Brent and Johnson - Equality Street [Official Music Video]


Brent and Johnson's official music video for Equality Street!
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  • Tim Nelson
    Tim Nelson10 timer siden

    Wince inducing racial patronizing that is so popular today, this. While this is a prank, intentionally, it’s the new blackface mockery that will be seen only later as the sign of our confused times.

  • Anarchy Ducky
    Anarchy Ducky15 timer siden

    Fuckin perfect, but yea you gotta be a Ricky for that to pull this much awesomeness off...

  • Gary Dixon
    Gary DixonDag siden

    Love it

  • King Kong
    King Kong2 dager siden

    Just friends.... LOL

  • Jackson Akins
    Jackson Akins8 dager siden

    jamaican mahn...

  • Wolf Common
    Wolf Common8 dager siden

    Equality street lives matter 🤜🏾🤛🏻

  • The King of Antarctica
    The King of Antarctica9 dager siden

    For those of you who are unaware, this is what Antarctica is like. Your welcome.

  • Heaven 7
    Heaven 712 dager siden

    'Blacks aren't crazy, fat people aren't lazy, and dwarfs aren't babies'. Well that's information right there.

  • Akrono Ben
    Akrono Ben16 dager siden

    True equality, take notes BLM

  • Skylar Awo Baah
    Skylar Awo Baah18 dager siden

    The Brits are....well awesome!?

  • alhena khan
    alhena khan19 dager siden

    I used to always sing this when I was a kid idk how I heard it and I never knew what it was from finally watching this my life feels complete

  • ozzie321
    ozzie32119 dager siden

    This did so much to improve racial harmony in Britain. Nice one David!

  • Ajoy Dutta
    Ajoy Dutta20 dager siden

    Know try Mary and proud Mary win this equality Street

  • Isaac Dodshon
    Isaac Dodshon23 dager siden

    Why is this such a bop

  • The Renewed Mind
    The Renewed Mind23 dager siden

    Joe Biden watching this taking notes.

  • David T
    David T27 dager siden

    People taking this song seriously 🤣 Must be full of Americans this comment section😆 No wonder the american office was a pile of pooh

  • David T
    David T27 dager siden

    00:58 😆

  • N A
    N AMåned siden

    1:20 the best thing about this is that one of the official languages of tonga is english

  • Blenc Bean
    Blenc BeanMåned siden

    Biddly Biddly Bong - Yo! ♥️

  • Bill Parrish
    Bill ParrishMåned siden

    His stupid shit aside, it's a nice sentiment. Not a bad nod at Ska either. PS: He looks like every sales guy I worked with in the 80's.

  • Glynn Jones
    Glynn JonesMåned siden

    Comedy genius.

  • BettingBenji
    BettingBenjiMåned siden

    Got it, Dwarfs aren't babies. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Feral Worker
    Feral WorkerMåned siden

    Why is he wearing a suit? He wouldn't be wearing a suit. Bad writing. Merchant wouldn't have let this happen.

  • Clark Cesar
    Clark CesarMåned siden


  • Sven-Bertil Tååbe
    Sven-Bertil TååbeMåned siden

    Is alrite that innit

  • Felipe Elizeu
    Felipe ElizeuMåned siden

    Let's be friends! .... but just friends....

  • Lochlanist
    LochlanistMåned siden

    😂That double take he did with the Shaik

  • FrancisP331
    FrancisP331Måned siden

    But just friends...

  • B W
    B WMåned siden

    Spaceman is better.

  • Nix Bronowski
    Nix BronowskiMåned siden

    biddly biddly biddly Bay!

  • Magic Donkey
    Magic DonkeyMåned siden

    I love Brent’s final disgusted look when they gays kiss 😂

  • Jakub Gorka
    Jakub GorkaMåned siden

    eh shouldland nice thing

  • JHG
    JHGMåned siden

    more like derek and deon

  • Jack Fletcher
    Jack FletcherMåned siden

    Anyone search this from tik tok

  • Bee Cee
    Bee CeeMåned siden

    This is actually a good song.

  • TheVidaddict
    TheVidaddictMåned siden

    "Dwarfs aren't babies".... Worrrrd!!!

  • jindrich kalab
    jindrich kalabMåned siden

    The real people - feel the pain

  • Terilyn Erickson
    Terilyn EricksonMåned siden

    Come down with me to quality street.

