Building a Lightweight Indoor Crawler Course from garbage

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With Winter wearing on, and this injury keeping me off the mountain bike, we decided to have a little fun in the shop. This micro crawler course is built from boxes, plaster, paint, and a variety of fake plants and rocks from the hobby store. Build one of these yourself, and make your basement a lot more entertaining!
Unfortunately, every micro crawler ever is out of stock for a bit
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The micro crawler course sits atop two sawhorses from Lowes, and is made from one sheet of MDF. The course measures 4 feet by 6 feet, or 122cm by 183cm.
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  • Churros101
    Churros101Dag siden

    Also I second someone else’s motion to make a full rc track at berm peak!

  • Churros101
    Churros101Dag siden

    You say that this is not a tutorial Me: Goes to hobby store and makes the same thing basically

  • Carter Flavelle
    Carter FlavelleDag siden

    you should make a little teeter totter for the crawler

  • Richie Rick
    Richie RickDag siden

    I dont know what I'm doin. Story of my life

  • Pao de Pota
    Pao de Pota2 dager siden

    Seth: I can't stress enough how this video is not a tutorial. Me: *meh I'm copying it anyway.*

  • rieu capacio
    rieu capacio2 dager siden

    Add disc brakes to your knee scooter

  • Adventure Time RC
    Adventure Time RC2 dager siden

    Nice i have a indoor course i use in the winter then i take all the dirt back outside and collapse the table for the summer great idea you have cool course 👍

  • 9A-RAMA
    9A-RAMA2 dager siden

    Every seth's video is like the not to of what he is doing So like not to do when "what seth doing in video"

  • Cyrus Fisher #19
    Cyrus Fisher #192 dager siden

    This course needs a roost cannon

  • Jen Piotrowski
    Jen Piotrowski3 dager siden

    I feel like Seth is making less content on mountain bikes

  • Jaydeep Bartakke
    Jaydeep Bartakke3 dager siden

    I would like to see a drop on the 4x4 micro crawler course.

  • Garrett Freyberg
    Garrett Freyberg3 dager siden

    Should make a mud it

  • Floating Mosque
    Floating Mosque3 dager siden

    Looks like it's time to open another money pit- I mean hobby.

  • Elias Hanchett
    Elias Hanchett3 dager siden


  • D-32 Kailash Choudhary
    D-32 Kailash Choudhary3 dager siden

    Can you donate your old mtb

  • Gonzo 1029
    Gonzo 10293 dager siden

    The one thing I don’t like is how he narrates some things

  • n8_vel16
    n8_vel164 dager siden

    A mud pit rock course outside would be awesome, but it defeats the purpose of doing it on the table, and also that the table is wood.

  • Lewis Nelken
    Lewis Nelken4 dager siden

    Needs a teeter cannon

  • King Squishiness
    King Squishiness4 dager siden

    Why haven’t you uploaded

  • Kasperi Lehtonen
    Kasperi Lehtonen4 dager siden

    Its hilarious hearing seth explain his process without knowing what he's doing at all.

  • DANO450 ALL
    DANO450 ALL4 dager siden

    Thanks this channel has got me obsessed with mountain biking and now rock crawling in my backyard

  • jimmyboy134
    jimmyboy1344 dager siden

    Random question. I noticed your computer chairs in the background. I am looking for one that doesn't hurt my lower back for some long hours at the computer. Would you recommend the ones you have?

  • latitude
    latitude4 dager siden

    You going for a moon traine look...🤣😂

  • Sam Bassett
    Sam Bassett4 dager siden

    Hey Seth I’ve been riding mtbs for about 2 years now but I’m still on the same bike what I started on I’ve seen the full supspenion bikes I’ve realy wanted one but my mum says that it’s just a wast of money I’m just wondering where can you cheaper ones

  • Norwegiandroneboy05
    Norwegiandroneboy055 dager siden

    Omg i forgot that you exist😭

  • Hinampak bay
    Hinampak bay5 dager siden

    i get a feeling that this is going to be bigger than what seth initialy thought of

  • Josh peery
    Josh peery5 dager siden

    You should definitely do a mud pit

  • Mr stupid
    Mr stupid5 dager siden

    1/10 scale rc trails?

