Best Thing I Ever Bought!


Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan2 måneder siden

    new merch available at

  • rootchis


    20 dager siden

    I goat a jetski at the same place u got the dirt bike and it took the whole fucking day bro

  • morongo951


    Måned siden

    So is yo moms only fans still available?? 🤙🏽

  • OdLaMa YT

    OdLaMa YT

    Måned siden

    Make sure to pick some up bois

  • OdLaMa YT

    OdLaMa YT

    Måned siden

    Yessir brother



    Måned siden

    I will get the new merch

  • Jack Keough
    Jack Keough4 timer siden

    I feel like this is the most American channel on yt

  • fishingboysTRUMP2020
    fishingboysTRUMP202012 timer siden

    how much you want for the broken rzr side x side

  • Joseph Coyo
    Joseph Coyo3 dager siden

    The careless drive oddly delay because meteorology socially tow until a grotesque packet. nauseating, labored watchmaker

  • Analy Mojica
    Analy Mojica4 dager siden

    the polaris bye 😭😭

  • angry bird 1997
    angry bird 19974 dager siden

    Nice flag

  • Kenney Lee
    Kenney Lee4 dager siden

    It’s bc it’s a Polaris get a x3 or a talon

  • Jordan Evans
    Jordan Evans5 dager siden

    You should go back to South Carolina and go to north Charleston

  • Lisa Waters
    Lisa Waters6 dager siden

    I never heard him play rage against the machine before in a vid

  • Carter Stevens
    Carter Stevens6 dager siden

    song at 0:53 please ??

  • Evan 429
    Evan 4297 dager siden

    Is that lance armstrong

  • PapiAdyN
    PapiAdyN7 dager siden

    He was jealous that Danny has an i8

  • chad braun
    chad braun7 dager siden

    Intro song?

  • Dylan Troutman
    Dylan Troutman8 dager siden

    I wonder the statistics beind police looking the other way if they know you support them...

  • Dylan Troutman
    Dylan Troutman8 dager siden

    Is that really the cheating Lance Armstrong or am I gullible?

  • Henry Sindab
    Henry Sindab8 dager siden

    Need to get a can-am

  • A M
    A M9 dager siden

    were from greenville sc

  • Garraton Savoy
    Garraton Savoy9 dager siden

    Did anybody else know that josh vapes

  • Wil Lerch
    Wil Lerch10 dager siden

    I bought a flag but my Mum got up me

  • Peyton Dikkers
    Peyton Dikkers11 dager siden

    Danny duncan”dies danny duncan 2.0 come out LETS DO THIS SHIT AGIAN

  • Hayden Wilson
    Hayden Wilson11 dager siden

    9:25 I Love how he’s playing a song Made by liberals while wearing blue lives matter stuff

    JMT OFFICIAL11 dager siden

    Love how that guy shit talked you

  • Will James
    Will James13 dager siden

    Congrats Danny Duncan 🙏🏾🙏🏽.

  • ChilledSon
    ChilledSon13 dager siden

    11:25 Only a LEGEND leans on Security's head instead of pulling his arms in =)

  • logan dagen
    logan dagen14 dager siden

    i am adopted

  • Atake Cleetus
    Atake Cleetus15 dager siden

    Should've got a can am danny

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover15 dager siden

    How much money is Danny fucking (Duncan) making? Lmao 26k annnnnnd it’s gone

  • J
    J16 dager siden

    Yo he ain’t a cyclist and still did 64-69 miles, respect

  • Ryan MacDonald
    Ryan MacDonald16 dager siden

    Hahah that was funny af

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson18 dager siden

    Do you have any tattoos?

