Blessed or Cursed Challenge

Welcome to the Blessed or Cursed challenge, where it's a 50/50 shot that you'll be blessed with something good or be cursed with a punishment.
Shout out to the @merrelltwins for inspiring this video!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit3 måneder siden

    it's about to get real blursed in here

  • A Epic Mistake

    A Epic Mistake

    Måned siden


  • diamond Playz

    diamond Playz

    3 måneder siden

    @R R I think they wont

  • R R

    R R

    3 måneder siden

    Are you going to make Smosh winter games at all

  • Aaron LFC*YNWA*

    Aaron LFC*YNWA*

    3 måneder siden

    Shayne had no luck all the time even Coke didn't wanted to react to his mentos 😂

  • diamond Playz

    diamond Playz

    3 måneder siden

    Heck yeah

  • Steve Flores
    Steve Flores2 timer siden

    Damion got fat🤣💀

  • Butterinspector
    Butterinspector3 timer siden

    Damion looks like a DAD

  • Depressed potato
    Depressed potato4 dager siden

    Why the hell is the Faygo a bad thing in the intro that shit is amazing.

  • Mister Cheese
    Mister Cheese6 dager siden

    Keith lowkey looks high on some sweet Mary jane some of that good good if he is I'm proud smosh should get stoned and try not to laugh

  • morelols09
    morelols098 dager siden

    Brad Holmes

    BRIAN COLLIER8 dager siden

    Shane is a national treasure... we must protect him at all costs.

  • Dalton Butler
    Dalton Butler8 dager siden

    Somebody's daughter at 14:49

  • LAX RoFoxxo
    LAX RoFoxxo9 dager siden

    **after Shayne drank the Coke fountain** Sarah: "Shayne's the biggest loser here." Shayne: "At least I can die happy."

  • Fonze Music
    Fonze Music10 dager siden

    Netflix: “Are You Still Watching?” Someone’s daughter: 14:49

  • morganoisweird
    morganoisweird11 dager siden

    I think Noah is my spirit human

  • The Micro Knight
    The Micro Knight13 dager siden

    Keith sounds like the zebra from madagascar

  • Uriel Howard
    Uriel Howard13 dager siden

    “ hit that subscribe button. we’ll wait. “

  • Super Unusual Person
    Super Unusual Person13 dager siden

    i was expecting shane to bring back "daddy needs his juice"

  • Tessa Leeds
    Tessa Leeds14 dager siden

    9:14 cutest thing ever

  • Gumball 4 Good
    Gumball 4 Good15 dager siden

    Shayne picked every single wrong one because of his degree

  • Alexus Parenteau
    Alexus Parenteau21 dag siden

    Shayne constantly flexing his psychology knowledge is like Ned from The Try Guys constantly flexing about going to Yale 😂

  • Hayden Hoppes
    Hayden Hoppes22 dager siden

    Wait tbh tho like Shane knew the box one he just went with the other one same with the straw one

  • _ᗩᑎIᗰᗴ ᗷᗩKᗩ_
    _ᗩᑎIᗰᗴ ᗷᗩKᗩ_22 dager siden

    To be honest, I feel like Jackie was just an AMAZING new smosh member! She’s just so pretty, smart, and talented! 🥺👏👏 I think she’s my favorite❤️❤️

  • strike Storm
    strike Storm22 dager siden

    When Keith got plastic I thought shane was gonna say ahh you can kill some turtles

  • RenzDFNetwork
    RenzDFNetwork23 dager siden

    It’s my life goal to teach a man 25 dollars to Target.

  • John Stevenson
    John Stevenson23 dager siden

    0:38 Y’all be dissing on Faygo but it’s just cheaper Fanta that tastes the exact same.

  • Jake da dog
    Jake da dog24 dager siden

    It should be blessed or messed

  • Coffee Crispy
    Coffee Crispy28 dager siden

    Did they just call cotton candy soda yucky?

  • J.S. 555
    J.S. 55528 dager siden

    The part at 14:50 just made my day! Shane I say this as a compliment, you looked like a idiot doing that but I loved it.

  • Abigail E
    Abigail E29 dager siden

    I need Jackie’s confidence Shayne’s confidence always seems to get him in trouble Lol

  • Laura Crawford
    Laura CrawfordMåned siden

    Shayne is unlucky about being unlucky 😭

  • Link Gaming
    Link GamingMåned siden

    Mhmh we'll wait

  • A Epic Mistake
    A Epic MistakeMåned siden

    Sorry Noah your hair looks cool but you also look like a bowl of fruity pebbles

  • The last Melon
    The last MelonMåned siden

    I love Noah. He makes me laugh all the time.

