Borat Is the Funniest Man David Dobrik Has Ever Met


David Dobrik talks about flying to New York to appear in person on The Tonight Show only to have his dreams shattered by mandatory quarantine, shares what it was like to meet Borat in person and talks about what inspired him to get 120,000 people registered to vote.
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Borat Is the Funniest Man David Dobrik Has Ever Met


  • Donald Blunt
    Donald Blunt21 time siden

    Thumbnail lookin like father like son

  • Amaya Wanigarathne
    Amaya Wanigarathne4 dager siden

    Dear Jimmy, when you retire Dave’s the one!

  • Anna Del Fade
    Anna Del Fade4 dager siden

    Jimmy Fallon: David is my bro. Justin Timberlake: Am I joke to you?

  • Carol Tassin
    Carol Tassin4 dager siden

    David is the Best & you two together are GREAT!!! Hope you do more with each other!!!!

  • Angel Taniya
    Angel Taniya4 dager siden

    The fact that David, an immigrant and DACA recipient, is responsible for getting a record number of people registered to vote is incredible. I can’t believe more media outlets didn’t pick it up. (Also worth noting that he pays over a million dollars in taxes and our POTUS pays nearly nothing. So who’s the real drain on our economy?)

  • cboy4
    cboy45 dager siden

    That smile.....he is so freaking cute

  • Henrik Ekaas Berge
    Henrik Ekaas Berge5 dager siden

    Love this two, they make the day better!

  • winder zhao
    winder zhao6 dager siden

    I imagine natalie sitting on the couch making fun of everything he says

  • Pam Martin
    Pam Martin7 dager siden

    He's could be like Jimmy's bratty little brother, I mean that as a compliment.

  • El-ar Dela Cruz
    El-ar Dela Cruz7 dager siden

    "Borat" filipinos: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Poontang
    Poontang8 dager siden

    There kind of the same person

  • Ern Privado
    Ern Privado8 dager siden

    I miss when everything is normal

  • Elina Cabrera
    Elina Cabrera8 dager siden


  • bossy
    bossy9 dager siden

    Holy shit David Dobrik lost some weight!

  • A.M.
    A.M.9 dager siden

    Borat is a character he does know that.

  • Ceejae 12
    Ceejae 1210 dager siden

    In filipino language borat/burat means penis

  • Dan Krist
    Dan Krist10 dager siden

    The fact these 2 are on the tonight show must have Carson rolling in his grave.

  • White Crystal
    White Crystal10 dager siden

    How to sell a movie to stupid young people in America.

  • Gemma Bezzina
    Gemma Bezzina11 dager siden

    david didn't stop smiling the whole video and I love it

  • Osama Isa
    Osama Isa12 dager siden

    Jimmy and David have the best chemistry on late-night talks shows

  • Dani
    Dani12 dager siden

    Literally can’t think of a cuter duo 🥺

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  • Nick O’Connor
    Nick O’Connor13 dager siden

    This barely talks about Borat...

  • Abby Cooper
    Abby Cooper13 dager siden

    i can't tell them apart

  • mnelson2008
    mnelson200814 dager siden

    God, no. Not here, too. Dobrik is the worst, but everyone needs views...FROM 14 YEAR OLDS, so here we are. Please, no more Dobrik.

  • Ludmila R
    Ludmila R15 dager siden

    I know Jimmy has a big heart, but am I the only one who just gets fake vibes from Jimmy? Makes me so uncomfortable

  • queence wong
    queence wong15 dager siden

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  • Ash lee
    Ash lee16 dager siden

    I am so incredibly proud of David

  • Cylis Locklear
    Cylis Locklear16 dager siden

    Am I the only one who has never heard of this dude but all of a sudden he’s everywhere.

