Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Official Music Video)


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Directed by Billie Eilish

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Therefore I Am. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


  • edits for you
    edits for youMinutt siden

    billie: naturally grabs pretzel and never eats it”

  • Magdalena Doborska
    Magdalena Doborska6 minutter siden

    WOW...SO LIKEE 💚

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  • 10PM K-Session
    10PM K-Session17 minutter siden

    the fact this was recorded on an iphone the quality looking too good to be true-

  • Vera Lima
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  • addy bishop
    addy bishop23 minutter siden

    Just eat the effing pretzel, damn.

  • Asmaa Abd El Rouf
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    I Love you my Asmaa

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  • Navi Audios
    Navi Audios54 minutter siden

    I got a Billie commercial before this started hdbd

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    I love you bilie eliş

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    This yes

  • Billie🌺
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  • Janet Ruiz
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    Billie: im not your friend or anything dang

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    ilove you bilie ailish ilove you im kurd kurdstan ilov you plis riplae😭😘😘😭

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    Love you Billie eilish

  • Rachele Oliveri
    Rachele Oliveri2 timer siden

    Sei fantastica

  • Olivia Paraiso
    Olivia Paraiso3 timer siden

    Don’t really like it it’s kinda bad

  • Tanya Gaif
    Tanya Gaif3 timer siden

    Love u Billie Eilish

  • Lupita UwU
    Lupita UwU3 timer siden

    Aqui los que hablamos español y amamos a billie

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    Billie eilish xx ❤❤❤❤

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    i love thisss 😩😩

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  • Florence Zhang
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    Wow I love you bille

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  • Isabella Allen
    Isabella Allen3 timer siden

    I love the song

  • 『Ry_ SMP』
    『Ry_ SMP』4 timer siden

    Me: hey! Can I use your phone to talk to my mom? My friend: No! I’m busy Still me: I’M NOT YOUR FRIEND

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    Что-то мало

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    💘 love

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    fammi male

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    Her music is trash

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    4 timer siden


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    Billie eilish love you

  • Fatemeh Khanom
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    i love you

  • Rachele Oliveri
    Rachele Oliveri5 timer siden

    Ciao le tue canzoni sono bellissime

  • kisa steele
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    Pov: ur child went to the mall

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    👁 👁 👅

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    Ok.... Maybe next time

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    I love this music 🥰

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    მინდა რომ გაგჟიმო

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  • potatoadie
    potatoadie6 timer siden

    is nobody gonna talk about how her feet is on beat on the entrance of the music

  • Natalie Sande
    Natalie Sande6 timer siden

    I really enjoyed the song ey😍😍

  • Nicholus Mwema
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  • Angel Francine Guzman Niangar
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    is she really alone in the all it's like a v.i.p

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    Cogito ergo sum

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    Trash music 🥱

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    I love you Billie eilish

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  • Mandy Migut
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    I'm vietnames i very like you your song very good

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  • Lemonz_Yumm
    Lemonz_Yumm7 timer siden

    Billie ilish doing a shoping basically:

  • XstrawbberryC0Wxx
    XstrawbberryC0Wxx8 timer siden

    Billie: casually takes food from mall

  • Nana Lopez
    Nana Lopez8 timer siden

    I love this song and I like how she just took the food then got caught

  • mahbub ul alam
    mahbub ul alam8 timer siden

    I miss Billie eillish's that hair 😶

  • Tomas Ulinauskas
    Tomas Ulinauskas9 timer siden

    Ai don't get it ai loved

  • Patrizia Casciaro
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    your songs are so dipressing

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    I was there one time for school clothes… I wanna see u so bad

  • Battle Field
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    Eat balanced and do sport!

    JANICE CHIOK LI WEN Moe10 timer siden

    Me:Steal the food and EAT IT. Billie Ellish be like:Get that food and don’t eat it uwu

  • Christopher Aznavour
    Christopher Aznavour10 timer siden

    Stop dying your hair. Fucking toxic hair dyes and synthetic perfumes and detergents and deodorants and make ups.

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    who is listening in 2021

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    The song starts at 0:38. Thank me later😉

  • •Aleja's Craft Life•
    •Aleja's Craft Life•11 timer siden

    There’s two types of people The one that searches: “I’m not your friend” And the one that searches “Therefore I am”

  • Draca Malfoy
    Draca Malfoy11 timer siden

    Billie:Runs around the mall Security 1:OH MAN CATCH THAT KID! Security 2:Dude...No..It's not a kid! Security 1:Why is that guy holding a camera? Security 2:Dude...It's Billie Eilish,She is filming Security 1:Oh shit, SHE'S ROBBING THE MALL! Security 2:Shit this security Security 1:HEY HEY!!!

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    Ja tebe najviše na svetu volim😘

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    앙 기모띠

  • Remielyn Ramos
    Remielyn Ramos11 timer siden

    she's so hungry because she kept running in the whole mall😂

  • •Baka Ouma•
    •Baka Ouma•12 timer siden

    Directed:what should we do for this song? Billie: run around the mall and you chase me while I get food! Director:perfect “Video comes out” Us:perfect!

  • Mauelloo PUBG
    Mauelloo PUBG12 timer siden

    Shot on Iphone

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    I love Billie Eilish ❤️

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    اكو عرب بل طياره. 😂😂😜

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    I’m going to miss this era 💚🖤

  • Luiza Leão
    Luiza Leão12 timer siden

    Eu amei a musica mais na quela parte pq raios vc pulou sendo que a porta estava aberta ;-; (err..sorry n falo inglês)

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0
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    I’m going miss this hair 💚🖤

  • Arati Chatterjee
    Arati Chatterjee13 timer siden

    Only me or everyone has problem in subtitles ther are coming late

  • Nusratina Hazwani Ramlan
    Nusratina Hazwani Ramlan13 timer siden

    Billie, look i'm sorry to say this, but😂... When i was very young, i don't even know you. So me and my sister watch this video together. And i was laughing so hard because my sister makes lots of jokes on you😁. But now as a eight years old, i finally get to know you better😁. **laughing quitely while watching this video😆**. Yo, i still remember that moment😁.

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    ayitstime13 timer siden

    cool outfit

  • siandil 26 .-.
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    4:30 cuando me descubren robando comida y dulses

  • siandil 26 .-.
    siandil 26 .-.13 timer siden

    Algien mas quiere poder corer asi en el mall

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    Billie living every girls dream -- **Having an entire mall to them**

  • Nereida Macedo
    Nereida Macedo13 timer siden

    The fact that she was at the mall I always go to

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith13 timer siden

    Billie looks really happy whenever she's singing for all her fans!❤

  • Alitzel nahomi Rodriguez perez
    Alitzel nahomi Rodriguez perez13 timer siden

    Y no no es un insulto

  • Alitzel nahomi Rodriguez perez
    Alitzel nahomi Rodriguez perez13 timer siden

    Que chica menos femenina es poreso que digo es como yo

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    I thought was 5 years ago, bruh..

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    Hola Billie eilish soy tu fan 🤩😶