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In todays video, ben receives shipment on his new C8 Corvette. We do some C8 corvette testing and are all amazed at how fast and nice this car is! Ken races it in his new Tesla and it was extremely close! Ben messes with a few corvette owners in his new fit and Micah installs a new wrap on the Giveaway quad! four wheeler 4 wheeler.
Buying C8 Corvette at Age 21
Buying the New C8 Corvette at age 21
Buying the New C8 Corvette!!
Buying New C8 Corvette!!
C8 corvette vs Tesla


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    New Merch Drop this Thursday 4/15/21 at

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    @Joel Cates I have tried to find it but no luck...

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    I'm tryna get entered but don't know what size hoodie to buy 😕

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    It is my birthday on the 15 of April can I have some free merch

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    Ben I got 5k on my subie sti vs ur c8 don't be skeered

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    people that watch this vid again and realize that it is may 15 and the merch got otu April 15

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    I love you videos

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    Wanna be Braap2 dager siden

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    Austin Mclaen2 dager siden

    Once this wears off the real world is going to really hard

  • FreshPotatoes
    FreshPotatoes4 dager siden

    First video! Very entertaining! I am subscribed!

  • Lauro Vids
    Lauro Vids4 dager siden

    1:32 Background music sounds like the background music in gta when you buy a new car 🤣

  • i need minis and big pots
    i need minis and big pots6 dager siden

    look at his finger when he drives the car

  • Felix Nestor
    Felix Nestor9 dager siden

    why does he paddle shift w/ his middle finger

  • Tobias Tais Østergaard
    Tobias Tais Østergaard10 dager siden

    Really want to win the 4 wheeler but don't know how to join or what ever how to win Yea just really want it😁🥰you guys are the best

  • Chasidy Wolf Child
    Chasidy Wolf Child10 dager siden

    you should have goten a c7

  • Mitch #
    Mitch #11 dager siden

    What is the song at the end?

  • Jeremy Mcjennett
    Jeremy Mcjennett11 dager siden

    You can tell they know nothing about cars

  • Eli Hernandez
    Eli Hernandez11 dager siden

    Yo the day you were filming this was my birthday

  • Bryced Coffee
    Bryced Coffee11 dager siden

    this video game me some serious Danny Duncan vibes. lol

  • Austin Braden
    Austin Braden12 dager siden

    Ben's pulling up on that Dad Bod status

  • Kyle Meighen
    Kyle Meighen13 dager siden

    KEN: "you werent playing when you said it had no grip" ME: no kidding the ground is wet

  • Billy Cibarich
    Billy Cibarich15 dager siden

    7:21 he looks like Jim from the office 😭

  • Martin
    Martin15 dager siden

    Straight pipe soon please!!!

  • Parker Hermansen
    Parker Hermansen15 dager siden

    Ben looks like Joey Logano with those fucking glasses on

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    amigooo idosss

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    amazing vid

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    Ronnie Graves22 dager siden

    It’s literally like a cockpit

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    Anaqtits 90727 dager siden

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  • Trenton Markham
    Trenton Markham27 dager siden

    I would take a c7 zr1 over c8

  • joe0813
    joe081328 dager siden

    goodluck..... im a GM tech and I can honestly say these things are way overpriced garbage. They are made cheap as hell. You also didn't do the break in 💁

  • Pat Marcil
    Pat Marcil28 dager siden

    Ben you need a mullet it will make the corvette and the trike so much better

  • Delta Motorsports
    Delta Motorsports28 dager siden

    its like in GTA when you get a scarce car next thing errbody has it

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera28 dager siden

    An exhaust and some wheels lowered it would look🔥, congrats💪🏽.

  • Jenner Laducer
    Jenner Laducer28 dager siden

    There is modes for the exa

  • Bradley Turoci
    Bradley Turoci29 dager siden

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    Jason Wisener29 dager siden

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    Luke Skywalker29 dager siden

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    Hunter Preston29 dager siden

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    Mike DMåned siden

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  • Mike D

    Mike D

    Måned siden

    Never mind, I see by lower redline it’s not

  • Kaeyden Davie
    Kaeyden DavieMåned siden

    C7 woulda been cooler

  • ragin cajun
    ragin cajunMåned siden

    They look good but they look like Ferrari’s, the z06s got that classic corvette look

  • Lt_Indy
    Lt_IndyMåned siden

    Ben probably took some money out of Kens paycheck to buy this beauty

  • Big_Smokey 13
    Big_Smokey 13Måned siden

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    Troy ThompsonMåned siden

    hahahahaha that fucking ending was hilarious!! You guys crack me up

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  • Alfie Davis
    Alfie DavisMåned siden

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  • Scotty Cox
    Scotty CoxMåned siden

    Imagine not realizing you have to hit 400 miles till you cry performance mode on the C8

  • Dominic DeVita
    Dominic DeVitaMåned siden

    Ben with the vet tho not gonna lie the glasses through of the look

  • B Birnie
    B BirnieMåned siden

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  • Eric Petrone
    Eric PetroneMåned siden

    Race it with the Tesla

  • Hunter Dietrich
    Hunter DietrichMåned siden

    ken does not know what he is talking about C8=auto C7=manual think about it

  • Trysten Tevs
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    Andy HarmsMåned siden

    Who made that corvette edit tho 😻

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    canyonraver dieselsMåned siden

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    Karl Gerald AsuncionMåned siden

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