  • Warrior for Truth
    Warrior for TruthMåned siden

    This video is so fucking stupid. A) There are significant patterns of non-cosmetic difference between socially identified racial groups. Substantive genetic traits are not equally distributed across socially identified racial groups. This is a primary reason for the African dominance in many sports. Everyone will readily acknowlwedge this. But these genetic factors also create other substantive patterns of difference. B) People tend to self-identify as their specific group. In highly multicultural countries, most people identify, either strongly or weakly with their specific ethnic identity. If you drop your group self-identification, this doesn't mean other people will. There is strength in numbers, and thus dropping group identity is a catastrophically losing strategy in the face of people who stick by their groups. This reductionist naivete and scientific ignorance is utterly indefensible. It's just stupid, and as such serves poorly as a guidance for decisions that will affect the future.

  • Crash Bash

    Crash Bash

    21 time siden


  • B Sell

    B Sell

    9 dager siden

    It's a parody video you dumb fuck

  • safeashouses211


    Måned siden

    @Warrior for Truth yeah, it is.

  • Warrior for Truth

    Warrior for Truth

    Måned siden

    @safeashouses211 What's that supposed to mean? It's not a response to anything I wrote

  • safeashouses211


    Måned siden

    Don't slag it off.

  • Sonny the Snowball
    Sonny the SnowballMåned siden

    You can push diversity and multicultralism as much as you want, it will NEVER be a strength, only a crippling weakness that always leads to violence. Equality isn't possible because all people and races and cultures are NOT equal. They are different.

  • Working With Wayne
    Working With WayneMåned siden

    Who is here 7 years later after being recommended lol

  • 2015 Vauxhall Movano
    2015 Vauxhall Movano2 måneder siden

    breaking bad

  • liam firlej
    liam firlej2 måneder siden


  • liam firlej

    liam firlej

    20 timer siden

    @Crash Bash well said. But what percentage am i in or yourself. He aint funny. Wake up

  • Crash Bash

    Crash Bash

    21 time siden

    @liam firlej You do realise that just because someone isn't funny in your opinion, it doesn't mean he's not funny at all, you're really not that important

  • liam firlej

    liam firlej

    Måned siden

    @Callum Gledhill these people sell thier souls for fame. Then we are expected to praise thier rubbish specticle. Not having it

  • liam firlej

    liam firlej

    Måned siden

    @Callum Gledhill ricky gervais is shit. This song is a pathetic attempt at humor plus a poltical message of equality. Overall though its rubbish and why this man has a platform is beyond me. He is not funny.

  • Callum Gledhill

    Callum Gledhill

    2 måneder siden

    Man whatever😿

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill2 måneder siden

    Still love this lol

  • Pur901
    Pur9012 måneder siden

    if only it was not ricky gervais, and maybe i can take this seriously XD, but good song tho

  • Hussain Lali
    Hussain Lali2 måneder siden

    Anyone listen to this unironically?

  • yewgfjkds
    yewgfjkds2 måneder siden

    Brent's reaction to the two blokes kissing is hilarious!

  • ajh90210
    ajh902102 måneder siden

    you cannot enjoy this song without watching the video, Fact!!

    DYKERITZ2 måneder siden

    2:19 Genius.....feckin' sweet st. Gracias, JOSE & Pudding Cats Band of RocK

  • Danny Chew
    Danny Chew2 måneder siden


  • Povilas Stonkus
    Povilas Stonkus2 måneder siden

    I known that you dont give a f, but you are our favorite entertainer, we love you man

  • Ed Shaw
    Ed Shaw2 måneder siden

    imagine if we just lived like this. what a great life it would be

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader2 måneder siden

    My man like a b tech fazer from n dubz

  • Adrian slevin
    Adrian slevin2 måneder siden

    sooooooooooooooooo funny.class act

  • JJ Grey
    JJ Grey2 måneder siden

    Love how it makes fun of Woke culture

  • Jay Jayson
    Jay Jayson2 måneder siden

    "Dwarves aren't babies, you can't just pick them up" Lmao! I lost it there.

  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams2 måneder siden

    2020 be like

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith2 måneder siden

    Brent, the well meaning king of misappropriation

  • SlyRy
    SlyRy2 måneder siden


  • Jason davies Davies
    Jason davies Davies2 måneder siden

    Kenyan guy with mental eyes

  • Annoying B'stard
    Annoying B'stard2 måneder siden

    1:00. I cried.

  • fairz animations
    fairz animations2 måneder siden

    move over coronation street

  • Mare Obleet
    Mare Obleet2 måneder siden

    Acceptance! You see that Kenyan guy with crazy eyes? He might be totally normal, you just can't generalise!

  • tondefdom
    tondefdom2 måneder siden

    Biddily biddily biddily biddily biddily biddily bung LOL

  • RargoFC19
    RargoFC192 måneder siden

    I really don’t agree with this in the work place.