  • K. Williams Lesia
    K. Williams Lesia16 dager siden

    "Borats the funniest man iv ever met" sad Jason noises

  • Gonzalo Giler
    Gonzalo Giler17 dager siden

    This literally feels like two versions of the same person from different times talking to each other

  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh17 dager siden

    "Borats the funniest man iv ever met" sad Jason noises

  • Hebah Khalid
    Hebah Khalid17 dager siden

    3:22 LMAO

  • Siarah
    Siarah17 dager siden

    i can see you two being really good friends

  • Nostradamus
    Nostradamus17 dager siden

    In the future David Dobrik will host a late night talk show.

  • Alex Brandy
    Alex Brandy17 dager siden

    David Dobrik is way more famous then he should be. Honestly the guy isnt interesting at all. He jsut had some fun friends. ITs pathetic really

  • How About No
    How About No17 dager siden

    Oh god no

  • Nicky U
    Nicky U18 dager siden

    Aww they’re so similar both people I used to love that became washed up and not as funny

  • The Pop Punk Dad TV
    The Pop Punk Dad TV18 dager siden

    Years from now when Fallon steps down. I’d like to see David Dobrik pick up the torch and host The Tonight Show.

  • Roy Hoy!
    Roy Hoy!19 dager siden


  • Ryhan Mortuza
    Ryhan Mortuza19 dager siden

    It’s a matter of time until David takes over Late Night

  • Katie Bartelen
    Katie Bartelen19 dager siden


  • Isekai AMVいせかい
    Isekai AMVいせかい19 dager siden

    they lokked the same

  • hightyboo
    hightyboo19 dager siden

    The sucking of his spit is the worst kind. How can this kid be popular with the ssslleeesh

  • Hayley f
    Hayley f20 dager siden

    they are the same person

  • SLV
    SLV20 dager siden

    hes actually laughing u can tell

  • Xoroseycheeks Xo
    Xoroseycheeks Xo20 dager siden

    Jason left the group chat....😅

  • 张梦洁
    张梦洁20 dager siden

    “Your not a prankster are you?“ Me: you don’t watch the vlogs do you.

  • Jshbswll


    10 dager siden

    Damn why you stealing comments

  • 张梦洁
    张梦洁20 dager siden

    David: Borat is the funniest person I've met Jason nash : alright imma head out

  • Mark Genesis Dumayas
    Mark Genesis Dumayas20 dager siden

    In the Philippines, Borat means penis

  • Carlos V Sigue Jugando!
    Carlos V Sigue Jugando!20 dager siden

    Has he absorbed Fallon's nutrients yet?

  • D 2
    D 220 dager siden

    Hell yeah Double D is the man!

  • Sir Sly
    Sir Sly20 dager siden

    That open hand clap doe

  • Luna
    Luna20 dager siden

    I really hope David gets his own talk show in the future 💛

  • Nick Peterson
    Nick Peterson20 dager siden

    gotta love watching two people act super fake to promote a shitty product...god the entertainment world is getting worse and worse

  • Stanley Watson
    Stanley Watson20 dager siden

    Fake smiles throw me off

  • Crimmy
    Crimmy20 dager siden

    David Dobrik sounds like David Blaine

  • ViralOne BillionViews
    ViralOne BillionViews20 dager siden

    Best funny gifts for Christmas.Please check our website 🎄🎄🎄

  • Eth Robins
    Eth Robins20 dager siden

    I think Jimmy Fallon is so fake.

  • Liv Azzo
    Liv Azzo20 dager siden

    Jimmy and david becoming a cohost duo would make 2020 a little lighter :)

  • JEEP 2019
    JEEP 201921 dag siden

    Vote Trump to keep him here.

  • Timmy Nguyen
    Timmy Nguyen21 dag siden

    “Your not a prankster are you?“ Me: you don’t watch the vlogs do you.

  • Naome Lescroart
    Naome Lescroart21 dag siden

    David looks great in that light

  • wilmer jafet bautista
    wilmer jafet bautista21 dag siden

    this very awkward

  • LME Alpha
    LME Alpha21 dag siden

  • Jessica Gaudette
    Jessica Gaudette21 dag siden

    Can’t wait until they give david his own show

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson21 dag siden

    “Your not a prankster are you?“ Me: you don’t watch the vlogs do you.

