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FaZe Rug, FaZe Blaze, Brother Nature & more attempt the Bottle Cap Challenge.

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    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    It's such a fake challenge. Everyone puts the cap loose on the bottle. Try putting the cap so tight on the bottle and try it

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum8 måneder siden

    I bet Blaze’s cringy ass is still a virgin

  • Joseph Schwall
    Joseph Schwall9 måneder siden

    All martial artists be out here rn with the mega cringe.

  • [TikTok]Pizza
    [TikTok]PizzaÅr siden


  • [TikTok]Pizza
    [TikTok]PizzaÅr siden

    Why’d Moto get fired😟

  • Romeo M
    Romeo MÅr siden

    Stop cussing

  • James Perez
    James PerezÅr siden

    Video starts at 2:03

  • SteezyLab
    SteezyLabÅr siden

    Wtf was Blaze doing!? 😂

  • Yes Butno
    Yes ButnoÅr siden

    Get FaZe sensai

  • Brody Hermanson
    Brody HermansonÅr siden

    Do more vids with rug

  • Some sort of name
    Some sort of nameÅr siden

    Idk what Guy Fawkes looks like but I feel like he'd look like Adapt with that facial hair

  • David Quintanilla Yanez
    David Quintanilla YanezÅr siden

    this is how long the it took the video to start | V

  • Jose Valadez
    Jose ValadezÅr siden

    You just know no one is downloading that shit

  • 3pt Gian030
    3pt Gian030År siden

    8:14 adapts laugh

  • Lexie Garcia
    Lexie GarciaÅr siden

    At 3:25 so sad

    PLEB ON WII YTÅr siden

    Yo Alex I was in La for a week and I passed your house and you were walking down the street in a neon yellow hoodie I kept yelling faze up hahahaha

  • Kevin Epstein
    Kevin EpsteinÅr siden

    4:15 - 4:23 smh I still can’t believe this kid thinks he’s a gangster rapper

  • Layan ________
    Layan ________År siden

    They still have the Tfue chair

  • Yt Wiredrabbit
    Yt WiredrabbitÅr siden

    Kids in 2019 be like........... What no freaking way you just knocked that cap off with yo foot dang that was insane!!!!

  • Yt Wiredrabbit
    Yt WiredrabbitÅr siden

    Is faze adapt the type of guy to brush his teeth with the tube of tooth paste

  • Manuel Ortiz
    Manuel OrtizÅr siden

    Alex laugh's like a six year old, not to sound rood

  • No cap
    No capÅr siden

    That man tightened it

  • Bxg14
    Bxg14År siden

    FaZe Adapt is the Type of gut to wash his hands and then take a shit 😂😂😂

  • seach me up
    seach me upÅr siden

    I got Rise of kingdoms

  • ZAZA Steeze
    ZAZA SteezeÅr siden


  • Yaboi Gio
    Yaboi GioÅr siden

    Why does adapt /Alex Look like a bunny like a bunny from that bunny movie rabbids

  • Hammy102
    Hammy102År siden

    faze adapt the type of guy to only open bottles by doing the bottle cap challenge

  • Maxim Schultz
    Maxim SchultzÅr siden

    Faze adapt I'm victor Schultz brother max

  • Orangepineapple !
    Orangepineapple !År siden

    Mito the guy to kick off the cap while going the wrong way! That’s why mito is the best!

  • LifeOfJay
    LifeOfJayÅr siden

    lol you hurting ur leg man

  • No Simps allowed u clown ツ
    No Simps allowed u clown ツÅr siden

    Go back to cod

  • Yezks
    YezksÅr siden

    Some say Tfues setup hasn't been used since he left...

  • Aziz
    AzizÅr siden

    Adapt went broke so he's doing sponsors now🤣🤣

  • Irishman 420z
    Irishman 420zÅr siden

    Great video

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo GarciaÅr siden

    adapt the type of guy to try and kick apex from faZe

  • Sxlt
    SxltÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy that gets his AirPods tangled up

  • Ethaniel Newman
    Ethaniel NewmanÅr siden

    Why is faze rug so gay like high-key ik he take weenie in his huyt

  • BadAssUnicorn Ernesto
    BadAssUnicorn ErnestoÅr siden

    10:52 why is there a chair with tfue on it

  • Mickey D
    Mickey DÅr siden

    I been watching all your vids i love them fr

  • Ps4 Time
    Ps4 TimeÅr siden

    Mito looks lime sypherpk like if u agree

  • Alex Oros
    Alex OrosÅr siden

    7:15 is he high?

  • SamuraiSloth
    SamuraiSlothÅr siden

    Faze adapt the type of dude to hold the ps4 and play the controller

  • Katina Fontaine
    Katina FontaineÅr siden

    I haven’t watched your videos in a minute and you look like a dad lmao

  • XDi_am_trying Hi
    XDi_am_trying HiÅr siden

    Yo hi can we play

  • Jake Wilkinson
    Jake WilkinsonÅr siden

    Alex should lick banks bald head

  • madhavszn
    madhavsznÅr siden

    Did anyone notice they were filming kelv They did in TFUE’S ROOM

  • Wild Gameing
    Wild GameingÅr siden

    To join faze you have to be 13 years old and older

  • Quite BROCK
    Quite BROCKÅr siden

    I never thought you would sell out for a mobile app 😒

  • Life is Awesome Civil Engineering Plans
    Life is Awesome Civil Engineering PlansÅr siden

    Cant believe man you are genious

  • Pedro Juan jesus
    Pedro Juan jesusÅr siden

    Adapt the Type of guy that bury his phone when it's die

  • R00M14T
    R00M14TÅr siden

    Do this again but super glue the bottle lid slightly open and get people to try and do it again, trol the fuck out of one person and use another separate bottle for the rest of the squad to trip em out more

  • Ananda
    AnandaÅr siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to eat chips with a fork

  • [I don’t know]

    [I don’t know]

    8 måneder siden

    I do that with chopsticks because I don’t want to make my hand dirty and oily when I touch my controller or pc

  • Strummy


    År siden

    Vistageek i do that. When i put lemon

  • LeKei McGee
    LeKei McGeeÅr siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy to eat a banana while looking at another guy in the eyes .