  • Cap a lot shy T
    Cap a lot shy T18 dager siden

    I’m dead

  • Jeffry R.
    Jeffry R.19 dager siden

    Whistling diesels long lost brother

  • Jeffry R.
    Jeffry R.19 dager siden

    This is the dude that mud parks hate

  • 903 Mafia
    903 Mafia19 dager siden

    Shoulda bought 3-4 off the lot and tell the manager tongue ya balls otw out the door

  • Toxic Prawn
    Toxic Prawn20 dager siden

    How is he not getting copied right strikes

  • Wesley Ernst
    Wesley Ernst20 dager siden

    You need a rail buggy

  • Gabe Pond
    Gabe Pond21 dag siden

    Qwertyuiooasdfghjklzxcvbnm. No. Man. Mob. Mmmmmm. O

  • cereal
    cereal21 dag siden

    Oxi clean guy

  • iZRipstotheFace
    iZRipstotheFace22 dager siden

    no cop no stop

  • Luis Vargas
    Luis Vargas23 dager siden

    Those guys are miserable old fucks, mad they have to go into a 9-5 to earn some cash while a young hustler living his best life 😑!

  • Mandon Brosley
    Mandon Brosley24 dager siden

    Does no one else see Danny stiff arm josh in the face when they rolled😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Vann
    Jonathan Vann24 dager siden

    The funniest part is when they flip it over and they’re just so calm 😂😂

  • i like turtles 4365
    i like turtles 436525 dager siden

    Is embarrassment a thing to danny?

  • SXS Shenanigans
    SXS Shenanigans25 dager siden

    Polaris needs to use some of these clips for a commercial

    YOU WISH25 dager siden

    Manager talking trash because he can't afford to goof around like Danny

  • Matthew Mecham
    Matthew Mecham26 dager siden

    Shoulda got a can am!

  • Aidan Czebiniak
    Aidan Czebiniak26 dager siden

    He buys it and then breaks it... story of my life to.😂

  • alia ferguson
    alia ferguson26 dager siden

    The dramatic quality cytogenetically cry because cobweb tinctorially march beyond a pleasant license. robust, freezing turnip

  • Carbon Connection
    Carbon Connection26 dager siden

    No way I would have given my money to them assholes!

  • SaVg Scrapy
    SaVg Scrapy27 dager siden


  • Joseph Spezzano Wisdom of God
    Joseph Spezzano Wisdom of God27 dager siden

    Yeah it’s all fun and games until something really bad happens bro… So I suggest to keep it off road and maybe wear some helmets before you wanna Blake Christopher reeves

  • HessianForHire
    HessianForHire28 dager siden

    "Tell him if he can choke me out I'll pay full price" ahahahahahaha

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou28 dager siden

    Hi Dan the man !

  • Atonics
    AtonicsMåned siden

    buy a can am

  • Chase Ermeling
    Chase ErmelingMåned siden

    Bro i do mountain biking that one kid had an ebike

  • Favelix
    FavelixMåned siden

    Danny be wilding maybe it’s time for a haircut

  • mattieshane
    mattieshaneMåned siden

    Hi danny duncan

  • Alex Kalashnik
    Alex KalashnikMåned siden

    Lmaooo at the store manager and cops looking away haha

  • Australian Race sport aka Aussie Rs
    Australian Race sport aka Aussie RsMåned siden

    Is that a cop at 2:10 wth

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew WilsonMåned siden

    What a true American 🇺🇸 love it

  • Rey Gomez
    Rey GomezMåned siden

    1:43 is that actually the oxi clean guy?

  • Brett
    BrettMåned siden

    That manager was so slimy.

  • Hotdog778
    Hotdog778Måned siden

    The only Florida man cops respect

  • Hotdog778
    Hotdog778Måned siden

    “Are the cops still coming cause’ I got shit to do.” Danny Duncan; The legend of NOlocal

  • David Massey
    David MasseyMåned siden

    The simplistic airbus laterally trap because parentheses semiannually park with a sad part. melodic, verdant footnote

  • prince bogo
    prince bogoMåned siden

    8:45 love how he says if he can’t afford it like the man literally made 1 million dollars in a month off of merch and he has investments and stuff like that also has been making money off brand deals and shit lmfao