  • Stuck Case
    Stuck Case21 dag siden

    NOlocal suggested this vid--just for the record--people really don’t give a rats ass what celebrities and athletes think

  • Stuck Case

    Stuck Case

    19 dager siden

    @Jordan Williams have at it

  • Jordan Williams

    Jordan Williams

    19 dager siden

    David is a huge NOlocal star... of course it’s a suggested video people do care about him on this platform.

  • Emmy Triggerz
    Emmy Triggerz21 dag siden

    Jimmy please make James Kidnap One Direction

  • Emmy Triggerz
    Emmy Triggerz21 dag siden

    if james hasn't reunites with one direction so Im just rewatching clips of david dobrik and jimmy fallon instead

  • ThatShort
    ThatShort21 dag siden

    aww its david and his dad

  • mineral.
    mineral.21 dag siden

    david is amazing! thanks jimmy for this content!

  • MissxPetrovax3
    MissxPetrovax321 dag siden

    He’s going to have his own show one day

  • Knightt 2000
    Knightt 200021 dag siden

    man? or character? big difference

  • Daniel Faust
    Daniel Faust21 dag siden

    Would be cool if jimmy did just give his job to David and went on to be the drunk we all know he is 🤣🤭🤫

  • Amber Clark
    Amber Clark21 dag siden

    I was one of the 120,000 that registered to vote through his platform. Who else? :)

  • Ken Sidiangco
    Ken Sidiangco21 dag siden

    "borat" in ph is dick

  • Matthew LeFevre
    Matthew LeFevre21 dag siden

    "because I was giving out free Teslas" this fucktard serious?

  • Kr0ll3x Gaming
    Kr0ll3x Gaming21 dag siden

    It's so awkward without the laugh track.

  • Chris
    Chris21 dag siden

    this is so awkward

  • Khalid Ali
    Khalid Ali21 dag siden

    I think David Dobrik should stay on youtube

  • nick sharp
    nick sharp21 dag siden

    what the f**k

  • Its lethaLbro
    Its lethaLbro21 dag siden

    Mmm 🧅

  • birry13
    birry1321 dag siden

    They’re the same person just 25 years apart

  • alex Luke
    alex Luke21 dag siden

    I miss David :(

  • noor niffo
    noor niffo21 dag siden

    I don't like David his face is so punchable

  • yet1
    yet121 dag siden

    David is gonna replace Jimmy on the show

  • Chester Sims
    Chester Sims21 dag siden

    Jimmy and David have the best little bromance. 100% here for it.

  • Aestrõphilic *
    Aestrõphilic *21 dag siden

    The old man version of David Dobrik😂

  • Justin Hoover
    Justin Hoover22 dager siden

    jasons punching the air after seeing the title

  • matric96
    matric9622 dager siden

    *Mid Year 2021* *Jimmy Fallon loses his job and is replaced by David Dobrik* *Fallon becomes an alchoholic driving Taxi’s*

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown22 dager siden

    I can see David Dobrik becoming the next Jimmy Fallon

  • Magdalena874 Cooper71
    Magdalena874 Cooper7122 dager siden

    Jimmy and David have the best little bromance. 100% here for it.

  • Ellen Marie
    Ellen Marie22 dager siden

    The AURA Between Jimmy & David Is AWESOME!!! 🤩

  • shaza23
    shaza2322 dager siden

    David sounds like David Blaine when he speaks

  • Coleta Marie
    Coleta Marie22 dager siden

    Love David

  • Soy Cabron
    Soy Cabron22 dager siden


  • Vincent Star
    Vincent Star22 dager siden

    he is so exited , juice is coming from his mouth :P

  • Oralia Lafond
    Oralia Lafond22 dager siden

    “Your not a prankster are you?“ Me: you don’t watch the vlogs do you.

  • Emily Stanley
    Emily Stanley22 dager siden

    Jimmy and David are the same ass person hahaha