  • Naleigha Tate
    Naleigha TateMåned siden

    why the blueberry faygo

  • Maxwell Kis
    Maxwell KisMåned siden

    Teach a man twenty five dollars to target is the best quote

  • trenton reeves
    trenton reevesMåned siden

    Daddy wants his juice someone clip Shane choking on coke

  • TheOutsider Jess
    TheOutsider JessMåned siden

    Noah played shayne how rhett plays links in most of the games they played

    KOKERMåned siden

    14:49 is being saved in my phone...mind your business 😂

  • Chuck Earls
    Chuck EarlsMåned siden

    13:28 she look like a minion

  • Nosferatu
    NosferatuMåned siden

    Shane way overthinks these😂

  • Scoob
    ScoobMåned siden

    Guys I don't wanna be mean but I don't like the new girl

  • Max Vettel
    Max VettelMåned siden

    Don't be disrespecting cotton candy faygo. That shits fire.

  • Emi I
    Emi IMåned siden

    I love how Noah completely tricked Shane, reverse psychologys CrAzY 🤪 🔀🤯💖

  • Potato person
    Potato personMåned siden

    The front camera that points at them from the front seems to be slightly saturated

  • Benjamin Tutsek
    Benjamin TutsekMåned siden

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 14:50

  • Reagan
    ReaganMåned siden

    1:28- idk why but I laughed so hard 😂

  • Arxxial
    ArxxialMåned siden


  • dasty
    dastyMåned siden

    “apple cider vinegar vs red gatorade” well as i’m allergic to red gatorade, it seems it’s double cursed for me.

  • Kayla Ayala
    Kayla AyalaMåned siden

    Why did i get a smosh ad in a smosh video?

  • burger king
    burger kingMåned siden

    Shayne didn't get the Effing soda right so he's tonight's bigest loser *Joe, Murr and Q walk in*

  • Sophia Murphy
    Sophia MurphyMåned siden

    Thr okra project is amazing everyone. Please jelp support them if you can. They save lives.

  • Raul Medina Hernandez
    Raul Medina HernandezMåned siden

    I got a smosh add on board af

  • Minty Emerald
    Minty EmeraldMåned siden

    *_Spoilers:_* 100% losser is just as impressive as an 100% winner

  • Minty Emerald
    Minty EmeraldMåned siden

    wait you can't say G*d wow you _are_ safe

  • D. Alice Den
    D. Alice DenMåned siden

    Shayne's actually right - the chance isn't 50/50 because the probability of chance isn't truly random, it's controlled in this scenario by Sarah.

  • Goblin Man256
    Goblin Man256Måned siden

    Eas if they’re both blessed one person gets the “good drink” and the other gets the “bad” but the person with the “bad” drink actually likes it

  • memyselfandpeoples2
    memyselfandpeoples2Måned siden

    Oh Keith that hair!

  • Angela Strange
    Angela Strange2 måneder siden

    i got a low key crush on damien and noah

  • Erin Dauer
    Erin Dauer2 måneder siden

    netflix: are you still watching? someone’s daughter: 14:51

  • Danny Drust
    Danny Drust2 måneder siden

    For Shayne's Coke, I thought they were going slow motion.... But it failed the fail...

  • Kelly P
    Kelly P2 måneder siden

    Shane will always be my secret crush

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller2 måneder siden

    5:55 Olivia and Jackie look the same and Keith is so confused on who is who

  • Silverwolf526
    Silverwolf5262 måneder siden

    Shayne got his big boy juice

  • Snoop_dono
    Snoop_dono2 måneder siden

    suprise im the first one, but shayne are you alright my guy?

  • Olivia Garlock
    Olivia Garlock2 måneder siden

    Jackie gives me real “crazy eyes” from orange is the new black vibes and I’m mclovin it

  • Narnian Badger
    Narnian Badger2 måneder siden

    Shayne forgetting GMM’s forget the psychology rule is hilarious to me.

  • SaladFish
    SaladFish2 måneder siden

    696k views, heck yea!

  • Vaughn Daffinson
    Vaughn Daffinson2 måneder siden

    Faygo is actually good

  • rafa reyna
    rafa reyna2 måneder siden

    I come back to this video every so often to see Shayne emotionally break.

  • EG Arts
    EG Arts2 måneder siden

    Shayne overthinking this whole episode is my favorite thing

  • Top Dog
    Top Dog2 måneder siden

    Jackie honestly has single handedly ruined smosh for me. I now find other cast members more annoying because of her

  • Top Dog

    Top Dog

    Måned siden

    @Idek K because i have an opinion or because i feel as if i can say it?