  • Riot
    RiotÅr siden

    like if adapt seems demotivated and put up with the faze guys smh

  • Efrain Silvas
    Efrain SilvasÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to turn off the water heater cause the water was too hot

  • Martin Dahlen
    Martin DahlenÅr siden

    My name is Alex in real life

  • marc bello
    marc belloÅr siden

    what happend to your cat

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last NameÅr siden


  • Matt TBE
    Matt TBEÅr siden

    Ammount of people who want you to play cod again 👇🏼

  • ervin


    År siden

    KickSpot lol

  • robert got skill
    robert got skillÅr siden

    “wwa cuhz” 😂😂

  • La_ Araby_
    La_ Araby_År siden

    Monster Warlord is a better mobile game in my opinion. If you download it I can almost guarantee you will like it a little bit. It is very addicting. I been playing 4 years now. New update today. Go download it and try it out :)

    ATXCOLLIDE ClanÅr siden

    ur not in faze so stop

  • Chels Smith
    Chels SmithÅr siden

    Adapt the type gay to do the Kill he’s slef when a gay Chasing him and has a pump

  • Football God
    Football GodÅr siden

    Adapt the type a guy that puts ice into cream and say that it’s ice cream

  • Kenzz31
    Kenzz31År siden

    faze adapt is the type of guy to put his phone on airplane mode and then throw it in the sky and then say "This shit doesnt fly."

  • ervin


    År siden

    k. He already did that

  • Juancho Kim
    Juancho KimÅr siden

    Nice beard

  • Baby Wipe
    Baby WipeÅr siden

    give turner his chair back lol

  • Ismael Robles
    Ismael RoblesÅr siden

    The team doesn’t have and black people in faze ever noticed that?

  • Doomishere 31
    Doomishere 31År siden

    Adapt I miss ur vlogs they were amazing

  • Arlet Perez
    Arlet PerezÅr siden

    Tienes novia

  • Nicholas Danz
    Nicholas DanzÅr siden

    Where has Roman been

  • Team Rage
    Team RageÅr siden

    Faze Adapt would be the type of person to eat water

  • Cole Loch
    Cole LochÅr siden

    mito slacking fr he needa get his edits straight

  • Jesse Ramos
    Jesse RamosÅr siden

    #Fazeup I was a fan for 3 years

  • muki _
    muki _År siden

    In the start you look like idiots lol faze up

  • Jycrai again lolol
    Jycrai again lololÅr siden

    Swae lee lol

  • Doug
    DougÅr siden

    So is Roman the one who was stealing

  • D o double g snoop doggy dogg
    D o double g snoop doggy doggÅr siden

    Im selling hair bounce replays all it cost is a like. 5:30 5:30 5:30 5:30 5:30 5:30 5:30

  • Marco Yazz
    Marco YazzÅr siden

    I live in AZ and I like your video

  • YNW_itzm3
    YNW_itzm3År siden

    Tfue's chair ...maybe the drama between faze and tfue was fake I don't know

  • Focus_Grown Man
    Focus_Grown ManÅr siden

    I got post notifications on

  • Jonas Hansen
    Jonas HansenÅr siden

    Can you pls send me tfue’s char pls i am gonna burn IT to death

  • Prismatic Shark
    Prismatic SharkÅr siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to break the tv to fix it

  • Prismatic Shark
    Prismatic SharkÅr siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to think that someone is invisible when they’re wearing camo clothing

  • VnixSk8s


    År siden

    He already did that like 2 years ago maybe only 1 year

  • Noeee s
    Noeee sÅr siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to drink smart water and walk around trying to act smart

  • Anime
    AnimeÅr siden


  • mγsτικ
    mγsτικÅr siden

    What’s happening between your sis and jarvis

  • tinker bell
    tinker bellÅr siden

    9:02 what does that mean

  • Daith Izumi
    Daith IzumiÅr siden

    3:28 “It’s a new weirdo every week” Offset: ........clout

  • Akeem Muti
    Akeem MutiÅr siden

    I bet apex can’t he is to short lol

  • Julius
    JuliusÅr siden

    Did anyone Else notice the faze tfue chair??

  • Michelle Wong
    Michelle WongÅr siden

    rugs the floppiest 360 i think mine was better dude check ur twitter adapt mine twt is xxmichelle_wongxx i actually do Jiu Jitsu 😂

  • Avetis Mxitarian
    Avetis MxitarianÅr siden

    How to call Apex Short Shortex

  • YT_ Fresh
    YT_ FreshÅr siden

    You should make a video about braking faze banks phone and then buy him a new

  • Cristofer Ramirez
    Cristofer RamirezÅr siden

    Mito hitting it the wrong way lmao

  • S4litz
    S4litzÅr siden

    U needa shave

  • Jean Viloria
    Jean ViloriaÅr siden


  • Ox WeST
    Ox WeSTÅr siden

    Bring back adapt the type of... I have one it go’s like Adapt the type of guy to Barrie his phone when it dies

  • Tyler
    TylerÅr siden

    Lol rug kept on falling

  • Rectza
    RectzaÅr siden

    Yo this kid made a diss track he’s shit at diss tracks @Gabe TV