  • RargoFC19
    RargoFC192 måneder siden

    This is actually quite good , better than the sh...te !!! On the mainstream, love the way Rickys turned his hand to Ska/Reggae/2 Tone , brilliant!!!

  • robsaz67
    robsaz672 måneder siden

    Why is it that I think of chocolates 🤔

  • Swordblaster
    Swordblaster2 måneder siden

    "... i learned the hard way" Still cracks me up

  • Rick Coleman
    Rick Coleman2 måneder siden

    I became 120% less racist after watching this. Fact.

  • B W

    B W

    Måned siden

    Bump that number up a bit-

  • Callum Gledhill

    Callum Gledhill

    2 måneder siden

    Woah how is ricky a twat

  • liam firlej

    liam firlej

    2 måneder siden

    You needed a twat like gervais to cure your racism.

  • Speedwell Armada
    Speedwell Armada2 måneder siden


  • Brett DW Music
    Brett DW Music2 måneder siden

    Funniest bit I never noticed is 0:46 Points right at his face 😂

  • Becca Taylor
    Becca Taylor2 måneder siden

    2020 and it's still a banger

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly2 måneder siden

    A timeless classic

  • Marcelo Mollinari
    Marcelo Mollinari3 måneder siden

    "And dwarfs aren't babies. You can't just pick 'em up, they got rights. And anyway don't assume you could, they're not light." and this the president of my country:

  • Coryjt official second channel
    Coryjt official second channel3 måneder siden

    Why is this Ricky gervais posting David brents music someone copyright him

  • phonkey


    3 måneder siden

    No copyright infringement intended.

  • Carlos Cardona
    Carlos Cardona3 måneder siden

    I love you.

  • SecretAlfaFan
    SecretAlfaFan3 måneder siden


  • Hanny Mary
    Hanny Mary3 måneder siden

    Was the rapper guy on task master ????

  • Shelbyville Rules

    Shelbyville Rules

    2 måneder siden

    Yeah Doc Brown... he was also in Back to the Future.

  • Coryjt official second channel
    Coryjt official second channel3 måneder siden

    If u actually like this film like this comment

  • Samjiri
    Samjiri3 måneder siden


  • MediMediMedi


    2 måneder siden

    Not even...Brilliant!!!

  • jrb1802uk
    jrb1802uk3 måneder siden

    Dwarves ain't babies! You can't just pick them up. They've got rights!!

  • linkahedron
    linkahedron3 måneder siden

    pre life on the road as well, the brent-verse is well planned

  • Steven Seagull
    Steven Seagull3 måneder siden

    lol i never noticed how Brent jumps in front of Johnson at the beginning of the video, cutting his cue off and taking the scene singing about equality 😂

  • Regan Brannigan
    Regan Brannigan3 måneder siden


  • Cracker Clips
    Cracker Clips3 måneder siden

    I like when the 2 guy fellas kiss and Ricky looks away a bit disgusted. So so funny

  • Bumpasaurus420
    Bumpasaurus4203 måneder siden

    Your Equality Street lot are little slugs!!!! 🐌🐌🐌

    HORROR FREAK LONDON3 måneder siden

    This should be played between programmes instead of black lives matter twaddle between shows on itv.....

  • Sam .S

    Sam .S

    3 måneder siden

    Yes I agree!

  • Adam Mahoney
    Adam Mahoney3 måneder siden

    Why do I love this song

  • Javi del Val
    Javi del Val3 måneder siden

    lmfao why is this actually decent

  • WideBoi
    WideBoi3 måneder siden

    The Asian cop beating the kids that’s were I broke 😂

    DROGE3 måneder siden

    His face at 1:01 ... priceless!

  • Ryder
    Ryder3 måneder siden

    Brent’s Life Matters

  • Connagh stokes
    Connagh stokes3 måneder siden

    I think this is amazing he includes religion race and LGBT the living legend that is Rick! 🎼🎶🔊 Doc Brown isn’t bad either 😉🎧🎬🎭

  • Sir Auryn
    Sir Auryn4 måneder siden

  • Advance Last
    Advance Last4 måneder siden

    1.8k cunts out there 😂

  • ArtLover
    ArtLover4 måneder siden

    1:00 sums up the LGBTQ tollerence today.

  • ArtLover
    ArtLover4 måneder siden

    1:53 checking the watch is the funniest moment for me.

  • jmsrh _
    jmsrh _4 måneder siden

    What a masterpiece

  • Tyr Baldur
    Tyr Baldur4 måneder siden

    Anyone lose notice how he looked at that Jew lmao

  • Russell Sharpley
    Russell Sharpley4 måneder siden