  • Chilln Brawner
    Chilln BrawnerMåned siden

    Follow me on Instagram @Chillnbrawner

  • sienna guptill
    sienna guptillMåned siden

    Trying to be a dick or anything but that fan that said can I get a selfie right after he just did a race that’s kind of a rude thing let the man get water get food let him sit down let him rest his legs before y’all pester him about taking a picture

  • Adam Justis
    Adam JustisMåned siden

    idk if he actually supports blue lives or not

  • jake moyer
    jake moyerMåned siden

    you should have gotten a can am maverick or a honda talon polaris is a junk

  • Little Racer
    Little RacerMåned siden

    The swag is Gangster

  • Luke Cullen
    Luke CullenMåned siden

    Should’ve got a Can-Am that wouldn’t have broke

  • Janton47
    Janton47Måned siden

    Funniest guy around

  • Hayden Hensley
    Hayden HensleyMåned siden

    I love that Josh can take anything

  • lachlan castles
    lachlan castlesMåned siden

    The irony of the song at 9:23 is unbelievable.

  • coonyaan


    Måned siden

    omg i just noticed that

  • Jackson Coleman
    Jackson ColemanMåned siden

    U should try mountain bike racing, im only 13 and u wouldnt be able to keep with me on the trails

  • Lynn Padgett
    Lynn PadgettMåned siden

    Wow he didn’t do a frickin wheelie

  • Graffitigoof
    GraffitigoofMåned siden

    You need to play heavy metal when you are driving that beast

  • mmwh
    mmwhMåned siden

    I googled it because I wanted it it’s fucking cost more than the Honda fit

  • Arlin Rodriguez
    Arlin RodriguezMåned siden


  • Arlin Rodriguez
    Arlin RodriguezMåned siden

    Danny duncan please read my Twitter dm

  • Arlin Rodriguez
    Arlin RodriguezMåned siden

    Please read my Twitter dm

  • Arlin Rodriguez
    Arlin RodriguezMåned siden

    Please read my Twitter dm

  • Arlin Rodriguez
    Arlin RodriguezMåned siden

    Danny duncan please read my Twitter dm

  • Arlin Rodriguez
    Arlin RodriguezMåned siden

    Danny duncan please read my Twitter dm

  • Arlin Rodriguez
    Arlin RodriguezMåned siden

    Please read my Twitter

  • Arlin Rodriguez
    Arlin RodriguezMåned siden

    Please read my Twitter dm

  • Glenplayss YT
    Glenplayss YTMåned siden

    11:39 it looks like Danny is about to land right on the front

  • Deserted Forrest
    Deserted ForrestMåned siden

    Take it back and be like you sold me a broken One dude wtf

  • Sarah Hinson
    Sarah HinsonMåned siden

    serious question, how is he not in jail yet

  • Squirreln
    SquirrelnMåned siden

    This is exactly how to not drive a Polaris rzr lol no hate doe

  • Eduardo Santiago
    Eduardo SantiagoMåned siden

    The little gas definitely match because flugelhorn resultspreviously train between a creepy grandson. bored, thirsty haircut

  • luke danzig
    luke danzigMåned siden

    What is his job?

  • Carson Smith
    Carson SmithMåned siden

    * Uses a Rage song with the thin blue line flag *

  • DMND BiggestFan
    DMND BiggestFanMåned siden

    Lol salesman was cool manager tho fuck that guy

  • Declan Lawford
    Declan LawfordMåned siden

    The accidental rifle perinatally moan because iraq ultrastructurally man as a ancient panda. spotty, jittery euphonium

  • Bert Longbottom
    Bert LongbottomMåned siden

    Call Whistlin Diesel and hang out with them. Hell while your at it get Demo ranch in their too.

  • Tony Wahid
    Tony WahidMåned siden

    we need to find that dealership and burn it down

  • BDG Games
    BDG GamesMåned siden

    bro nobody gonna talk about that Trump store, i love it what yall think

  • Nighthawk Gaming
    Nighthawk GamingMåned siden

    Who else thinks Danny should make more videos like this also Danny it broke so fast because it’s a Polaris, Polaris are shit. You need a can am maverick 1000 turbo