  • TactileLoki1302
    TactileLoki13025 dager siden

    I think you need to make a spot that levels to the wall so you can add another table that connects to it

  • Bruce de la Motte
    Bruce de la Motte5 dager siden

    Seth, you should check out RC Sparks on NOlocal, and also eBay. He’s like the king of RC. He’s selling a lot of his collection after deciding to call it quits on his channel for at least a good period, to make more time for family. Aaron is SUPER iconic.

  • Ryan Werner
    Ryan Werner5 dager siden

    This is really cool man!

  • Joseph Mavrick
    Joseph Mavrick5 dager siden

    Get a finger mtb bike

  • Jonathan Bourbonnais
    Jonathan Bourbonnais5 dager siden

    What is exactly the small plastic particule ? Can’t find anything similar ! Thx in advanced

  • Gustin Kaleohano
    Gustin Kaleohano5 dager siden

    Can you make a new video of you crawer

  • Alex Pasko
    Alex Pasko5 dager siden

    I was never really into theses but this is pretty awesome

  • Maaz Khan
    Maaz Khan5 dager siden

    We acctually need a shirt today we’re doing something different today but kinda the same

  • Jaysen's RC's
    Jaysen's RC's5 dager siden

    Love the course. You have a lot more patience than I do. I used all natural in my course I think I actually have a grand total of maybe 60 40 lb bags of topsoil on my course amongst branches from pine trees and miscellaneous other yard debris.

  • Jacob Wickham
    Jacob Wickham6 dager siden

    you should put a little lake in the middle

  • Joshua Dejesus
    Joshua Dejesus6 dager siden

    Man I always watch his videos but where are the bike videos

  • Trashy Mans
    Trashy Mans6 dager siden

    While the plaster is wet smooth it out with your fingers so that it looks more natural

    SERGVEGAS6 dager siden

    Next time Open the garage dude! And use a freakin respirator, now your gonna do a second surgery this time on your little 5'4 lungs!😂

    SERGVEGAS6 dager siden

    Now you can really drive it since you are a little person 😂🤘

  • Donnie DeLorenzo
    Donnie DeLorenzo6 dager siden

    Who else thinks Seth should get a 1:1 scale crawler!!!!! 😂

  • Gab Lex
    Gab Lex6 dager siden

    Damn, I cant keep watching you like that... Take my leg dude

  • NG Army
    NG Army6 dager siden

    Make video after drive whit fookers

  • Johann Wu
    Johann Wu6 dager siden

    where do you get the RC cars..

  • Blazer


    6 dager siden

    You can get them at your local rc hobby shop or amazon.

  • Marcus Freeman
    Marcus Freeman6 dager siden


  • NG Army
    NG Army6 dager siden

    make a wooden bridge on a rope to hang round small logs for bike

  • Maxim Ravinet
    Maxim Ravinet6 dager siden

    RC cars are fun and all but when are you starting "seth's off-road hacks" with real crawlers ? just kidding, get well soon

  • Mauricio Garcia
    Mauricio Garcia6 dager siden

    Seth is living my childhood dream

  • D e u y a t h a n g Y a d i g ?
    D e u y a t h a n g Y a d i g ?7 dager siden

    Happy kid Day!! Jan 25 or 26th (im not sure which day) will be a awsome day!

  • K's Models
    K's Models7 dager siden

    2:20 In case you go back and redo the scenery at some point or similar, what I do is I put the ground cover down first, then use a mix of white glue, water, and a bit of dish soap in a spray bottle to glue it down.

  • BarefootBubba
    BarefootBubba7 dager siden

    Love the rc videos seth!! Been trying to get my hands on a scx24!!

