyon lol

  • Zoro Silk
    Zoro Silk2 år siden

    Ninjas still the best

  • Cordizzle
    Cordizzle2 år siden

    Homie but he stream snipes get him out of faze cause we “ keep it real “

  • Free- vbucks
    Free- vbucks2 år siden

    Did you mean 2nd best in the title

  • TheBrokeChigga
    TheBrokeChigga2 år siden

    What about Cizzorz and SpaceLyon?

  • Sapella
    Sapella2 år siden

    I want more Tfue, okay?

  • DJ BIG MAN 69
    DJ BIG MAN 692 år siden

    oml apex is standing next to 2 giants saying the word "little". Im sleep.

  • Adjects
    Adjects2 år siden

    You’d be a better PC Player

  • Adjects
    Adjects2 år siden

    They Going to Mount Everest or some Shit I’m calling it

  • Charlie Foster
    Charlie Foster2 år siden

    288 haters

  • Charlie Foster

    Charlie Foster

    2 år siden

    ...and counting

  • Ssmokiee 18
    Ssmokiee 182 år siden

    Let's just concentrate many fucking new houses are these guys gonna get 😂😂😂😂

  • FaZe_Jk
    FaZe_Jk2 år siden

    1v1? On Xbox... title it FaZe wanna be because my Xbox gamer tag is FaZePlaYer10

    HELLX2 år siden

    But my song is a bit crappy

    HELLX2 år siden

    My montage is way better

  • Llano Leone
    Llano Leone2 år siden

    Go sub to my channel

  • Dhrumil P
    Dhrumil P2 år siden

    If you want to cool down your room just buy a portable air conditioner that plugs into the wall

  • nic osteen
    nic osteen2 år siden

    Walk the Great Wall If China ?

  • Karl O
    Karl O2 år siden


  • Jat Golden
    Jat Golden2 år siden

    5:00 title of the song?

  • Connor Fitz
    Connor Fitz2 år siden


  • Art Cahanaj
    Art Cahanaj2 år siden

    I dont think ninja reacted to your montage

  • Chri5_805 _
    Chri5_805 _2 år siden

    Ninja did not react to you

  • Yrn Manny23
    Yrn Manny232 år siden

    Tfue aint the best its ninja

  • ram mattu
    ram mattu2 år siden

    Nice vid

  • Haunt
    Haunt2 år siden

    you think his montage is good check out mine

  • Mario Al Debss
    Mario Al Debss2 år siden

    lol tfue isn't better then ninja

  • Faisal Murad
    Faisal Murad2 år siden

    Whats the name of the game 8:41 ?

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn2 år siden

    Ummmmm it’s ninja dumbass

  • Lachlan Wills
    Lachlan Wills2 år siden

    What game did adapt become faze for

  • Atticus Miller
    Atticus Miller2 år siden

    adapt is trying to be too much now

  • fabian gonzales
    fabian gonzales2 år siden

    I didn’t know ninja reacted to it

  • Room temperature Milk
    Room temperature Milk2 år siden

    If ninja would've watched your edit you would've said that he's the best in the world

  • 亚当
    亚当2 år siden

    i couldn't be the only one who thought they saw red formula in the thumbnail

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer2 år siden

    Thats a shit montage the clips are shit

  • Republican Thinker
    Republican Thinker2 år siden

    Of course they still dont own the mansions

  • Rayan Kabir
    Rayan Kabir2 år siden

    What lil skies song is that?

  • Juan Is cool
    Juan Is cool2 år siden

    Tfue 🚮

    GHOST_SCOPED72 år siden

    Bro can you add random fans to play fortnite on PS4 or whatever consule you have and make a video out if it.

  • FlySmooth
    FlySmooth2 år siden

    They’re actually about to climb Mt. Everest...

  • Teku
    Teku2 år siden

    8:13 who is that man in the background

  • Chezzyy
    Chezzyy2 år siden

    But the real question is: can he react to mine??? Check me out guys I’m ight

  • Colby
    Colby2 år siden

    everyone talkin about tfue paying no mind that jaomock was right there too lol

  • Flaymer
    Flaymer2 år siden

    Yall are gunna try to climb Mt. Everest or some shit

  • Kenneth Henri
    Kenneth Henri2 år siden

    Make more hide and seek vids

  • Twizz Handles
    Twizz Handles2 år siden

    what song was that

  • cash Rowe
    cash Rowe2 år siden

    There finna climb Mount Everest

  • ุ
    2 år siden

    All these pro players are probably cringing to console montage, I mean it's good, but compared to how to good these pro players are...

  • Jonesy Jones
    Jonesy Jones2 år siden

    "Just wing it, thats my slogo"

  • Erin Stolz
    Erin Stolz2 år siden

    Can you play some fortnite gaming videos

  • Chudizzle
    Chudizzle2 år siden

    He’s not the best he’s an asshole

  • Beans
    Beans2 år siden

    The skill gap between PC and PS4 is insane

  • Nafsek
    Nafsek2 år siden

    Lil skies 🔥

  • Shaharyar Ahmad
    Shaharyar Ahmad2 år siden

    Faze tfue is not the best player ninja is

  • fullmetal 2002
    fullmetal 20022 år siden

    you finally got a decent fade ☠️