  • Idek K

    Idek K

    Måned siden

    god you must live such a sad life

  • Monkey Madness
    Monkey Madness2 måneder siden

    Damien saaying it's a goood kind of danger sooooo a target is dangerus but the store is good???????Pshykic

  • Wrestling with Dialysis
    Wrestling with Dialysis2 måneder siden

    14:49 “Puking Scene from Team America”

  • Everyday Goodies
    Everyday Goodies2 måneder siden

    Who hates on Faygo

  • Dustin Boyd
    Dustin Boyd2 måneder siden

    It always seems jackie is trying to be someone she isn't.

  • Lucky_McPanda
    Lucky_McPanda2 måneder siden

    following the rules of probability shayne was 100% correct. even though it's a 50 50 chance the odds of you getting the good thing in the same box lowers everytime. like if you flip a coin 3 times and try to get heads all three times it is possible but the chances are a lot lower than just getting it once

  • Ezra Walker
    Ezra Walker2 måneder siden

    Just in case you didn't know: it's 50/50

  • Cat Monin
    Cat Monin2 måneder siden

    Y’all could play this and call it blessed or undressed where whenever you get the wrong one you take off an article of clothing

  • Spiritual Geek
    Spiritual Geek2 måneder siden

    14:10 When she really wants it and then...

  • Gabii Reyes
    Gabii Reyes2 måneder siden

    doesn’t shayne have a psychology degree?

  • Isaac Whittaker
    Isaac Whittaker2 måneder siden

    No, Shane got his juice, he is the biggest winner

  • Sarah Dover
    Sarah Dover2 måneder siden

    If there are any other cabin pressure fans out there, Shane gave me major Martin vibes in this video 😂

  • Abby HIll
    Abby HIll2 måneder siden

    take those cans to the recycling depot and make some cold hard cash

  • Mathilde M. F.
    Mathilde M. F.2 måneder siden

    I love you're videos you are the best in the world omg! love you!

  • Mike
    Mike2 måneder siden

    Netflix: Are You Still Watching? Someone's daughter: 14:50

  • YoloRL
    YoloRL2 måneder siden

    Noah and SHayne in this were like Westley and Vizzini, one is being smart, the other is thinking too much

  • Mortyvids
    Mortyvids2 måneder siden

    I love how much Keith sounds like Marty from Madegascar

  • Kai Pendergast
    Kai Pendergast2 måneder siden

    So like no summer games?

  • Salluvinte Sallaapam
    Salluvinte Sallaapam2 måneder siden

    Hi Smosh....never shut up!!!! Keep making the world smile and laugh and giggle...hihihi... Love from INDIA!!

  • Aidan Joste
    Aidan Joste2 måneder siden

    Shayne is the protagonist of the video

  • donnysaxbonk
    donnysaxbonk2 måneder siden

    Shayne: *is the most analytical about this entire process and is skeptical the whole time* Also Shayne: *eats absolute shit every time*

  • Mia Makela
    Mia Makela2 måneder siden

    sarah will find a way

  • Mia Makela
    Mia Makela2 måneder siden

    shane rage mode

  • Mia Makela
    Mia Makela2 måneder siden

    gaderad liquid tums same thing

  • Lily Hendren
    Lily Hendren2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does Noah’s hair look like a fruit cake? 👁👄👁

  • D wi
    D wi2 måneder siden

    Shane is unlucky when hes unlucky so basically hes lucky man

  • Benis
    Benis2 måneder siden

    I'm on shayne's side here, it's only 50/50 if no one says anything and it's completely randomized, since shayne spoke, and sara was just choosing to mess with people, it's more her mind that you gotta read, or at least try to, i would probably just do it on a pattern so they can't guess anything until like 6 rounds or something like that

  • Tre' King
    Tre' King2 måneder siden

    Why is Shane literally Conan O'Brien😭

  • •SnizzleLegend•
    •SnizzleLegend•2 måneder siden

    Shayne is now officially cursed forever

  • PostmanTwat4685
    PostmanTwat46852 måneder siden

    Netflix: Are you still there Someones daughter: 14:49

  • Schneider Monkey 4 Life
    Schneider Monkey 4 Life2 måneder siden

    “Mentos and Coke or mentos and something that doesn’t react with Coke” that got me 😂😂

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master2 måneder siden

    Jackie: “This taste like liquid tums” Also Jackie: *drinks it through the video*

  • JeskidoYT
    JeskidoYT2 måneder siden

    More more more of this!!