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    Magnus Denwood7 dager siden

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    Liam Wells7 dager siden

    seth 5 years ago: fllows instructions carefully seth today: pretends he knows what hes doing but he doesn't

  • Elliotts Channel
    Elliotts Channel7 dager siden

    Where is Eric porter

  • Gabriel Wells
    Gabriel Wells7 dager siden


  • Gabriel Wells
    Gabriel Wells7 dager siden

    pcsparks uses paint trays and fills them with mud then puts them under the dirt

  • NEKO Niu
    NEKO Niu7 dager siden

    Hi seth can you plz revisw 2021 polygon d7

  • Brian Reese
    Brian Reese7 dager siden

    You should definitely try to incorporate a water feature or mud feature somehow that would be sick for sure

  • Cliff Butler
    Cliff Butler7 dager siden

    Next build: abandoned buildings

  • Maksym Viznyak
    Maksym Viznyak7 dager siden

    Where did u get the crawlers from?

  • Trapezoidgaming
    Trapezoidgaming7 dager siden

    Please get back to the trail videos!!!! ❤️

  • Tim Hughes
    Tim Hughes7 dager siden

    Seth is just like a 14 year old boy!!!!!!

  • Keith mccormck
    Keith mccormck7 dager siden

    you should put fake water under the bridge.

  • Bryce Nordmann
    Bryce Nordmann7 dager siden

    You should try spray foam for the other side of the course

  • Chris Tilson
    Chris Tilson8 dager siden

    "Jank mesa" Nice

  • AlexTheWoo
    AlexTheWoo8 dager siden

    you should make a Narriw gauge garden railway on Berm Peak

  • 3BM42 APFSDS 'Mango'
    3BM42 APFSDS 'Mango'8 dager siden

    This is an absaloute man cave

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    J&K Newb8 dager siden

    Thought I clicked on Ethan Klein...

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    Lawrence Yearsley8 dager siden

    I think I'm going to go find another mountain bike channel because this playing with toys is stupid I thought we were mountain bikers here this is ridiculous we need to go back to mountain bike and guys

  • Flipidy_Arif
    Flipidy_Arif8 dager siden

    You should add a river with real water in it and have it flow with water pump

  • Charles Boyle
    Charles Boyle8 dager siden

    I love the mini crawlers.

  • Just Wes
    Just Wes8 dager siden

    Add water

  • Hayden Baker
    Hayden Baker8 dager siden

    you should have compitition with curtice

  • Chris Meacham
    Chris Meacham8 dager siden

    Great video as always Seth, it’s so awesome seeing you have an idea, create it, and test it. Watching these videos always hits the spot for me. Keep creating.

  • Prooser Bros
    Prooser Bros8 dager siden

    I just ordered a mn 99s crawler thanks for the insperation👍

    ASHER SNEVA8 dager siden

    Do you have a kid, in the videos in the past ive seen baby toys, and you've been mentioning "If I had a kid."

  • Vladimir Rosales
    Vladimir Rosales8 dager siden

    Hey Seth, how are you doing? I hope surgery went well.

  • Jeremy MacRitchie
    Jeremy MacRitchie8 dager siden

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    Boris Hanisch8 dager siden

    Glad you found something to play with during your rehab time. Wish you a good recovery!

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    Adam Ferre8 dager siden

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    Landon White8 dager siden

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    The Berminator8 dager siden

    Dude seth is a biker AND a terrain builder

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    Isaac Young9 dager siden

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    Liam Lawless9 dager siden

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    gravedigga719 dager siden

    Love the 1/24 scaled crawlers. Very entertaining video.

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    Bwop pro9 dager siden

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    NelNel FYT9 dager siden

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    Xtreme Wheelz And More9 dager siden

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    Disco Trent9 dager siden

    Next video Ideas: Copy the bike course Add a see saw Small rock course A bumpy twisty skinny

  • Viktor Samuylik
    Viktor Samuylik9 dager siden

    Wall texture spray to make it more textured?

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    Kadesh Peasgood9 dager siden

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    Nate Leet9 dager siden

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    Leo Dean9 dager siden

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  • Costantinos Antonio
    Costantinos Antonio9 dager siden

    Take care and I hope you get well soon, I love your channel. I was thinking of going tubeless on my mtb could you do a video showing the best tubeless sealant and price

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    Jonathan Richard9 dager siden

    What mods do you have on the green c-10 it looks Awesome...also what bumper do you have on it....last does the truck have light buckets already or did you have to put them in